Eid Prayer During Lockdown

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The pandemic has caused people to avoid social media during the pandemic and practice Islam at home, but allowing individuals to pray in their houses is still allowed. The importance of practicing at home and following the Bible is emphasized, as well as the need for general access to prayer and healthy practice. Prayerers are encouraged to pray in their houses and avoid practicing at home during lockdowns. The importance of praying for the message of peace and obtaining general access to prayer is also emphasized.

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Bismillah your man you're walking

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah

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a question that many people are asking and have been asking many of the Imams and scholars for the last few days and there's a big discussion around, eat Salah during this lockdown situation Shall we perform at all our tone which we will not perform it? Can we pray in the park or your loans or in a hole or like in the garden, etc, etc. So I just want to briefly explain this. I've actually written a very detailed article a very detailed answer, which is shallow, we're putting the link at the bottom, and you can read the whole detailed explanation from a hadith and fiqh perspective. But I just wanted to just briefly explain here that look, it's not a really big issue, and we shouldn't

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make it like a big issue of debate and discussion. That's the first point according to some of the schools of thought, and some of them are there here like the shelf or E Maliki handy. And of course, check with the qualified scholars in those methods. There is a permission and there is flexibility in performing at salah I don't like your mama Shafi. I know the Allah to Allah and he says that if somebody wants to perform Salah if somebody misses the prayer, he can perform it individually as well at home. And there's some opinions within the medical school as well as the Hanbury school. So if somebody is following those schools, this is not like a choice that you know, okay, these are all

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the various math hubs and you know, every other issue you pick and choose from different mediums, but if somebody is following those schools, then inshallah it's not a problem at all. You follow those math apps, or if you're following a particular scholar, and you've always been following them and they have given you a fatwa or a ruling that you can perform excellent at home and 100 let you go ahead and perform it not a problem.

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Whereas in the Hanafi school, that there is a bit of discussion and there are some scholars from the Hanafi madhhab contemporary Roma, who have given this ruling that you can perform ATAR at home. However, what I follow in the opinion that I follow and this is also the position of my teacher shahada, Islam of many Harvard for the whole lot and many others as well. Is that eight Salah is not to be performed at home. You see the issue with eight Salah and even Jamal Salah both of them in the Hanafi madhhab are taken in a similar way. They are considered to be a very both of them are considered to be formal communal prayers that are offered in large large congregations. That's why

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in the Hanafi madhhab all the conditions that apply for Jamar Salah apply also for eight Salah like he has to be a big city and there needs to be permission for everyone to come and attend etc etc. So because Jomar salah is a form of communal prayer and likewise eat salah is a form of communal prayer derives from Giovanna like gathering and like was eat as well and read Salah is like more so like it's supposed to be only one prayer really the Sunnah is that in each city there should only be one gathering in normal situations that's why we have a masala and masala is basically a place which is of walk outside the city on the outskirts of the city where everybody in the city they go walking,

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you know it's recommended to go walking and go and perform your acela there I remember that I offered when I was studying in Syria in Damascus many many years ago handily line near the Jebel the mount of casued there used to be a large gathering of eight Salah in the masala and it was it was very beautiful and many cities also have many countries many cities have eight Salah in the masala so the whole purpose for each Salah is that there's one massive CONGREGATION But scholars have said that also you can have congregations in a few of the main masajid because not everybody is able to go to the masala so there's at least some access for some people who are not able to go to go and

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perform in the masjid. But really the recommendation is that even no situations not have read Salah in every Masjid rather a big massive gathering and then a few major mosques or Masjid can have a read Salah and all the small ones should really not have a taller so in the Hanafi madhhab this is really a big issue the spirit of read is that there is no precedence to have small small mini congregations for each prayer like one in this house whether this has won in this house. That's not really the spirit of Eid Salah

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so this is why the Hanafi madhhab is quite strict about this. There's also statements like Satan earlier or the Allahu Anhu said that Allah Juma or whatever Sharifa wouldn't fit our love mystery in German, Jew our prayer and be a good fit or a prayer. Aloha Prayer is not valid except in a big comprehensive big city. And this is why being a city is also a condition for Jamal Salah according to the Hanafi school because the spirit of our Eid is that it's a communal prayer where everybody gathers. And you see the issue is that look if we start even in today

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In this lockdown situation and may Allah subhanaw taala remove this WADA and this virus from us. But somebody asked me the other day that look, those people who are allowing esala At home, does that mean that even next year I can pray and perform at Salah in the garden with my family, we will see this there'll be people who will be offering rights or in their gardens in their homes, because this you know, they find it difficult or they just prefer to pray at home at home. And you know, they don't want to go to the masala or the masjid

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and likewise with Jumeirah, so this is why, according to the Hanafi school, it is not permissible to pray at home individually that's like agreed upon, and all blacks even underline numbers that are the Allahu Anhu said, when Fatah to Salah to read for your salah or Baraka, whoever misses the main eight prayer should perform for God. And that's why this is our understanding of the Hanafi brotherhood that it shouldn't be performed at home, even in congregation we shouldn't be performed at home. Another issue is it's a very technical issue which is of even one arm and evil arm and even an arm which means there should be Public Access General permission like everybody is allowed to

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come and offer prayer. So basically, if somebody wants to pray and this will answer the question a lot of people who say can we pray in our garden or in a hall or in a lawn or wherever the condition according to the Hanafi school is that they should be public access like basically the door should be open and everyone should know. Also they say ha ha learn like publicity. So basically you send a message out look, this is a horn that we're praying Salah and whoever wants to come from the locality from the community from the city you're all welcome, come and perform pizza. Now if that's at your house or if that's at the park or that's in the garden it will miserable but the condition

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is that they should be general permission for everybody to come and attend a no restriction and they should be probably citation you know public publicity, people should be allowed to come and offer eight solar. So this is in an arm lot of people say that you know even in the masjid isn't isn't an armor condition. Yes, it is a condition even for the mosque. And I know like some of the massages and many massages in many cities and across the country. They have like four or five people throughout lockdown they will having three people four people offering Gemasolar for five people for people offering Gemasolar. Now, for even for the masjid the condition is is an inner arm. And this

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is why many scholars who used to perform Juma during lockdown they would after Jamar go home and performed over for the art for precaution. Because and the reason why we're allowing it in the masjid is because the masjid is a main place of prayer in the Maharaj they're the members there so you're sort of compromising this condition of Iran. Because July is a very important share er from the shrine of Islam one of the major symbols of Islam it is a symbol and that is like rather than have the mosque empty not even like five people go and pray there. Because we say there's no public access. Just the doors are closed all day, or at least from soldier to door. Rather five people go

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and perform their ad not a problem even though you know because next year or regular eight Salah will be taking place. So not a problem. Just go and pray rather than no one praying there. But in the homes next year and Adel adhaar whenever lockdowns uplifted, all the scholars will agree that there should be no installer at all at all. So that's why we don't want to have a precedent set of people offering eight solar at home and have small mini mini small and mini congregations.

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And it's not necessary you see the point here to remember is that Allah subhanaw taala he will accept he knows that we're in a lockdown situation. You see D and and Islam a lot of people they I know and understand that they feel that they have to perform a restore meaning that their Eid will not be celebrated with our eat Salah and this is a good intention you know you we feel our identity as Muslims with offering pizza and eat Salah is very very important. But sometimes if it's not possible it's not possible a lot is to reward us each day is known as the Knights is now known as literature is there a day is known as your manager is the day Allah gives rewards. So Allah can give

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us rewards even at home we don't have to offer it's Allah for Allah to give us rewards because it's not unnecessary. I mean, I'm sure all the scholars agree that it's not follow wajib that you have to perform a Salah. So if it's not for the worship, Allah will still give her what Allah is still there even if you don't perform read Salah Our Lord is still there. And you know, you know Islam is not really about feeling of

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vibe or try to do something that we feel a vibe or feel an enjoyment. I mean, this is a topic on its own and for another time, but like I said that Inshallah, if you are following those scholars who are now read salah, fine, no problem, you follow it because you've been told by scholars that it is permissible and this is why you're performing not because it's something that you just want to do and you want to feel a vibe about it. But because you think this is what the ruling is, and this is what Allah wants from you, no problem. And if you follow the opinion of scholars who say that you shouldn't be performing ATAR then again, you avoid performing Pixar. Because you think that is what

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Allah wants from you and you don't want to perform pizza, and you don't want to just

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perform it because you feel like performing it. So what do we do the people who don't perform it salah? I also know the answer as well on this, that the Hanafi madhhab scholars and others as well have said that whoever is not able to perform pizza, they should read some rock out of Nashville. salata Doha, the mid morning prayer, we call it Lohar prayer, recommended to pray you can perform Touriga if you want or four or more but it's good to perform for a car because of the Latin Masada Allahu Anhu he said whoever misses the eighth prayer should perform for aka. Also there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim where I share with the Allahu Anhu says that the messenger of allah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam would offer for a counselor to do so for a counselor to like start the day with a first of all Fajr Salah for your Salah in congregation like that you can pray at home nobody's going to disagree with that. Without a doubt you can pray in congregation you can pray loudly. So really important we should remember look Fajr Salah is father is far more important than esala the Salah is wajib according to the Hanafi school, so Namo acha according to the shelf is code for RLK FAIA Codington 100 is cool. And like when you're traveling and things like that it is not even necessary when you're traveling verger the harasser McRib is never forgiven.

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I remembered something that once I was performing Amara in Ramadan, and now on a day I was in Medina and Munawwara many many years ago. So you know, down there like the Hajj that takes place like really, really early, a prayer more laid down so people especially read date, because it gets packed out so everyone goes early. So I remember we left really early like 334 o'clock, four o'clock in the middle of the night. Fudger was like about 630 So 4:30pm will lay down to play so everybody's flocking to the masjid because you want to try to get in and have some space. So we left like 430 reach there by Pamela Dawn performed our Oklahoma lane and then just sat in the same place because

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everyone just sit in the same place two hours researching Quran etc. and then waiting for furniture then you perform your furniture and then sit on the same place and you perform your eat Salah. So I was sitting there was a brother next to me some Arab brother from I think reorder some way.

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And I was talking to him for a bit reading our Quran and had some discussions with him. This is many years ago, like 21 years ago. So after that we perform fajr I spoke to him for good, like 1020 minutes between the family and visual salah, but he was right next to me. And then we perform visual and then after fajr read a bit of a scar and then he turned towards me and he said Assalamu Aleikum I'm going I said, Where you going like, aren't you performing? Read? Surah said, No, I'm almost Alpha actually. And I need to go to rehab. So I got taken aback like, the whole reason I came like from 430 was for me to be there for each Salah right ahead. And he was there from 430 to perform the

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AMOLED tahajjud and then mainly visual and then after fajr. He said like no, we have to travel. So this year, we're not performing pizza. I'm not saying you shouldn't do that. But this is what he said that this year, I actually need to really travel animal musafir and some of them just take it as a sadhana

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which shows that

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Fudger and Ferraris are far more important and that's why on every day as a family wake up early, perform your Fajr Salah in congregation the whole family nice long pleasure Salah with who are with huddle, maybe do some some ADKAR after that, then eat something nice sweet. And then if you're following the opinion that you should pray, read Salah then perform it no problem. But if you're following the opinion that no read surah then for a car so not to Doha,

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which are recommended, they will be read read for a car with one Salam went to sleep. And there'll be silent recitation no loud recitation. And the best time is in between sunrise and Lohana beginning times, isn't it? So right in the middle. And lastly, if you have a few family members like 3234, and you're not inviting other people that even with conguration is also with Jamara is also permissible. And the Hanafi school communication for nothing. Prayer is mcru when you invite other people that are but if you don't know

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invite other people and it's a small number then inshallah that's fine as well. So inshallah you perform enough in and Allah will give you a reward with your Nafion as well it shall not data and like I said, it's not a big issue. If somebody is following the opinion of those scholars who allow each Salah at home, then you know you perform your Salah. Nevertheless in any case, may Allah subhanaw taala give us a fruitful and blessing paid May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the Barakat and blessings of Ramadan and Eid and may Allah subhanaw taala importantly remove this virus and this WABA and this difficult situation that we are in as soon and as quick as possible because our Kamala

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Harris Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh