Superstition and the Coronavirus

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  • No contagion
  • Superstition
  • Examples
  • Wearing Tahweez/Azeemats
  • Don’t let superstition and panic stop you
  • Avoiding sickness
  • Coronavirus
  • Symptoms
  • How the virus is spread
  • Who is at risk
  • How to keep safe
  • Final advice
  • The reward for dependance on Allah
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Learn English she Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shopping mousseline, satana Mohammed Ali he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Or president, Allah subhanaw taala and ilaha illa Allah will be witnessed at none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our greetings and love and salutations to beloved me Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to spice up your family to his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time, whilst Allah subhanaw taala to grant us his prediction, to grant us His mercy to watch over us we put ourselves

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in his in his trust that he needs care and sufficient for Allah sufficient for us as Allah as a protector. mela protect us in the day of PMR and save us from the hardships of this dunya in the hardship of the era, amin on hamdulillah

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you know, hamdulillah when we were always a challenge, the toughest part of a Juma football is deciding what to talk about. That's why I like to do things in series. Then I'm booked for a few months and naturally the topic of discussion is the Coronavirus. And maybe to some of you it's over. You've heard enough of it. Some of you want to hear more about it. And I don't know too so so much of the Coronavirus happening. I don't know if you even realize that today's Friday the 13th and what that is a lot of superstition and Subhanallah it's amazing when you when thoughts are going through your mind. And then you hear a hadith Hadith which you've heard before, but it's perfect for this

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time, as if though than abyssal Salaam is speaking to that time. Exactly. And today insha Allah, I'm going to link these two topics, superstition, fear, paranoia with what's happening with Coronavirus, advice to that and guidance from the Nagisa Salaam. Ultimately, the message today is about tawakkol. The message today is we are vulnerable, we are weak. And the only way that we survive is to take the precautions Allah has guided showing us to do, and then to put our faith and trust in Him. And they will come with all the precautions we take will not be enough because it will be the decree of Allah. And so the Hadeeth and episodes allowances and, and this is we this Hadeeth I've heard it

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before, sometimes it was a comp it's difficult to understand fully. But now in the light of what's happening in the world, it makes sense that he's also alone was talking to the Sahaba are talking to his community. And remember, they came from genelia they came from a period of ignorance. When you don't have science, you don't have guidance, you are paralyzed with superstition, and old wives tales and weird beliefs. And this was what it was like in Arabia. And so the Nagisa lamport, of bringing about the heat the Oneness in Allah, the fear and love for Allah was to remove these, his bacon office as we call them, you know, bacon beside

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side beliefs or old wife sales, things that have no basis in religion or basis in science. And so there'll be some says, There is no idea. I was understood to be disease that could be contagious. So this hadith is a bit weird. There's no such thing as contagious diseases. If you read literally. And there is no such thing as bad omens in birds for the Arabs, they would see a type of bird that go outside and they see Oh, this blue bird has this means it's going to be a calamity. Let me lock myself up in house. No business today, that bird is a bad omen. There's no such thing like that. And

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the is, and so there's no such thing as bad omens. But who says I like he acknowledges and he allows good omens, good omens, also harvested? What do you mean by good omens? And he said, a good word, something which makes you feel positive. That's okay. So like, sometimes you feel today is going to be a good day. I'm going to take this as a positive sign, that's okay. But you're not allowed to take something as a negative sign without any without any reason. Another Hadeeth more, you know, gives you more in body than abuses and again says there is no such thing as other contagious diseases that transmit through infections, you know, no tiara, no omens be believes in types of

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birds, no harm, harm is also a type of superstition with birds. It's a type of bird that made a type of sound. And they believe the Arabs believe with this bird, which makes this funny sound lands on your roof. It is the bones of some relative that died a violent death that is being brought into this bird. And by sitting on me, it's making, you know, some kind of message, or some bad omen is what they believed. So there'll be so there's no such thing as harm. And

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there's no such thing as suffer, suffer the month of suffer Muharram suffer. It was a belief that software was a bad luck month. And so even today, even in this day and age, you find people saying, *, we can't have the Nikkor this month because it's suffered. It's a bad month. This

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is the height of January Yeah, we don't believe in stores and and you know, astrology and these things that shape the movement of the planets have no bearing on the dunya and so this is the been the people of Jamelia believe the month have suffered was was something bad and unlucky. And so there is there's no such thing as as suffer. So

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these beliefs, they contradict they're not just bad for us because they have they penalize you that make you skate. What they also do is that it is a direct contradiction with our concept of the heat that Allah subhana wa tada requires of us to put our faith in him and our trust in him that we should do and believe and follow what he advises us to do, and then be satisfied and contented that Allah subhanho wa Taala it's in the matter is in his hands, that there is no law hawla wala quwata illa Billah What does this mean? That there is no change that can happen to me? No harm that can happen to me no benefit that can happen to me except by the permission of Allah. What superstition

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does, it makes you believe in other forces of good and bad and mostly it's negative can harm me besides that of Allah subhanaw taala not legislated by Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is what the navitas alum tried to fix. I will link this up to the Coronavirus and the contagious disease which this is a as I said the Hadith is saying, you know, no contagious diseases. What does that mean? Are you saying that we shouldn't believe in contagious disease we'll talk about that makes gives more clarity.

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And if we look at today,

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the speaker is that every culture and society has the side beliefs and you listen to the old old wives tales and they say the old man said we take these things where did they come from? Many of these things come from a lack of understanding of science, it comes from jahir ignorance and once knowledge is presented, and you understand how it works, then you take away the the mystical side of it. So if you look at certain things which are taken in common culture to be lucky, unlucky Friday the 13th Why is Friday 13th presumed to be bad luck. Well, this is a European thing. Friday was a bad day because it's the day of these heretics with a witches get together and they practice their

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magic meaning Muslims, right in the past people that were non Muslim, they looked at us we come into the mosque, we're doing some funny business we chanting. So Friday was taken as a bad, bad day. And 13 was the number that disciple of Nagisa, that they say deceived him. So the number 13 became a bad synonymously because nothing to do has no basis Friday the 13th is just as good as Friday the 20th doesn't matter Fridays. In fact, the most blessed day of the week, and the number 13 has no no significance. We do not believe in numerology. 786 has no difference to 123 don't believe that 786 has any power to bless your car, your license plate seven six means nothing. Right? It just

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basically means if you drive like an idiot, Muslim people No, it's a Muslim guy driving like an idiot.

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So, and we don't believe that any month has any bad ness to it. We do believe certain months have superiority in terms of Baraka. Allah has not made any day worse of any other day, he has rather elevated Friday and the month of Ramadan and the four sacred months and it's put blessings in those months months like Raja and Siobhan we have special blessings in these kind of months, but the unknown months that are bad for you, and no days that are bad for you. So, numbers we said no such thing as a lucky number. When unlucky number we do not believe that animals have any negative signs in them a black cat or white dove, no such thing and to believe in these things, and to to alter and

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this is the point of today's lecture to alter your your your actions your activity based on that is in a way a type of ship. A type of mine is here. to alter your behavior based on a belief without knowledge without evidence is a type of disrespect to Allah subhanho wa Taala and a weakness in your trust in Allah subhanaw taala as we sit stars and horoscopes Subhan Allah, the prophets of Salaam his son dies on the same the same moment The sun is eclipsing. And in the back in the day an eclipse the sun disappears for our two It was really scary they couldn't understand what's going on in the past today we understand very what's what's happening is a planet or the moon is moving in front of

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it. It's very simple. We understand it. There's no Now today we take the kids and we go when we marvel at the beauty of an eclipse in the past it was scary. We don't even know if the sun is gonna come back. And so naturally the Sahaba out of the you know the the love for them said surely the death of the vehcile son Ibrahim and the eclipse are linked these two things must be linked. And in the height of his grief he's crying is as a father My son is dying, but he's always gonna be first and he says what happens on the earth the sun does not in his words. The sun is not eclipsed by the

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birth or death of anyone rather they are Ayat of Allah these are signs of Allah Granger and magnitude were cool no FIFA yes Vokoun that they have their own orbits. When the sun will eclipse is based on its orbit we can predict it 1000s of years in the future because it follows a plan procedure as Allah decree. It does not affect anything on the earth, nor do we affect it. My service is teaching us that so again, even looking at horoscope I see this many times you have one even for entertainment purposes. It is a type of * it's a major lesson Don't ever look at your horoscope don't ever check in that your love Will you will meet the love of your life you know but

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unfortunately this quarantine so you know Swan oh nonsense all nonsense. Names being lucky or unlucky I've heard again this panela that this child he was given the wrong name. He was mean to have a different name and therefore bad luck has fallen on him. Yes, there are certain names which are haram which are not good. And those names is haram to give and they are good names and that we hope to take from it but there's no such thing as heavy names. I've heard this before the name was too heavy for him to I don't know what that means. I don't know how the name is heavy

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and in more more common to our our our time cutting your nails at night. Maybe the old people know that this was something that you shouldn't be doing this are they cutting nails at night was taken as a bad thing in the past? No, but the city doesn't know. Right? So cutting nails at night, some people nodding maybe they're much older.

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Maybe that was some Auntie that said you know you're gonna cut yourself you've got your nail at night and it took to be some metaphysical thing. Water in the glass for the date that you leave a glass of water when someone has died, once again is completely and in fact, there's more that shake in this. It was the belief of the soul that remaining behind the soul leaving dying before it was its appointed time. The concept of a ghost for example, is that the person died before his time. This goes directly against a laws cover. No one dies except by the permission of Allah. Yes, there are supernatural things which we believe that to be jinn that's a different topic altogether.

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Spirits Don't linger. The moment you are taken. You either go to your Jenna and you don't want to come back to even your wife or your kids you're happy they are all our disease people be in a place so happy looking at us and saying they're worried about corrosion and all this Why don't they just join us things are so much good Yeah. And we miss the ones who are still suffering suffering for the sins my love mercy on them. I'll make it easy for them. This belief attached to that closing the mirrors when someone dies you find this behind Allah even in many Muslim homes when you go into the janazah all the murders are closed Why? We just do it because we just do it believe from the

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Europeans that they murdered captured your soul that when you die, your soul is traveling and it can get stuck inside the mirror. This is complete nonsense, and they fail to break a murder was also unlucky. It releases the spirits complete nonsense. If you break the murder you just have to buy a new murder. Nothing like that. horseshoes or rabbit foods containing pop ability to good luck charms nonsense, even though always weighing things with Islamic writings on it. Even if it is called Annika writing on it. This is not permissible. You can hang tin could and in your car. It will not protect it from accidents or protected from someone stealing it.

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The Quran yes is a means of prediction through reciting it. The dissertation of the Quran will protect you the calamata of Allah as the promises are also becoming mighty long term. inshallah Allah Allah, I seek protection through your perfect words from all all misfortune or evil that you created. This is only accessible through reciting the Quran or through the door hanging the Quran, or having your house stockpiled and ice covered filled with mishaps. So I'm going to protect you. Even if you have the black stone of the Kaaba in your car, it will not stop it from being stolen. hijackers will still take it you still need your tracker. Well, that doesn't make a difference. The

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belief that menstruating women are bad all especially at the Genesis panela you find this very sad is one of the vvvv oppression we do to our sisters, we say to the sister, you can't get it you as when you're in your head when he died. The daughters you can't go near the body because the menstruating woman she Ward's off the angels of mercy because of her the angels are not near the dead person. Right. I'm glad to see confused faces because there are other faces who not they hate saying yes we've seen this we've encountered this this even happened to my own family and I people told them you're not allowed to go near your father because you are in your head you can't kiss him

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or greet him now. So behind Allah is one shift said if if women menstruating women keep angels away, I will surround myself with hate women so that the molecule milk will not come near me. So behind Allah and nothing like that. Nothing like that a lady in her head. She is no there is no difference to her. There is no NASA upon his only thing she cannot perform salah and she cannot obviously have intercourse during that time. So it is believed that always

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mean, as a magical power, salt is a magical power. Why? Why has salt always been something powerful, because it's amazing, you put the stake here, and you put another stake here, the one you put salt on it, Two, Three days later, the one without the salt is become rotten, whereas the other one is preserved. So it does believe that salt has some amazing power, it's a magical kind of substance, and therefore you're not the salt over as a cafaro, you must throw it over your shoulder or nonsense. We know the reason why salt removes water from the bottom, it removes moisture from the meat. And because there's no moisture, no bacteria can grow in the in vivo, it remains preserved

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simple science. And because people didn't understand the attached benefits to these things. And so the provinces arm comes to remove the darkness of jahir.

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And therefore, as we said, and I must mention Tao is because perhaps many of these things are not relevant to you, but they might be brothers sitting here with the arteries around the necks. I've said this many times you should not be waiting as it's always around your neck. This is a type of chic. This is a type of chic. The prophets of Salaam took the pledge of 10 people, one of them he didn't accept Islam. The message was I don't accept you Islam. Why? Because you're weighing something here What is this thing is to protect me take this thing off, if you and he said if you died with this thing on you would not have been successful meaning even go to Jenna. Because of

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that. It is a type of disrespect to Allah to say this three year with these words in Yeah, I don't even know because someone blew on it is more powerful as a predictor than my daughter you your last panatela then I saw that you five times a day, remove these things from your house, from your car from your body and you move it away from you, the province also the man was weighing a type of bangle, a brass ring like a bangle around his his hand, the promises comes in what is this thing. And so the man said, this is to protect me from old age and weakness that he says remove it. Because it not only will not only will not protect you there's no medical purposes. But if you die with it,

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you will not be successful meaning you won't go to Jannah because of it.

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you we should remove these superstitions from us. Now, how do we the promise of linked contagious diseases with the belief in superstition? How do we reconcile this? It was at such a point that some scholars of the past they believed they said to believe in contagious disease was a type of superstition that diseases could not transmit from one person to another. You find this in the books of the scholars of old because science in the time was limited. You see the wisdom if not in the Beatles a lamp because just as he says there are no such thing as contagious diseases. There's other Hadith where he says and we mentioned this last week, we means a plague in one land, do not go to

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that land with plague. And if plague befalls you in your land, then you remain the and do not live in it. Don't spread the plague. And he says do not mix the sick animal the sick camel with the healthy ones. If you see one of the camels are sick, isolate him, quarantine him, take him away. And another How do you think he says run away from the liver? As you were to run away from the lion, the man has leprosy, avoid him like you would avoid the lion. So we see Yasuda lots of them. How do you reconcile these two? On the one hand, you're saying there's no contagious diseases to believe in it is a beautiful roofie. On the other hand, you're saying that may take these precautions

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within a reasonable says there is no suffer. He's not saying these no such thing as a month of suffer. He's saying the belief that there is a supernatural harm in the month of suffer is wrong. And to believe in a supernatural paranoia to diseases to become hysterical. This is wrong. You take the precautions, you understand the science behind it. You take the measures, and then you leave your faith to Allah. You don't become paralyzed by fear and hysteria. And this is what we're seeing today. Because of that fear is the same fear like the person waking up today, Friday the 13th I feel scared today. I feel worried that something bad is gonna happen to me. I feel scared. If I go here

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are they I'm going to catch some kind of play. This extra fear is a lack of tawakkol in a lot. And the best way to treat this fear is to understand the science behind it. So I'm going to talk a little bit about the science of the Coronavirus. So you can understand what is the difference between taking the precaution being secure as Allah wants you to be secure and being paranoid. When do we cross the line into paranoia? Because if you look what's happening, for example, in the world and in the markets, the harm of the fear of the virus is causing more danger than the virus itself. People's pensions wiped out.

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Economies collapsing, and these things need to be understood. So this virus let's talk a little bit the science. Perhaps the base video I watch I do I try to do a lot of research when I do a football. The best video I watched is a

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This video on your immune system, what a beautiful, wonderful thing. And we take it for granted Subhanallah how your body fights viruses and bacteria all the time. And it's amazing, amazing machine your body. Every time you inhale, millions of harmful substances have been entered in your body, they crawling all over your skin. Now every way you can't isolated one by your clients, and is only through the grace of Allah, He gave you the ability of your body to fight back without you even thinking about it.

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People don't know the difference between a virus and a bacteria and he explained this Coronavirus is something like a bacteria.

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What's the difference between the two, the bacteria is a much bigger thing. It's a living thing. It has its in itself. It, it consumes food, it gets energy it grows, it replicates it's a living particle living organism. A virus is much smaller. And scientists don't even know if this thing is alive. Because it is like a little bit of code, like a like a like if you miss it, guys, you have a corrupt code. It's just a particle of code in a in a capsule in a shell. And it just floats around like that. It can't do anything. It can't expand, it can't grow. The only time you can do something is with this shell comes in touch with a living cell or an organism. And when it hijacks the

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organism, then that code injects itself into that organism and replicates it photocopies itself over and over and over. And it hijacks the machinery of the cell to make more of it until the shut the cell the cell ink bursts and more of the viruses expanded. That's what's happening. So that's exactly what happens in our body. Bacteria are living organisms, virus are like these particles, and they are more viruses in the world. They all other organisms put together they are more viruses than that. So viruses, uncountable number of viruses in this world, they they dominate the entire world in terms of the sheer sheer quantity. So the body needs to fight them in different ways.

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You might also question why, if I'm sick, I can I have a sore throat, I can go and get thick amoxicillin. And it can solve my sore throat when I have a bacterial infection. But when I have a viral infection, I'd contact amoxicillin will make no difference. Why? Because an antibiotic kills bacteria. It disrupts the way this organism, it's bought its functions, the organism is alive, it basically poisons its function.

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The antibiotic, it's like a poison being sprayed on a shell, it does not harm that virus in the least. And that's why antibiotics do not work. That's antibiotics antibacterial, cannot work on a virus, the only way you defeat a virus is your body must learn how to fight it.

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That virus enters your body. And now your immune system kicks in your immune system analyzes this thing, it looks for how it attaches to your cells. Because these are special lock and key kind of mechanism, it must attach itself to the cells. And so your body's able to once it learns the code, it can break that thing and then destroy it. That's why you need to become sick for a few days or you get a vaccine, your body learns how to fight it. And once it's defeated it you will never get it again. You shouldn't get it again. Chicken Pox, many of you have experienced chicken pox chicken pox is caused by a virus. You get it, your body learns how to fight it out to destroy it. And that

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memory is kept inside your immune system. So the next time a chickenpox virus enters your body, your immune system knows exactly how to defeat it.

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And there are so many viruses unfortunately,

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that no matter how many times we defeat them, a new strain emerges. And it makes us sick again and your body must go through the process again and again. And most of the time, most of the viruses get defeated without you even feeling any symptoms. Sometimes while it's fighting inside your body. It feels like a flu like symptoms and sometimes it becomes worse and we'll talk about that. So that's Coronavirus itself.

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As I said it's a string of genetic material inside a pod surrounded by spikes. And those spikes make it look like a clown. That's what's called Coronavirus crown in Latin is called the corona and it's these spikes that attach to yourself. They stick to yourself. And then the the DNA inside the RNA inside this virus injects itself in your in your living cell and it hijacks it and it becomes a cell producing more viruses, more Corona viruses and

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Coronavirus has always been with people but it's a very mild virus for people. The all Coronavirus is also that affects animals and particularly in bats. bats have a very strong immune system, very powerful immune system and so the viruses that fight so it's a

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constant war. As the immune system gets stronger, the virus gets stronger. So the viruses of the bats are super strong, because they're constantly at war with the bats. Now, if those viruses can mutate and they can jump to humans, then we are dealing with a new kind of enemy that our body is not exposed to. And that is basically what happened. Not the first time it's happened in the last 20 years, like three times. We first had the SARS virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome, coronavirus. It's also Coronavirus. They always attack the lungs. It's a virus that attacks your lungs. So the SARS virus came about also from bats, then there was the most divide as the Middle

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Eastern Respiratory Syndrome. Right, that's camels people. That's how it jumped. And now we have the newest virus, the COVID-19 virus, which went from that's assumed to be a pangolin a lot. And we were still not too sure to people. But these viruses jumped. And this virus as we see, it's new to our body. Our body doesn't know how to reach out to fight it. We're not used to it. And so you get sick, and it learns by fighting by getting sick, how to defeat it. And for most of us, 90 plus percent, you get infected, you have five, six days of sickness, flu like symptoms, your body learns how to defeat it, and you're immune to it. Alhamdulillah that's how it is. So let's look at this virus.

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This disease in numbers.

00:26:22--> 00:26:35

As of yesterday, and this numbers obviously change every day. Around 130 people around the world has been infected 130,000 people around the world has been infected about 80% to 90% of them in China and China's wait begin, okay.

00:26:38--> 00:27:26

Nearly 70,000 of the 130 have recovered, they've been infected and 70,000 have basically recovered that five, six days of sickness. And then they recovered. And there's like another 60,000 people who are currently sick 130,000 more than half have completely recovered. The other half are still sick and they are fighting it. Only 4000 let's say 5000 people have died from this virus 5000 reported reported some countries the reporting numbers, this question marks meaning that this virus is killed rate is between the range of one and 2% meaning one and 2% of the people that get the virus will actually die from it. 90 plus percent of people that's infected. All they experience is a mild

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fever, a bit of a cough and some breathing difficulties and then they become fine. That's what 90 plus percent of the people experienced. So Africa 17 people have already

00:27:40--> 00:27:56

been tested positive with this virus. I see just recently old mutual, someone at old mutual has been tested positive like basically an hour ago. So it's easier in Cape Town. It is here it is here it is arrived. What does this mean for you and me comparing it with other viruses,

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the SARS virus and said this Coronavirus is not the first time it came to humans. SARS was the first time at SARS, the tech services and maybe you should worry about the more than the SARS virus. The problem with the SARS virus of 2008 I believe 8000 people contracted the virus.

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1000 people died of that virus and the MERS virus two and a half 1000 people died contracted so he contracted the virus.

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The killer rate of SARS and MERS was much higher. 10% of the people that got SARS died 30% of those who contracted the MERS virus died 30% and you compare that to Ebola which is like 40% mean half the people that gets Ebola die, this virus is around one to 2% so it is still a mild pathogen. What makes this virus but skatey is the rate at which it can spread.

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It spreads very very quickly. And it seems to survive outside the body for much longer.

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And as I said the symptoms for 90 plus percent people, all they will feel is like a mild flu. In fact, you probably had worse flus in your life, then the Coronavirus, flu,

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this flu for most people, they will say I don't know what the big deal was. I was down for about a week and I'm fine again. I just had a bit of a cough and a mild fever. They are saying in fact doctors are telling you if you have the symptoms of the virus, just stay at home Don't come to the doctor unless it becomes serious. Why? Because when you go to the doctor, you are making everyone sick along the way you're spreading the virus. Whereas if you just stay at home, you will get better and also the doctor cannot give you a vaccine. We don't have a cure. You will have to fight the virus like you flight fight the flu. treat the symptoms, take a headache tablet, a pain tablet, use

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fluids and just erased it out. And that's it. The big danger is spreading it. Yes, there are people that will get a severe form of this virus. Now what happens what is this virus doing? It's invading your cell

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In your lungs, the lungs are very sensitive organ. As the virus takes over your lungs, your body is fighting back, and it's destroying those cells that have become invaded. Now, when there's a fight between your virus and your body, you sit on the skin, you get pass, now that fluid starts building up in your lungs. And you know, if your lungs become flooded with fluids, especially septic dirty fluids, you can actually die from that you can get pneumonia, it can also result in bacteria now entering your lungs, because it's a very nice dirty environment for other particles to start living inside. And that's what the danger is, that when the body and the virus get the fight gets out of

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control, sometimes, in fact, many, many times what kills the person is not the virus, it's your body. Going extreme. Your fever is a defense mechanism, your fever array, your body raises the temperature, to kill the virus. So the virus raising, you raise the temperature, but it goes out of control. And actually the fever is the thing that harms you, that kills you. So it's your body having an overreaction and harming good cells in the fight.

00:31:14--> 00:31:55

How is the virus spread, the virus is basically spread through particles of the virus in body fluids. Now does your body fluids leave your body when you cough and sneeze most of the time, and that must have nastiness, right is in the A. And if you inhale it, if a healthy person inhales it, then you've inhaled the virus doesn't mean automatically you will get it your body will fight it off. But it could be how you get infected. More than inhaling of coughing and sneezing is that the virus can survive on surfaces. So the guy coughs on the surface, the virus is a live up to some say 24 hours. Now you put your phone the you touch the virus on your hands, and then you touch your face

00:31:55--> 00:32:30

you eat with it, now you've ingested the virus. And therefore, the best thing you can do is to wash your hands thoroughly. And for those of us who are coughing or sneezing, to cough in a tissue, or in your, in your, in your in your arm, you cough like this, so it doesn't spread so it doesn't spread. They say now, in the people say that in the past, the most dangerous thing on the plane was someone saying Allahu Akbar was saying some Arabic word. Now coughing and sneezing is the most dangerous thing. So So finally, if you sneeze and say Alhamdulillah, that's like the ultimate bed you've seen and you say Arabic

00:32:31--> 00:33:13

who is who is at risk. There are people that are more at risk than others, a healthy person with a normal immune system, your chances are, as I said, 90 plus percent for many of you, when you had much worse odds than that going to an exam and you felt confident, right? This is 90 plus percent, you'll be fine. But there are people who are at risk. If your immune system is not fully developed, meaning your body cannot deal with the virus, like old people over the 70 year old mark, most of those who died, the vast majority of the 4000 plus who died or old people. So if you're old, you need to take the extra precautions for you. Maybe coming to even Joomla might be a risk. Going to

00:33:13--> 00:33:53

big gatherings like this might be a risk and you have a reason therefore, to self isolate yourself to isolate yourself. Anyone who has a compromised immune system, meaning you're already fighting a battle, cancer patients, people go for molecule, the people who have cancers rather have terrible disease, the chemotherapy fries your immune system, it destroys your immune system. And therefore you are basically a sitting duck for viruses, people who have organ transplants, they taking medication to keep your immune system at bay because the immune system even fights the new organ. So those people have to be at risk as well. Diabetes as well. We find a lot of people with diabetes and

00:33:53--> 00:34:22

people with lung with lung problems. You're smokers. Yes, every every is everything you'll find smoking on the list. And I no matter what, you know, bumping your toe, if you smoker, it increases your chances of bumping into anything SubhanAllah. So be careful because it affects the lungs because because it affects the lungs, smokers your lungs already compromised, your lungs already damaged, right from the smoking. And before them further damage to your lungs will cause respiratory problems. So keep safe.

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

How to keep safe as we said the most important thing is to wash your hands and the 22nd rule. You know, you cover your entire hand and it's taught us you watch up until over your wrists much as the fingertips over the wrists. And you watch it for 20 seconds with soap or with an alcohol sanitizer which is your shift I use alcohol sanitizer is my Voodoo broken you will always find no problem Don't worry about it. But avoid crowded places if you avoid as best you can. So is good time now avoid crowded places if you are sick, you know you show signs of a cough or a fever. So if you have a fever

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Cough, these two things, a fever and a cough, then you need to avoid, you know, public spaces don't come to work don't go to the mosque. Then Amazon says a man who has garlic bread

00:35:12--> 00:35:29

should not come to the masjid. So just a bad smell is enough for you not to attend the manager. Not saying that fine, I'm not gonna come to my seat and you wanna fix the smell, you know, do that and fix your symptoms, then come to the magic, but don't cause other people inconvenience and harm others.

00:35:30--> 00:35:33

The advice that we give once you understand this, it's here.

00:35:34--> 00:36:16

All we can do is take the precautions we link this up this issue of Coronavirus can be the same, like the Arab who looks at that bird and thinks this is going to be a bad day. Like the person who believes this is a Friday the 13th is the end of the world because for the 13th No, you take the precautions you look at what is logical, scientific, learn from it. And then you put your faith your faith in Allah. Do not panic. The panic is worse than the pandemic we seeing now. Really, the panic is worse than the pandemic. And don't give into paranoia. Take the precautions Don't be irresponsible. Taiyo camel, but don't also not come to the market. There are some people are so

00:36:16--> 00:36:55

scared the camel will be stolen. I don't even go to the market. No go to the market. But tie your camel. Tie your camel and then put your faith in Allah. If you took the precautions. Now you've lived here Allah, I leave myself to your hands, you determine what happens what doesn't happen. This is our call. And this is going to be someone says there will be a group of people 70,000 who before the judgment occurs in the deaf camp before Allah asked the questions, he will see 70,000 of you intergender before the questioning Who are these lucky 70,000 the promises and says these are people who do not believe in omens and superstitions that they don't go for supernatural cures and

00:36:55--> 00:37:35

remedies. They put their faith in Allah meaning they take what is logical, scientific, proven, and they have no more fear beyond that. Do what is in your power, the rest I put my faith and trust in Allah pure can yaqeen in Allah these are the 70,000 lucky people will intergender mellem grant is to be amongst them. May Allah grant that they be a kill from this virus. This human body is an amazing thing it will defeat this virus last time overtime then abuses made this door remember this you may die yeah Allah never my alma be overcome by one external enemy. And unlike simply that you are and you made another door, Allah led never a natural calamity a virus or disease an earthquake or flood

00:37:35--> 00:38:12

the story my alma completely and unlike Superbad Da Vinci, Dr. Allah led my own money will be divided and fight each other and Allah did not accept that da. So don't worry about the external, fix things internally. Allah will take care of the external. We put our faith in Allah. I mean, just a few questions. Just a few announcements our YouTube channel is up online you can check that out the first kingdom, Tuesdays and back to basics between Margaret Penny shy so not yet enough for Coronavirus we still have in class well hamdulillah unless you seek to please don't attend and any questions concerns with Mohammed we also have this coming Thursday it's still on I see of

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Jim will be having our journey through the heavens that Mirage program traveling through the seven somehow what what happens in the universe all those things. Islamia auditorium of the mothership on Thursday circular theater Santa Monica, forget them.