The Meaning of Fitnah

Riyadul Haqq


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The speaker discusses the meaning of "fitna" and how it is used to test faith and integrity in individuals. The meaning is developed throughout history and is used to test one's actions and abilities. The speaker describes the various examples of "fitna" used to test one's abilities and suggests that it is a common pattern.

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We were always talking about this word fitna, fitna fit now. Of course, there will always be fitna. Allah has said there is fitna your children are a fitna. Your families are a fitna. Your wealth is a fitna. What's a fitna? The word fitna originally means well, the word fattening originally means to

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burn something like metals, to check whether it's genuine gold,

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and silver or not. So they would melt, gold and silver to check whether it's genuine gold or silver, so severe and intense heating and burning, to test that's the original meaning of fat to burn, and in order to test to melt in order to test to see whether it's genuine or fake. That's the original meaning of

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And then the meaning developed to any trial or tribulation, any test or any temptation, which places a person in a position where they have to decide and make a choice. And their choice, their decision will either be a good one or a bad one. It will test their faith, it will test their integrity, their sincerity, do they pass the test or not? Do they succumb to the temptation? Or do they resist it and spans? Do they? Are they are they proven true in that trial and tribulation? Under the heat of the test or not? Do they prove to be sincere or insincere? That's the meaning of fitna. So anything which becomes a fitna, Allah subhanho wa the other tests is through our wealth through our

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wives, spouses, our children, our neighbors, our community.

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Everything. All of this is a fitna. So we were always talking about fitna, fitna, rasool Allah Subhan Allah Hardy was send them has promised us 40 folders that you will see fitness one after the other the plural of fitna has fit and you will see fit, one after the other in rapid succession.

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Each subsequent one will be more testing more darker than the previous one. In fact, one Hadith he says fit and will come in such a way that the subsequent ones will

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make thin and dilute the previous ones I fitna will come and the person will think this is going to destroy me. This one is going to destroy me. And then they somehow scrape through. So another one comes, and that subsequent fitna is so great that the believer thinks that Do you know what? This is the one that will destroy me? And in comparison to this one, the previous ones were nothing

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and then he manages to scrape through that until another fitna comes, which is even greater, and that one makes thin and dilutes the previous ones. So Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Hardy Salam has already foretold that this will happen