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The speaker describes a person who used to visit a former student's house and practice writing in a language. The speaker describes a person who used to come to see the student every week and practice writing in a different language. The speaker describes a person who used to come to see the student every week and practice writing in a different language.

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So, in Karachi, when we had the weekend, I used to want to go and see all the different types of scholars. So there was somebody called Hakeem Sher Molana Hakim Mohammed Dr. Rahim humba. A lot of his books is a very famous Sufi scholar to solve this gear. He's to come to the UK he was also very close to my father used to come to my father's house when I was young, my elder brother when my elder brother went to Pakistan and studied there as well, but in another place, was there for a few months. So he used to go there quite often became very close to him. He has a lot of students and disciples across the world. He used to have a motorcycle shuffle Modares and Hancock like Zarya,

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Chanukah, him, daddy Shafia so I used to go there. Every week, I became very close to him. He's to make sure he's told me that make sure every weekend we can is thursday friday. Juma, you have to pray here. So I used to go sometimes Thursday night, sometimes Friday morning. And before his before Jim, I used to give him like an hour muddiness talk. So he's got various people reading the sheet and night which and most of the time where his own words. So I used to read because he heard me here in the UK. So when I went there, he used to introduce me. So there's a man from UK studying in Ireland, very sorry, in Karachi.

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And he's come here and I've made sure I've told him every week he has to come. So every week I used to recite in a sheet and and you know, all do his poetry. I remember once you know I was reciting a lot and there's a sister section as well. So it's in this from the sister section, one of the sisters center notes that is the student has come from here, I would like to marry him. So he actually said it in the middle is it said this howardena Shayateen is women are shouting, she was studying in a Madras as well as listening to because I'm from the UK, reading Nat, etc. So then he said, From now on, whenever he reads and history like my voice, he used to say, Sky was my job.

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He's got he's got magic in his voice and he says he's doing job on these women. So from now on, whenever he read, resize, not speaker mic system off for the sisters. And then I was banned from what they were banned from listening to me.

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But yeah, handleless was go there every week. And then after his Juma

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it was very popular, people wanted to meet him, people wanted to talk to him. But Hamdulillah I got the opportunity to be staying to stay in his company.

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He used to say, you have to eat with me.

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I remember the one of the weekends. I just went and had food lunch with some of the UK students. So he sent his daughter behind him, called nearside. I told him go look for him. I said sure. I was calling you. So I went he said Where were you? Why did wanting to come to eat? He told me that you eat with me. I said, I bought you nice. And convenience. I just thought I've got his friends. He said no, no. Next week, make sure I don't have to call you again every Friday without fail after Jamar

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Hakeem Modena, Arthur Rahim Allah, his main close associate, Mirza, he's also passed away. And his son Hakeem after Cybersyn her chemo Nana mother was not the principal

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in the room, and me, just four of us and I used to eat with him. And then after that, when I used to leave, he used to make sure that it gives me an apple or a banana or something to take in the bus or in the taxi. So every week and I used to go with him and I used to see all his disciples and his Meridian students in a different atmosphere, very different volume Karachi was more sort of oriented and a different flavor. It wasn't something that was my favorite flavor, to be honest, but I you know, at that time I was absorbing, absorbing all of that a lot when he used to give me that

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apples after Juma finish have the dinner with lunch with him. Three, four o'clock. Then I'm leaving. Because I came in the morning go I came the night before and slept there. So used to say to his Hardiman, okay, make sure give him up or whatever makes you eat it and when you go, going back to the room, Karachi, make sure the way you're eating a night

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in the bag, fill some fruits for him. I didn't know he's to tell him that I'm actually not going to that in Karachi. I'm going to another show