Everything Deteriorates with Time

Riyadul Haqq


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Many of us neglect Allah subhanho wa Taala and neglect our duty until a calamity before

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and once a calamity befalls us, we turn to Allah azza wa jal bat times it may be too late. Because

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if we think that

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we can wait, we have the luxury of time, we have the luxury of waiting, and we are totally wrong. One of the dangers is that as time passes,

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it's the law of the universe. It's the law of the physical universe. It's the law of the spiritual universe, the law of the spiritual the law of the physical universe is that as time passes, things go into reverse, things deteriorate.

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They fall into decline and decay.

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It's a rule of the physical universe, nothing survives the passage of time, even metals,

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what happens to sturdy steel, and metals?

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Iron, what happens, rust,

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rust accumulates on campus, which is corrosive, and which destroys these these 30 metals. That's the law of the physical universe, time always moves ahead. And as it moves ahead, that is always change. In fact, as I mentioned in that the vsido social class

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scientists, when they define time, man, one of the most widely accepted theories of the definition of time, what exactly is time, time isn't an entity in itself. Time is merely the marker of change. That's what time is. So when something shifts from one state to another, that small, almost imperceptible shift, of change from one state to another, that's time.

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And when it shifts from one state to another, when that change overcomes every single atom, every single thing, is the change for the better. Or is it for the worse? Does it go up? Does it go down? The law of the universe is change is always in decline. Things decay, they deteriorate, they decline.

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That's the law of the physical universe. The law of the spiritual universe is no different.

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Man is never in a state of inertia where nothing happens. Man is always moving even spiritually.

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And unless he enforces that rise, man can never rise spiritually. He's always falling.

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It's like in the physical universe if you want to climb up.

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You have to make an effort.

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And luckily, at least in the physical universe, if you're not climbing up, you're not at least going down. But in the spiritual universe, if you're not climbing up, you will be going down. And alas crownhill with the other tells us in the well asked in the in Santa Fe course. By time indeed man is in the state of great loss