Do I Maintain Ties With Those Abusive Within My Family

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Shaykh Omar Suleiman


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Do I need to maintain ties with those that are abusive within my family?

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Here you would categorize abuse in different categories as well as family members in different categories. And then the rights that are lost, Pendleton has decreed upon you. All of the rights that Allah speaks about in the Koran or the prophets lie some speak about in the Sunnah maintain a default presumption that this is a relationship in which the normal dynamics of a parent and a child or a brother and a sister or whatever it may be, are maintained. And then there are exceptions to those rules. So the general rule is obedience to parents. But at the same time, the profits lice I mentioned thoughts and you must look through Maslow's Hierarchy don't obey a creation when the

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creation commands you to disobey the Creator, and so on so forth. The point is, is that there are exceptions to every rule. So if a person fears an imminent harm from a family member, then obviously they can maintain that distance. If it's a you know, if a person is verbally abusive, or uses language that's inappropriate, or, you know, veers into emotional abuse, then there are ways to try to rectify that so that you don't have to sacrifice the the relationship, the sacred relationship, the ties of a parent and a child or a sibling. But all of these things are case by case. And the point is, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala honor certain rights and a lot honors the dignity of

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everyone, including yourself and does not command you to be in a situation where you aren't, you're facing an imminent harm or danger. And when there are the lesser forms of harm, then seek ways to rectify to improve communication to maybe solicit help, and go to you know, find someone and shout lots out of who can help you out of your specific situation. And of course, there's so many people that suffer and that don't have someone to go to may last kind of time make it easy for everyone that's struggling in one of these situations. May Allah subhana wa tada heal those parents that are abused by their children, children abused by their parents, you know, whatever it may be. And when

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it comes to spousal abuse or a situation in which a person is being abused by a spouse, then you can actually in fact, the profit slice on him did not tell people to stay in an abusive situation. To You know, it is not only permissible, but you should seek help and seek shelter and not stay in an abusive relationship where it's not just going to be harmful to you, but it could be harmful to your children because a lot of people think that they should stay in these abusive relationships for their children. Instead, seek help and Shawn Montana and May Allah help all of those that are struggling in silence.

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