Ramadan Series Day 16 – The Month of Fasting

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh one of the names of the month of Ramadan, and today's the day 16

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is the month of fasting. So we all know, Ramadan is the month of fasting. But what is fasting? What do I need to learn when the name of the month is fasting and we all are fasting and we know that what is fasting? Literally What is it? Yes I'm not eating I'm not drinking from this time to this time, but the essence of it. I am completely willing obeying a last panel with Tyler

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to the letter, this is how I will say it. Look at all of us. We all look at the watch and the clock is the time for sehore Can I drink this last sip of water? No, it is 452 done. And then when we come in the evening to break our fast right? So it is 750 but if it is 749 I am not touching anything yet. till it gets to 750 What is the difference? It's one minute. But what is it? That's the essence of fasting is a complete obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala although for us in our daily life, and we need two or a two or a five, most of us most of the time doesn't make much difference. But since Allah said so all of us willingly

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do it willingly.

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We are very aware of it. And we don't compromise it Shaco siyam The month of fasting. What does that teach us?

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a wasp one hautala in a hadith oh god See, he said the following Coolio homily me, Adam, every deed of the son of Adam that he or she does is for them.

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Meaning that it will benefit them and it will be they will be rewarded according to what they did. illicium except fasting

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for in your holy is for me. What a JCB and I'm Allah willing to reward for it. And then Allah explain it. Yeah, the OSHA, OSHA, Rob OSHA, what to he stay away, he leaves he abandoned food and drink and his desires for me. Why do we fast? Can I not and you cannot go to a private place, nobody see me and eat and drink and say I am fasting. But we don't do it. Because I love seeing you, me. And I'm doing it for him. So one of the things really, really keep reminding ourselves, so we move from the ordinary casual fasting that we don't feel the essence of it, to what we are really doing.

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Other than we are hungry and we are thirsty in in reality, we are all being a loss pantalla to the letter to the second.

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And that will teach me the following. If I can do that, and I can stay away from halaal from low for food and drink is lawful. But I make it unlawful because Allah told me so in this time frame teaches me and I need to keep reminding myself when the Ramadan ends. And during Ramadan, if you were able to stay away from the highlight, you can stay away from the home.

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Don't underestimate your will. This is how I need to talk to myself when I get weaker. And I want to do that or say that, or watch that. remind myself remind yourself, you stayed 16 hours to the minute obeying a law and you're able to do it and this was her land, but she did it for a law and he will reward you and me then I can do the other so if that's why they call they always say Milan is a training camp. If I can do this for a month I can do it later on. But why don't we or why do we feel after Ramadan because we have to keep reminding ourselves of the essence of the fasting and I was able to do with your Allah keep your Allah help me. Second thing it will help me to take the spirit

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of Ramadan not only during Ramadan but

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After a womanizer Sahabi companion came to Roswell he saw to sit down and he said, Dr. rasulillah

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order me to do something.

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order me to do something and I want you all to feel if it is you and me and I went to Rasul Allah, his Salatu was set out, what would I expected him to see?

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And what he told you

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say no mama, Ali COVID, song, fast, take fasting as your character. So how long take fast as your character fast for in the hula Adela, nothing like fasting, this is our Swati Salah to a sinner. I need to remind myself, there is nothing like fasting, it is absolutely hard and difficult, especially in these long days. And if I can do it in Ramadan, I need to train or remind myself that I can do it later on my fasting, which is very difficult. And we all agreed, maybe later on becomes easier, but in general is not something very easy. What are what what weapon I am using to help me to fast is patient. I am patient, I see the water, I see the food, but I stay away from it. And I

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saw him and fasting, I am practicing patient, remind yourself. And I need to remind myself what the law says about those who are patients in my office on your own, at your home. Be ready, he said, those who practice patient and sober is part of fasting and as fasting is part of Sabo, they are connected, I will be rewarded and accounted for not only because I have fasting, but because I practice patient. Again, I'll take it with me when I leave. It's extremely important that we do not forget how Allah blessed us in this month that we weren't able to do it. And I need to keep reminding myself afterward, that I need to continue a lot on hautala also said the following.

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I say Nova Swati salatu salam. But before I say this, I want you to think of the following scenario, you got invited to a huge place. And they told you that this place has 10 gates, or 10 doors, but make sure you enter from the special door because this is special door. Only special people enter through it. And once the special people enter the door is closed. What are you going to try to do? You're going to try to find out what is this a special thing that these people do to enter throat? Allah is Exalted, but he gave us this engine. Gentlemen has eight doors or eight gates for genetic Amanita

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as a Ross, Swati salatu salam said, one door was identified and named only one of them. And that is valuable. A Yang was given a name, the door of the Yang, the gate of the Yang. What is that? Is the game where those who are their character is fasting. Only those people enter the form this when all the fasting people poor people who their character is fasting, enter, the door is closed. Don't you want to be of that person? Don't I want to be that's on the Day of Judgment. You're like entering gentlemen. But not only entering gentlemen, but I'm entering gender from a special door. What did I do your law. I fasted, you're fasting, and you fasted properly. So let's take this

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spirit of the fasting that hamdulillah for the last 15 days, and today the 16 we have been doing, but let's dive deep in it. And let's look at it and remind ourselves I was able to do it, I can do it afterward. The last but not the least, which is beautiful Hadith about fasting, the sign in time. The fasting person has two moments of joy, moments of happiness. And we all felt the first one and Europe biani we all will feel the second one. Farhatullah in the factory, one moment of joy when he or she break the fast. You all know the feeling when we put the date after 18 or 16 or 20 hours of fasting. How does it feel? How when we swallow with your Allah and when we take the first sip of

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water, what a joy, what a moment of joy and the second

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moment that we all will be waiting for and looking forward to Farhatullah in Delhi.

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And the second moment is when we meet Allah because we have done something that is so special and for him only and He rewards by it. We are along with the humble inner inner Contessa Milani to ballet in

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your law, your law we ask you to to make us of those. So one moon, though are so much those who fast not only in Ramadan, but fast constantly. Those who know the virtues, they feel what fasting is and we are waiting for your reward your ma or salamati Kumar