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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of capital in the Bible and the importance of capital in various cultural and political settings. They explain that the language used in the Bible is "has been capitalized on" and that it is a habit that is associated with loss and loss of wealth. The speaker also discusses the concept of "has been capitalized on" and how it is a habit that is associated with loss and loss of wealth.
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Word capitalize. It's my translation of the word isn't the name

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if any means

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seize the opportunity in fact there is in my opinion, there is no better translation than the word capitalize.

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Capitalize on five things before five.

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And it's a very commercial word.

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Capitalize on but throughout the Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala uses come commercial language to help us understand.

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Yeah, you have Latina almond or a doula commodity Jonathan tungee caminhada been Aleem, oh believers should not show you a tiara a trend that will deliver you from the fire in the last thought Armenian Armenian and for someone one word, but in the home gym. Indeed, Allah has purchased the lives and the wealth of the believers in return that for them shall be genuine.

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So Allah uses commercial language,

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from Arabic, to Jarrah, to whom mama calm the Dean speaking of the misguided people, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, their trade was not profitable, and they were not guided.

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So Allah like

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our relationship with Allah subhanho. In fact,

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in the Lavina, yerba uremic in the mail you by your own Allah, he had Allah He felt that Ed Him, those who pledged their allegiance to address in the province, Allah Almighty Salam, in reality, they are pledging their allegiance to Allah, you have Allah He phulka ad him Allah's hand is above theirs. And

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other verses as well that speak of the barrier between Allah and His creation, between Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi salam and his followers, the word bear

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comes from the same root letters, and is very closely related. In fact, it's closely related to the word Bayer. So by means trade, and Bayer means a pledge, and the reason they are related and in fact,

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in the beta, why does Allah subhanho wa Taala speak of

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the hand and traditionally the Arabs when they would give the beggar how would the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam accept the value by hand?

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Because that marks an agreement, it's a sealing of a deal. So whether the deal is a contract, whether or whether whether the contract is over relationship or whether the contract is of a purchase and sale, it's a contract. And traditionally, there were no receipts. So how would people seal the deal? It was done with a handshake. So whether it's beer trade, hand on hand, whether it's a pledge, it's hand on hand.

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So throughout the Quran, Allah subhanahu wa Donna uses commercial language because that's the language that we understand profit or loss,

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gain or loss. So Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tells us

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what he wishes to say in those terms are sold allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us exactly the same.

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So in this hadith is the name Hamza Pablo humps, capitalize and five before five, In another Hadith, which is very closely related.

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And it's recorded by Mohammed Abdullah Healy, in history and by others. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Never Madame woofie him or cathedra minim NAS, a secret that Will Ferrell there are two gifts to blessings of Allah, in which many people are at a loss. mother's womb means someone who suffers a financial loss.

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One of the

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one of the principles in Islamic finance, which often

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distinguishes between Halal and Haram

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is that there shouldn't be any Robin furnish all Mr. Say there shouldn't be any robin fashion which means severe loss, unbearable loss. And I elaborated on this when I was commenting on the table on the hadith of Kitab Euro the book of transactions from Sahil Hardy many years ago, some of you may have been present then and may recall and I mentioned that principle then in the light of a number of Hadith that one of the things

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means that governs the prohibition or the permissibility of financial dealings and Transact transactions is the principle of Lubben for hush meaning severe unbearable loss and that's what love means. It doesn't just mean a loss, it means a very serious loss, financial loss, monetary loss. So here the prophets Allah Heidi Muslim says exactly the same thing. net net Ramadan, my wall and fi Hema cathedral Mina, Nas, there are two blessings of Allah in which many people suffer a horrible mean meaning they suffer a monetary financial loss. Now in reality, it's not some monetary loss. But that's a language that the prophets of Allah Hi Libras limbs uses. There are two blessings of Allah

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in which many people suffer a great loss, truly and unbearable loss. And the two blessings are a suitable for

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good health and time and free opportunities.

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So the language of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, indeed is a commercial one here. If the name comes from Puebla, humps, the Arabs specially the ratio of Maga, they were traders. And this was their language. So it was a perfect language to help them understand and it's human nature.

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We are so conscious of financial loss of the right paying the right price, never overpay.

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And that's why we check prices. We hunt for bargains,

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we ensure that we do not pay a penny more than we need.

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We will undergo certain difficulties, we will actually spend more time

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in order to purchase something at a distance.

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If it means that we get it cheap, were willing to spend more time and may even walk there. Just because it may be a few pennies or a few pounds cheap.

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Because that's how much we value.

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Gain and profit in wealth. And that's how much we fear

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loss in profits in wealth.

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But once of our time, wealth comes and goes.

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The rich become poor, the poor become rich, and there are many opportunities

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a lot of the time we have excess wealth.

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But unlike most of the things that is one thing which is irretrievable, which wants lost

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no strength, no power, even combined in the universe can retrieve that last thing. And that's time. Every second that passes is truly irretrievable