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lot of

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there was Laura. And then of course, that water rose. The lamp in the first place was neck. And so Allah Subhana Allah chose Mecca as his first house. And Mecca, of course has its place. And we all know the virtues of it. But also by Democritus, Jerusalem. Allah subhanaw taala describes it and last as which I live in a Merriam who Oh, no idea. We made

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it no matter who probably Raisa and his

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and his mother

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as a sign as an Iowa we're away now who made Isla Roberta, Nevada, Colorado and we're married and we let them we gave them refuge in an area that was that Allah Subhana Allah Robertson Rabwah is like a high ground, you know, brighten them up, this is on the high ground. So and also not only high ground in the in in terms of its place, but it's also in status also, that Orion, Isla Robertson that Orion will now union and also it has it's not only that it is also a place that has has its reputation, in terms of its status, and also its purity. So Allah subhanho wa Taala chose the first Masjid to be at the masjid.

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The first question of course, is a muscle.

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And that's why in Hadith in Sahih, Hadith Sahih Bukhari Muslim Buddha the Allahu Anhu he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he said was to he asked the Messenger of Allah to go to Ya Rasulullah Are you Masjid in all the fly out of the Atlanta? Like which which Masjid was put on this earth? First and foremost? What was the first message?

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Unless Cheadle Hara he said, It is elestial Hara to somebody. And then what else? The whole word Dex he said Al Masjid Al Aqsa al Masjid Al Aqsa going to combine a homer how what was the what was the span between the two of them? And he said our bonus Anna are gonna send her 40 years between Masjid Al haram and Al Masjid Al Aqsa. So, the first and the second Masjid is Masjid Al haram MSC Luxa. And right now if you look at our master laughter when people say Alessi laughs What is it? What do people see?

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The Dome of the Rock is the Dome of the Rock part of a messy lab. It is part of that messy Luxa is also the other mustard mustard. Ultimately the problem is

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the first one so this is there's two messages, but both of them or actually the whole area is a Masjid Al haram. The whole area has massive harms. Because you see some people are always saying like oh no, this is not it. That's not it. They're trying to trick you this year. The hood, they're trying to take this particular area, the whole thing is we have this part and that part every the whole area because the whole area has bless it.

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And you know when you speak about a muscle haram, what is a muscle Hara? Anyone know what the muscle Hara? What is it during the time of the Prophet sallallahu? So how big was it?

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How big? How big is

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it just the Kaaba is the whole city of Mecca actually.

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Most people don't realize that's why when you pray in Mecca, you pray in LMS Masjid Al Kaba

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the mustard, mustard or Kava is and muscle Hara we always call it miss Hara. But actually if you prayed anywhere in according to the majority of the scholars, if you prayed anywhere in Mecca, the reward for is in terms of reward and in terms of the magnification of the reward is the same.

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It's the same. So if someone were to pray, and another masjid, they would get less reward because maybe it has less, less people praying, because the more people who pray in a particular masjid and shall the greater the reward is, but in terms of the 100,000 that you get that's multiplied, magnified, it's all of Masjid Hara. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala

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He says Subhanallah the SRB Abdullahi Leila menial mesothelial Ha,

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il Masjid Al Aqsa. And one of the narrations of course the Prophet Psalm came out of where his house

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he left Mecca from his house because all of that was missing missing Hara all of it is Al Masjid Al haram, the same word byton, Marcus, all of that, that particular other whole area, whether you're praying in the area that Dhamma rock, or the masjid itself that's next to it, or the whole area, that

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that particular area is considered. A Masjid. Al Masjid Al Aqsa, Al Masjid Al Aqsa in the area, of course, is vital macness goods, the area of Jerusalem. And it's one of the unique things that as a Muslim, we are not allowed to exert effort and spend time in going for any reason to seek reward except for these three massages. The prophets of Allah Allahu wa sallam said, Learn to shut the Rehan Illa Illa LFL Assa T massage led to shut down Rehan wants to shut the rehab and you shouldn't even travel, like make an effort to travel but the majority of the scholars are mentioned of course, are you allowed to travel anywhere? As long as it's mobile? It's permissible. But what we mean here

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is if you're seeking reward, because there are some people who travel to certain areas, not because what are why did they travel to certain areas? They said they traveled certain areas because they want a certain you they want to visit the grave of solid so they want to, to do to visit this and that and that's why if a person were good to go to Medina, why do you go to Medina?

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You go to Medina. Why? Because you want to pray in the masjid and message and never way the prophets Masjid not because you want to visit the grave of the Prophet sallallahu. So, by going to Medina, you allowed you can visit the grave of the prophets of the livelihoods. But to go with the intention of visiting the grave, only that's your sole intention to go and visit any grave. Even the Prophet salallahu grave is something that you do not do not do so in terms of seeking reward as an act of worship. Instead as an act of worship in and of itself. No, there's no place that you say okay, let's see, you know, so and so such such and such things happened. And let's say okay, the Muslims

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defeated the Persians and qadisiya. You know, we should go there to visit and inshallah you'll be rewarded by Allah for going to visit because that's where the Muslims, for example, defeated such and such an army and defeated the Persians or to go to a place where you know, this, this town because of

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such in such a scheffers There used to live there and so forth. No lie to shut the Rehan Illa Illa Illa illa Allah fimasartan You're not as you're not allowed to spend time seek going to on a trip seeking reward from Allah except to these three massages, Al Masjid Al haram. Right and that's Mecca.

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Of course,

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muscle kava and all of Mecca pretty much and of course, why do we go, we go for Hajj we loafer ombre, if you want to go you know of course we if you go there you should. You know you when you pray, of course, speaking the the reward for the magnification or the

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increase in the reward and as Masjid AFSA the prophets of Allah msgid AXA, meaning a lump sum is the furthest message. Well message God had. And my this message of like this Masjid of mine, so if somebody wants to go, of course, to any of these messages, that this is where we Muslims, this is where our hearts are, this is where we want to go. You know, this is where we want to go. Another issue for example, right now, some people are like if you're able to go to LSU

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Are you allowed to go? There's a lot of difference of opinion amongst actually contemporary scholars. Some scholars say you shouldn't even go and the reason why because like unless it locks or why because when you're going you're actually because the people who are actually in charge, that who actually

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You know, the hotels, the tour groups, even the Muslim tour groups, they work with

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Jewish tour groups. And so they want Muslims to go because they want to make money off of it for Muslims going to unless you're laksa. So that's why some scholars say view you're not you shouldn't go because then you'll be supporting

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the, the Jewish state that you shouldn't you shouldn't go. And that's why that's a different matter if a person in some countries, you can't even go if you're like in as many Muslim countries Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, we have one of those steps. That's a no, no, no, they don't even stamp you because they know, you go even with American passport, they don't stamp your passport. Because once if you get a stamp your passport

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by going there, you won't be able to go to any of the Muslim countries. They won't allow you to go so they just give you like a visa that's actually a piece of paper that you put there that you put there because it's of course it's not even recognized by the majority of the majority of the Muslim countries. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, also, Hadith, the first hadith of courses and cybersquatting say Muslim. And the other Hadith that the prophets Allah mentioned is an Iranian hadith is authentic.

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In with an authentic chain, a solid Sufi master the famous still Hara be me at the Alfie Salatin fee mercy Well,

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a person who prays in earnest in Haram gets 100,000 prayers.

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When in comparison to the other massages, was selected for the masjid he had the LP solid and prayer in my Masjid is equivalent to 100 prayers was selected for the messages Alex I'll be hunting Yeti solid and prayer in lmsc laughs ah you get 500 rewards 500 reward and so the muslims or muslims heart

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is connected to as master Luxa. So when someone speaks about the you know, the people who are suffering, the Muslims And subhanAllah mashallah the people who were there, like,

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we we can't even imagine what they're going through. Imagine just like, next day, your shop, your house is destroyed. And then when everything is over, they're so quick. Like, everything just continues. Again as if nothing happened. They go on with their life and this is normal for them. It's been like this for decades. over 70 years, something happens and they're so strong. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to keep them strong. But this is a land, land of Muslims, land of prophets and messengers of ALLAH SubhanA wa.

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Land Prophet Ibrahim, in this ha Yahoo News of a load that will Suleiman Charlotte Zakariya, yeah. And there isa and other prophets of Bani Israel. This is a place that revelation was revealed to the best of creations. These are the best people that ever walked the earth. Those who call to Allah subhana wa Tada. And they persevered through all the hardships in dealing with the people of various right at the beginning when Islam when when the when the Muslims, when did the Muslims enter vital notice? The Muslims entered right and notice in an amazing manner, amazing way because the Muslims were the most just people wanted the Muslims to come so that the oppressor people, the areas that

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the cities that were being oppressed, because anytime you don't have Islam, there's oppression, especially in the old days, there are tyrants and there are people who took advantage of the weak and the poor. So during the 50th, year after the 15 years after the hedge of the profits of USA, during the Khilafah, who

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the leaders,

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the governors and the leaders of vital mark this when the Muslims came in,

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when the Muslims came in, they didn't come in, like the Christians did in destroyed, destroyed vital mark this and others who came into other towns and destroyed it, and so forth. How did the Muslims enter

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the Muslims when they were victorious?

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They were

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are given the keys, in fact, because the keys are vital markers are very important in some big city, the person, the, you know, the, like the people in charge the leaders, religious leaders amongst the Christians and the Jews, and the people who are in charge and vital Marcus. And of course that was under at that time under the, the Roman Empire right under but do they have their own governors like from different cities and so forth. So he invited he said, You know, I want to give this key to anyone else.

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This is not just any key. These are the key keys to byte unlock this Jerusalem, right to them, and this is the holy site. But he's, you know, I'm gonna, I'm going to surrender this key to no one else, except for the Khalifa himself. Except for the three fives out. So they call grandma,

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hello and over. And you know why they call them they said, because in energy, the C factor feels good to Bill.

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Because in our books,

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the keys were only to be surrendered to a person with these characteristics.

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And so, the person who imagine the Roman history, what he's saying is that Oman and Qatar was mentioned in the books.

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That person who will receive these keys, like we know who he is, we know His character. We know how he is how just he is. And when we speak about Omar when you think about being justice. So the calling said no, we will surrender. This is even part of our deen we're supposed to do this.

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We're supposed to give it to no one else. Except for the Khalifa.

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Amira moving in Omaha, because we have his characteristics in our own books. And someone

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who came travelled all the way from Medina

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to to get the keys or vital map this and when he came in, what did he do?

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Compare that to everyone else in history.

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Anyone else he did not destroy a single temple.

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He did not destroy a single church.

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It did not destroy any area of worship at all whatsoever. No house was destroyed.

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places of worship for people were left for them. Were left for them. Forget about bombings and sending all over like this is what happened when Omar hooked up into beta Marcus.

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The people celebrated.

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The people said Muslims and the people who are living there, they were happy. It was a joyous occasion, even though they did not accept even those who did not accept Islam.

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And the people who lived their history will testify bear witness to what he did. He didn't do what he did the Jews, the hood, they lived in peace. The Christians they lived in peace. And it was a time that they were happy. They lived in such peace under the Muslim under the Muslim rule. And the Muslim feel Alpha during the time of Ramadan Pablo de la and that's why this is our deen. This is our deen. So no matter what happens, no principles. We have principles and of course other people. You know you speak they speak about what they speak about the Geneva Convention they speak about international law. There's nothing that even comes close. Not only are we not supposed to kill women

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and children and destroy

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places of worship, no, even the animals and the trees are safe from the Muslims. And this when we speak about brightened mark this

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the end,

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in the end,

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when the Khilafah is establish in Baden Magnus,

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the Prophet sallallahu so said then when that time comes, just wait. Because the hour is almost almost

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the hour isn't Yeah. Because there will be one of the one of the signs of the Day of Judgment is what month

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sciences, fertile data Democritus. And then a stint linea, also, which is Istanbul. And the majority of the scholars are of the opinion that Istanbul meaning Austin linea, present day

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Turkey, you know, the

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the largest city in Turkey, right now. It's under Muslim control, right? But Allah Subhan knows best based on what the Prophet saw a lot. So I'm tells us, most likely it's going to be changed, there's going to be a lot of chaos, a lot of things coming up, and that will also be lost. But there will be an army that will come.

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And they will be able to retake custody the year. And after that, anybody what happens?

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Then once the Muslims take over, we take

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the gel cups, and the Muslims here but the coming of the ninja. And you know, where is he going to come from? It's going to become coming from the east. And where is he going to be coming from?

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That's fine is where you're on with the hood of us.

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The hood of us.

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So what do you think? So there are two groups of people.

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There's Islam.

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Right, and there's Judaism, Judaism, Islam and Judaism.

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And of course, then you have the Christians also everyone is waiting for home

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everyone's waiting for the coming of Prophet Isa and

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everyone is coming waiting to come from everyone's waiting for the coming out Prophet Isola. Hey, Sarah.

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There in Islam group there. There are two people there's also like an Islamic hoodie. What do you have? You have Muslims are Sunni, and the Muslim Jewish theory.

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Of course, they their beginnings were what the beginnings are start with started with Abdullah Saba, who was a Jew, Jew, who was a hypocrite, right? He was a Jew. But of course, he was the one that started up pretending to be Muslim. And that's why they split.

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There was also a kingdom, the North, the North Caucasus, they were known as the Hungarian empire, and the North.

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The Muslims during that time there was there was the Khilafah. And then of course, there was the Roman Empire. So if they would, of course, they were polytheist. So they could have accepted they accepted Islam, they would have been under the Khilafah. If they accepted Christianity, they would have been under the Roman Empire.

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So they said, No, we don't want to be anyone. So what did they end up accepting?

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They ended up accepting Judaism. And so the majority of them are Jews who ended up eventually ended up in, in Europe. So why did they accept you Judaism? They do you accept to this people? Do you see Jews go around asking to enter the religion?

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For these were people who accept it, for the purpose of what for political reasons. Because then they wouldn't be accepted. If they don't, they're not one of the, if they're not taking one of the major religions that people accept and recognize, then they won't be a power that will people that people will look up to, you know, usually, they would, you know, so they accept it because of that. And so what do you have? You have, so you have Jews who are like, hypocrites.

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They're like to go natural. And then the Muslims, you have to, you have they were started by the Jews also, they're like, because they, the majority of them are the Persians. And when they lost, they were like, you know, they still wanted to have that they had that Nash, that nationalistic, nationalistic thing. So they still think, you know, with the Persian Empire, we lost to the,

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so there was a lot of grudge also. So they're sort of like the hypocrites in the Muslim ummah. And then there's the Jews from the, the this is these are the original Jews. They're not original bunny aside. So you have to hypocrites, eventually, those two groups will Allah subhana knows best. There'll be the soldiers of the

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hypocrites of the Jews, and the hypocrites of the

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youngsters. My son was Muslims of the summer. Right? And so what do you have there? They're the they're the soldiers of the main soldiers of the jack

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And eventually,

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but eventually of course, Islam Inshallah, you know, Islam, Allah tells us, we know we believe we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala will give will eventually give to the Muslims, the Muslims victory. But Allah subhanaw taala test us, Allah can give us easily can give him the muscle, he doesn't need us through anything. Allah can give you the Muslims victory in this OMA victory. But Allah Subhana Allah wants to test us also. So you go to trials and tribulations. So those who are being tested, we are also being tested to see if we make dua for them, if we're concerned about them, if we're worried about we're gonna do anything, are we really want on a reunited underlie

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Allah and Allah. So some of these things are happening. Allah knows that they're happening, and Allah is all wise. But Allah subhanho wa Taala also wants us to change wants us to change, and the world right now is not very stable. And so there's a lot of a lot of things going on. And so when the trials and tribulations come, the Phaeton comes, where is what's the best thing that we should do right now, it's really the best thing that we can do is really to increase in our worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And what's the best thing that we can do right now is to work locally to strengthen the Muslim ummah. Because this home is one,

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we live in America, we're part of that omega. So when you strengthen this omega here, you're strengthening the Omega everywhere. Because anytime, anywhere, anywhere, anytime somebody's calling to Allah, then you support them. Anyone's working for Allah sake, you support them, you help them, because their victory is our victory as Muslims, no matter where they are, and this is the 500 Surah This is the group that's going to be given victory in it's going to be help, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will help no matter what people no matter who differs from them. And that's why it's very, very important for us right now, to strengthen ourselves and also to teach our children to be good

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Muslims, because then you are part of the Ummah, and you will be part of that victory. So every one of us here, you know, right now, you know, there was a few years, it changes the time the bush, the spotlight was on the Muslims, right. And then it was sort of like taken away.

00:27:33--> 00:28:20

So that that so the Democrats, right, and you have all of this now they started, like you start having Muslims in government, and you know, and then there was like, a little bit of ease, right? Then the BLM and all that stuff, everything that was happening, and then the Muslims joined the Moscow and then now now, what's the White House speaking about? Now, even people and in the media, and see, NBC, CNBC, any Muslim, any Muslim, they're being taken out one at a time. They're not the right. And remember, just last year, two or three years ago, right you have, even on CNN, you have Muslims are speaking, who have shows on this media, immediately when this happens, what happens,

00:28:21--> 00:28:30

all of them are being taken away one by one. So they start with that, so that they can control the narrative. So that means what the focus is going to be back on the Muslims.

00:28:32--> 00:28:37

You have 911 focus was right on the Muslims. That was a US nine. And

00:28:39--> 00:28:59

this may be another similar event where, where things changed for Muslims. And that's why it's very, very important for us to be strong, to be together to be united. And it's very important for us to seek knowledge. Because in terms of trials and tribulations,

00:29:00--> 00:29:06

you will not be able to determine what's right and what's wrong, what's good and what's bad, except by the help of ALLAH SubhanA.

00:29:07--> 00:29:15

And if you seek knowledge in sha Allah and be with those who have knowledge, we have questions and ask, don't act, don't act

00:29:16--> 00:29:25

based on your emotions, because sometimes you might act because of your because of based on your emotions. You might act

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

irresponsibly, or or, you know, you might do something that may harm the Muslims more than may harm the Muslims war. And so sometimes when we have problems, that's when the Muslims come together and unite it. That's when we come together. And so that's why I just wanted to you know, this is not of course, we always want the best and we hope for the best and we ask Allah subhana wa vas, but just be prepared, you know if then things will change. And every single year that comes the

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The previous year was better. And so you will see to us we see changes all the time right now. And, and the one of the main things that we have to realize is that no one can no one can help you except for Allah.

00:30:14--> 00:30:36

And things can change very quickly, even here in the United States of America. You know, anytime you have war, anytime you have civil war, the people who are living there, what do they say? Immediately afterwards, even after the you know, the the war in Somalia before it happened? And when it happened? What did people used to say? Like I never saw it coming?

00:30:37--> 00:30:50

Right? You know, when all the sudden it was so quick. The people in Syria, they said, We never saw it coming. All the sudden, you know, I had my shops and everything. I was just everything's normal. Never saw it coming. Ask the people in Ukraine.

00:30:51--> 00:31:23

They'll say the same thing. Oh, we never saw it coming. All of a sudden, hundreds and 1000s of people die. And in here in America, it's not far fetched that right now. You also have different factions, different people, different groups, you have people who support Trump and you have the Republicans and you have things that are really not you know, the thing that things can change very, very, very, very quickly. Very, very quickly. So we need to do, you need to return to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And so it doesn't matter what happens around us. If you die with Leila and Allah, and you die calling to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why I'll end it with this in Chava. Haram in Milan. He was sent to the he was set to the people nudged along with 70 companions, right around 7070 companions, and then the disbelievers they ambushed the ambushed him. And then when they stabbed him, they ambushed all the Muslims, they killed almost all of the Muslims. And these were scholars, these were people. These were memorizes of the Quran that these people ambush and so it was bigger than a bigger loss than a bigger loss than even

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the balance you know, the battle

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that the bigger loss. Why? Because these were not regular people. These were the scholars that the prophets have said to the people next to call them to Lyle, hell, when he was stabbed, they saw the blood coming. What did he say foods to kava foods to one of the cap I have succeeded.

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I have succeeded by the Lord of the kava why? Because he died instead of Islam. Going towards going to call to Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's why the you know the prophets of Allah. Allah had mentioned so many ideas about earthquakes as a lesson and Phaeton trials and tribulations that come to you like the Nightfall but an A person will become Muslim one morning and you will turn on you become non Muslim in the afternoon. And vice versa. Also, so the trials and tribulations we ask Allah to keep us away from them. But at the same time we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help, you know to strengthen us and to protect us in our families. And I'd like to end it with that we asked Allah

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subhanaw taala to teach us that which benefits and benefits and delta targets were sort of like they've been hammered with earnings.