Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #32 Al Muhsin

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi about a cat

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Loma Linda main phone now and finally my LinkedIn was ignite element. Dr. hamre. I mean

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ask Allah subhanaw taala for Baraka in this gathering,

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who

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apply what they hear

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we are still discussing the best time ever, which is the knowledge of the names of Allah azza wa jal

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and his attributes and today we have a name of Allah azza wa jal that we like you mentioned before, there are some names

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I can use

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in I can adapt or I can adapt that attribute

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and do as much as I can from a human level and there are some I cannot like

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creation and all that so, today's attribute is an attribute that can that we can inshallah to Allah,

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use in our life so, we can call or come close to Allah azza wa jal and tonight's name is Al my sin and my sin

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and much sin.

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How many times mentioned the Quran?

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But it's mentioned in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and I will mention them, but it is mentioned like for example, in certain cases, where I sin, karma,

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axon Allah Who elate

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So, there are many

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words that are derived from the three letter, which are the root of most amateurs have seen known, which is good advice and better hasna best

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recall in Nashi.

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Husna. Right. The best

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so Allah's Name and Watson is the good doer, the one who does the ultimate good

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he is the one who loves and inspires, doing good.

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And he possesses the perfect good and excellence in all he makes happen.

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Like I mentioned, the name is mentioned in Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he said

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in Allaha myrcene on your Hebrew lesson

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for either Katell Tom

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Fascino locate

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where either the tone for as you know,

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when you hit a huddle, come shuffle

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After who, from the euro, they'll be hotter.

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As long as I sell them said, Allah is missing here we get the name from Allah is sin and He loves this and Allah loves this and

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so when you kill

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when you slaughter

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your animal

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make sure that the killing is in the best manner has a sound in it

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and when you

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sharpen the knife

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and make sure when you're about to slaughter make sure you sharpen the knife and give ease to the sacrificed animal in order to reduce its pain.

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If I recall the Hadith or Salah Salem one time he saw someone sharpening the knife in front of the animal. So what did he tell him?

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I tell Tahoe Bharati,

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you killed him twice. He's an animal looking at you. You're sharpening the knife. You killed him. He thought that you killed him twice. So

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So imagine that that sounds even in the slaughtering Subhanallah that said our deen is even in the slaughtering. So if it is

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required towards the animal can you imagine what is required between each other as as Muslims and as human beings?

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Well, they certainly adore

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how the nanny

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It could mean that

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to do good to others,

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and the second is to be perfect in one's action. Isn't lil Corinne and SN in your action perfecting your action? And the solos I seldom he told us that whosoever want to do a job fell your cleaner. Let him perfect it. Let him perfect it. This is a sign of following the Sunnah. When ever you are about to perform Amel make the intention and take the steps that you are intending to perfect it.

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Unfortunately, this is something that we are missing. We just want to get it over with no the Muslim when he does something he or she perfects it. And Ali Ali Radi Allahu Allah and he said a nurse who Abner who may have seen on a nurse who Abner or may have seen on the people are attributed to what they do from SN Yanni according to your son, people will call you a Watson or you will be cold according to your accent your level will will rise According to your theory son and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told us in the Quran

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that he loves them what's in what Allah who you hipbone what's in, and Allah loves the Messinian Allah maganda min max Shinyanga Alameen so Allah loves the machine. And Excel is of two kinds SN with the Hurlock

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with the Creator by perfecting our ADA added an accent with the Hulk with the with the creation and it is by extending all kinds of good to them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us in which area Allah ordered us

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to do ascent.

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So Hala evolution while we're here, lot of times in Allah, your moral belatedly well exam yet more, yet more means command. Allah orders, commands I didn't justice and an SN

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and the best and the greatest exam that we could do to the creation

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is teaching them about Islam.

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That is the best lesson we could ever do is to teach someone if he's not a Muslim to teach him about Islam

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and if he's a Muslim and away from Islam, to teach him about the beautiful AI that that Allah has prescribed. And since we are talking about that, yeah one I think I reminded you on Monday, but I will remind you again, please, if you can fast, these are very short days very short days five theory is Maghrib and five theory is measured 12

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hours. You have breakfast you go to work and you come back you have dinner

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just skip that cup of coffee in the morning. And if you're if you're from New York you skip that bagel

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but then you brought me some bagels, somebody

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I love New York bagels. So Allah yeah one and the Azure and the reward is amazing. For this just 12 hours, let's try to encourage each other Monday and Thursday, any any three white days, wherever you can, inshallah Tada. So the best lesson we can do to others is to teach them about something about this deen is to encourage them to come to Azure to come to Asia is in to encourage them to donate to give to do anything with this short period of time that is left here one, I will I would love to remind myself always and remind you, that if you look at if you look at most of us, most of us

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whatever is left from our life is less than what we have lived already. So

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most of us are older you 4050 And whatever is left is less than 50.

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So let's take advantage with this short very short period of time. Two weeks ago we went twice to the cemetery twice Subhan Allah in one week. So yeah, when we have no clue when our turn will come. So we have to rush and do as much as you can in this short period of time and try to end Subhan Allah and Allah subhanaw taala told all the people told karoun well as in Can I send Allah He like your Allah and do SN just like Allah has done SN to you?

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How much I sent Allah to you. He made you a neighbor of the masjid bow Akbar.

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How much I certainly that to you and to you and to all of us. This is Sam so just like he gave me that SN I want to give that Sam back to others. Where I seen Kevin son Allah who like just like Allah has been given sN to you. You also make sense to others share that Sam and the more we do SN the more we become close to become from the Mazzini and in sha Allah Tala we will gain the love of Allah azza wa jal because Allah loves them

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and they love this Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala he said in Surah Tunis well Alia Latina x h l Husna. Well, zyada

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and 212 The ones who do SN they will get the personnel and zyada and the bonus

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What is that? That said about the zyada? Who knows?

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Allahu Akbar.

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Let me listen to this carefully.

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What is sun

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as defined by the best person ever Rasul Allah Salah Salem and tabooed Allah getting Nica Tara, then let them fend Linda Contura say no Yurok right. So Allah Azza wa sallam and up the very famous Hadith, the hadith of Gibreel when he came to him and ask him about Islam and about Eman about Islam, amen, son, and he told him what is it said he said, sent to worship Allah as if you're seeing him

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and if your view because you can see him, always remember that he is watching you. So if I live in this dunya and act as if Allah has seen me,

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according to this area, I will enter the Jana and I will be from the people who see Allah azza wa jal

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if I act it all the time as if Allah is Seeing me with a Latina Arsenal

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al Husna was yet the ultimate set zyada Zi the extra is he had the means extra Zayday as he does he either extra this extra is looking at Allah azza wa jal Allahu Akbar, Allah was Anna, a la mala termina let that another illogical carry your Allah do not deprive us from looking at your honorable face.

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how can we what should we do to become from the Masini number one

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is last in Dharma enamel, sincerity enamel, the more sincerity we have in the Amazon, the more our iman is close to being from

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having a son with a car and always remember is that there is Jana, and there is no and the death is coming without any escape. So that Amyl that you're doing to show others those others is gone.

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To die and that showing off is going to die with them. So we have to please a higher layer the layer mode second at towards on Bay in a motor totally battle hired will say your Acura to make a balance between what are the needs that we have on a daily basis. The needs that we have on a daily basis Lenny dunya matters and Acura matters have a balance between them do not neglect one completely.

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And on behalf of the other we have to have a balance your wife has a right on you your children has a right on you. Your body has a right on you. Your parents have right on you.

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We have to balance all that and at the same time. The one that has the most right on you is Allah azza wa jal Okay, so we have to have a balance between both third Subhanallah it Connelly Bader in order to have a son we have to try to perfect as much as we can any better that we does. We do a lot we try as much as we can to have sure we we give something to people we try to give them from the best that we have.

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Third, el Morocco

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and Morocco. If you want to have a sense always Can you imagine every single moment every single action I do I do it knowing that Allah is watching me. How would that action be? Allah if they tell you by Judas watching you your action will change stuff for Allah Allah then

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you will try to make it a little bit better.

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How about if Allah subhanaw taala is watching us all the time I'm thinking that's a lot that will do that we do express Allah is watching it

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that must be in the sujood Allah has watching it

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that treatment of my spouse at home Allah is watching it

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remember I told you when the sister came to me and said you know that nice brother that you like so much in the masjid? You should come see him at home. Yeah habibi.

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Can you come? Can you come early

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Subhan Allah, fifth

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chakra Allah, being grateful to Allah azza wa jal will increase your son while Giselle is in the lesson Subhanallah How beautiful is this area? Well, just

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in the lesson, you know, I use this area and it actually you have used this area when

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this is a very controversial issue. But when the woman come and ask your chef

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do I have to cook?

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Do I have to clean the house?

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Is there any Hadith or any idea that says I have to do that?

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By a sister? There's no Hadith there's no area but there is an area that says Help us out as ill

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when you see your husband all day long,

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trying and struggling and striving to provide for you and provide for your family

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and making sure that everybody's happy. And when he comes home you tell Mr. Wallahi there's no de Lille.

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That's Matthew, my sister, my beloved sister and Helen lesson in the lesson. When somebody does send to you, you reciprocate the sun you do send in return Subhan Allah

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Masha had it enough's. Cover me live

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well it will have one nurse on Allah subhana wa Allah said Alladhina Guna fissara the rod will kill the mean alive Well I fina Anna's Allah who I believe was in. The more I control my anger. The more I control my anger. The more I forgive others, the more I spend. I spend in ease and hardship the more I am from the from the machine.

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Now an SN you know Hulk house and what I'm gonna do I mean home. You know when we have SN to the creation, we treat them with kindness with love and especially when the closer the person to you as a relative, the more he is

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the more he is required

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to reserve to get your son. Your parents

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will Valley they need a Santa Subhanallah we will validate the Santa the best treatment has to be to the parents the best treatment, even if they are not Muslims, treat them the best. Show them what Islam has done to you Subhanallah and if they are

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still alive. Like I always remind you and remind myself, always be extremely kind to them. Try to have that short period of time that is left from their life in your company. Make sure they are always pleased with you, and they are making the art for you. And the best one, the best one you could ask your parents to do for you. And you do for your children.

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Is Ya Allah, Allah Huma asked her father, but ask your mother to make this too out to you.

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Allahumma rodano

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Allah be pleased with him.

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Tell your mother Yeah, make dua that Allah will be pleased with me. And if your mother and father passed away, you make dua for your children. Yeah, Allah be pleased with them. Please Yeah, when make a lot of that, for the children, that Allah will be pleased with them. Because as soon as I said and told us read Allah, from riddle valid,

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the pleasure of Allah is from pleasure of the Father Subhan Allah, specifically.

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A lesson also today a team Subhanallah Sn is to the orphan And subhanAllah you know, when you hear this new thing, you know, we grew up and our culture is to be kind and this was excellent told us to say salaam to the children when we see them. Or Salah Solomon, he took a boy and he kissed him and the men told him, You kiss your boys? And he said yes. He said I have 20 or I don't know how many he mentioned. I never kissed any of them. He said Allah took the Rama out of your heart.

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You know, this is our, our, our our culture and our tradition is in order to be kind and gentle to our children. Subhanallah now, we heard all this you're saying that do not touch the kids.

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Make sure you do not touch any boy or any kind of girl anything Subhan Allah

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wa salatu salam told us if you wipe on the team's head, all your sins are wiped.

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Now here if you wipe on someone's head, you are wiped

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we all know the Hadith, right? If you see a team this was a censored wipe on his head. Allahu Akbar

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that depriving us from practicing our our awesome non our deen

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Subhan Allah because of one you deprive five 10 million of practicing the Sunnah. Allah He

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Leung Stan.

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Another way of Sn is that if you see someone in the family, to people in your family, they do not talk to each other Allah he the best thing you could ever do is to bring peace between them. No matter how no matter how much harm you could go through, just get that peace between them. That is amazing. If you if you know that you can, if you know that you can do not waste that was a wasted attempt. But that still hasn't what I say. In fact bility he hasn't

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replying the salon is from the Sonya one salon to the people you know and to the people you you do not know and

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treat others by the way you would love to be to be treated. So unless and again is not a name that you will find in the Quran. But sun is always ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is the source of sin. He is the source of perfection. And so the source of greatness, and no SN happened without his his permission. Allah subhanho wa Taala loves that sin and loves that much sinning and may Allah subhanaw taala make us all from the machine. How can we make the one sin, sin and even then we're sinning.

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Allah Masson, Ilya Alameen alumna Asante Li, ask Allah to give you a SN ask Allah to make you amongst the machine. That is the best that we can use that that name with sha Allah to Allah, asking Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen to practice what they heard. And ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us all the steps to become from the highest level of Masini in sha Allah to Allah and I ask Allah subhanaw taala as usual to always unite our hearts and make us love one another only for his sake. And just like He gathered us here, together as under the harsh when there is no evil when there is no shade except Except to shade. For please you have one come to measure

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tomorrow at six o'clock in the morning and get blessed for the whole day. And in sha Allah Allah make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the one who told us to make a lot of salad on me on the night of Juma and on the day of Juma Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad kanessa later on Ebrahim la Rahim in Hamidah Majeed alumna daddy kala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can ever act, Brahim

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Ibrahim in NACA, Hamidah Majid Subhana Allah, Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and a star fuca on a tour.

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