Ashoora from the days of Allah

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The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the implementation of the "has been seen" sign and the "has been seen" sign. The transcript also describes the use of the "has been seen" sign to indicate that Islam is on the "has been seen" sign, and the use of the "has been seen" sign to indicate that Islam is on the "has been seen" sign.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam tomorrow I show up.

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Concerning this our beloved Norman lovely Allahu anhu he narrated a hadith and he said that was all of us on the law while he was telling me he said in Dasha Yeoman min me lakita Allah, that the day of our Shula is a de from among the green these are the laws of how to hula Donna will law social in the Quran in surah t below him. He commands in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam a special commandment. He says to him was a killer whom be a year Mila remind the people of the Greek these are the most apparent of what Donna did they have Irish law is considered a day of Allah subhanahu wa tada What does it mean? That Ashura is Yeoman min a year Mila Ayala meaning these days are one

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thing, and every other day is something else altogether? A young Allah, you see every single day is a day of Allah. But there are these that come on Earth, in which every single person, the pious, the corrupt, the rebellious, the believer, the disbeliever, the righteous, whoever it is, everyone on earth sees the dominance and the power and the control of a large division over all things these days, called a year, Miller, again, is when everyone has certainty in Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the days of Allah on the great days of Allah, everyone knows who Allah is even around himself, he realized, and he admitted to the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the day he died, which was

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the day of Ashura. This is why a lot of so shall he says was a killer home. remind the people of the days of Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters in Islam Eonni as the sea split, or musala he set up he heads towards Jani Badenoch, this now he passes the sea of his own and his army follow, eventually musalla his salary saved and for our own interests, or loss, or shall he gives permission to the two halves of the Ocean to the two sides of the ocean now standing like a mountain, he gives them permission to crush onto the ground and his army. When fit our own saw the power of Allah Xhosa on the day of martial law, he wanted to believe in Allah Xhosa, Allah azza wa jal said about him had

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either adult or Ladakh until drowning overcame him close his dying now on listen to what he said on the date mean a yummy left on the day of Allah fiddle around and who he is, look what he said. He said a man to a no la ilaha illa, lovey amanat be sorry, Nina muslimeen Allahu Akbar. Can you listen understand what he said? He said, I believe that indeed there is no Lord, except the one who the children of benissa eel worship and believe in an Imam from among those who submit. He couldn't even say

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I believe in Allah. He had to say 10 words to get to what he wanted. So upon Allah, the corrupt a lot of social doesn't give them the permission to say Allah in their final moments as they die. This is the effect of the days of Allah. It makes the one who did not want to see the truth and submit to it. It makes him submit to the truth forcefully, like what happened to find out