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AI: Summary © The host discusses a video about a man who killed his parents and killed his sister. The man killed his parents and his sister because they were too busy to pursue their religion. The man killed his parents and sister because they were too busy to pursue their religion. The video ends with a mention of a possible scam.
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Welcome you too to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018 day 16 and we're still talking about the previews from the seed of the Prophet Mohammed Aliso Sudan, the sila of higher calcula the NaVi Overwatch map in the month of May.

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Ah, they have tried everything but all went in vain.

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And again, the prophet as I said, Did not quit because he had a mission Salalah values and them and the vision Salalah Horton who set them so they came out from the siege of hamdulillah after three years, they came up from decision today Prophet Mohammed is 50 years old Salatu Salam hadisha is 65 Khadija she got really tired after the siege, and soldiers avatar avatar have died.

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And the Prophet he tried with him, some of them but he refused to believe.

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And then a few months later, had the Asia died as well about the law but before she died, she believed came down to the Prophet Mohammed I was in Sudan and he told him

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that allows them to greet you and return to them return to them. I greet her said I'm Eliza greeter said I'm and Allah subhanho wa Taala gives her the glad tidings to Felicia, with a house in Jana from Casa biani. From Lola a house like a mansion in Jeddah, from from a pearl la Sahaba fee was awesome. There is no tiredness in it. Yes, she got tired. She sacrificed a lot, you know, for the sake of of this religion for the sake of the professor's to them. She sacrificed a lot of the law and all that but the house of Allah has built for her in Jana la Sahaba fee. What an awesome it's a house in Jana from a probe there is no tiredness in it. And she deserves it alone and all that she

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died. She died. She finished her mission and she died. And the Prophet cried. He did cry, he felt very sad. But did he sit and cry and did not do anything after the two most people who used to help him the most? His uncle and his wife, these are the people that used to help him the most. Yet, he didn't just still sell alerts. He thought of something What can we do? What can I do? Right? I this message needs to come across. So Quraysh they don't want to listen, you have to be flexible with your you know, with the project that you're working on, you know, it's not like because it's not working. I'm gonna quit No, he did not quit. So okay, college, they don't want to believe I'm going

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to look for somebody else. So he traveled to but if he went to someone who did it, who did he traveled with? He went with his

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not adopted adopted son, you know, his fostering son. They had

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they traveled together, hopefully, maybe hopefully, that's somebody that people have to live with believe yet, the people over die as it's known in that very went on story. They refuse to believe in Him Salalah Why do slim Not only that, they order their kids and the suffer that the town The the lowest of the people of the town to go after hamadeh to sit down and to throw rocks at him for the sake of this relation. He's endured so much so much that they took rocks at him that he was bleeding and some of the ladies in them

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Zaid was tried to cover him and help him he was getting beaten to the level and

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and so much for that came she believed and he said How? And he asked he asked Prophet Mohammed and he told him Allah so Allah if you want I can ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send down you know his punishment upon them the the the medical Chabad I can you know, the medic that the medic the the angel of the mountains he can crush the two because bhyve happened between these you know Loki is located between these two mountains. I can ask the the mountain in the middle of the mountain, the mountain of the mountains to crush them between the two mountains. And the Prophet Mohammed Aslam said that I wish and I pray that off of their progeny would come people that would worship him

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worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's what in fact happened. Yes, these people they did not believe and the Prophet the houses that made that offer them. years later they became Muslim.

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So my dear brothers and sisters, this is the real harsh man again.

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Although he was been beaten and abused,

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executed yet he instead of making the I guess people he made up for them. The Salatu was salam, Salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he came back. He came back from a five he wanted to die but they have around la Allah wanted at that time it could have been Medina Subhana Allah, but Allah subhana wa tada chose Medina to maybe, you know, and the Prophet one of the people have a tie on the way back, Allah subhana wa tada wanted to come forward the main conference, the prophet Lodge, as some of them, you know, little bits of what happened. The jinn embraced Islam. Yes, Jean. They heard about the Prophet Mohammed It is also them, they heard him get in a recession. And they came and they

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embraced a scam. What happened after that?

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We'll talk about it tomorrow. In

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other words, as he and I say, said Mr.

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