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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the upcoming return of the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salatu jobs and the lack of communication among Muslims. The segment also touches on the upcoming return of the Prophet and the importance of building relationships with him.
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As as you were coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018 day 15 so Pamela half of Ramadan is gone now is the final countdown, you know for Ramadan for Edward, you know it's only about 15 days left or so I asked Allah subhana wa tada to really help you increase your teddy bear that in these in our remaining days of Ramadan and we're still talking about the CETA of the Prophet Mohammed are previews from the seeds of the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salatu Salam

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kodesh they have tried everything. Now they have come to another plan and this is after the seventh of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed is also in the seventh year of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed It is also them they thought of, okay, we need to do something about this, you know about Mohammed and his people. So they isolated them. They thought of isolating the Muslims to a valley which is near the edge yet if those who know who are who are familiar with Mecca, as yet behind Jebel Omar behind the mount of Ahmad it's called shot by the pipe.

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And then they put them under siege. They don't deal with them, they don't buy from them. They don't sell enough from them. They don't they don't sell them. They don't they don't even not even food, nothing can reach the the Muslims while they were in that siege.

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It was very tough. Three years and the sahabas Pamela they did not know it was gonna, you know, last for three years.

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And they came with their children. And they feel hungry. Because again, the side the age they refuse to do any business with them. Who was there?

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I thought it was there had Isha was that although Khadija she was asked to come back to her own these to respect her so much, yet she chose to stay with her husband, on the other hand, ha, ha ha. The Prophet, as I said was 47 years old. And traditional doula and how was 62 years old? At the time, she was she was old she and she got tired. The Sahaba like I said, they really and their children imagine you know, your your child, you know, crying of anger, and there's nothing you could do. Well, some of them Yes, you could say they could just denounce their religion and go and live happily back with college, but not there is no negotiation with the dean. This is the dean This is

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Islam This is your faith.

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Yes, they chose to stay hungry yet not they want they will not denounce their their faith. They stayed so much so that you know, it's been reported that they ate of their anger, they ate the leaves of the trees,

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leaves of the trees This is how angry they were saddened me what Cause you know, the ones who conquered conquered, you know, a qadisiya later on years later, but look, 70 workers reported that one day with all due respect, he was urinated out, you know, at night, you know, during that period, and then he heard some sound as he was urinating, and then he found that it was a skin like a dead skin of a dead animal of a dead

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cow or something. So it camel so he took that that particular skin, he cleaned it, he burned it and he ate it.

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That's how angry they were. When the Prophet Aslam came out from the siege which took three years

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in our 47 he was 50 and then Khadija she was 65 and that's the year you know, that's the year when she would pass away. On the other hand, how after, but after hard, hard time always comes to ease after hardship always comes ease by the brothers and sisters. in them is the userland ally didn't say in the back is useless. Allah says in the map in the manner Asli Islam with hardship comes ease with the hardship comes is Islam like I always say and they say it again. did not come easy to us. Islam came with a lot of sacrifice, as you can see. What have we done with it? Yeah, sister, your brother, the least you could do the least you could do in this beautiful month of Ramadan.

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build this habit to preserve confession, pray on time.

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Not only just that we have a shot that we

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try to bring you some time.

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The gift that the last panel was Allah has given to the Prophet Mohammed It is also that this is the time where we should yes you know look at it like I said Islam did not come to us in a golden trade. It came with love of sacrifice. What have we done for it or with it? This Deen so this is the month of Ramadan, the month of Northland the month of May and try charlo to harder to build that relationship that closeness to Allah Subhana Allah

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May Allah help us all to practice and to convey and to another episode of Ramadan 2018 The other reason i say so then when it comes to light, the Haida wabarakatuh

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