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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the interview with the Prophet Mohammed who is traveling to Islam to bring the codes of Islam to the people. The Prophet explains that he took the means he put in the Lord of the lights to bring the codes to the people, but the people did not want to see it. The Prophet then leads a trip to a garden, where he takes the leech from a cow, and then goes back to Mecca. The Prophet then leads a trip to a garden, where he takes the leech from a cow, and then goes back to Mecca.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum, wa barakato this is as he was coming to you to another episode of rock Ramadan. 2018 day 17. And we're still talking about the previews from the seal of the Prophet Mohammed That is to say, Prophet Mohammed went through so much Salalah instead of them just thought he can convey this message of La ilaha illAllah

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he went to LA, and then he came back from a dive after his.

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After that incident that happened to him to five Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he came back and Allah subhana wa tada wanted to mend his heart. He's really not he's a human being, after all, is a prophet is a human being. So he felt really sad in a poll he didn't want to believe about if they started in a thrown rocks at him, some of them sort of like a surgeon wanted to mend his heart somehow, you know, conformed to him. Salalah and he was slim. So he sent him to this beautiful trip, the trip to Islam. And

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what happened the prophet Isaiah surrender to generations he was sleeping. One night, he says, you know, in the house of omo honey, and the other generation that he was actually in the house of Attica, Attica. Who is the Abdulmutallab?

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The the amateur nebby, the,

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the Ambien, he is the anti of the Prophet Mohammed, Allah He Salatu was Salam.

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At any rates, she believes came to him, woke him up, and then the Prophet ISIS then went mid will do. He took him to the Kaaba, he met the wife, and then the bola came a bullock is an animal, not a horse, not a donkey or a mule, but in between, you know, something between like a mule and a horse or somehow, you know, it's an animal. And the interesting part about this animal is that the Prophet does so themselves. He goes as fast as his eyesight can see. Yeah, and he let's say, if your eyesight can see 30 kilometres, that's where he's, you know, step would be so he would step 30, let's just say 30 kilometers, so he can see another 30 kilometers. That's what he said it was the

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other step would be this is how fast this animal was. And then he took him into this amazing trip, the first trip called Jani the Mirage

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Arabi but you know the slot First of all, let's talk about the slot and in the manage the Islam to the heart to the land of Islam, to the land of Allah

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Subhana Allah de Isla de laden minute Majid harami that magically absorbed the image of Haram in and measured the opposite, so he took him into these blessings land, the land of Aqsa

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pots, may Allah Subhana Allah Tada, no, may Allah get back to the to the oma inshallah Tada.

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What did the Prophet do when the Pollak reached Philistine before the Prophet entered and puts the magic he took the the leech you know of the warlock and he just took it up, put it around one of the posts outside or the trees outside of,

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of the masjid. Why? The Buddha could not go anywhere. The Buddha had one mission to come take the Prophet Mohammed from Mecca, to cause codes to the heavens, bring him back tokens, take him back to Mecca. This was his mission. Yet the prophet of Islam is teaching us something here amazing. One of the things that the property is teaching us is to yes use the means to put your put your trust in the Lord of the means. I'm using the means Yeah, and he I'm not gonna like you know, when you go into you lock your car, or you don't just go and close the door and then you leave it or leave the door open. I'm sure you're gonna lock the car. So the Prophet Mohammed as I said, them, he he did

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the means he took the means he put this, this although it's not going to travel anywhere, but he just, you know, took it and then and took the leech and put it around one of the

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posts outside of the masjid. And then he went inside, inside was the most the greatest meeting of all time, really. The Prophet met with all the prophets.

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They came to greet him, and he would leave the salon, someone behind him

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came she believed and told him to lead. But you know, in our culture, you know, in this dam in the sun that that man is the one who leaves the solder in his home, right. So so the man was there

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Now the thing that's happening in phosphene and and the quotes said a man was there and there was there yet who led the Sunnah prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he led the Salah. And after he led the Salah, he came to him and brought him to

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two cups, one cup of milk, and one cup of wine and wine was not prohibited at the time. The Prophet Mohammed chose milk.

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This is the federal his natural inclination, although common was not forbidden, yet he was naturally inclined towards milk, something which is pure luck. What happened after that? came the other amazing trip that I'm going to talk about tomorrow. Insha Allah, Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all to practice and to convey and they hope that you are really really really taking advantage of these final nights of Ramadan. May Allah Subhana Allah bless you and except from you, as a Kamala head, make sure that you share these videos with others and send me your comments and your feedback about a coffee comes to the Marine Corps.

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