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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We're coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018. They are loving. And we're still talking about the CETA or previous from the seat of the Prophet Mohammed that is also them.

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What was his message, some of his message was very clear, very clear and concise comm Guru kulula A lot of people say that

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say that you shall attain success. This was his message Salalah while he was second, how long has he remained in

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the air of Mecca was, you know, altogether 13 years, 13 years, three years, he's first through the years, some of them, he started giving that away, as some people call it secret, though, but in fact, he was given that power to the elite of the elite.

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And then the second seven year of that period, he was given that in order to generate the type of data,

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and then the last three years in Mecca, instead of concentrating on the cabana, on the tribes, people that used to come from edge to you know, and try to find someone who can give him the masala, you know, and then came the study of the unsolved and I learned from him, as I said, then we move to Medina. So 13 years of together split into three segments. So what did the Prophet Mohammed our system initially do, he invited his family, he invited his family, his ankles, and the old came for a meal. And then when the prophet SAW Selim, after the meet, wanted to talk to them about instead, a Buddha was there starting, so the Prophet, so he refrained from talking. And then he re invited them

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again, so long as you send them, which shows us the persistence of the Prophet Mohammed, as I said, for another meal. And this time before agulla, hub spoke, Prophet Mohammed acted, and he started talking to them about, you know, his message, yet nobody believed in him except one person.

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And yet, on the other hand,

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he was 20 years old. But he was a kid at the time, he was the only one who believed in him in that gathering, of course, his wife was there, and his daughter will, you know, or believers, but from his family, and he was the only one who believed they have

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these uncle abaya, and all the rest of they did not want to believe.

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you know, initially, it's really because if you think about it, why especially in order Kabbalah, heaven polish, the matter was more of an economical thing more than anything else. In the garbage there are 360 idols, and each ival belongs to a tribe. So these tribes they used to pay, you know, these news to college, if college was to, you know, become a Muslim and then destroy the Kaaba, it will cause a financial collapse to polish. So it was more economical than anything else, although they knew, you know that he was speaking the truth. So what did the Prophet Mohammed Aslan decide to do? Eventually, he went to the Mount of a suburb, so you have a model of suffer. So he went to the

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top of a suffer, and then he called people are you homeless? Yeah. And so he called them Yeah, but Oh, yeah. Man, Hashem, and all the other purvey is he called them and then he says, If I want to tell you that behind me is is an army that was about to invade you, would you believe in me? They said, Of course we believe in you.

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Man, I didn't tell him that. You know that we you you never lie to us. You are astatically I mean, you see, this is before he became a prophet. They used to call him a spherical me. And before he tell them all he told him about these message. They still Subhanallah testified that he was the truthful Assad I mean, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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you know and the Prophet Mohammed is of Salaam when he talked about educating, you know, lying and also about a set of truthfulness, to always speak the truth.

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The Prophet Mohammed Hassan says in this hadith reported by Muslim and narrated by elements

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in a sip if the villain bill were in that bill Oh yeah, the

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weather is a good Abdo Yes, don't have the active and inactive and but like sadhika that said, you know, leads to goodness and goodness lead to Jenna to heaven. And the man keeps on speaking the truth until he is written the creed and the, you know in our lives, he is from the people object that he is solid. He's a truthful you know, and eventually this man truthful will be

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We will lead him to Shana. And, on the contrary, on the contrary, the Prophet says allocated line lead to wrong turn fu to evil. And this evil leads to hellfire. And the man keeps on in our own line, as he's written in the scrolls realized that he is a liar. Yet you're letting me know in the lower corner. Oh you who believe in Allah and be amongst the truthful Ascetic. How can you lie and you're fasting in Ramadan? This is what we call it the Ramadan excluding. So the Prophet The first thing he they told him, you're not liar, you're a satirical mean.

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And then he told him about his message that I am a prophet of this oma coder that a lot of you say that

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you should attain success came Abu lahab you know who said Ted burlock le Hydra jamatkhana old you Is this why you got us an Allah subhana wa COVID on his behalf. But yeah, I've been I've been with them. That batida Aveda happy with them. So this is you know, the first

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three years and then the start of the seventh year of the death of the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salaam. This is rehab residency.

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Another episode of rock Ramadan 2018. I'm saying to you all