Daily Dua in the last 10 of Ramadan #03 – Morning dua

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They brought him on early Rahim Allah from Alberta Canada Mohammed Ali Mohammed camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Wanda early Brahim, Bill. I mean in the Camino, Majid Allahumma Saldana, Mohammed Abu Mohammed kemosabe Darla Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik idag Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim of Allah let me know in the Camino de

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed Inca Massa, late Allah Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Avila Levine Hamid Majeed, Aloma Sanjana Mohan many Wanda any Mohamed in Council lane tala Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik Adamo how many wanna Annie Mohammedan carvacrol Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim FLR let me know in camino de Allahumma Sanjana Muhammad Ali Mohammed in comas Allah tala Ibrahim Ibrahim al amin in Hamid Marie long Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed income isolate, Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena, camino de

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la ma Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed Inca masala tada Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Brahim.

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Come on so late on early Ibrahim Avalon I mean in a camino Majeed, Aloma Sanjana. Mohammed you wanna Annie Mohammed in kamasan letendre ra hemo Allah early Ibrahim A Filomena in Academy doomadgee. Along masala Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed Inca Moussa ladar Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim along Mubarak Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed income abakada Ibrahim Ibrahim are Filomena iNec Hamid Majeed, Allah masani Allah Mohammed Mohammed in come out so late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim FLIR lemina iNec Hamid Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Allah, Brahim Filomena in NACA Hamid Majeed

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along Masoli Allah Mohammed Mohammed income isolate Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena net Hamid

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along masani Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Mohammad Inca masala Rahim Allah early Ibrahim Filomena in Hamid Maji

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Alhamdulillah as you know, each and every night in the final 10 nights in the month of Ramadan, and in the mornings we do make our supplications and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala answers it for myself a new Allahumma I mean, there is a new booklet that I have prepared or the list of some of the do's that is from the portal and in the sooner that I will be going through in sha Allah and some of the ones that I pray that we will remember in our each and every day. Some of them may be missed. But these are comprehensive drop from the words of the prophets I send them that you can rely on. If you go to Yahoo ebrahim.com forward slash do eyes, the UAE s you'll be able to find it.

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I put out the links on my social media streaming shot LA for the those who are looking at this on my Instagram you'll find it in the title of this

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particular segment in sha Allah Subhana Allah accept it from all of us. We always begin with a flutter and the silhouette upon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we pray the loss of Hannah with Allah accepts it from us.

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For those of you who

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in chat lot are following along do make sure that you are charitable in this blessed month of Ramadan, I do have a campaign of sponsoring 1000 orphans and hamdulillah in the last 10 nights, there is a list of 100 names, addresses or locations and the ages of these kids. These are real people with real problems meant a loss of handle to either allow us to be their solution. Allahumma I mean, we always begin with the praise of Allah Subhana Allah and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us from those who are praising him in the praise that he's most deserving of.

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We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us of those who are in the assistance of the needy and the weak and we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to be the assistance of those who have nothing except him Subhana Allah Allah that Allah uses them for that which is good. We begin with the salt in 30 habits millerhill ramen Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or rough manner Rahimi Malik el Medina iya kana

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I will do what he can to stay in there not Serato mustafi Montserrat Altadena and I'm telling him Are you ready Malibu Valley him one of

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Lee. I mean,

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we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to give us fat to head higher and opening in all good and to make us from those who are fortunate in this life those who are blessed and hamdulillah to have an opportunity to worship him the praise in the way that he's most deserving. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala grants us success in all it is that we seek

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we acknowledge that there is none that is worthy of praise but Allah subhanho wa Taala nobody has completeness other than Allah azzawajal He is the one who is exalted Sublime is his countenance as face exalted is his position. It is only he who has power and ability only he who has decree and honor only he who is able to influence all that which is good in our life, and to protect us from all harm. We begin by making the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he recommended to his wife. He shared in the nights of little Allahumma in the cafo window Herbalife was awful. I mean, Oh Allah you are the one who loves to pardon to forgive Oh ALLAH forgive me You are the pardoner the

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forgiver you love to pardon forgive? Oh Allah forgive us out Allah. Allah in Nicaragua went to Goodwill aforethought for

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Allah who met in Nicaragua winter, Allah for Allah Houma in Nicaragua wouldn't even have even to head with Africa for Allah for Nia Karim Allah homophone Luna or hum now if in our for our Nyah Karim Illa Illa Allah Subhana Allah in putting them in a Bali mean we acknowledge that there is none that is worthy of worship but you Oh Allah glorious are you and limitless in your completeness in your beauty in your in all of your affairs? Yeah, I'll have more I mean even in that which is difficult for us, us yeah, Allah we ask you your hammer. I mean to forgive us our sins, we acknowledge them before you are criminal Academy and we are Walia sahid La ilaha illa Anta Subhana

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Allah in the Quran to me navali mean Illa Illa Allah Allah Allah you love him. Allah we ask you to forgive us. The sins that bring upon us your anger and your wrath. Yeah are hamara amin robinair vollum nam fuson our lm toffee Lana water. Hamlet akuna minal falsey V and O Allah we acknowledge that we have wronged ourselves if you do not forgive us and show us mercy. Then who is it that can do this for us? We will always remain as losers yeah Allah

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Subhana kidney come to me nobody mean want to bother you that in the cantata wherever Rahim Allah accept our repentance and I will return to you truly You're the one who is continually Accepting of repentance and forgiveness. Yeah, Allah. Allah grant us your forgiveness your Hummer. Well, I mean, are benalla to F idna in Messina, our partner from benalla Tamil Elena is from karma Hamilton who Allah Levine I mean coplanar robina Willa to Hammond, Emma Takata Elena v one four and what? felina one four and one four. I'm a hammer. Well, I mean, one after another for Lana 110 demo learner, fun sadhana annelle call me Catherine Allah Do not blame us or hold us to account for that which we have

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forgotten and that which we have fallen to area Allah do not put before us a burden that has been put upon those who came before us yeah, Allah Don't let our burden be greater than we can bear Yeah, I'm on a rock I mean, Oh Allah grant us forgiveness this this this blessed month Yeah, Allah in these blessing 1090 Allah make us from those who are protected from the punishment of jahannam Oh Allah pardon us And forgive us and have mercy upon us. You are the only protector that we have. Yeah, Allah give us success and victory over those who are unbelieving and rebellious again to Allah or vanilla to the police whenever they had atena What happened? I mean, let them cut off mutton in

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the Canton Wahab Allah Don't let our hearts deviate from the truth the hearts of our children deviate from the truth yeah Allah after You have guided us and shown us the way Allah give us from yourself yet on how much do I mean mercy send this mercy from yourself? Yeah, Allah indeed You're the one who is the most generous and giving you a hammer well I mean, I'm definitely very well the the year will won't even the holla at me no one didn't mean I will not well that does it the volley mean a lot of Allah. Oh Allah forgive us our parents forgive all of those who have entered into our homes as believers in this blessed month of Ramadan who have come to partake in our if thought or

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all of us believing men and women Yeah, our hammer I mean and increase and not those who are wrong do except in greater ruin your Commodore I mean, when they rebel against Europa attina Jr. has said waffle Asada has anatomically no other now. Oh Allah we ask you to give us good in this life and good in the next life. Yeah, Allah Allah we ask you for the good of this world in the good in the next world. Yeah, Allah protect us from the tournament and the punishment of Jan nemea Allah. Robbie, is there any Nash koroni hammertek allottee and I'm Tada, you Oh Allah grasping the power and the ability to be grateful and thankful to you for your favors upon

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me and my family and my community. A lot.

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This is only from that which you have given us yet Allah that which you have blessed them bestowed upon us yeah Allah Allah worthy then upon our parents here are hammer I mean what are my lasagna handlebar? Oh Allah allow us to work righteousness yeah Allah total da who was left leave feed the reality Oh Allah Subhana Allah grant us this protection make us from those who work in righteous ways that is pleasing to you and that from our children insha Allah into righteousness, Allah allow our children to inherit us in that which is righteous out of law to be better than us. Yeah, hammer Well, I mean, in the tube to elago Allah we turn to you and repentance. Allah took that in aka

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Allah, we're in the lemina muslimeen Oh Allah we're in naming and muslimeen Oh Allah I acknowledge I am surrendering to you submitting to you turning to you. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we recognize you are the master and we are the Slavia Allah. Oh Allah we recognize that you are the giver and we are the receiver Yeah, Allah Oh Allah we recognize you as the one who is the judge and we are the condemned Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah we stand before you asking you in a way that none is asked Yeah, Allah, you are the only one who has the answer. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah grant us a solution for all of our problems, the problems that we have and the problems that are yet to come that we are not aware of

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yet Allah, Allah Allah strengthen us when the problems and the difficulties arise in our life yet Allah, Allah guide our hearts and the hearts of our children to you, Allah, Allah turned us towards you, Allah and allow others to be inspired by us Allah. I don't mean that to have been mean in Mecca and the semi lean all are accepted from us. You are the one who sees and hears old things and is hearing our law seeing our place that Allah Allah we ask you by that the door of the prophets I send them that removes all sin. See you the list of ferrea Allah, Allah our prophets taught us to say Allah Antara de la ilaha illa and Allah Allah who are our Lord there was none that we were the that

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is worthy of worship but you we have taken none that we worship except you Allah. Hello anyone and Abdul Allah You created us and we are your slaves Hello after now when I'm not happy? Yeah Allah we are Your servants and we acknowledge this year of law. When

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I became a Sultan, Allah we stand before you holding strong onto the covenant and promise we made you Allah that we would worship you and another year Allah we have said Illa Illa Allah in submission to you yeah, Allah. And now they're becoming shuttled the mouse on Anna we ask you a lot to protect us from the evil that we have brought forward to Allah we ask you to protect us from the evil that we have brought forth yet Allah whenever we come in aromatic Allah Allah we ask you in turning to you acknowledging to you the near ama that you have given us whenever it will be the novena fatfield Lennar and we acknowledge our sins before you but forgive them for us yeah ALLAH

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forgive them for us. Yeah, Allah pardon them for us. Yeah Allah for inna who lay a Filipino bit in there and there was none that forgives and is capable of forgiving but Uriah Allah, Allah Haemophilia or hammer raha mean Allah homophone linea of hammer raha mean Allah Houma Philomena Pamela Hamid Illa illa Anta Williams Salafi Allah we ask you to make us from in Sydney in pain and macular scene as said before nephila, Amy will hurry up and I'll amin, Allah we ask you to make us from those who have an increase in their beneficial knowledge knowledge that allows them to practice their faith in that which is true of heart and sincere to you yeah, Allah, we ask you you're

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comfortable I mean to protect us from the illnesses that arrive to us that we're aware of and that which we are unaware of yet to come here Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from the illnesses of the heart of evil and arrogance and pride in showing off and having a difficult up obstinate demeanor with others, Allah or ask him or hammer what he mean. To open the pathways back to the hygiene of Allah to open our pathways back to the ammonia Allah, Allah we miss returning to your house and asking You to cleanse us for our sins. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah those who have not yet been Oh Allah open for them a path and a road that can lead them back to you yeah, Allah, Allah we ask

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you to shield us and to increase us and to protect us with your love and your mercy and Baraka into our lives. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah that which is literally in our life protected and increase it for us. Yeah, Allah, Allah that which is missing in our life granted to us, Allah, Allah that which we seek to miss out on and to lose and to remove from our life. Remove it from us. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us and our spouses, yeah, Allah to allow them and as a long life in worship of you, yeah, Allah. We asked you to improve our behavior with each other and our spouses. Yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah put happiness between us and our children and our spouses in our home.

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Yeah, Allah. Allah, Allah, whatever difficulty and dissension we have in our homes, remove it to Allah. Allah open our hearts to our children and open our children hearts to us. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to join us all together in your worship in this dunya and old together engine metal filled out in the area, Allah, Allah, we ask you

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To allow us to have the physical and emotional strength to be good to our parents and an example for our children so they will be good to us in our future yeah Allah. Allah we ask you to save our children from the impact of their mistakes in their life yeah Allah. Allah protect our family from evil and calamities and envy years and the shale teen of men engineer Allah Allah protect our children from harm and illnesses and sicknesses and disbelief and heart haraam de dia Allah, Allah Allah Don't let them be ruined or their reputation be ruined. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to protect them as they are in front of us and when they are away from us here Allah we ask you to

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reunite you reunite us with those who are estranged from us, yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to reward us in this dunya with an increase of love for the student of the prophet Isaiah lemmya Allah, Allah Allah we send our solar and Salam upon our whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah, there's none that we love more than I want to be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we show this by being obedient to as soon as Allah O Allah increase our love for you through our love for his son May Allah Allah forgive us and open our hearts and remove our feebleness Yeah, Allah, Allah strengthen our stance and our preamp I mean now we're totally here Allah, Oh Allah we have weakened

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with our loot desires, Oh Allah weakened our loot desires with the CML Allah, Allah vacas. For those who are able to restrain the fitna of this dunya and the fitna of the affair of Allah protect us from the punishment of the grave and the fitna of intimacy. degioia Allah, Allah Allah will ask you to send your most complete slaughter and Salaam upon I want to be your Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Also Lila Houma, wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed camisa Lita Allah Ibrahim winder early Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed came about Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Fei and Amina in Dhaka hamidou Majid Allah humma, Sanjana,

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Muhammad wa ala and in my family in Carmel Savita Rahim Allah early Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala mahamadou Allah and Mohammed in Kabbalah tada Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim lemina in NACA hamidou Maggie Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad in canossa late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Filomena in NACA, Hamid Majeed, if I can recommend to you I put in the comments.

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A link to my Zika eligible donation page. This is to sponsor 100 orphans. This is a place that I put my Zika and my Southern I was the first of you before it went live, to look after insha Allah, some of the orphans each and every day there is a new child whose name is added, there's 100 every day that we've added to it, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept it from us, Allah avviene some of the children that you can assist and support from all parts of the world Lebanon, Syria, Lanka, Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, all we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us of those who are able to assist them. The is de la junta, Allah May Allah Subhana, Allah grant us his part in this

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forgiveness and assistance and support us to be in the support of others alone. I mean, if I can also recommend for you to download the dua that is on my website in sha Allah, I'll also show that to you that it's something that could be of benefit to you. If you're on my Facebook and my YouTube. There is a link for the simulations that we have just been making. You download the E booklet it's just a quick email registration process and you have this that you can follow along with me and after me and before me in sha Allah, you can continue your drop from the student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah accepted from all of us Allah hum mean, wa salam, Ala Moana,

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celibacy guava, Alessi Dino Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you can download all these with their English translation from your hair brahim.com forward slash May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted to the UAE s was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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lot of talk about

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70 or 92 ralina