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The segment discusses the upcoming episode of "rockale" on the show, which follows the story of the Prophet Mohammed and the prophecy of the Prophet. The segment also talks about the use of idols and the "bystones" of the sky to explain the dynamic of the universe. The segment ends with a mention of a book called "bystones" that is being written by a person named Raka.

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The other zazzy we're coming into another episode of rock Ramadan 2018 the 10 somehow love once Ramadan is gone already, today is Day 10. And I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to accept your a bear that indispensable month of Ramadan. And we're still talking about the previous from the seal of the Prophet Mohammed and so Sudan, the first three years of the of the prophecy or the prophethood of the Prophet Mohammed, it is a sin bad that they said.

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Of course. So that's been revealed

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after the way, you know, that after the revelation, you know, the study of a gap, or the study of the game of rock,

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solid data was revealed. sola Telmo toffee was revealed so that the puzzle was revealed, sorted houmas that was revealed the answers been revealed on on the Prophet Mohammed is a sedan and he did not go and you know, destroy the idols and caused chaos. Rather, he worked on the hearts of the of the Muslims he worked on the hearts of, of kurush and in fact, you know, later on the same people who used to worship those idols would come and with this Troy the sin either that they used to worship and today I think also a lot of us do have, I mean, not literally idols that they worship, but in our hearts. So, you know, there's so much idols that we're worshipping and all the idols such

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as, maybe the phones and, and, and the social media and the like, you know, things that need to somehow like cleans our hearts from

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there are people like

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Sophia and Abu Jihad and the droid, they used to go in hiding and listen to the combat. So much is the sum How about the power of the

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they used to go these are not Muslims, right? They're not, they're not the from the non believers. They used to sneak in not telling one another right at night and listen to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reciting the poem at night and then they will not find one another and then they will make a promise not to come back. And then the next day they will come back again. Again secretly listening to the

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the end of Allah subhana wa tada says, though,

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an Apollo and Allah Jebel lava Idaho hace

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min hace at

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what you can do Moto E bouhanni in

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If this person was revealed on a mountain, they'll enter the huddle and other gentlemen that are at Ohashi, Animoto, Satya and this Jebel this mountain and why mountain The mountain is the strongest structure in this universe of Panama. through the mountains, the earth keeps patterns as the law says.

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Yet Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If this man was revealed, on the mountain, this mountain will will will collapse of the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The mountains of Allah will get collapsed and shaken and softer. But how about our hearts? Do they get soft rolling, we listen to the

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Subhanallah in the Ramadan. And inside of that, though, we had some time people they come and they just want to rush. You know, and when the Imam sometimes elongate the Salah, and maybe a recess a little bit more, some people don't like it, they just want to pray and pray quick and go back home. And they and they saw and some of you may have seen some, you know, videos on YouTube about people in our brain so fast, and they're like they call them the llama, the filati imams you know Subhanallah is that what kind of Salah is that and what kind of an ER can occur and is that you know the doctor and will be able to do judgment with this for you or against you. This is the month of

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let us get in touch again with the kalama was panatela with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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until another episode of Raka, Ramadan 2018 the others as he and I say