Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #04 – Surat Aal-Imraan (122) – Surat Al Nisaa (51)

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AI: Summary © The importance of protecting one's true values and core values in Islam is emphasized, as it is essential to show consistency and resilience. The speaker emphasizes the need for flexibility and resilience, being flexible and resilient, and protecting one's identity and wealth. The importance of showing one's faith and weaknesses, being flexible and resilient, and being aware of one's roles in the household is also emphasized. The use of negative verses and negative comments in public can lead to negative consequences and relationships. It is essential to show one's faith and resilience, and it is important to show one's understanding of core values and actions.
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starting a little bit earlier because I'm not getting through anything like I'm barely doing three verses and I have like 50 And up there and we're not getting through any of them. I'll try and do a little bit just started a bit earlier again, you're welcome to come in anytime you want. And the goal of this is just to help you. And if you're trying to connect with the Quran as you're listening to the citation during Deloria I'm just trying to point out some verses for you give a little bit of a context of the sutra help you maybe achieve that. It does not definitely something that's easy to achieve and I haven't done it before so please feel free to give me feedback on how this is working

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and if it is working or if it's not, I'm open to any suggestions.

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So as I kind of put it pointed out last yesterday

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I had one

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I have a housekeeping thing I'm supposed to talk about further remind me later, there's something something Yes, yes about the shoes

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are brought to Columbia when you're coming in, just make sure people put your shoes in the shoe racks there's a lot of shoe racks end Michela on both sides and up and down to lessen the amount of shoes on the floor. The reason being is that area that the shoes are lifting, or is being used and utilized for prayer like people when he's getting tight they're actually using it for a pair so we're trying to leave less shoes on the ground so that people aren't making decisions on places where their shoes where they're just out of respect for the brothers and sisters we're trying to make it a little bit late and they want to pray and they end up stuck in the hallway so if you can

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get the shoes can I remove the nice article if you can just as a

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as a reminder a gentle reminders hello to everybody. So

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I'm Ron after Buckler told us the job description and gave us the methodology I'm Ron is to talk about the shadow work the issue behind all the all of the different challenges and whims and desires that can ruin this Diem those threats that come from the outside and those threats that come from within. And that's what kind of IDM Ron

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and I've talked I talked a little bit yesterday about some of them and today inshallah we'll start with one number 123 inshallah Tada and we'll talk about the meanings like a look at

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our will that will be law Hey, me and as che on your Reggie wall according to nasaka law who the bedroom

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villa, but that will Allah, Allah Allah come to school rune. This versus early, I'm Ron, in the second half, as I explained, it is divided right spot in the middle, the first 100 Talk about external challenges and the second 100 talk about internal ones, and stick with it. And this idea that we just recited talks about, it begins to talk about a hood. But it begins to talk talking about overhead by stating something about budget. And the verse says, well after dinner, sobre como la who bedroom and indeed Allah had granted you victory back in bedroom, and then he describes them in a way and to dilla when you are at Villa now what I mean, though, is humbleness or humiliation,

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depending on the context, depending on what is meant. And here subhanaw taala is saying I graduated you victory back in badger. When you were humble. When you entered the Vic the battle with no arrogance, with no vanity, you entered with a lot of fear and reverence of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you were weak and you acknowledged your weakness and you came to you and your hearts were turning to Allah subhanaw taala with true need, and that's that's why I granted you victory. But Allah Allah, Allah come to school soon, so be fearful of Allah subhanaw taala and in the form of showing gratitude for the fact that you were granted victory on that day, there was almost no, no

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one was was no one thought you were going to win. No one, no one was rooting for you at all. There was no one in Arabia that thought your victory was even remotely possible, but you still got it. And I like this verse because it is a little bit of contrast of the I started with yesterday, the hydroquin and tekun. Allah Who Jana, the person who is going to begin in the garden, while Sabo Hill keeper, and they were struck by arrogance. And just as a caveat, actually, two people have asked me about this, I'm gonna point it out. So yes, the traditional interpretation of that verse is Cuba is old age, that's the traditional interpretation of it totally. But in linguistically accepts the

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concept of arrogance, which is what my teacher actually taught me. And I've always found that interpretation of it to be much more profound in terms in the in the sequence of the verses, but definitely the traditional interpretation is yes, he's talking about someone getting old or going into old age. So it's totally fine if that's how you understand it. I'm trying not to go into all the different variations of tafsir by just trying to point at pointing out the the idea that I want you to benefit from. So it's like that first talked about how arrogance will ruin everything, and take away everything and burn everything down. And here this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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pointing out that the reason that you are victorious in battle, the reason that you were granted that victory is because you had humbleness in your hearts, you because you had the inside of you, and that those are exactly those towards your enemy, but those

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In your relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada and because of that you are granted Victor is very important this is the majority of investing in that Saudi understand this verse, but Allah Allah Allah come to school, so show gratitude. Make sure that you revere Allah subhanaw and protect yourself by showing gratitude. So that's the meaning of your number 123 And I think is worth there are no two I wouldn't win 40 inshallah.

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The human trait or neurology e m sizcom. Karahan forget the other muscle Omokoroa Miss Lou.

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What it will kill a minute, we'll have a nun see well, the urine M Hola. Hola, Dena. Man. Oh yeah, definitely the mu commercial had

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wala hola your headbutt volley mean. de sus campervan. If you are going through a difficulty para has when you're going through a difficulty that is that is very heavy. That's why the word Potterhead. In Arabic, if you're going to take the translation, outside of the context of faith, it means ulcer or highs and ulcer. So it's a difficulty that causes a lot of pain. That's how they that's why we're the name comes from so am says can perform. If you are going through a difficulty that is causing you a lot of pain. They'll call the MSL Poma Powerfilm, Miss Liu who know that the people that you are challenging those who are your enemies, they are also going through difficulties

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just like you

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what do you call a new there will have been a nurse and that's life. I love this verse. This verse is very, very profound, what will kill a year and those are the days of this world, no doubt we do have a nurse we we move, we move the upper hand from one person from one hand to the other, one person to the other, that's life. One day you're on top. The other day you're not even when it comes to those who are standing by for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala sometimes it works out for you the way you want. And sometimes it doesn't. And that should not be a reason for you to be less committed or more committed. Like you shouldn't be more committed, if things are working out and less

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committed when they don't, or vice versa, for that matter. Your commitment to Allah subhanaw taala his teachings should be constant based on the fact that it's from Allah subhanho wa taala. He never changes the yam meaning the periods of time, no, there will have been a nurse, we just move it from one place that's slavery, how else are you going to be held? How are you going to prove your worth? How are we going to how else are you going to be tested? If not through the challenges of time? If L if all believers were going to always have the upper hand? Then Where's where's the test in the matter? Everyone would just become a believer not because of Allah subhanaw taala. But just because

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of the fact that God had the upper hand all the time.

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Or if it was always the opposite. All believers are always going to be in pain that no one would have accepted the deen long time ago there was something to think and every time we said that, you know in Allah just ate an agony and suffering. But that's not how this is. And you have such compassion. If you're going through difficulty there is you're going through difficulties too. I've got my cell phone record from Mizzou, there's nothing personal about it, what's helical, a Yahoo. Now we do have alien nests. And that's just it's just how time works. There's nothing personal, not about you.

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If you're capable of identifying things that we're doing, or you're doing, that can affect the outcome or are affecting the outcome. Meaning if you're doing if you're making a mistake, and it's causing negative consequences stop that if you identify something that needs to be done to actually make the outcome better than do that. But even with all of that, you may still end up not getting exactly what you want. So what do you do within a year there will have been a nurse that's that's time. Well yeah, Allah, Allah who lived in Germany, he goes on a little bit Subhana wa Tada. And this is for the purpose of Allah, exposing those who truly believe they have to be you have to there

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has to be something some trial, some tribulation, to expose the believers. We're telling them income, shahada, and these difficulties and this movement of strength throughout time, so that Allah subhanaw taala can choose marchers from amongst you. Martyrs don't always mean people who died for the sake of Allah. It doesn't always mean that just as a show, a Shahid is someone who is going to be a witness on the day of judgment or witness, in terms of you see, it could have been done. Or you can't you couldn't follow the way of Allah subhanaw taala it was impossible. Oh, yeah, it was impossible. So this person is the Shahid No, it wasn't, you see, this person did it. This person was

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the role model who was able to do it.

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That was translated later on, into those who died for the sake of Allah because that's the ultimate sacrifice, like it became it turned into that that wasn't there. That's why in the Arabic poetry, what's the Shahid or I hate that it's just it's an example just an example that we'll use in poetry. So, in the same idea existed with it within the the totality of the language, but obviously, a high role model will translate later on into someone who actually is willing to give his life or his or her life for the sake of Allah, but the concept No, the concept is the who the person who will put on the best example. So these difficulties of time and these fluctuations of time is for Allah

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subhanaw taala to expose the believers, and then choose March

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Israel amongst you role models and examples. I think that verse is worthy of contemplation. I want to do it just because I want to, for the sake of time, can we do 165 and move to 165? Sorry if you're preparing for something different

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when I saw that mostly button called the Asada to Miss Lee, hold on and had Google who I mean, the footsie come in a lot harder cliche in the euro. This is a very difficult verse. So listen to it carefully. This verse is commenting on the aftermath of offered in the verses that I kind of skipped talk about what happened that day. The people who got a little bit greedy in terms of duniya mein Kumar, you need to duniya Amin comma UD doula, some some people want to duniya they ran down that mountain and they broke the night they disobeyed the command very clear command of the prophets of Allah, Allah you stop using them. And the cause the consequence of their of their deeds was a loss

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of the battle and the Prophet it is Satoshi not being physically harmed. And the martyr ism of a number of great names like Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib, and Mossad they've been made, and, and NSM, to Nolan and others.

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So this verse here is commenting on something that happened on the way back from boyhood, on the way back from the sahaba. Some of them started to talk to one another and say,

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how did we lose? And like,

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think about it for a moment? Isn't he? Rasulullah? SallAllahu? Is Brazilian? Are we not the Muslims? Are they not about well, and how could we lose? Like, how does it philosophically how does this work? Like? How did we? How did this how did this just happen? If he is Rasulullah? And Gibreel? is on our side? And Allah subhanaw taala supports us? How do we lose a battle? It was a real? It's a very valid question. When you start asking them, they start wondering, but the Quran would come in all sorted out and run, I'm not going to talk about all of them. And just address all of these philosophical problems. All of these people hurt that were existing in the minds of the people. So

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they would learn. And this one here to me is extremely important. Oh, and I'm a sabbatical. masiva. So now that you have been affected by difficulty, which is the loss of the battle, but they are subject to Mithila, you inflicted the twice the amount of that same difficulty to your enemy last time. And

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70 of the Muslims were martyred. In bed, your 70 of the kuffaar died and 70 were taken, taken as prisoners of war. So you, you afflicted this, twice the amount of this of this last time like you, when you when you fought last time you did you did twice as good. And this time you're losing. So now that you're losing and is it your inflicted by it, boom. And then you go around and you ask, how did this happen? Where did this come from? Why? Why was it? Why would this happen to us this? What is this? How did this happen to us? And then the answer is so

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it's so meaningful, and extremely scary for all of us. Because the answer is very simple. Balu I'm an Indian fusi come say this is what you did.

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This is the consequences of your own actions. There is no nepotism in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. There's no nepotism.

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If Allah subhanaw taala is not going to overlook the mistake of a few people. For the sake of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in the battlefield, for the sake of the Prophet himself, it has led to Islam, then what do you think he's going to do for us? We think he's going to overlook the shortcomings of us or others.

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They ran down the mountain, they lost the battle, period, you made a mistake. You pay for it. There's no such thing as a free free ride or any

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out of jail card that you can use. There's no monopoly, you make a mistake, you're gonna have to deal with the consequences of your mistake. The idea Well, I'm Muslim, I'm

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standing for the sake of Allah. So what what do you want to ribbon? What do you want? What are you hoping for? So you're so you're, you're lucky at your what you're saying is you're fortunate enough to actually know what happened, stand by it. And somehow you feel like you deserve something because of that. We deserve nothing. I'm standing by what is right. Yeah, you're very lucky that you are. How fortunate Are you maybe go spend a couple of days just doing that Allah subhanaw taala puts you on the right side of things, that he actually guided you so that you know what is right and what is wrong and you're not lost? To feel that somehow we're entitled to something because of it is Whoa,

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that's like really bad. That's the point where not only are you receiving a gift and a blessing. You also you feel like somehow you deserved it or you're entitled to it and you're not none of us are. We're not entitled to it all.

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Subhan Allah gave us so if you make a mistake you pay for call who I mean in the unfussy con, this is what you did in Allah Allah coalition party. Indeed Allah is capable of all if you want to grant you victory that day he's capable subhanaw taala meaning the fact that you were not victorious that day was by design. It was purposeful. You didn't do your job you're going to lose.

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We disobeyed Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you'll lose.

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But no, no, but there's no buts.

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Imagine what we have to do today.

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As Muslims, imagine

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how we have to

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think about our own destiny and where we are, Allah subhanaw taala is not

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giving out free tickets, he's not gonna, just because we're coming to massage it, just because we're praying just because it doesn't mean anything, doesn't mean it all it means is that we are trying to improve ourselves a bit, which is really good. hamdulillah that's amazing. But there's no entitlement by doing that doesn't mean anything, things are gonna work out the way we want it to. And we have to work day and night to fix the deficits of our OMA and to find a way back from the need for from the very low spot that we are in, that's going to require hundreds of 1000s if not millions of Muslims, turning back to Allah to pound out of figuring out where they went wrong and

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their shortcomings and before and repenting from it, and starting to fix their ways in and straighten themselves out in the millions this has to happen. It's gonna take up quite a while I can tell you

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one of the biggest mistakes we can make as human beings is that we put our foot on the first step and then we feel like we've accomplished something. Alright, put my foot on the first step. I came to the masjid. Okay, what do you want? I want everything else let the Philistine has to be back to the Muslim. Imagine what are you talking about? There's gonna be another two 300 years, maybe maybe a fourth generations child will see this. I know, I know. Don't don't come and tell me I know I'm pessimistic. But this is this is not pessimism. This is just realism. This is reality. We're very far away from where we once were. And if we have any hope of getting back to where we were, we want

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to be we have to work really hard. Like our generation has to put in extra hours like over time, day and night, we have to push ourselves way beyond the limits of what was reasonable at any time, given time in history. Maybe maybe just maybe if we do that maybe the next generation will be inspired to do the same and then maybe it'll trickle out a few more and we'll work out is we're not even remotely close to where we need to be.

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This is what this verse is saying what are you what are you talking about? You're well stocked up with the world now that you're not where you can like walk around saying haha, this take the merciless let's just do a just to kind of drop it on us now that we're not on top of the world when we were for 1000 years with no say another one who Amerindian fusi come this is you. This is what you have done.

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Can you change what you're doing and things will change?

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Unfortunately ruining things as much quicker than building building takes a long time. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to do it and show the loom I mean let's move to the verse after that How about we do

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186 86x Because I'm gonna do want to use

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the tabular one Fe M Wiley comma m Fujichrome. What others my own Amina Larina Auteuil kita by mu cobbly COMM Wamena Latina ash, Roku, Cathy or wine in touch via WhatsApp doubles in value. I mean as middle move just to kind of cop up what I was talking about this versus I'm Ron again, buddy, I'm telling you this how you have to protect this. If you want to protect the message that you have the methodologies that Allah subhanaw taala has granted you a lot has to happen you have to work very hard for this you have to be very capable of self awareness and self accountability and you have to be able to and this verse here that the tubular Hoonah the lamb and the noon are there are just

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emphasizes and the Arabic language should just exist to emphasize a verb. So the verb is to blur or to below, you're going to be tested led to below will not mean I swear to you that you will most definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt to be tested.

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How VMworld kung fu cecum and that test is going to affect your wealth. And it's going to affect your self

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worth to be tested in ways where you have to give more than maybe you're willing to from your wealth and you're going to have to give more than you're willing to from yourself

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swears to us Subhana wa Tada doesn't need to

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go just said Tableau. So Tableau I will be happy with them. But he said let's go below one using two emphasises, you will most definitely I swear to you.

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With beyond a shadow of a doubt you're going to be tested and the testing will happen within your wealth and it will happen within yourselves. When at the smell owner and you're going to hear whether you like it or not mean Alladhina O'Toole keytab Emile publikum Wamena Alladhina Ishaku from different faiths, those who have books and those who don't know

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Other than cathedra, many things that will harm you and hurt you. Not only are you going to have to give from your wealth and gift from yourselves, you're going to be under scrutiny all the time.

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You're always going to be under scrutiny and criticism, and they're going to be after you after your faith after your teachings after your rulings after it all.

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That's isn't that what it is?

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Isn't that how it is?

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That's what he says, subhanAllah, what's always going to happen, that's exactly what's happening.

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We're industrial water Doku. But in early communism in a war, and if you show perseverance, and if you show piety,

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if you persevere, and you connect yourself with Allah throughout the process, indeed, that shows true strength is more means that you're, you're showing the strength that you need to show in early communism.

00:20:54--> 00:21:26

That's the way to go. There is no way around this. This is the reality of what it means to be a Muslim, you're going to be tested. And the two things you don't want to be tested in. You don't like being tested in your wealth, or your family or yourself, that's not what you want. But that's what's going to happen. And it's not like you're going to have some part of you that's going to be protected, which is your faith. No, they're gonna go after that too. You're gonna hear a lot of other people are gonna continuously go after every aspect of who you are. They're going to call you names are going to categorize you stereotype you, they're going to put you in in boxes and call you

00:21:26--> 00:21:29

names. They're going to describe you in ways you don't agree with.

00:21:31--> 00:21:42

Whether you like it or not, that's happening to all of us left his way into Speedo with a taco, you just have to continue to be perseverant and you continue to show piety and then that's, that will get you to where you hope to go.

00:21:43--> 00:22:15

The end of sorts early I'm Ron, I'm not going to have someone read the whole thing because it's long. But the end of today I am Ron is probably one of the most beautiful finales of a surah in the Quran. And I'm saying that just after reciting the end of sutra Bacala which we all love, but not only emerald is extremely powerful and within it I'm just gonna point quote one of the verses within that finale in the last he says to partner with the law yeah who run Nikka Dr. LuBu Lizzy in a cafe Kapha roofing beloved Mata Pauline to mama wa from Johanna manga big sell me hard, don't be

00:22:16--> 00:22:50

threatened or frightened by the vision of the disbelievers and your enemies having all the strength as they move around the globe doing what they want. This was something very specific to the Muslims after during the time the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam hasn't changed too much today, pretty much the same thing. Leia Hauraki Allah don't be eluted by it. Don't don't allow that illusion, I need the trick you are full you to think that this is this is the reality, you know, no, McDonald's palyed is something they have for a short period of time. And then thinking about, well, how would you handle them and after that, they go to a very different place. So what's the point of

00:22:50--> 00:23:30

diverse, the point is just hold on to what you've got, continue to persevere, continue to strive, give it your all. Don't be discouraged by the fact that others seem to have the upper hand that doesn't matter. That doesn't matter that goes in contrast to teaching typical a yarmulke we do have a nurse it's time this goes in comes what is constant is your belief is your commitment to the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the character that you bring with doing that. And that's what I'm always trying to teach us. Don't be fooled by the fluctuations of the world around you because that's good. That's always been the case. study history what Empire still status today. Nothing,

00:23:31--> 00:24:12

nothing. Nothing has stood for more than a couple of centuries. Everything falls everything. Whatever goes up comes down. And that's how that will go up. You come down and then you may go up again you may not but that's the law of the world. Don't be bothered by this, this constant by that by the laws of nature. Just show something that's why the end of this last versus earlier. I'm on Yeah, you Hola, Dina Manu, they'll spill, wasabi roll. What are beautiful, what Tapachula that allow them to flick on for things to perseverance. Encourage each other to be perseverant don't just don't just do it alone but also make help others to be persevere this middle sobbing make sure that other

00:24:12--> 00:24:34

person beside us also persevere by you helping them what are beautiful and stand your ground. Meaning stay there. Don't Don't close shop and go because you're tired or you have something else to do. But it also means you're always there. You're standing on the front line, you're always there, you're not going anywhere. I'm not going this is where we are where are we gonna go. This is what we're here for. It's time is not a part time gig. Not some

00:24:35--> 00:24:59

membership at a gym, you don't you don't show up when you want to you have to stand your ground the whole time for whatever for as long as it needs. And that means when you're going to work when you go into school at your home. You're a Muslim standing on the frontlines trying to hold down what Allah subhanaw taala has given you. It doesn't mean that you lead you quit your job after this. It just means that you understand that wherever you are, wherever you are, wherever your positions are stationed within your life.

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Right there is where you continue to stand your ground they show southern shomo Favara God about what the hula and then continue to connect yourself with your Lord which is what we're doing here in Ramadan inshallah Tada. Let someone recite for me

00:25:15--> 00:25:18

number 19 of Surah Nisa I think we have a few

00:25:29--> 00:25:36

that are many Raheem yeah are you are letting Manulife fill Lulu com telephone nice Karwa

00:25:38--> 00:25:42

while at Abu Dhabi bout to move on,

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I think it'd be fair here to MOBA Yuna.

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Well, actually Rohan Nabila ma to carry two more one.

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Chakra who shall you Takahashi? Way gyro, Allah houfy He fired on Kaffee Roth organiser, you move on to something a little bit different. So it's nice that talks about the values, the values and the principles that his time is built upon. So that they can move on to the rulings, the rulings and the covenants that you have with Allah subhanho wa taala, what you're going to do the rituals, how are you going to follow stuff to it nice, that takes a step behind. It says okay, here's your methodology, here's what you are, here's how you're gonna protect it. Here are the values that generate everything within Islam. That's why certain insight is very important. It talks about the

00:26:26--> 00:26:37

core values of what Islam is about, I'm gonna try and go through them over the tomorrow in shallow because we'll use a lot of diversity within yourself. But here's a good example at the beginning of number 19

00:26:38--> 00:26:42

as he talks upon our data about the relationship between a husband and a wife,

00:26:44--> 00:26:52

and he talks about the fact that sometimes a man will have the inclination to impress his wife. Hey, Lulu, come and tell you to Nisa, Acaba, Willa taboo when deleted.

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And he talks about subhanaw taala that the only time you're allowed to take something back from what you gave is if she commits if I shall move a unit outside of that you're not allowed. At the end of that verse. He says, Why should a wouldn't have been my roof and you are commanded to treat them with the best of behavior that you have, what's the best that you got? What's the amount of what is the beautified behavior that exists in the society that you live in? That is what you're going to treat them with, are encouraged to move on. This is for my brothers, not for my sisters.

00:27:22--> 00:27:26

You didn't like that hook but but that's okay. It doesn't matter. I'm okay with you not liking it.

00:27:27--> 00:28:03

But encouraged to move and if you don't like them, but whom your wife your wife, you don't like your wife get into more than it's actually not disliking it's actually hate. If you hate them. Beisa and Cara who che then it is very possible that you may hate something YJ Allah houfy He hired on cathedra Yet Allah will put in it a lot of hate for you. This verse that says for incorrect, Vanessa and Takahashi and that one piece faster and Takahashi. And when I joined Allah houfy Island because Elon is used a lot Muslims use it all the time. They use it, they use it everywhere except in marriage. They use it everywhere.

00:28:04--> 00:28:33

And you'll use it everywhere. You'll talk to this and you will see when that happens to a loved one. You'll see my son who's eight. And but but when we talk about marriage when we talk about a man and we're not getting along, no, no, no, no, no, that verse does not apply. That's still that's where the verse applies. It applies when he says I don't care if you hate your wife. Are you listening to what I'm saying? If he says, I'm not, if I made this up, you will kick me out. This is what Allah subhanaw taala saying, so I can't you have no grounds you have to listen. Here's what he says, are encouraged to move on. And if you hate them

00:28:35--> 00:28:46

well, what's going obviously, if I hate my wife, I know if you hate them, well, I saw Integra who were just Allah houfy hyaluron cathedra. Well, it's very possible that you hate something Allah was a little late in it.

00:28:48--> 00:28:58

We need a stiffer backbone, when it comes to marriages, especially from my brothers. Were a bit younger, maybe my age little bit older, but younger.

00:29:00--> 00:29:16

We see divorce as too much of a access and accessible option, too much of an accessible option. It's an option. Obviously, I can't take that away Allah subhanaw taala call called Tala. And so tobacco talked about product, so there's no way around it.

00:29:17--> 00:29:52

But we are accessing this option way too quickly. And we are not understanding and recognizing the roles that Allah subhanaw taala gave us as men as husbands in a household as fathers as spouses. We don't see it anymore. And for the simplest problem, we are very quick to throw in the towel and move on. We're not listening to what he's saying. Subhana wa Tada. Why don't you ruhuna Bill my roof and treat them with the best of your behavior are encouraged to move and if you end up hating them. Pasa Integra who shyer than you, it's very possible that you hate something that Allah puts a little nugget in it.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

Take that verse and do with it what you want, but that is what he says to pile on with that and that is the context of this area.

00:30:00--> 00:30:31

Just the context of it. Obviously the Vasa and crochet is a proverb. It is you can you can use it anywhere fossa Takahashi and John Allah houfy Highland cattle is a beautiful phrase that Allah says it's a quote that ALLAH SubhanA put in the Quran is beautiful, because we hate a lot of things in our lives. And it ends up being very beneficial for us, just at the moment you can't see it. So you know, we don't want it. Children have that all the time. You're forced to do a lesson if you don't like but then later on in life, you're like, I'm glad I'm glad someone was smart enough to make me do it. Because now I'm so blessed that I did it. It's just how life works. Every Muslim that you go

00:30:31--> 00:31:08

to every difficulty. When you come out the other side, you look back and say 100 others on the island doing this? Why is it that when we come to relationships, this is not thought in the same way. You worship your Lord, you worship Allah subhanaw taala by showing suburb with your spouse, that's a part of your worship as a man that's a part of your Ibadah is you show Southern and perseveres with your wife. You show perseverance, you're you're not always happy, you're not even expected to. If you are then you must be insane. It's impossible. It's just not possible for us. It's always going to be difficulties, it's just part of life. But he takes it to the extreme Subhan

00:31:08--> 00:31:43

Allah subhanaw taala to tell you that even if you are in full disliking, if you can't stand it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that those that's ground for for ending it. There are grounds for ending every relationship and don't get me wrong, they're important. But listen to what Allah subhanaw taala is saying. And this is really, really more for my younger brothers who are coming close to getting married. Make sure you understand what your role in the household is. Make sure it's very clear to you what responsibility you are carrying, but when once you're getting married, you are marrying this lady with a covenant of God Himself. Meaning he is watching upon you as you

00:31:43--> 00:31:51

take care of this person that he has he has put in your trust not only her but the children that will come you're entrusted with these people.

00:31:52--> 00:32:23

Whether you like them or you don't doesn't really add too much to the equation unfortunately. You will continue to ask it over and over amount of and you never know if you stick it out and you persevere and you hold your ground. You may find that something that you didn't like one day we'll have a lot of height and it's just want to leave you with that thought inshallah before we go for a slightly Asia talking about a couple of weeks of Halloween Huntington Willa Hill and to safilo to Greg cosell Allah who was telling them about like Allah and Abby, you know, have you been on Muhammad Ali he also he Ultramarine