Minute with a Muslim #388 – Ramadan Muslims

Tom Facchine


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Yeah, I don't think I don't think people should get too down on, quote unquote, Ramadan, Muslims, you know, because it just all comes back to everybody's gotta focus on yourself. You just got to focus on yourself, you don't know what other people are going through a lost pounds Allah has made Ramadan as an opportunity as a turning point. And so if you never saw somebody throughout the year, but you see them come around during Ramadan, who are you to say that this person hasn't just turned around their whole lives? Who are you to say that this person hasn't just obtained agenda by their actions during Ramadan, maybe they're the worst person in the world outside of Ramadan. But during

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Ramadan, they have enough fear of Allah, they have enough respect for Allah, that they clean up even just a little bit.

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You know, we don't know these things are all part of the unseen. So I understand, I get the pressure that people operate under they, we want people to adhere to the dean. And we want people to take the Dean seriously and practice that Dean and that's good. But I don't think that we have to get down on people who just come around to come back or find their way during Ramadan. Because, again, we don't really really know what's going on. And honestly, the things that they do, the things that they go to give up during Ramadan might be more sincere than the things that we're doing. Maybe we're doing it out of habit. Maybe we're doing it to show off. We don't really know