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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is real or zazzy we're coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2018 day five. I hope you're enjoying your fasting. And I hope you're taking advantage of these days these blessing days of Ramadan. We still talking about the month of March. But talking about Prophet Mohammed, the mercy of Allah, the Sita in his zeal, and how can we learn from his Sierra sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. We're still talking about the childhood of the Prophet Mohammed also, Salah Prophet Mohammed learned few skills when he was a kid. He learned swimming, he learned archery, and he also learned horse riding solo Larson. Yes, there was this you know, they

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call it beta. If you translate it into English it's like a well, but it is not what we think it's a well today you know, it's like a maybe a little pond or so or a small lake where that belongs to bento Addy banana jar. And, and he used to go and swim and it's a lot most of them so he learned swimming there. And he also learned

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a horse riding, like I said, an archery. And this is something that we could also encourage our children in our youth to learn.

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play sports, especially, you know, some people they ask about Ramadan, and how can they exercise Ramadan, some people they prefer to do it, you know, before, maybe an hour or so before

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at some youth, or some people like to

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maybe work out after, after telawi after Asia. So it's up to you, but at least you know, do something to keep yourself engaged and to keep yourself active and learn if you can, you know, learn swimming, you know, it's really the process I'm used to encourage in other Sahaba in the case to you know, to teach this a teacher kids about swimming and archery and horse riding. Also, some of the hard sell them something happened when he was six years old. His mother, Amina, she used to take him to Medina, what is called the other time yet, she used to take him to visit his his ankles, while Salalah cillum that used to live in in Medina, and something to stay in touch with his family, the

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family from his mother's side.

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Something we call setup or tying the ties of kinship. And again, this is the Monday we can relate this to Ramadan. This is the month of subtle Hashem as well is the month where you could you know, try to tie the tie of kinship with your family with your you know, uncles and aunties and cousins and brothers and sisters. Try to visit them try to you know, invite them for further study if you can, but the least the least if you live far away from them to try to call them charlo tala in this month of Ramadan. But something really sad happened on the way back. Amina and the Prophet was only six years old, Amina died, she died, she passed away and and who buried her Prophet Mohammed himself

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the last time he buried her and he was a kid, along with his mother, they are almost a man. But he did not forget, he did not forget what his mother was, you know, it was it was buried. And on the day when that you know, when he was going to Mecca at the time, you know of the conquest of Mecca. He passed by this old grave and then he went down and then he started, you know, wanted to pray. And then he started crying. And the Sahaba saw him crying and they started crying too, although they did not know what Prophet Muhammad was Brian. And then when he came back, they said, he said, You know, this is the grave of my mother. And I came to pay my respect and I wanted to you know, supplicate

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and make diver and seek forgiveness for her but Allah Xhosa refrained me from doing so. So I felt mercy towards my mother and he started crying. I'm the owner of the Prophet Mohammed as his setup. Again, that'd be a

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how's your relationship with your mother in this blessed month? How is your relationship with your father in this present month?

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If so, how can you fast Ramadan How can you fast you know if you're having you know, problems with your mother and father and they're not happy with you. So take advantage of this month and try to honor your parents inshallah, to Allah and to another episode of Ramadan 2018 I say Salaam Alaikum