Karim Abuzaid – WHAT AFTER RAMADAN #5

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The importance of praying five times a day and reciting ten pages from the Quran is emphasized, as it is beneficial for Muslims who do not use drugs. The return of Islam to the nightclub is discussed, with a potential reward for those who do not do their homework. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a coffee machine.
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comes in number seven

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abandoning that gathering modular

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modular learning about the team learning about the team

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number eight is

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and this is really important and we're almost there, but but please understand this one

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a lot of us we try to do the same exact things that we try we were doing a normal man

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like he stood here for an hour and a half behind the Imam and Salatin and a little prayer he will go out at home by himself and he will not pray for an hour and a half.

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If you have not done this

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there is a downward path

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that you take steps

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a problem

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a lot of the brothers once they go and read for example, the biography of the righteous our righteous bladesystem then he would read what he used to pray

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two thirds of the night

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then he would wake up and you want to pray what he wouldn't be like him to third the fourth of the night. But he does not understand that this righteous predecessor did not get there at once. He said what I like to see

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these to say this is FC

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FC means I train my enough's to great the heck dude.

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For 25 minutes, let's go wake up, please. Come on. Come on sleep. Let's wake up, please. 20 years

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20 years until at the end, I started enjoying it.

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For if you want to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala take steps and again, I want to warn you, I'm not talking about the mandatory. He cannot say I'm gonna take trips, take steps in and do the mandatory five daily prayers. You cannot say that. Okay, I'm gonna take steps. I'm gonna pray now. And then after a month, I'm gonna pray for john doe. And after a month I'm gonna pray we cannot we're not talking about that. Are we clear?

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We're talking about what the recommended acts

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are some of the people in the audience have had a lot you hear funny things in The Omen these days? Okay, don't you tell me that alcohol

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was banned in three stages.

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If you drink alcohol, there's some of the shifts like this. And then they will shift drink alcohol and alcohol addict. What should I do? Okay, how many cups Do you drink a day?

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Yeah, haram haram

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differentiate between three things at the root of

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what Rufus sherea What are our

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two three?

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What do you mean Sharia?

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Is Sharia is complete when Allah told the Prophet today I have the word aliona.

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xml to help us

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like some brothers who smoke two packs of cigarettes

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a day.

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Not an hour a day. And it was only one back and then go law my into stop. haram Haram.

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You have to stop. So this is what Sharia the Haram you have to stop it.

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It is different. It is different.

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You want to give that what is different. You find a Muslim brother who is holding a cigarette and a glass of wine in his hand.

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What which which one should you go for?

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The wine alcohol. I'm going to talk about small. Talk about alcohol first.

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Now what have I been ha de la la la la la Katya Coleman our lakita our method Oh really? Then the salad in doubt. For

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someone who a lot of the brothers and sometimes they come to me and they, you know, they say I'm doing this.

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And I asked him this question, do you pray five times a day? He's not bringing this issue to me at all. He says no. I said, Can we talk about this? Let's leave this alone. Can we talk about this now? Can you pray five times a day.

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So there is a difference with here's what we're talking about is taking steps in the actual act of obedience. That is what

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there is recommended.

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Instead of you planning to break ahead for two hours and I, I tell you, it's never gonna happen. No. The first night 15 minutes

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Allahu Akbar Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah Allah Allah Allah and I really mean that I'm not I'm not I'm not laughing that's how you should do it the next night

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build up build up within a year or two ad

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hoc after that can you want to recycle or you want to be like that the predecessor who you recycled back on

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the first night insert

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into is not going to happen then AFS is not going to accept it. You're nuts is never going to accept it. Forget about

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comes number nine is giving you knifes it's shale of relief. baclofen one

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local one we and we have a beautiful Hadith Hadith ambala Natha Hamdulillah, one Muslim.

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One day hamdulillah metalworkers workers, so the controller

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is to write the revelation for the profit of

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30 made of workers so as soon as he saw a work of color Natha hawala.

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hawala is a hypocrite.

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This and

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if you go after

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nasaka hamana Leah aka meta y

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if we are with the Messenger of Allah,

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either Rasulullah Pharaoh had definite an agenda to

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talk to us about gender and took us about talk to us about Helfer soccer and

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it's like what are they in gentlemen we are on the Hellfire

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that's what we call what the man is what the man is what

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Remember we said at the beginning that a man goes up and goes what the man is lifted when you're a man is up. You see

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you're flying with the birds

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you're relaxed. You're having harmony you're happy

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you're in a state of Felicity

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I hate use the term you're high

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you are high. Would you imagine that's what you know

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a person who goes to the nightclub

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and he sits there in this terrible environment smoking cigarettes and drinking all this alcohol to feel what

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Hi. Just wake up at night and Bray a trackers since he before Allah and he will see

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you will see

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someone especially our youth we have a lot of them here they go and smoke marijuana and smoke all this stuff for you

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recite 10 pages from the Quran.

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And you will see you're going to feel as higher or as high as the person who smoked them or one bug this person who smoked them all gone and had a drink. He's gonna end up vomiting in the trash can.

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And the people are gonna make fun out of them laugh at him. Look at him as drunk.

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So say Allah is saying that when we are with the prophet will work lifted. But when we go back home What happened?

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Well, Abner walked by

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Lola de la cabana multishot if I did not do my homework,

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I just returned from the Navajo war, and the wife tells you take the trash out what trash and all these. So the man goes, What

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* so this is hypocrisy. You're supposed to be at the table.

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Looked at ambala and he told him a lie. I have the same feelings. I go through the same thing. Then I'm like you let's go to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Rasul Allah told him one lie by Allah if you would stay.

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Keeping up the same level of Eman like you do with me what is going to happen angels will shake your hands in bed.

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So if you're a man is gonna be lifted that you will start seeing what

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unseen angels are gonna shake your hands in the bed and in the corridors but what yongala

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but what is meant by samsa that one hour for your family

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and we're lucky if you have the right intention you get rewarded

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hijabi the Muslim

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a group of companions came to the food companions companions who do not have money or Rasul Allah,

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who they will see amongst us they got all the rewards. You saw Louis sumu they prey on the fast and they get Sadako

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we pray and fast and we don't have money to give

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every test be hydrogen soda every time de la, la la la la SOTA protect VIERA la casa de la and he was the book

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a Heidi kousaka

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that you you you have a relationship or wife husband relationship is a sort of

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Yasuda law.

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we fulfill our desires and we get a sadhaka as it what happened if you do it in the Haram wouldn't you get a sin? Yes, you get a sadhaka being unaware

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of some of the virtues of other monks beside Ramadan because we focus in Ramadan and talking about the virtue of ramadan ramadan, this ramadan ramadan this Ramadan that do this do that, but will be common with

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So a Muslim had this idea you will never be alone Carlos de la la silla, man sama Ramadan, some will be seated in minchah. Well, I will be sitting minchah work for kanima sama. If you first Ramadan and you follow it with six days from Sha one as if you have fasted the holy

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enough enough this for the virtue of Ramadan. If you read a letter, the virtue of reciting the Quran outside of Ramadan is the same maybe Salam when he said that man Cora Al Quran Alif Lam Meem

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Suna solidary if you read me, you get 10 fasteners for Alif 10 has an ad for Lambton Casa not for me. Does this only apply to Ramadan or throughout the show becoming an aware making yourself aware of some of the virtues of the other days, brothers and sisters in Islam? I want to close with this. And I see her

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and I see her

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and I say to myself before I say to you

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in the VA sallallahu alaihe salam one companion asked him on Hadith Sahih jasola fulfill Islam you say Allah Allahu Akbar.

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Tell me something about Islam that I don't have to ask anyone else after you

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are susanto them. Airmen to Billa Toma stukken.

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Say I believe in Allah and be steadfast. Stefan is 13 in the Latina called Rob Boone Allahu sama. statcom.

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The problem we'll do with that state or that state of downfall after Ramadan, we have two brothers in this community just this community who died after Ramadan. brothers who died after Ramadan just right after the third day of aid or something in the third day after Ramadan, we had to Genesis

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you could die while you are in that state of downfall. And you don't want that because this is a bad sign for the team. be steadfast. Do as much as your neffs can afford and begin with the mandatory and do as much voluntary as you can be and stick to it.

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stick to it. If you do insha Allah, you will be a winner and successful in this world of Hulu kolyada Allahu Allahu wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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