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Mr Kumar not to lie about a cat, all praises due to Allah, and his praise and blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions, and his followers until the day of judgment, and all the prophets and the messengers, and their followers, my dear brothers and sisters, I'll talk to you today about a very dear subject to me personally, talking about something related to that family. And the title of my speech today is your can as precious. We're living in a time where so many people they don't give this issue a lot of time to keep their ties with their kin, or with their relatives. Unfortunately, we're living in a time where it's a

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very materialistic life, and lives so our life full of so many things keep us away from keeping these tie strong with our relatives, even though in Islam, in the Sharia of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the issue of relatives and the kin ship, something very valuable the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a very clear that he put so much emphasis on the importance of keeping tie with our relatives, no matter how busy we are, no matter how far we live, from where we act, but we should, we still should keep ties with our relatives and our kin. I would like to discuss this issue in a very practical format today with you. First of all, let's define what we

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mean by kinship. Who is your kin? When we say the word or him in Arabic language, which is the word of Allah subhanaw taala, using the Quran, and the prophets of Sodom also use? What do we mean by kinship? What do we mean by your kin, or your relatives, the scholars have different opinions about defining who's exactly will be considered your kinship or your rahem it is obligatory in you to be in contact with them, to support them, as I will mention later inshallah, just to come to a conclusion after reviewing all these opinions, I came to the following conclusion which is chosen by so many Muslim scholars, that your relatives, your kids, or those who are related to you, from the

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Manhattan which is unmanageable, can or the non Muharram when you can married to or you can marry from whoever relate to you from your father's side or your mother's side. So all your relatives from your father's side, and your mother's sides would be considered your kin, regardless if they are Muharram or not, if they are people that you can marry to or not. So this the case, you might ask the questions What about my in laws? Are they part of my are they considered Rahim as long as your wife, one of your relatives if you're married to your cousin, for example, so her parents will be coming to you or your kin will be your relatives will be your Rahim. But if she is not related to

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you, her parents will not be your Rahim they will not be your kin or your relatives. But remember, they still they are the kin of your children's, and they are the parents of your wife or your husband also. So they have rights over their children and they are relate to their daughter or their related to your husband. And if you have a husband, who are not related to you, so his parents and his parents family, or his kin, and he should maintain ties with them. And this applies to the wife as well. As this been said.

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Some scholars have defined the kinship in a very broad way. They said there is a kinship between every single believers and they use the verse in Surah 49 verse 10, what Allah subhanaw taala said in mmm Amina is what all believers are brothers and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, and Muslim, Muslim, a Muslim is a brother to one another. So this is a very broad meaning of a ham or rod meaning of the word kin or relatives. But here we are talking about the relatives which is related to you through a blood tie as Allah Subhana Allah mentioned that in Surah eight verse 75, all of ham about Ola devout Viki tabula that Allah subhanaw taala said here and related to the

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inheritance that your kin or your relatives has right

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over you

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maintaining good ties with your relatives with your connection to something Allah Subhana. Allah commanded us in the Quran, and His Prophet Mohammed Salah lo Ali was sending them a lot of data for instance in Surah Surah number four verse number one, in the beginning of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala said, A Johann NASA Takara become under the halaqa command FC wahida Allah caminhada What does that mean? humare Jalan cattier olisa What Apollo holiday TESSA aluna V, one of ham, in the law, Kennedy cultiva. And this verse, Allah subhanaw taala, reminding us that he created all of us all humanity, from one father and one mother, he created all of us from Adam, and from Adam, he created

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Eve, and from Adam and Eve, he has created so many men and woman, that Allah subhanaw taala order us to have Taqwa, which is to worship Him alone, and to avoid what will make him angry at us. Then he said, a lady TESSA aluna be our hand, then he commanded us to be good and to keep contact with our relatives with our kin. Also, Allah Subhana Allah have mentioned that one of in his book, and this is in Surah, 47, verse 22, Allah subhanaw taala have criticized those who will disbelieve in Allah, then they will spread corruption and earth, and they will cut their ties with the relatives. So one of the sign of the disbelievers that they will spread corruptions on earth, and they will cut their

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ties with their relatives. Have this been said, it's very clear that the Muslim should not imitate or copy or act like the disbelievers who will not keep their ties with their relatives. Allah subhanaw taala said, I say come into our later and to see to find out what to cut through or hammer comb, what to cut through or hammer come

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when Abu sufian met Hercules. And that time I was a peon was not a Muslim,

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that Roman king asked about Sophia and about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and about his message. So I was a piano about to identify the message of Islam will tell Hercules about the call with Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam calling for he told him that this man aim to call people to worship one God and to be good to the relatives to be good to the relatives. That's the second thing that Abu sufian have said,

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as a description to the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam you can see clearly, that whenever the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah send the message will be mentioned, it is always will be identified as a message, calling people to be good to the relatives, and to keep ties with the relatives. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam once a man came to him and he said, Who are you? The prophet SAW them reply by saying, I'm Mohammed. And he said, I am the Prophet, or a messenger of Allah. Then the man said, what a messenger, what prophet means. He said, I will send you the message, he said and what that message is, he said, I'm calling people to worship Allah and to be

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good to the relatives and to be good to their neighbors sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we'll have a short break and we'll come back inshallah.

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Welcome back. We're talking about the virtues of keeping tie with our relatives with our kin, eyeshadow, the Allahu anhu. Allah has reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said that the word Rahim, which means kinship, derived from the name of the Most Merciful, our men are like men. What that means. The Hadith goes that Allah Subhana Allah when he created or him

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the Rahim the kingship said to Allah, Oh Allah, I want to be a special I want to be special than Allah said, Isn't it enough that I given you a name which is driven from my name, and whoever will keep tie to his relatives, I will be in contact with him. I will keep tie with him which it means Allah will support him and will take care of him and whoever will cut his ties with his relatives, Allah subhanho wa Taala will cut his support and his mercy from him. What this helps me

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means that when Allah subhanaw taala created and made or legislate for his creation, all kinds of different legislation. One of it is to be good to your relatives. So now Allah wants to give that act of worship and name. You want to give this act of worship and name. What do you call being good to your relatives? Allah call it silica him say that to allow him to keep tie with your Rahim Rahim driven from the word of wash man, which is the name of Allah, the Most Merciful which it means mercy. So that shows you that whoever will keep tie with his relatives he will be exposed to Allah's mercy and Allah's mercy will descend upon that person and whoever cut his tie with his relatives, he

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doesn't deserve that mercy and Allah Subhana Allah will not bless and support such person.

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Mighty brothers and sisters, one of the merits of keeping good tie with your relatives and your kin, that you will be so close to Allah as you heard earlier, whoever keep tie with Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will keep his ties with him as well. Keeping good relation with your relatives, it means that you are pleasing Allah Subhana Karna pleasing Allah and fulfilling that fulfilling that Allah Subhana Allah commanded you to do, and following this footsteps of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a path to paradise. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam approached Medina, one of the first statement that he made, the prophets of Salaam said, all people, all people spread that I am

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greed people spread peace, spread

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love basically in the community. Then he said, feed people and maintain a good ties with your relatives with your relatives or the reviewer can ship pray at the night while people sleeping. If you do so you will enter Paradise in peace. So basically one of the way or one of that good deeds that will lead to Paradise is to keep good tie with your kin ship. Also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said as it reported in civil Hadith, the prophet Salim said whoever is pleased to have his provisions increased and lifespan to be increased as well. He or she should maintain the ties of his relatives, the ties of his relatives or kinship. How can I do that? How can I keep good relationship

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with my relatives, so many of us lives maybe far away from his relatives, some of us have so many relatives, and he or she don't know how to do that in a practical format. First, I think the first step that you need to know your relatives, you cannot keep tie with somebody you don't know. That's why it's very important for us to know our relatives, to ask our father, our mother, our uncle's, our end, about our relatives, and we can look these informations. And make sure that you pass this to your children. Make sure that you teach your children, your daughters and your sons this and you teach them and you tell them about you tell them about the relatives. For example, when I was

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preparing for this speech, I decided to do a project with my children. And I wish that everybody hear me today do the same project that I brought to my daughters. And I told them we have a project to do together. The project is we're going to do a family tree. We will go on to do together a family tree. And we will put my father's name and my mother's and everybody related to my father and my mother. And also I put my wife's name and my wife's name and all her family's names. And we started making this big tree for my children that they need to know the relatives from their father side and from mother's side and we make a big huge tree Mashallah together. So they know their names

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now, and they made this tree and they have it hosted in the house, maybe something like that you can do with your children, to let them know at least who are their relatives are, what's their names, who is married to you how many children's they have, what's the relationship between them and their cousins, and so forth. It's a very important step that we know each other. Also, you can have an email list, making an email list for your relatives, a phone less for your relatives, and keep tie with them. And this thing

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To the second point, that to be good for your relatives, or to keep telling the relatives to contact them, contacting them is very important and by visiting them, and if it's hard, and it's difficult, you can call them at least occasionally in need and Ravana. In happy occasions, if there is a hardship or something bad happened to one of your relatives, make sure that you call to share with them this sad moments and to offer your support and your condolences you have somebody that died. So he been in contact with them, it is one of the way to keep good tie with your relatives. Pray for them make dua for them. When you are making Jude, we're in therapy, and Ramadan, while you are about

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to break your fast when you making ombre when you're going to have to remember them in your app, they have rights over you, my brothers and sisters, also giving them gifts, especially in happy occasions, giving them gifts, especially in happy occasions. also supporting them financially if they need. That's my sadaqa sadaqa the donation that you do, or you give this account that you give, if it's one of your brothers, or one of your sisters, or one of your cousin's poor, and he needs your support he needs or she needs his account, make sure that you start with them, you give them first you give them first, you cannot give your cat your father, you cannot give the cat your

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mother, you cannot give us a cat, your son or your daughter. And you cannot give it as well to your great grandfather's and Greg grant a children's because it is obligatory and you have to support them. So supporting your relatives and your kinship, it is only going to take the edge of the donation you will take the Agile of donation and the Agile of Silla tala m, keeping tie with your relatives, advising them, giving them down. It is also one of that way to keep good time with your relatives. Make sure that you give them advice whenever there is a chance. If you have a cousin, you have a brother, you have uncles you have and that you can tell them in advising them about something

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related to their religion, or their even their worldly life, to improve their religion or to improve their worldly life or their matters. Both are good to hear about and to try to improve them in it. My brothers and sisters, you have to be creative in the way you give them down. Because it's sometimes it's very hard to give down to your relatives, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever the message, this sin was given to him, he was older, older to give down to whom first? Well, Andhra shirota can be that the person was ordered to start with his family, search with his relatives search with his tribe, they deserve your debt or more than anybody else. Unfortunately, so many of

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us, we try to educate and to help people who are far away from us. And we forget about the people who are living with us.

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also offering them all the rights of the Muslims. For example, if somebody is sick, you visit him, somebody died, you follow his funeral, if he invites you, or one of your relatives invites you accept the invitation and somebody give you Salaam you give him your apply to him and so on. Be aware of the following. cutting your ties with your relatives, especially for personal reasons. Brothers, they don't talk to each other for years, just because they fought over some materialistic issues or over the dounia be aware of envy, envy relatives, if one of your brothers or the relatives of successful man or a successful family, Allah blessed them with righteous kids or bless them with

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good live. Don't be sad and don't envy them. Have a clean hearts have a clean heart say hamdulillah May Allah give them and give me May Allah bless them and Allah Subhana Allah also bless what I have. interfering in others affairs is a very bad, also equality, a very bad habit or very bad attitude that the person will put his nose in other people's business especially if they are his or her relatives. So start spying on them starting looking and digging. What's the art of doing what happened to them and interfering in their affairs is not something good. That's not the way to keep your ties with your relatives.

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Don't ever support your relatives over others unfairly, not because they're your relatives, you give them more than what they deserve, or you support them, unfairly over others, Allah subhanaw taala asked us to be just with our relatives, with our enemies with everybody. Remember, to be sincere in your offers. Remember that you need to be patient when you deal with your relatives, because they said earlier, it's not easy for you sometimes to change your relatives, especially if you are in a young age. So be patient, and also the ever forgiving person, forgive him, maybe I've seen something from them in the past, maybe your brother or your sisters have done something to you in the past.

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And now it's the time for you to say I forgive him, or I forgive her, it's a time for you to pick up the phone and to give them a call or to send them a line an email and saying how are you and how you doing? This is something we'll Please allow it to something easy to do, but you didn't know how much it will be valuable. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah has eyes, always ask Allah Subhana Allah to help you to be good to your relatives, to keep your ties with your relatives, because it's such hard task in a such a busy life. So ask Allah Subhana Allah to help you to be able to accomplish such tasks in your life. People when it comes to the relation with the relatives, all in three categories, the

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ones who reach out to the one who are bad to them, somebody is bad to you, you're doing something back to you, but you should reach out to them. This is the best kind, the best kind of people is the one who will reach out to the one who are back to them. The second level, the one who will reach out to the one who don't reach out to them. So he will reach out to the ones that the don't contact them. The second is the one who will reach out to the one who don't contact them. And the third level, which is the lowest level, the one who maintain good ties with ones that he ties with them, because basically or equal they are contract the contract you can tag them back, they call you call

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them back. But the best of all of them is the one who will be good to the one who not necessarily are good to them. My brothers and sisters. Keep this in mind that we do this for the sake of Allah. We do this because Allah told us to be good to our relatives, and to keep good ties with them. mail us Canada how to make us among those who always maintained their ties with the relatives, or Salalah silanol and abena Mohammed