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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum, wa barakato were coming here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2018 day four.

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We still about the cedar of

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Highland and we are happy with one of

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our data habibollah as most of us are

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we still talking about the sealer of the best man that was that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created a sentiment guide, Prophet, Mohammed sunbathers and then the the seal of all prophets, the prophets of mercy in the month of mercy.

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We talked about his merits, we talked about his name, let's talk about his birth solo lives and he was born 50 days after the incident of the elephant in one of the hostile elephants to be to demolish the Kaaba. He was born 15 days after that incident on a Monday, but there's a discrepancy as to we know exactly what they know, they know there's a nobody's Sure. There's so many reports whether it is the 12th or the 13th, or the 14th. Or, you know, there's so many reports, but he was born on a Monday.

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In fact, so Pamela, there is discrepancy upon the with regard to the birth of the Prophet Mohammed Ellison, but there is a consensus about his death or when he dies so like you said, which we'll we'll talk about, you know, in another episode inshallah, but he was born on a Monday at the time, were in Makkah, near

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Marwan the amount of those of you who've been to MCI know when they go to the suffering, the prophet Mohammed was only a few 100 meters from Al Qaeda, some love, love when he was sending him. There were four women who came to help or to assist. Amina his mother, you know, when she was giving birth to him, or a man or a man. She's the mother of the law, she's the mother of of celibacy. And then you have this other lady by the name of Shiva, Shiva, She is the mother of

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man. And then you have Fatima Fatima on demand.

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And then the fourth lady who came to help is the way that the way but she is the servant or the maid of Abuja. So these four women they came, in fact the way but she's the first woman who who breastfed moldy hay and she breastfed the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So these are the four women who came to help out the Amina when she was giving birth to the Prophet Mohammed is his childhood, some alcohol you send them, how was he as a child? What are some of the things he did? Salama? How you send them?

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grand grandfather,

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he used to take him with him, someone else needs to take him, you know,

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by the cabin, you know, when when he used to meet with college, and he used to sit and listen to the tops of the elite of the elite of the house. And he noticed that, you know, a prophet Mohammed was around when he was a prophet. He was a kid at the time. And he would not go and play yet he would sit and listen to the Arabs and the elite talking some lala land himself. He was raised in the habitats many sad You know, when the heavy Musalia when you know, the one who raised him some llama home and he was and he learned the first half. He became a policeman. You know, he was raised outside in the outskirts of Mecca, in the Pepita and a puppy dog called Ben Zion. And there he was

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raised. And he learned also the facade, you know, the proper Arabic language, some of them are excellent. Also in his childhood quickly, something really important happened, the the opening of the chest, and this is a story that that in fact was mentioned by say, inside Muslim, so it's authentic. In fact, the prophets breast was

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open three times, you know, at the time when he was a child at the time of bad and also the time of when he got raised in,

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in a slot

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wouldn't be

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The thing about the opening of the breast of the Prophet Mohammed is that it is something that was witnessed by all sorts of his own brothers from from haleema that Jubilee came and he opened his his breasts and took his heart and glimpsed it. Some love by what he was saying and it is not of Ramadan. We also need not to literally open the breasts and clean but to cleanse our hearts to purify our hearts. It is like I said, the month of the month of

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the month, the month of cleansing. So we need in sha Allah to try to purify our hearts in this blessed month. If we don't we don't prefer our hearts in this month. When do you think we can purify it when you think we can can use it and yes, we do need a lot of us do.

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scholars and and scholars and Muslims and regular idols sinners and non sinners, we all need to really cleanse and purify this heart. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us old to purify our hearts, the Overlay and pheromone, whatever and on 11 a lot of you can be sitting, the day when your wealth and your family will not be of good to you or help to you except that will come from Allah with a pure heart.

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A pure heartbeat disbursement of Ramadan and

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Ramadan 2018 zazzy