Abdul Rahman Chao – 2023-09-23 – Count Your Friends

Abdul Rahman Chao
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So don't want to go

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a long way

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they smell

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a home

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Hey Mia

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How are ye sauna SWANA let

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a little more

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in Alhamdulillah

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that middle when I started when I stopped now the biller I mean surely I'm fussing around with it I'm not gonna make the loan for them well then Melinda hold on you're the real fella heard yellow or shadow Hola Hola Hola Hola. Hola Cherie color wash I don't know Muhammad Abdul Hora Soto

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Yeah, you hola Adina. I'm an otaku. La haka. toccata Walter mattina Illa. infamously Moon Yeah, you heard NASA Takara Docomo lady holla Coco Minassian wahiduddin Wahala caminhadas Oh Jaha well that's I mean who original and Kathy Romani sir what type Allah Allah de Luna be here well or harm in Allah Hakuna Lake motiva yeah you hallelujah I'm gonna talk la Apollo colon city then you'll see American well silicon Docomo Manuel de la hora Sula, for cut Pfizer frozen Alima and my bad for indigestible Hadith Nicola Mala afebrile had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam or Shara Morimoto to her Hakuna Matata timbira Aquila Middleton Bala Akula banality infidel.

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The province Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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gives us

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an analogy

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of the people whom you associate with the people whom you sit with, and the effects that they have on you.

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And the prophets, Allah wa salam says in this famous Hadith, that the parable of the one who sits with a righteous person, he didn't say the friend, he says, jellies masala, the person that you sit with the righteous individual, whom you sit with whom you hang out with.

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It's like the person who sells musk

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and the parable of the one

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who sits and associates with someone who's not very good

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Jalisa sue the bad influence

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is like the blacksmith

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Hear the prophets I said LEM begins explaining

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being around certain people

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is like being around the person that he's going to describe. So the good person, he describes him as the one who sells Mr. Musk in our day, we can consider that, you know, the perfume seller.

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So, he says that, imagine you're the EQ, that this person will either give you like a free sample give you something for free. And whenever you go to a perfume shop in the store, they will always almost, maybe a little too eagerly come and spray on you. And sometimes you don't even want to be sprayed. But they're like, Would you like a sample would you like to have a sample

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or number two, or that you will purchase something from them.

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So you can benefit from them. It's a business transaction, you need something from them, they have something for you.

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Or at least that you will find by just by being with them. Even if you don't get anything free, or you don't buy any perfume from the any must from them, that you will find them to be

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pleasant smelling. There's this nice smell.

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On the other hand, being with the person who has a negative influence is like being around the blacksmith. Now the province of Salem is not demonizing people who are in that profession.

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But he's simply saying the effects of what they have on you.

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He said,

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either, they will burn your clothes,

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and no black smith purposefully tries to burn someone else. It's usually by accident. But when you are associating with

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individuals who have who are not falling in the way of the process, or they're living, a sort of a lifestyle that's not compatible with what Islam teaches us. You will get singed as what the pastor Sullivan saying here, they might just burn your clothes. You didn't say burn you but being around them that should be enough for caution. Or even if they don't burn your clothes. What Oh, ima and Ted you mean who are Rehan Khalifa are that you will find from them. This emanating from them this foul smell.

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Brothers and sisters.

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If this is the example that the person seldom is giving,

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for the individual whom we associate with,

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then this brings up the topic of

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how much or how many of your friends do you have today that are actually

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good friends? How many friends can you count on your finger? Friends that you can depend on? Friends that you can benefit from Finn, in a good way, obviously, benefit from their knowledge benefit from their companionship, not just using abuse, only call them when you need to call them.

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When you need something then you hit them up.

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psychologists talk about how friendships are developed when when they start at a young age.

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Friendship is something that we as humans we need on a social level, every human being on Earth needs some sort of friendship, some sort of companionship, and at a very young age for children. Friendship is about

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playing together. partaking in activities together, you're playing with a toy I play with you and that's how they develop friendships. Do you want to play tag with me? Do you want to play this game with me? For children? That's the hallmark of friendship. It's cute. It's nice.

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But when you say no, I don't want to play with you

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know, I'm not going to be your friend anymore. You have a toy that you will have you're playing they want you to share with you you don't share, then I'm not going to be your friend anyway. So it's it's um, this interaction level.

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When it gets to

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young adults, adolescents.

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It's more of do we align with each other's thoughts? Do you agree with me? Do you say nice things to me.

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And if you say mean things to me, you're definitely not my friend. And as you get older and older your friendships you start realizing that I think all of us here can agree. The friends that you had when you were in college or in high school are not necessarily the same friends you have today. Because your values change because you're busy because you have things to do

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because as they say, today, you're adulting. Okay, you're being an adult. So you don't have time for all these social things to keep up with your friendships. And that is fine. There's nothing wrong with that.

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But what I want you to think about is for every friendship that you had that had that has faded away, you lost a friend lost a connection, I want you to think deeply and evaluate within yourself. For what reason was that friend? Or for what foundation? Was that friendship built upon? Was it because you both liked football?

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Was it because you both shared some similar interests? Or is it because you both enjoyed the same kind of food.

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And then, and those friendships are not wrong. But the cause for why those friendships do not. Why they do not endure, is because at the end of the day, it's not for a higher purpose. It's not for a higher cause. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that even amongst the disbelievers when they are united in their shitcan in their evil in their sin and whatever it is, allies with one another best of friends, on the Day of Judgment, those individuals will become enemies. How is it that those people were friends in this life and they became enemies in the next life? Allah tells us in the Quran, Allah young man either in Baba homely Baldan I'll do il Mata

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The best of friends on the Day of Judgment they will become what? Enemies

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except for those who have Taqwa. And the scholars they talked about this phenomenon. Why would best of friends who happen to be disbelievers, on the day judgment become enemies.

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Because on the Day of Judgment, when they see the punishment coming, when they see the accountability in front of their eyes,

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they will want to disassociate

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from all the individuals that they knew who are now in this predicament facing punishment and accountability.

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So they will say, Oh Allah, that friend of mine was the one who showed me this. He didn't command me to do good. He didn't forbid me from doing the evil and they will mutually incriminate one another will yell and Obama whom Baba and they would curse one another on the Day of Judgment asking Allah to punish one another.

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Because and this is for those who I need. These are for the disbelievers who were best of friends.

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And Allah gives us the exception here he says, Ill Mater clean.

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When your friendship is based on Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala being God conscious, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. For the good values that you share. Those friendships will endure. You will not be incriminating one another on the day of judgment, because when you saw something that was good, you commanded it, and when you saw something that was negative, you forbade it a political yada.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He also hear about you know, how do you put see Allah subhanaw taala through the process and tells us that Allah tells us what was your bet my hub Betty? My love is incumbent.

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Lil moto has been a fear one Moto G Cena philia Walmart has a weary interfere while motor Baddeley interfere, my love, Allah's divine love

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is, is required that Allah is saying that I will love

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which kind of individuals those who love each other for my sake, those who sit with each other for my sake, they hang out with each other not for frivolous things, not for any sins and haram things, but for good things, while motives that will interfere and those who visit one another for the sake of Allah

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for the sake of Allah, not for an ulterior motive, not saying that if you go and visit your friends because you need something from them, that's somehow wrong. But this is the highest level of friendship. Well mooted by the Lena fear and those who spend upon one another. A couple of months ago, I had a friend.

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His brother had passed away

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he had some friends. And so hello he

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He actually had owed some debt. And in Islam when you pass away if you owe people debt, the inheritance is not to be split and distributed until the debt is paid.

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And so they said, If anyone has a debt here that they want to claim from this individual who has passed away come to us

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we don't know how much it was. But those two brothers paid off all his debts

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that takes love that's what they call an English and America putting the money where your mouth is. It's not this social media. Oh, I like you you have you know, you like me how many friends you have on Tik Tok? Hahaha And you like, we're friends. This is real friendship here. Allah tells us in the Quran, while also in Santa Fe closer. And by time itself. Humans are at a loss in every sense. And it applies here in this context as well, you will always be losing except for those who what do they do in their lives. Those who believe and do good deeds

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will also win. And they enjoyed the truth upon one another. Ottawa saw the suburb and they enjoin patients upon one another. The Prophet SAW Selim also teaches us some parameters of how you can express your love for your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

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He says that the brother is like a mirror to your brother. And many times when we think about this hadith, we think we are going to show them their flaws.

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A mirror doesn't only show you your flaws, it also shows you your strengths. So if you are a mirror to your brother, you should honestly uplift them. When because most of the time when people look in the mirror, they actually think of themselves negatively, like oh, I look fat, or you know, I look old or whatever. When you when you are a mirror to your brother, you not only show them the flaws that they have, but you need to also uplift and show them their strengths and their good

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And finally, brothers and sisters

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it's not worth throwing a friendship away for frivolous disagreements. Now if this disagreement is because you know, this person is extremely emotionally mature, narcissistic or toxic, and they refuse to change. Yes, you can probably keep your distance or you know, they are trying to harm you. That's fine.

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But how many times have people ended friendships for the dumbest of disagreements.

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Imam Malik of Medina. He had a contemporary scholar from Egypt by the name of a lathe of inside

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Lathe of inside was the Imam of Egypt, well known scholar

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and they differed fiercely on certain issues jurisprudential issues

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and if America would write letters, and he would be harsh, and he would say things that you might be surprised that this is a friend or colleague to another, etc. How could he say this? He was harsh.

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But leave that aside, kept it professional, because there's they're good friends and he didn't take it personally. He didn't let that wish evil upon another person. Nowadays people disagree with one another they want to go and destroy them and Dox them and shame them all over social media.

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Imam Malik his daughter needed to get married and so he wanted for her to get some nice perfume that was in Egypt so that she could wear it when she gets married and moves into her husband's house. He was not very wealthy, so he requested from him. He requested from Imam and Latham inside for some for some perfume you can think of as a bottle or something. And I'm like didn't say oh, now you need my help. After you argued with me and you disagree with me? Go get it yourself. No, he sent you an entire caravan of perfume to Imam Malik.

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Because it's not worth these little squabbles. Because at the end of the day if even if you disagree with someone on a certain position, as long as you love each other for the sake of Allah, you do what is right and you stop what is wrong. Allah will bless that friendship and when it is not for the sake of Allah, that friendship will not endure because only the love for Allah the love of Allah subhanaw taala that is forever

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In Allahu Malaika you're not alone Allah, maybe you are solo alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kima Zuleta Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim and Kameena Majeed already Cara Muhammad to Allah Allah Muhammad came about after Allah Rahim Allah al Ibrahim in Kameena Majeed but then a tuna fish on your Hazara Villa de hacer una okay Radha baba, baba Nala to date and I will have learned

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