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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam so that's what it looked like to Kathy's Israel was as you were coming in to another episode of rakia Ramadan 2014 they 20 so we're still talking about the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. I mentioned the

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I mentioned the story of the wife of Fidel. And

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there is another really, really interesting story about the lady who used to come from the hair of brush the head of the the daughter of Fidel and as well.

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It's a very well known story, but just to show you how people you know how sometimes you need to put the love of Allah first before the love of anything or everything else, including your children, including your spouse, including your, your wealth from the only thing you have even your own stuff, you know, Allah should always come first.

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She was brushing the hair of the of the daughter of flour, and then the brush fell. And then she picked it up. Before she picked it up. She said Bismillah In the name of Allah. And then the daughter of our she heard, you know, this may lead she says, Do you have a god other than my father? She says, Yes, mine, oh, my God is is your God is the God of your father, this woman happens to have

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five children, you know, including one baby. So to cut the story short

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for the islands, brought her and and brought her children, you know, threatened to kill her provided that she doesn't know she leaves a religion, but she did not want to denounce the religion. And then he took him her first child before her eyes, threw him into this into this, you know, very, very hot water in one aeration in the fire. And then, and then came to the second child. And look at this mother, maybe you can picture her now imagine her she's pulling or pushing, she's crying, my baby, my son, my son, and the son maybe is crying as well. But you know, before her eyes, Bill him into into and killed him into that, that boiling water. Maybe the first or second. I mean, you would have

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as a father, I would imagine a mother even worse, I would imagine you would do anything to save your children. You know, but this woman she, she

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held strong to her religion to her to her faith. And came the third son and the fourth. Now she come You know, they came to the baby. You know, she's holding her baby. And she's saying maybe we should be she's crying. She's saying no, my baby, my baby, baby, the babies also cry. And

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they tried to put her but Allah subhanho wa Taala made that baby talk and told her mother, do not worry. I'm going to meet you in January. I'm going to meet your agenda, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he says that he smelled the fragments of this woman engine, the fragment of this woman and her children in Jana, when he went into the into that trip the the of the slotland Mirage he smelled a beautiful smell a beautiful fragrance. And when he asked gbgv informed him that the smell was of this woman of Jana. And and and she said to find out she talks without or without and I have only one request before she you know you kill me because he killed all her children. He You

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know, he came together as well. And then she says please just bury meet with my children. And he says Lucky, lucky. They're lucky. He says okay, you should have what you have requested, he killed her. And they and he buried them all in the same grave. The love of Allah came first before the love of my children. The love of Allah comes first before the love of anything and everything. Imagine, imagine, you know, if somehow sometimes we find ourselves week or under, under, under some sort of temptation. If we were to say a lot, it's a you know, your, your your you know, like, you know, the youngsters out there you see something beautiful or some woman and you want to look at her or

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whatnot. And then each other Allah, you know, as if you're making making the Allah you know, I'm my soul, my enough's, you know, I want to look at that woman, I want to look at that girl, but Allah, I'm going to leave that for the sake because I love you more for Allah except that you in doing some work on Facebook or something, then something happens and then you were to see some image that comes out, you know, something reading that and then and then you turn it off and he's like, Oh Allah, you know how much you know how much I want to look at that picture? Well, Allah it is not easy for me to turn it off. But I'm going to leave it for your sake because I love you.

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Oh Allah, there's this house which I want to buy, but from Reba it's really easy. Allah, Oh Allah, you know, I'm going to leave it for your sake because I love you more for Allah is accepted for me. Your love cost me for the love of everything, anything. Say that inshallah you will find yourself a lot stronger.

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Another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2014. I say I said I want

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Come on.