Your Lord Is Now! – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 2

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law Peace be upon you and around you. Good morning, everyone. Day number two, rather our post Fajr had it to breakfast. Let's see what the day has in store I feel pretty tired. But that's the benefit of the whole trip.

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So we have Missouri tonight for those of you it's we don't like to call it sightseeing. But we go to holy sites. And that's that is this evening. We'll keep you guys posted on that. We're going to make our schedule for now and find out where we're going to get our workout and see how the day unfolds. Law in law who are the whole shady kinda lonely Moon koala hole, the Wahoo coalition in comedy.

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So it's post breakfast. Uh hum de la back in the room, I got to this is my sleeping spot. And I have a bed but I choose the ground for hygiene, I made myself a little desk out of the masala and an empty box. For those of you who follow along, you know what Granick transformation is. And you know how important the journaling process is. And a Quran revolution students, you also know a lot of the DUA eyes and the Quran that we write, it's all here. So I bring it with me. And I bring it out at the beginning of the trip. And we'll do it again in Makkah to do a major to give myself doesn't have to be major for everyone. But to give myself some clarity on what are the things I want to

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accomplish. What do I want to experience during this hedge? I also intend to start collecting my dua list.

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And really bringing it down into the main things that I want to click on the day of Arafa. So what am I going to do with you all right now, I'm just letting you know that it's the build up to the day of Arafah, the build up to the day where I want to unleash the power of my prayer.

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Not going there thinking while I'm asking I might get but going there with the responsibility that, wow, I recognize how powerful this is to lift up my hands and to say to the Lord of the universe, here's some things that I need, and start taking responsibility for the things that you're asking for. And then acting as if those things are on your way. I think you all know, that's a big part of the chronic transformation process. So let's keep it going. I'm going to spend some time practicing and writing more or the idea actually, I'll include the DUA that I write today.

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Allahumma al him now Russia now.

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Rudy and fusina, looking for inspiration headed for the her prayer. And after that we'll meet up with the group at two o'clock in the lunch area. So we're gonna go pray to her and get some more of that good sunlight, it helps beat the jet lag once you're in the sunlight for a longer period of time.

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Sunshine, where I can glow. And you feel so much better when you're outside? So getting back to the technologies? So if we're here within this city, with the Prophet sallallahu, it was the real question then becomes, what are some of those technologies we can tap into right now? And in the beginning, it's a slew of thoughts. It's a slew of ideas. When can you acknowledge your Lord, as a human being you can only acknowledge him now. So when is the best time to worship your Lord. Now, and when is the best time that your DUA will be answered? And you can say, after fajr and quote, 20 different Hadith, but all of them point to now. So take advantage of technology number one, by

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acknowledging that your Lord

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is right now, worship your Lord.

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back to our technologies, being able to take a moment, wherever you are, whenever you are, is a technology that is given to you. But how can you access that at any time here in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam city, recognize there's something you're encouraged to do. A lot must Allah Allah Muhammad, peace be upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say the phrase to yourself, may peace be upon the prophets of God. May peace be upon the prophets of God. Allah Houma and double de la ilaha illa and Talaq Tony were an avocado CO and Allah DECA WaWan, deca, Mr. Lord, it is after a sir. So many things to say and naturally so little time. So I'm going to start with what just

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happened right now a bottle of ether, I stepped out onto the floor about here where the shade stops, and my feet began, they burned, I was like, No, I cannot walk. So I walked back to the shade to put my shoes on. And two brothers from England, they stopped, didn't speak a lick of English, communicated through the eyes through salons through Blue Allahu Ahad, then he just put a little ether on me. And I said, it smells so nice. And as little Hamdulillah, then he came back stopped me and gave me the bottle.

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And that was the moment that was the hudge moment that started hudge for me, then. So if you can just take that into consideration, it is universal. And this energy is universal. And once you enter this fear, everyone knows but that person believes as well. So in a time where you have to constantly be working on your belief, at least in these 10 days, absorb the technologies Allah azza wa jal for you and I for our ability to be able to perceive and worship Him is right now, it isn't afterwards or, or later. So I asked you to put yourself in that state of mind that that God is now worship Him. Now the best time to ask him is now the best time to turn back to him is now. And if

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you can keep capturing single moments, then maybe you'll find that single breath, something that smells like paradise, something that keeps you in that state of mind, I'm going to wrap it up, I want to keep the rest of the minutes for Jebel have heard a lot of my thoughts that are similar to the argument of eBay, shahada, and Google binary by the coffee mark and over here, telephone.

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A moment's contemplation, if you came to HUD for the transformation, and I know that you're not at the HUD, but if you're here trying to make the transformation,

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and you're on your phone, okay, that surrounds you with your, your own universe, that you're talking to your own community, in their language in the same tone, how do you know that your language doesn't have a complaining pitch to it, throwing that out there? And then at the same time, how are you still in your comfort zone, not sitting with the people and going through the difficulty of communicating love without a language because when I see people on their phones, they're finding out negative information, negative energy that's going on outside the circle, and then they're talking to their friends in the same negative tone. So I'm not sure what are we expecting from HUD that

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God's going to like, come down and flip some switch in your head? Or is there going to be some concept of transformation from within, where you take responsibility for the power that is within and that is your DUA, I'll keep the rest few seconds for a job. And we'll work it out from there. Please, if you're in your comfort zone now, that's cool. But when you come for hudge make sure you're ready to make some level of transformation.

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Friends, that was too much just try to squeeze in. I'm gonna let our Kuba and Oh her tour spill into day three. This was fantastic all along Melissa Allah Allah ma Jalta who Salah Wanda Jalil hasn't either ship the salah As Salam aleikum, have a fantastic day too. I'll see you all in the morning, rather, I'll see you continuing day to day.

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