Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #25 – Quran

Riad Ouarzazi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu some al so less than or equal to light out of Gaza

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the other was as he was coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 day 25

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might have been because he had

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he had his csula Ramadan he was super lucky to live in Jana or Leone inshallah to Allah Julio Alhamdulillah shown me how the Shahada Mubarak Ramadan yeah and the father the Ramadan sunset am Oman can acolhedor any desire to have that in your home if Allah Madani attend a festival and first and first out of

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fashion middle Shan Mele wish that he knew he had he am high eight Mata Bachmann Ramadan, so my brothers and sisters with again day 25

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yesterday was an odd evening and tonight is going to be an even night so do not again Don't Don't be fooled and just like you, you may think that maybe last night was the night of the power which could it could be but

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keep on keep on you know making inshallah hotelera effort to try to do pm and lots of a bad debt and and citizenship and and maybe socket

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until the end of Ramadan inshallah to Allah is only about five or four days left. So don't don't don't relax No, there's no time for relaxing now. This is in fact the time to put the gear into the sixth gear and Sharla has to either make more effort so today inshallah we'll make it a little different.

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I'm going to make it a little different. So we'll talk about an angle with respect to any shallow

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TIFF, Tiff, hamanaka mocha, and mocha

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canakit in

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k four and mahakam has attempted to an

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end to me Annie Jani Corona who and where I need a way to mentor dusty manansala to Allah subhanho wa Taala Shama Mubarak

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Hello aloha Sutton

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most recently had a shop active American evaluates a lot of cilantro Ramadan, Minnesota part with a bat that can risotto slim you kill me.

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Now you kill Elisa to segment it.

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I have local and I know why.

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listening Yama. Yama. good habit. I will call it a turkey aka master Baraka Finn, Jenna, the queen bee acid de

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la la acid, multiple caffeine Jana, the CO v acid

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and to tafawa otava and in the Quinta half of Mashallah, you know Paula had

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the mother of

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a venomous oh it

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was just me upon either sell tomales Elephant does Lana is elephant does an okay that you get anything done in this day. What could you read? Mashallah, and your daughter wah wah wah wah wah wah CR cola Hello Phoebus what I can fit in that's

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what he did he cut off his Erica for the

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for the hat Oh inshallah young nakaba Allah

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and so for alkaline shout Allahu, Allah will enter that whenever you must have become destemmer on your own and if your car inshallah hota naka solian so let's and never added the whole free hat separately me up was it tune was it tuna have

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one that cuts off the fact you have added me I don't work this one with a tuna how far

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we could have in La Casa Hasson

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Wolfie Ramadan suburbia. Yeah, and he the monocot saw that a neighbor Liam inshallah tada when fat you have your colon image more and has an ad. This this ad Allah for him seen? has an

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adult have his verse of

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the Kula octoman set the menu and hessen the mascot so it never would affect you. So for

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mothers and sisters how's the end with you this llama?

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Have you finished the hotma or are you about to finish your Fatima? Your your you know, recitation foot recitation of the Quran Are you at this reciting?

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The Prophet says the adults and the people of the end they are the people of Allah and those who are close to Allah Hassan

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To Hasani these are like VIP? Yeah, there are people you know, VIP VIP in the engine as well. You know generous levels. So how so when you say this door is private This is only for VIP only VIP, you get to enter from it hustles they say private, you know you have an office and it says hos Yeah, any private, not anybody can go to the door, it's private, only private people would get to enter from it. I don't want to add a label hustle to the people. On the other end the family of the needy, the people of Allah, and they are there, you know, they those who are close to Allah and the private people, the VIP people.

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It will be said to you in the Day of Judgment, read and elevate. The more you read, the higher you'll go engine

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was some people might say I just want to go man, I just want to go into gender. In dunia you just don't want to just have just a car any car any any house. We all somehow lost tribe and struggling I want to have the best house the best car the best is the best whatever you know, in the in the dean likewise athlete what he that he covered?

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Every single day in every zone, let the believers compete compete now I'm you know, so I just don't want the just to enter the agenda. The Prophet says if he says if you ask Allah for asking for the highest every agenda. So it will be said to you read and go up in the ranks. The last place you've been in the last, you know,

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so try and shallow to hide and today we're going to read you know solid, in fact, you have wood solid

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and never and never I'm going to recite and you can listen, you will get the same answer. Or you can follow me in shallow data. It's up to you. I want you to get the either if we were to the satisfaction, alpha has 139 letters

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and never has 766 letters.

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So 766 and 139. So each letter in fact is times 10. Right each letter you will get of 10 has a net which means 7660 and 1390 the total is 9050.

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Now that 9050 has a net you will get and shout louder either by reciting alphabet you have and so on and so forth.

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And in the Ramadan time 700 so it's more than 6 million hasn't it we'll get inshallah to Allah so please go ahead, get your book. Get your must have your laughter Hello, could must have luck, Quranic make inshallah. Stab ma, ma o tab Ma sha, Allah, I'd wait for your travel to go and get your call and with you. You can follow me or you can listen Charlotte Allah even if you listen, you will get the same as up. Hello stemmata in Charlotte.

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de la toma

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Nila, for autohotkey taboc in Sharla had hats or Anakata I need to tap in a dub Ma.

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Did you bring your book your poem you must have? Yes. Time's up. Bismillah

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so I'm going to recite and you listen or follow up

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or there'll be nagging me and I say Tanya Ragini rajim

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Alhamdulillah wa bien en me of wash many of washing manikin yummy the

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kana and will do what he can so

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he do not

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him one eating

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him one out on

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me mean

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Bismillah him off man you're walking.

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In alim. Allah the home fee Mastani from Ghana say on the moon from saniana Moon alumna joining me had

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one g Bahn de wahana Aparna come as wedge, wedge

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What then a phone call comes Shida what john?

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Said john john

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Leno Hello JB here had been one about what Jen?

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In naomh. And fastly Can I mean

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Yo man yo fulfill so the fact that FYI john, what what your heart is

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was showing here in Norfolk and that's

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in Johanna maca and that's mirasol

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lit Paulina

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bc nothing more than

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a fee

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in our homies

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on jezza we found Paul all in

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wakulla Shang in China who kita

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boo Fallon

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in a little mood up in MFS

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a power

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walk our

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walk up the hall.

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Wanna keep

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to one on only 1am licona minghui Baba Yama yopu.

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Eager to soften

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moon in the nanohole wash man

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that he can help for feminine

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inner beam

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Yo yo

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yo, yo.

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What's up boo.

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alone when I could have

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just by listening or reciting we just got ourselves 9050 minutes in Ramadan. Its 6 million has not been more

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well luckily they have for Lima Yeshua.

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And about another 30 or so that and never Lennar we have these sort of thing. This LFO comes in has an

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anti analog feel Ramadan. I'll call you fluffy so bear with me. For Anna octoman said Marian has an alarm alarm

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until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013 I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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