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smilla would hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala sugested Malik Muhammad light allover cattle, the others as he would come to another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2013. They 26 must have been hard v madhesis in a harmonious locality to the illusion. When I knew the only machete left, I said this will actually mean how the shambolic shalamov on a young lady Serbia one issue that's Allah subhanho wa Taala to Kabbalah minuman come when I said oh subhana wa tada and eh Allah had a little cuddly later on while I cut. Yeah, and the National cleaner and cleaner takuna fee

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min with a lady Akira. Ramadan with a lady

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rushing our

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way to the county wide will issue instead it should only be a separate issue. separate issue first and last panel and you believe in a little later than when an issue has not been met. So Yamaha Eman and YT seven Miss dakhla Cody is about to set up Mount Carmel a little cutter NYC seven wholesaler who met Adam in them B men karma the letter cutter the man and 37 Warfield Idaho mad at them I mean them be my brothers and sisters we're still talking about the series pathway to jedna Today we are on day 26th the evening of the 27th of Ramadan

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which could be the night of data again

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the we are searching for in the last 10 days of Ramadan or the last 10 nights of Ramadan. In fact the odd last 10 nights of Ramadan so it could necessarily be or it could you know probably be today if not if it wasn't on the 25th or the 23rd of 21st it could you know mostly be today inshallah any tonight or still one more night the 29th of Ramadan. So I'd like to talk today about an important topic which is a drop the last panel data and the importance of that especially you know, let's say in these final nights and start tonight which is again like I said could be laid out

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earlier with machete less often

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than Allah with a man that

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will pay for you and in some cases you can use or loss upon our data but if at

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any case, the last panel Tyler and Mr. jiba leader in Allah subhanho wa Taala are caught on Pokemon Rooney a static local or Kala bukem editor only StG Blackcomb Allah subhanho wa Taala you head and you will act you have

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so what no no ultimate Nick shake your digital and Nick shape mock inside me either indirectly or muthoni with a lot of my fernea mocking and to say I do methodic or Robert harm as a service animal country that I am currently an

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attorney I needed a day my dad in Indiana had attorney Allah subhana wa tada Jaco Jaco Elisa to say

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I have what I call Elisa to Sim mellem Yes, Ella young de la

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Bob either

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either untalented Oh what kind of book have any The only StG Blackcomb

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your police officer who would a better

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adapt? Who when a bad

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What do you love it as much as net feather obeah

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I get Kathy what a haircut Kathy that to be your lender. A heavy hitter that Islam working for Allah subhanho wa Taala your head and your dough. Hector Subhana Allah Muslim ma

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panel called was disability as you bring

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a smile to her. What I mean? Is that Allah subhanho wa Taala Jaco subhana wa tada Lee is up

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for in your head but and

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what do you had to adapt?

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adapt, adapt, adapt,

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or the ally are quite envious of

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each other.

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laughing in a

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while to be a callback? Allah subhanho wa Taala Sophia is the GB Hydra. Well, number one is the G woman Caliban Rafi lay under the law

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of macanthony

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Cuz he's madness. Yeah. And if I don't get any of it

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i know what i mean and what she meant and yeah and you're very harsh ephedra alarmist as you've heard that either callback hell Mojo Allah misters up

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with Allah want to mucuna be a Java

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for kumbhakarna then you had to have Kathy Romina and the B and two and the Navy having the last panel data within at a subpoena with the IRA or slot tosylamide and maybe it is up to them. And the Shaka Shafi Yannick Tabitha Bismillah, when hamdulillah was Salatu, Salam ala rasulillah had even added and he the other treatment I had multiple

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and he added to my list Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah think, you know, yeah, don't be mad gave to me. But if that be hamdulillah within Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Majid Allah subhanho wa Taala some solid, maybe some harsh attack

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will mean EBITDA. And the last panel was a bit smelly. What's the fatty? What do you learn as much as

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I love your summit? Yo man, yo, yo man.

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Yo yos above yeah carry you have a fun hacker.

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Nadie is me. Now the last kind of what I Dynegy tomorrow.

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When we add EBITDA earlier they

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were a polyp and a monkey experiment, Martine said that Makati Edmondson and he said, Yeah, Annie Yes, Allah subhanaw taala is no shake, and Yanni mahaska and Adam and Adam Allah homophily

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and the cable other laser found we're lucky and lucky animal added that there was a bit of Qiblah monkey and the die cut a slot for each other. When the couple Yeah,

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that's an OBJ Yeah, and if you don't have don't fit that magnet method and Allah homogenic nebia shmotkin Carnaby avantree de

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la murjani I said that, if you need an acid, rain kitco avantree either set up the lovefest

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as our last contact and maquila if you have a shot mobarak

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when Nick

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had to have ketamine and thus use the job we have the courage to send Mr. Jeff Hardy command and your as your code without further Mr. jubliee

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use the jabya had a big incentive to enter the eighth house and it was because Mr. Murphy estaba

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la Denise Egypt they had a drop limit insanely good another eight eight and he went to Asia.

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last panel Italia Asia big pf and what a lady and buddy Phil McCann under the gun by subhana wa tada used to Jeopardy I had the command imagine that a judge

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either had the Shamrock tablet software that would

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sure I didn't give it to my brothers and sisters. We're talking about that. And the etiquettes of the hat and the virtues of the hat. Allah subhanho wa Taala integral and says, we'll call it a bukem anything only SDG blackall. Allah says, Call me I should answer your call invoke me, I should answer your supplication. Allah loves to be called.

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Allah loves to be called a diet is a form of worship, like the Prophet said.

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What kind of a book can I need only inside? The Prophet says, narrated by Abu Allah, Allah becomes angry when you don't call upon him. When you don't invoke it, he becomes angry. SubhanAllah you know, if you ask something of me once or twice or three times, I may help you. But if you constantly keep coming to me and asking me, I may at some point tell you can't you look for somebody else? But Allah today when you stop calling him and invoking it, that's when a lot becomes angry Subhanallah that he loves to be called.

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He wants to answer your call.

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But there are certain etiquettes

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there are certain forms of giving of making that

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like raising your hand as the Prophet used to do. And it doesn't have to be congregation No, this is like you know, you and Allah just between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala the sun, you know, raising your hand facing the Qibla it's not a must but it's a

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Sooner facing the tablet, just like you're looking for in your phone you're looking for for a good signal, you know, the better the signal, the better the connection. Likewise when you are facing the Qibla you got a better connection.

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Chances are you will be answered and Sharma faster.

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Repeating the die three times. It's also certainly starting by praising Allah and glorify him saying Bismillah Alhamdulillah and then send in Salah upon the Prophet Mohammed as salaam alaikum wa Sunday Allah Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Ibrahim Ali, before asking your Tao before making your da

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and do not rush the Java don't haston for the for the for too old for your call to be answered. As the Prophet says, Allah will answer your call. As long as you do not have the jab, any rush it Someone may say I've made many times but I didn't. I didn't see no answer, then Allah will not answer your call.

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My brothers and sisters, if something is meant for you will lie nobody will take it from me. Of course the short.

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If that thing that you want is meant for you, you'll get if it is not meant for you will lay whatever happens if the entire world from ancient Egypt, they get together to help you but Allah does not want to help you, you will not be helped. If that thing is not meant for you, you won't get it. But if it's meant for you, you can go anywhere, anybody can come against you. But because it's meant for you because Allah said it is yours, you're going to have instant shopping time, at the right time.

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And also when you make it to have again Allaha call upon Allah, resting assured that Allah will answer your call. The Prophet says and

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does not answer a call from a doubtful heart. Someone who makes Danny says I don't think a lot would answer my call that

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if you have any doubt then allow me not answer your call.

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So, these are some of the etiquettes of making that but do you want me to share with you the best and the best deck

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if you know the best

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has that Ala Moana who What?

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Why the ticket, Cordelia sought to sell them hydrolytically Heigl decree La Ilaha Illa de la ilaha illallah wa dama de Alhamdulillah for either enter and hamdulillah convict the doubt Allah subhana wa tada

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala Halo. The Prophet says the best is an hamdulillah and the best Vicar is La ilaha illa Allah so in fact when you say and hamdulillah from the bottom of your heart, in fact you are making the best to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because Allah says what a shocker to me as he didn't come if you think me I should give you more. So what is do you want? please Allah thank you for all the blessings that God has blessed you with. And Allah has blessed us with so many things. Oftentimes we'll make up for things that we do not have but we forget what we have. We have a lot sometimes we ignore what we have. We have so much

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so thank Allah also for things that you have you seen the Aloha shirt lady lace Atlanta, one answer a lady Indiana well as your internet Kathy Kathy

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the robot universe was demanding that Kathy Menendez yellow pod together with it can only do what they can into the state and then a lot like a theme one nomadic theme, but though and yet public.

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Asked him call upon him to preserve what you have to preserve your faith to preserve your children to preserve your your your your health, to preserve your wealth, and then to increase some others

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and to another episode of rockier Ramadan 2013 I ask Allah subhana wa tada to accept your diet and displace at night and they say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.