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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he would come here to another episode of rakia Ramadan 2013 day 24

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must have been become a hot fee his Silsila acomodar Nia autodock ality to religion national Yama mushy Attila philleo awaba will mean Ramadan, they that Alhamdulillah issue

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my brothers and sisters

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welcome and today inshallah Tada, where as we're still enjoying and witnessing the final 10 days of Ramadan today's day 20 for the night of the 25th

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I'd like to talk about since we're still talking about the series, the pathways to jedna I'd like to talk about a very important pathway which the prophets used to do have a lot especially in this in this month of Ramadan, he is to increase from doing it, especially in this blessed month of Ramadan, this type of,

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of action, in fact, a lot of social has spoken about it in an in many, many, many areas. It is the the quality of generosity, the action of of giving, sadaqa and the and the and the quality of being generous. The Prophet Mohammed is of Sodom, used to be very generous, and especially in Ramadan, as reported in many Hadith

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kind of as you're done, as well, as with Maya kornfield Baba, he used to be so generous, but in the Ramadan he used to be even more generous. So I'm just gonna talk in a few minutes about the virtues of giving sadaqa especially in the month of Ramadan.

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Are you a hot model and the younger machete less of a corner holder as in a locality to agenda. So for the Kalam and Seville or Barak did the whole election ohada columella and houfy had it kathira Well, can you see anything yet? casilla What can you do fossati Sato Sam, can you ship boo Kathy? hollow hollow l column? hollow Al Quran

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was sadaqa sadaqa. Let you all heard about hub Kamakura salatu salam, a sadhaka ohada Baba came out to to have not come out at all. And Matt Oh, come on, Matt. I'm not

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either sister and aloha the bank. The sub duck. had that you had a Bank of Canada Satoshi D'Amico, no edge woodenness. Who were the NES food Phil column. What can what may a country Armada? It was set up to mean in washy manner. It is salatu salam wa Susana Shaka Ramadan Was he a work and had a shower and Mubarak and hamdulillah.

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After the loss of Hannah with the HANA

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Viki tabula Aziz, by the way, lemon a*aba Jean

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will enter Kofi sebelah

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minicabee at I had a common mode for your code a lot below that I have the Neela as your inquiry for Assad duck

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for a sub duck

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and they may actually insanity Hill mote

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the acquittal hola Omnia, Romania here are b arshia ne ne ne ne ne, ne, ne, ne for Salima de NT tube to read and to suddenly matter to lead

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panel that will happen either party for a sock for at

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least sadhaka from all that

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mean beanie. How do you know to lace up Hannah with the Hanawon would you see attic

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masani feed Hadith Is Buhari ma Zenit yeah and he have a karma como la mean Benny is a lot of headful Buhari,

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initiated bus receive a demat

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como como la Chan Vanessa either either.

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What the Hobi Bhima the South Dakota Yeah, you can

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certainly find it as often Allahu la wa Taala heljan

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Am I a

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for a solder cup? Silver brushed metal lucky luck to

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a son

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That's an adorable belay at the thought of opening the socket, a socket to my piano.

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So to sum it up cannot be shipped. It cannot be shipped to Somalia and you mantequilla almost stumbled onto something. It looks a bit funny.

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It cannot be shipped pitama

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to the local Yama, Yama

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lamotta kono shrimps for co hosts una de la Subhana Allah to Allah Subhan Allah said that you know whom Allah yo ma la la la la la la la la lovely trees medical yo yo man Tasha mean being a suburb of Atlanta sub duck.

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Yemeni hat Allah tala g man who and the Amina who katusa talks about low tech the hazama Pm to the local gentlemen babies sadaqa sadaqa to local gentlemen baby Santa Monica web feagin lassa lassa many web agenda there are many types of web when a kebab is Babel why yet it Hola Hola soy Mo. ohana kebabs Sokka

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mean Batman that from a lotta sadaqa you don't have like a Lowe's panel with

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Elizabeth Beth

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had if any

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of us would any onion foxfi sebelah Kenneth Lahu naka de la sala de la carpeta de la calidad de Soto Sam Lockerbie huseby Naka Phil Jana Nakata, Jana menza.

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Mohali a few Muslim

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jakobi haoma TMS mithuna

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Yeah, and if you call it oh la I'll be completed Hampton. Allah subhanho wa Taala you have them as a means to me to be as simple as Illa Illa Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala Hua

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Subhana Allah to Allah

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and Mohammed Subhana Allah to Allah. Al Karim Subhana hota Hannah has included a subpoena with a hat you'd laugh

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at his loss of Hannah Tyler hoodman Amalia him sacaton Tata Hello home what is the key

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to the key to Iraq, Iraq

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to clean up

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your cola

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what sources that may be that Yeah, be that un* un*

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and Tasha Fokker un* your query smell a smell laptop sleep for your seat Lakey. Let's see if we have silica and Isla de Cali Anna and Dr. colossian de la.

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Silla Alec, I need to read an

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article back to

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Islam. Yes, ma'am. In the subducting well, that obviously for your signal headachy.

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is Allah subhanho wa Taala and gentlemen, baby Saba my brothers and sisters, today's talk is about this pathway that will lead us to gender is the pathway of sadaqa.

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The pathway of sadaqa and it is a it's a it's an amazing huge door bath way to Gen. The profit are slim, as I said earlier, he used to be so generous especially in this bless of the month of Ramadan. He used to be so generous it's been reported that he was enjoyed them in a highly omit aggression was set up. He's used to be so any more generous than this then the blowing wind blowing wind, yeah, and he he meaning he used to be so fast in giving sadaqa especially in Armada so fast in giving sadaqa he wouldn't think twice, he would just go whenever there's an opportunity to give it would give sadaqa and he has a lot of center. And this upcoming brothers and sisters, you know the the the

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has many fruits, there are many fruits that you can so sort of like leverage off of and benefit from, by giving sadaqa one of the flutes is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the whole Flan of Allah, the regime at the mercy of Allah and His forgiveness, the forgiveness of Allah to you and we need forgiveness especially in this month. Remember the Hadith very very we're not headed the Hadith which is in Buhari but this woman who was even you know she was a prostitute. The only thing she did was she found a dog. And then she watered for the dogs. She went to the well. She brought that dog is a dog. She gave the cup to the dog. So she she brought him some water. The Prophet said

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it is awesome. Allah subhana wa Taala forgave her and made her enter Jenna. Just that just water in a dog. Allah subhanho wa Taala the drought and malaria the sadaqa my brothers and sisters will set off like expiate and war

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ward off the the the hearts

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That may be afflicted upon you. The SATA canal, it Ward's off, you know, hardships and and and, and maybe calamities that may be before on you throw that that charity that you have given also, that

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also will would save you from hipfire as the Prophet Mohammed our system says it cannot whether we should feel Hellfire, even if we have to, or do you have to give a half of a date as a charity is that's all you have have a date, or even that bone of a date, you need something that somebody can just suck on, you know, that's all you have, then give it a sadaqa feel Hellfire, the meaning that would that would refrain you from entering Hellfire, if that's all you have that half of a date, give it a sadaqa It will also shadow you in the day of judgment and other fruit of sadaqa it will put you under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala the very well known Hadith about the seven

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categories of people that will be put under the shade of Allah, the day when there is no shade except a shade

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amongst those seven categories, a person who used to give sadaqa he gives it Yeah, and he with his right so much so that his left does not know that his right has given sadaqa meaning that he is to give it secretly, but it does not mean you know in this hat at as it says secretive and this doesn't mean that you always have to give sadaqa you know,

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discreetly, you could definitely give it you know publicly to, you know, to encourage people from giving as well. And we have many many is in the call and talking about that.

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To political gentlemen bubble Sarika another thought is that South Africa will get you to enter agenda from the door of sadaqa from the gate of South Africa, there are eight gates in Jannah one of the gates is called the gate of sadaqa sadaqa. So you get to enter agenda from that door. But why because used to love to give charity and also Allah Subhana Allah to how that will increase your pleasure, you know, multi fold through the sadaqa multicoat to 700. To even more

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had it which is in a Buddha would had it reported by economist which is in Buhari and others when a man came with a who had a camel, and he says he had also like give it free sebelah the Prophet told him for that camel, you have 700 camels engine, the camel that you gave free sebelah you will have 700 camels in China, as a reward from Allah subhana wa tada

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will love you like if we give it a shot, like Abby has said it

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will allow you'll die for him and yet somehow with Allah, and Allah increases ourselves to whomever he wishes Subhana Allah, to whomever he wishes, so kinda, you know, so you you give $1 you will get 700 to even, you know, multi fault even like more or less panatela increases in terms of assets to whomever he wishes to. And so this is a must, in fact, you normalize even more.

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in Ramadan, it's even more you know, so imagine, you know, the sadaqa that you give, imagine if you were to

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help a person back that fast in December

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and even after I saw him in law, who was a who was a middle aged man, I mean it be done and your customer has the same shape. And after starting football slightly methylene like as a middle onion customer as a starting sheet, as well as a slightly

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you know, film about method.

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So, if you were to, let's say, Have somebody who's breaking these fast, and you you invite that person to break their fast are you going to give them money to buy food, so that they can break their fast? The Prophet says, you will get the Agile off that fast in person without decreasing anything from His Book of Records from his from his from his good deeds.

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It's odd in Ramadan

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as sadaqa tokyopop sadaqa extinguishes the the the Wrath of Allah the anger of Allah

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if you feel that Allah is angry with you, you've been making the house and your there has not been answered maybe because Allah is angry with you gifts

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and you will sing out loud with a good intention to enter agenda inshallah to Allah from the gate of sada

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the Prophet is to tell a smell, or a smell, give and don't count. Allah would count Do you want to count meaning? Don't say I gave yesterday so there's no I'm not gonna give a loss I already gave yesterday. He told us man give a don't count than Allah. Do you want Allah to say oh, I gave you yesterday. I said yesterday, I'm not gonna feed you today.

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That's what the Prophet told us map that allows that, you know, doing that business. We do. Do you want that? Don't say I've given that up.

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Today I gave the day before was it's enough

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for the profit don't don't do that give me Allah subhana wa tada have passed androgen in sha Allah enter us you know make us estrogen inshallah tada from the gate of a sadaqa and forgive our sins and an expiate the Mashallah to Hana and also save us from the punishment of Hellfire in this blessed month and shout Allahu Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Anastasia was one year from the dolphin that was a Latina was duck Syrian up and inshallah to Allah is an eminent mythos of the team. And that minimoto sada thing were you tryna agenda inshallah hotel me until another day of Brock you're another episode of rock Ramadan 2013 I say I said mid to late to Allah wa