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The transcript describes the loss of Muslim culture and the importance of forgiveness in bringing people back to Christ. It also highlights the return of the Conan movie and its impact on the return of the franchise. A man committed a sin is asked to forgive his servant, and a woman committed a sin is asked to apologize. The segment ends with a woman telling a woman to go to a store and pay for forgiveness.

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smell Edward Henry level salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum.

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wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alex Well, the outcome was almost a kind of

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a shopping

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mall. You probably have a Saturday mobarak mothers and sisters, I welcome you to another episode of bracket Ramadan. 2013. The 23 This is the night of the 24th of Ramadan 2013 day 23

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was talking about the pathways that will lead us to agenda we spoke about yesterday in fact, since we're Hamdulillah, witnessing these final 10 days of Ramadan, so, I started talking about the virtues of the last 10 days of Ramadan especially the evenings. And

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if you remember, the Hadeeth of Isha when she went to the Prophet Mohammed ideas of Sudan

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Oh prophet of Allah, what should I say in this final 10 days of Ramadan is there a special the hardware should say in the span of 10 years of Ramadan? The Prophet Mohammed is Sufism says or heisha say a lot of minica foods will affect one another. A lot may in the car forward to hip will have one factor and for Allah you have the oft forgiver You are the gardener

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and you love to pardon you love to forgive a lot

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for erase our sins.

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lesson that you believe for the fort Mojave so Amalia Ramadan Nia ality to Scribner election.

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I was in Oman

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when while

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the Messiah has had he was in Oman

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Elon Musk

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jasola has

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been ushered

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out of the Harley so to slim down all the above in the car for them to hit put back behind a lot make the car for winter hit with

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a loss of Hannah who would fall

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under the yoke for the German

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Germany that the

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SE ot wanna talk nothing but fortunately bedside

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manner a couple of months in the matsuya man what kind of brought them book medic, medic. Medic. He

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was awesome. She had in the early what the imminent leader of that unit later as he met and talked to me that a lot

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bla bla bla subhana wa Tada. Well,

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beaten big

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beaten Vic to condemn Allah subhanho wa Taala for in China who was working on the loss of Shanna ozada

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Hannah with her now hesitant fi she's definitely not working harder on him in Colombia

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and Beto with

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laptop Toby Helmick

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Jani, the American Amharic for coluna asik Baku una de de Carvalho Anna odo a 103 and had it a lady of Raja good Buhari minha DC baby boy yaku

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as never

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never ID then

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as the baptism kind

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of the feeling of the filly then be

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happy and then open up and you know, we're under the hook up and you know, yeah frozen boy who beat them

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to the

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mid level Robin way to beat them some

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some other

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supanova yeah and he does not want

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to be late and he said that the sun was

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number one

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We are

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be as

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as you may have.

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Slowly yes and

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then to follow and then the wall to follow.

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Beto betina

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bazooka Jani

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botman hula hula hoop

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Allah subhana wa tada Masha Allah, Allah

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Allah Allah another book deal for

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veto which it really means because it means that

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the stocks really matter to

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me ultimate answer

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to Mr.

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aloha Oh either

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min Margarita filled with enough to feed the wire out of the who said the Rena Amma Toba Miss to miss la EMA

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elaborate the Toba

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Stefan's video content we have stuff from a box of Hannah who tada yeah a bed in the

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field. Normal lady Well, first of all the Africa Cup. Allah subhanho wa Taala medic. Yep, good luck. Yeah a very

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heavy lady. One lady one

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for anti semitic

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Okay. Let's talk

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about loss of data

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and Muslim.

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half work

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fill in a Jena

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for either honestly no

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to Penny

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or killing them up okay.

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Well today for

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the Conan levena sofa Tata, kaboom. inshallah Tada. She had a Shafi Mubarak, my brothers and sisters.

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The hamlet of Harsha when she came to the Prophet Mohammed is also them saying, oh, is there any supplication that I could make? In this final 10 days of Allah? The Prophet Mohammed is awesome says yeah, he should say a lump in the California ship with FFF or ally of the forgiver You are the partner and you'd love to partner in love to forgive, or Allah forgive me, or Allah erase my sins and efforts with the harder brothers and sisters I'd like to keep on going on this topic of a level from Allah subhana wa tada especially in this parameter, there is

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no budget, bit of lust, whatever he's asked for, and he forgives all the sins, so do not my brothers and sisters do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala regardless of how huge your crime is, or your sin is the godless, you know, you may have committed crimes, or adultery or, or or stealing or whatever the crime is never the spirit of the mercy of a loss

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of loss of Hannah which is is I forgive all the sense in the light of the Nova journey, our journey, I mean, the sense of what to hide. All you have to do is tonight, come to us. Come to you come to them.

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Just admit your sense to him. You know, because these are the final days of Ramadan. You know, this is when the hammer comes down you know so come to Allah subhanho wa Taala with a broken heart and just just admit to Allah subhana wa Tada, talk to him in your heart, talk to Allah subhana wa tada you know, and and rest assured that Allah subhana wa tada wouldn't be happy, and he does not need a subtitle. But Allah subhanho wa Taala would be happy when we go back to him and and ask, you know, of him, so

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repent to him subhana wa Tada. And so I Buhari and Muslim Ababa and the rest is Hadith that the Prophet said that Allah says, A man has committed the sin. A man has committed the sin. And he he says what? It says Oh ALLAH forgive me. So Allah subhana wa tada says, My servant has, has realized that he hasn't Lord who forgives the sense. So he's asked me to forgive him

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and I shall forgive him. And then the same man committed a sin again. And we are all men. We are all men. We all commit sins day in and day out. So Pamela, with him being you know, so

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but Edwin alyssum Hello What happened was he just committed a sin again, maybe that another sin or so he came back and he said, Oh Allah, I committed a sin. Please forgive me. Allah subhana wa tada says, after the My servant has known that he has a lord who forgives sins, and I forgave him again. And then the third time, the same man again committed another sin. And he goes and he says, I'm like committed sin, Allah forgive me. And Allah subhana wa Tada, this is my son, my city, my slave surfer has committed the sin and he knows that Allah, he has the Lord will forgive the sin fernleaf and aptima and

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let my servant does whatever he wishes I have forgiven him. I have forgiven him this is in Bukhari and Muslim, I have forgiven him of lots of how Noah died, becomes not only you know, he comes to us to add to make us ask for forgiveness. But somehow he becomes so happy, happier, happier when a man invokes a lot, a lot of stupidity as you believe.

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You know, gives him what he wants. This is like even the, you know, the, the, the the sinner, sinner, non believer, you as you believe him what he wants, I don't want to hear him. But when the men read the prints to Allah, He defends and he asks the last panel with lessons. Yes, you believe that Baker Baker, do you believe Yes, you believe this has for him he

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or she did not give him what he wants yet. I'd love to hear him. I'd love to hear him last time it becomes so happy when a man calls upon him Subhan Allah tala unrepentant to him. So go to Allah subhana wa tada and speak to Allah and rest assured, the door of Toba is wide open.

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masala is the width as it's been reported in the Hadith between the East and the West.

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In another generation, the width of the door panels of Toba are in the distance of 70 years. So wouldn't you enter the door is open, wouldn't you enter?

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Allah has made that call or a baddie in a contact the owner Believe it or not, oh my servant, you commit sins day and night, and I forgive the unlight ask of me I shall forgive you. Come to me, I should accept you.

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Go to Allah and so on. But I have committed so many sins.

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I have nowhere else to go back to you on.

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What else can I go? Hold the doors have been closed before me.

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I have committed so many sins, and you know of them and I have made so many promises and they have broken them. But you are the Lord of the Lords, you are the giver. subhanak you have the eraser of the sins and you have you are the merciful somehow that you that

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you have merciful than me then my honor mother. You are more merciful. That means that my mother, you are more merciful to me that my mother my mother does not wish you hadn't done for me would you wish it for me and you are the hammer washer and you are the Most Merciful. So

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please go and talk to Allah please. In his final days. Please pay me amongst those will buy this so so be safe from fire. Make me amongst those who will buy this sword shall be saved from him fly. Go and tell him and cry before him said

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I would talk to him So, Tyler is everything that you have in your heart and speak to him Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. I have nobody else to ask but

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I have nowhere else to go but do you have for Allah please I'm looking at your book. For me I know your Lord is open. And here I am coming to you live please, please lead me

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to color my loss of

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the Quran Allah. Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala who will carry

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with Allah? Who would love a farm of fossil Shinola? Tyler,

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Tyler, and

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Tyler and Luigi

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and Heidi and Henderson and that's what they said and

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you know we'll see what

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they said at the federal level see what

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be said about bouquet? bouquet diamond.

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to mid

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that mean?

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A lot. It's tonight beat the night where our suicide be forgiven. Don't make the night until and unless you have forgiven our sins. Don't make the night until you have forgiven of our sins. Allah is what make us amongst those with by their hearts and their souls and their bodies are saved from fire.

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My brothers and sisters on another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013, I'd say as

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