Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 3

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Nothing Can Compare In Weight To The Name Of Allah

Daily Reminder Day 3 – Nothing can compare in weight to the name of Allah. When people have been brought to account for their deeds, each person will be given the book that contains the record of all his deeds. The believer will be given his book in his right hand, as a sign of honour. He will be the one who is saved and happy on the Day of Resurrection.


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Welcome to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017. day three, how to come out from above okay the Heroku mycelium, as your fasting been so far, it's already three days now from Amazon. And we're still talking about the series on how to implement the names of the last panel in our lives. We're still talking about the name of Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa.

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Our declaration of faith, you know, includes a one that is,

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you know, for somebody to become Muslim, he's got to say that

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there is a law, indicating it's all about getting from the names of advisors, but it is not considered as a declaration of faith. There is a heavy that you've got to say that

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you know, the day of judgment when a person will come, a person will come and stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this height is reported in Buhari.

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He will come and he will.

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last panel attended, we're bringing his Book of Records. And this Book of Records is as far as 99, scrolls, 99 scrolls, as far as the eye can see, all filled with bad deeds.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada, we tell the men, john, anything to expiate this all the bad deeds, the men would say, Okay, I have nothing. Do you have anything? Have you said anything? Have you got anything to drop any arguments about all this? And the men would say they have the app? No, no argument, it is all correct. I don't allow the stage of anything that will explain all that demand listed

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and lowest a button. And yes, you do. And then one small

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ID one small one aka either

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as the Prophet Mohammed says, there will be a small data in it. And then his beta will be put in, in a in a scale and then the 99 scrolls, which are like I said, you know, as far as the eye can see alternate with that these will be put into the other, you know, end of the scale. And then what would happen then the scale that has the hand that has the small ID, you know, will be so heavy than supply what is sort of all the 99 schools with lied in the air

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and what is written on that vitarka that

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will outweigh all the bad deeds was that meant hasn't been

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handled without me. I would love to again despite

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