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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The other is as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013 day 22 month haven't become a word. He had his Silsila on my head, he said out of Hama Barnea, a support ality to tune in agenda.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala engender we're an advocate of carbon that men are not

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my brothers and sisters. We're still an hamdulillah

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Whitney seen this these final 10 days of Ramadan

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today's day 22

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so we still have about eight days left from Ramadan. And I'd like to maybe talk today about what I have promised you know a little more

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maybe information and detail about the these final 10 nights, especially the night of the power later to cut Have you heard what the Xena had he Silsila abeba work with

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Nicola modo and follow

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up machete less of an ethical dilemma

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any held any further in head he la le come work to come in. And then so for the Columbia shaman autopsy hola museo Hello for that I am here. I work in Milan, Milan

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and Letty axolotl, we have film and when when they add in national well they had a national come up on a call with FSC Allah subhanho wa Taala de casa de la li la le de in

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Auckland Manila. So what Allah subhanho wa Taala when the authority and Allah subhana wa tada yeah and he has called her the

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leader for quite a while you have got her octoman Maha

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fistula so that caught up in ends of Navajo feel a little color

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when the law came a little

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later to carry high government official so that Muhammad Allah subhana wa feet enough says saw

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woman a delight come out a little cuddle, cuddle Lizzie and come upon him. He had he laid up Yeah, and he

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just had these

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you know shibutani

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ma ma ma ma ma Oh,

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he had the he worked in hoonah he had worked.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala method melodica enough we learn so faith is a wish we had he said that he that he can walk and

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an foolin sofa and yesterday Allah showed fee if he had a shop he had if he had to deal for learn uliana so far any Is it the

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method and what are the obit if you had to do freehand walk well, because again you will have care that you need to control Makati she had a real young lady to

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the so what Laila haven mean unofficial

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webmaster to like come on a little

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dish list at the Kingdom Hall when I came out of the LACMA he and a lot of other.

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Tennis is a good mother aka Nicola salami and in America, they're Cleo Yeoman a little cut of the corn either octoman either husafell saw what had little husafell

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yo Lila to Conan mother a calf either can yo that innocent and mela aka the con

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ox doesn't mean either did husafell

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to Tennessee little meta eco Sophie hub is near beam Oh who was even in

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gbd lemons 11 that there were federal hospital is a slum as well who handle a federal lawsuit.

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So my lemons is bad. When I can make the NZ feel a little cooler center when the tennis Dermalogica to waffle show. He believes

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they lead to a higher on mean official

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official Craven cannot say that. So many in Santa

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Anita so our method of picking this up. Now enter h o n th t 13 Center in

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the left hand center

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I'm happy to many not for the money, the money

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and fame all by me at Santa

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Ana cashed

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Yeah, and the N Fein were, though, I think set up to deliver testimony.

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Yeah, I'll find out about him yet. So, I'll fiddle about your work and Nikesh

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matino from Cincinnati

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colavita hace la ley de vida de la vida bus, Laila toccata Hyun min and Fisher highwomen Ramallah kakula

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it also leaked that he could lead us out in Canada or the US parents I did kalydeco and Nikita Otto Otto suddenly yeah and ultimately insider

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and either way that no answer could come up in the Tara teen center wanted to dig later to get unlucky a nice old lady Let's hang out with me Athena from seen center

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and you

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know, the cup the loss of Hannah Watada over kitchen and Pusha T less of Hannah hota Allah Fie Tikka Lila

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Walker indicated key has eaten me the last panel with Allah Yanni accelerated learning center

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they lead to the final mean official

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tennis Dermalogica come upon now what was Sofia

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no copy

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she believed yet another candidate

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Allah Salaam you'll see Salam Allina Allahu wa salatu salam on here.

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So let it show the lower right hand side apostle is also the other sola Keifa acaba de la le heavy Huneck the muscles of the concasseurs aquatopia la la

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la la Sato stem yoshua co de la Houma in the forward to hip with alpha fat forehead.

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Aloha lahoma in the foreword to him when I fought for an Academy degree had a few 100 a year and I feel normal been beheaded Ashley?

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Layla Takata kuno chemical Elisa Roja fee. Yeah, and he

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later You know what, I can see what the glasses are working

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with Ashley Okay, ma'am. And

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we're headed that way Sharon comes away she won't notice our issue.

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What I can Can I have it? It's awesome. Can I get Kulash?

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Yes. And the fee in the IT calf? And as the market value of the Korean Sani huaca in the song.

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Philosophy our Chi Masami

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for inshallah tada tylo Bina and if you had the latia or Mata Mata camino Matan, he

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had natural law. That's the federal law, not the law.

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Not many of you call without a shadow of the law, the Messiah and maybe SummerSlam said at the end of the half you had to do I don't call it a llama in the car for

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my brothers and sisters.

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As loss of Han Allah to Allah has swore into and by the last 10 nights, while while they are in Arusha,

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Allah subhana wa tada insalata has, you know mentioned the 10 nights the interpretation of the 10 nights here are the less than nights of Ramadan according to the interpretations of the fasciae of Nicosia and others.

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So important. And in this final 10 nights, or 10 days, remember that there is one night equivalent to

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relay that is equivalent to 1000 months, one night equivalent to 1000 months.

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Lila wahida

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1000 months it's about 83 or 84 years. So imagine if you were to stand up the night of the power ladies of Qatar, which could be in the as reported by the prophet Mohammed I saw sit up on the odd odd 10 days of Ramadan. Last 10 days of Ramadan. Not necessarily the the end of the night The only the 27th but in the last in the odd odd nights of the less than nights of Ramadan, meaning the 21st 23rd 25th 27th and 29th

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and it's been also reported that it changes in light of the power changes. if let's say DC comes on the 21st

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next year it may come on the 23rd or the 25th

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So it just does changes. And this is why the Prophet used to wake up and make it a tick off the front of 10 days of Ramadan.

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So imagine, you know, this talk about night, the night of the power, which could be tonight,

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the night of the 23rd

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you live, let's say, you know, let's say for the past 30 years, you've been waking up and praying pm in the night of the power 30 years times at let's say 2400 a month. of a better Yeah, as if you lived 250 years that say

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250 years, praying, the last panel making that

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this oma is a blessing. omala is home of the Prophet Mohammed is such a very blessing oma, look, one night, if you were to be amongst those who witness that night and pray that night, and make that night is if as if you've been praying for let's say 83 or 8484 years, if you've been doing that, let's say 30 years, times 80. That's 2400

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as the Prophet Mohammed also sent me a lawsuit Allah, is it any specific data could do in this final 10 days? He said, Yes, say, oh, Allah, in the fool you are, you are the forgiver You are the one who faces the sense

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that a fool is the one who sort of wipes out your sins in the government to him Well, he loves to forgive. You love to forgive, we all commit sins. But Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala, he loves to forgive. That's why he called himself the forgiven. That's why he called himself.

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That's why he called himself alpha. That's why he called himself an iPhone. And that's why he called himself at the web, because he loves to forgive.

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So he told how he should say, Oh Allah, you are the oft for giver and you love to forgive, so forgive me.

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And who's this? Hi Asia,

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Asia, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah and the Prophet used to say this as well.

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So let us inshallah tada revive this Doha revive the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed as I said, in this final 10 days of Ramadan, Allah knows Allah knows whether we're going to live the next year to witness Allah Allah only knows maybe not

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only Allah knows

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where they're going to survive or live or witness another year or another Ramadan. So we might as well take advantage of the Power of Now the power of the moment and live and enjoy this final 10 days of Ramadan. In fact, eight days now and try to make as much Doha as you can as much as default as you can as much thicker as much as many goodies as you can as much as you can. In this final 10 days of Ramadan. If one fit Allah Allah, Allah Yeah, and then we had so fernet ish in a synonym what the Buddha had. Yeah, I mean it couldn't mean the little cutter amin Allah Ramadan

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man Yeah, I live in exofit Ah, in a cinema Be that as a special Ramadan

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that had you had the Delica How do you?

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How do you force a hammer?

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If any man if any man can

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lead to Asia, in a similar mafia, if that's what you just said that must be that.

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Take advantage nobles and sisters, all these final moments of Ramadan. Ramadan is into his final breath. Very soon he's going to be

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taking advantage my brothers and sisters. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to practice and to convey and for another another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013. I say? I said I'm running late.