Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #10 – Cheerful Countenance and Smiling

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Of the characteristics of the believer is that he is always of cheerful countenance. Abdullah b. al-Ḥārith said, “I never saw anyone smile more than the Prophet (SAW),” and Jarīr b. Abdullah remarked, “I never saw the Prophet (SAW) except that he smiled when he saw me.”And our Prophet (SAW) encouraged us to be charitable with our smiles, and said that every smile is counted as an act of worship that we shall be rewarded for. As well, the Prophet (SAW) would regularly laugh (although his laughter was always dignified and just a step more than a smile), and even crack jokes and pull pranks. So the believer is cheerful, and brings cheer to other people – in contrast to some religious folks who seem to think that scowling at people is somehow a mark of religiosity! Smile, it’s Sunnah 😀!

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We'll learn hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah early he was so happy woman Oh my God, forgive me I have a sore throat. So I'll be speaking a little bit softly today. Today's characteristic of the believer is a very beautiful one and in sha Allah, Allah, it will bring a smile to all of your faces, because that is the characteristic I'll be talking about. Smiling, having a positive countenance, always having a cheerful attitude. God given Abdullah had virtually one of the unsolved, he said, and he's living in Medina. So he's coming to the mystery of every single day. He said, I never visited or saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, except that he

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smiled when he saw me. Every single time the smile was there. Abdullah and in Hadith, another on Saudi, he said, I never saw anybody smile more than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I never saw anybody smiling more than a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when one of the Sahaba described him, he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was but salmon Buchalka but some always smiling biohack always in laughing of good mood. So he's describing the Prophet system has always been of cheerful countenance. And this act of smiling is something that our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam advised the righteous to do, he told us to be amongst those who are smiling, he said,

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lie to Iran nominal malroux Fishy and never trivialize any good deed. Even if you meet your brother with a smiling face. Allah will count that as a good deed. And he said In another Hadith of Asuka Lika sadaqa, smiling when you see your brother is a type of sadaqa that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will reward you for so to be of cheerful countenance of Allah Allah. I have to say sometimes sometimes, some people when they become religious, they are the most frowning and scowling of people. I don't know why. And which sunnah books are they reading? I don't know. Like religiosity is supposed to cheer you up. Religiosity is supposed to make you a smiling person as our Prophet system was anybody

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who's religious and he's always counting. I don't know what he's getting this from. It's not from the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, he had he even psychologist by the wayside point, even Edmund Nuff said psychologists they say that smiling reduces blood pressure. It makes you more cheerful. In fact, smiling is contagious. You know, they have these studies that they do psychiatrists and they have so much time on their hands. They do these amazing studies with a random person walks into a room, everybody is told to be in a cheerful mood. That random person will be calm, cheerful and happy. Opposite if a random person walks into a room and they've been told in

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the room, the setup is there to be scowling. Lo and behold, that person that walks in also gets a bad attitude. So Subhanallah smiling is contagious. When you smile, you cheer yourself up, and you cheer other people up as well. Not just this, our prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah he was setting up would also frequently laugh, and his laughter was smiling. Hadith and Timothy says that his lahic was Dubba. Summa Margaritaville, so some Palko Electabuzz Summa the meaning here that his laughter It was when you smile and then the smiling becomes laugh, right? So that's the laughter that he would do. So just to be technical here. Our profit system never we send English cackled, right? The

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laughter that is very loud that comes from the belly. He never did that. That was not his laughter, his laughter with when you smile, the smile becomes more it naturally erupts into a laughter That is the dignified laughter our profit system would also frequently laugh, and sometimes the laughing would be that his mouth would open so that they could see his premolar and that was once in a while he would do that. And the Sahaba said we would sit after Slaton Fajr every day. And after a while people began talking and they would mention the jokes of Joe Haley the poetry of Joe Helia the antics of Joe Hillier, and the process of would listen and he would smile and laugh with them.

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So even to be laughing and to have a cheerful attitude, it is a part of the Sunnah. In fact, we also know that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself would actually make funny statements, jokes, and his jokes were the cleanest and the purest and the most accurate. None of his jokes contained any evil, any derogatory, any type of insult, all of his whatever he said, was the truth, the highest level of bringing laughter, he would do this. And in fact, he said, in authentic hadith, he said, that I crack jokes. And when I speak, it is the truth. Even my jokes have the truth in them. So there are booklets that have compiled the laughter and the joking of the prophets of

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Saddam, generally speaking, when he would crack a joke within English, it would really be a play on words, really, because he has to speak the truth. So whatever he says, it has to be technically true. So pretty much all of his jokes, they are a play on Arabic words, problem is their Arabic words, when you're translated to English, you kind of sort of lose the joke. You all know, for example, the famous one, this one is not so you understand this one that the old lady that came and asked that he saw, she started the process and make dua that Allah causing me to enter agenda. So the President said, Oh, I'm not Allah or servant of Allah. Don't you know, all ladies, don't enter

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Jannah right. So she became worried what am I going to do? Then the President said, the old ladies don't know to Jana, Allah will transform you into a young lady and you will be at your prime then you will enter Jannah This is factually true. All ladies do not enter agenda. So this is a joke that made her laugh at the unhappy extra happy, right? And the famous incident as well that a lady came to the process and said O Messenger of Allah, my husband and I want to invite you for a feast at our house, right? So she he said to her, which one is your husband? Oh, the one that has by altfi I need in Arabic. Generally speaking whiteness of the eye means he has a deformity of the eye a sickness of

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the eye, but literally it means whiteness of the eye. So though you said no, no, that's not my husband. The president. No, no, that is your I know your husband is the one that has the whiteness in the eye. She said once again. No, no, my husband has no whiteness. Then she he says that Oh, Matala doesn't every single person have a whiteness in their eye meaning Yes, I'm going to come to your house it's just a joke that he's giving like this right again in the Arabic You call a baby camo What to do now call? Well I do not call me is the child of a camel. That's what you call the baby camel. What do Unaka so a man comes in says I wants to go on an expedition. The provinces? I

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don't have a camel. But I do. He said I only have a Willa do not go to give you and I want to do not because the baby camel. So the man said yeah. Rasulullah What will I do with a baby camel. So the provinces that said isn't every camel, the baby of another camel. So basically, it's a pun on words, right? He's cheering them up in this manner by just cracking it hello joke. And by the way, even what we will call pranks that are not hurting feelings. These are something that is good to do as well. There was a person by the name of Zaha and he would come from the body and he would buy and sell and he would go back to his his Bedouin and he would every time come he would give the Profit

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System. He was a joker, he was a prankster, he would always do funny things and he would give the process and there was a very good friendship with them. So once the process and went to the marketplace and he saw Zara here who is selling some merchandise, so without telling Zara here, the Profit System went behind Zara here and surprised him held him from the back like this. And he started shouting in the marketplace who is going to purchase this object from me who's going to purchase this outfit from me, you know, I've done a double meaning Abdullah and the means of course the slave right. So as I was like, who's doing this, like, what is going on? I'm not an I'm a free

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man. Then he sees the process and he goes, then he slumped. He wanted his body to touch the body of the Profit System as much as he could. And he said he had a suit Allah, if you want to sell me you're not gonna get a good price. Nobody's gonna want to buy me. So the prophets have said no Allah He you are Holly in the eyes of Allah, you are priceless. In the eyes of Allah. This is what we would call a practical, you know, prank, right? And the process is doing this to bring happiness. How do you think xiety felt? How do you think he felt that the Prophet system is teasing him in this Halal manner. By the way, we have to be careful here any type of practical, you know, joke or prank

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that we do. It cannot be hurting somebody's feelings, and it cannot be derogatory and that cannot bring about fear had eaten to the myth that a group of Sahaba were traveling and some youngsters amongst them, they pulled a prank on one of their friends. And they took all of his armor and his spears and they hit it and the mat and there was the battle the next day, right? So he woke up he has no armors and he has no spears. He has no you know nothing. And he's like what's gonna happen? I'm gonna do it and they're all laughing and the process that was going on. They said, Don't worry, Ursula. It was just a joke that we did. So then the prophets have said it is not allowed to

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introduce fear to the heart of a believer you want to

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Far right this was a practical joke that went too far. The guy became terrified like he's doesn't have the battle you know the stuff so that you have to be careful here that you don't go too far. Bottom line and that is a part of the cloud of the believer is to be good spirited, to be happy to give the happy countenance to smile when you see people to laugh in a halal manner and joke in a halal manner, to not be of a severe countenance always scowling. That's not from the Sunnah. That's not from the lack of the believer final incident and it's a beautiful incident Subhanallah it's one that really we should think long and hard about an ester nomadic describes the last days of our

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prophets, Allah Allahu Allah He was selling and you know that he was sick for one week. And Abu Bakr Sadiq was leading the Salah, and rumors began to spread that this might be it. Rumors began to spread the colors this is it. So there was very much fear, very much terrified. This is going to be bad news coming and of course it was going to be coming. But the very last like Sunday the process and passed away Monday, the very last Sunday that one day before he passed away when they were in Salah Tunisia. And so the medics that were bucker was leading and the Prophet system, opened the curtain. They hadn't seen him for a week.

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They opened the curtain and he said we saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam smiling. It was the fitna for us. He said we almost broke our salah. We couldn't bear our happiness. We saw him smiling at us. It was as if it was the moon we saw it we couldn't from the Farah we almost broke our Salah and I will worker continued and finished off and then the Profit System gave a shout a stay where you are. He lowered the curtain. And as soon as Malik said that was the last we saw the profits of Saddam smiling upon the OMA as they said their Salah that was his farewell to them. So do your brothers, your sisters smile when you see your brother's Be happy, be cheerful. This is a part of the Sunnah

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and everyday a flock of the believers Shala will continue tomorrow said I want you to live with

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