Reflections Ramadan 2023 #02 – Indeed the Day of Judgement is the appointed time for them all

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a reflection on the Day of Judgment, during which the foremost title of the title is the Day of Justice. The reflection highlights the importance of the Day of Justice as a time for everyone to have a chance to test their actions and receive compensation. The reflection also highlights the need for everyone to have a chance to participate in a lifetime of deeds.
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salaam on Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. And welcome back to another reflection. Today's affliction is on a very important verse of Surah to the Han, chapter number 44 and the verse is number four in which the Almighty Allah says, in all men and falsely me a call to whom I didn't I

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and deserves means indeed, yeah, well firstly, the day of judgment and this is one of the many names that the Almighty Allah described the Day of Judgment with in the Quran. So sometimes he called it Yama first such as in Surah to the Han and in surah Tina, as well as in Surah T mo Salah in which Allah Almighty says OMA at the Rock AMA, Yama will foster why you know Yama Edelen, mocha Debian, and what will make you know, about the day of judgment on the day wo two and merkezi been woe to those who rejected the messages of the messengers and they refuse to believe in the Oneness of Allah Enamul foster care anime kata insalata Nether indeed the day of alphas, the end the day of judgment

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is an appointment time for all of them is an appointed time for all of them.

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So here enamel firstly me to whom I remain

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there is an area second area in security model in which Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear for all of us that we were born and we live in this life then eventually we will die to be resurrected to be accounted so says hola the hola calm mouth I will hire Talia beluga calm or you can accent or Annaleigh Wahoo and has his or four. Blessed be the one who created death and life interesting as that live should be mentioned before death. But here in the IRA Allah said, He created death or life in order to test you, all of you which one of you is best respect of deeds.

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So here he mentioned l Maota. Which is death before are higher, to emphasize the fact that as long as you've been created, you have a beginning soon you would have an end, even the most beloved to the Almighty Allah Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he declared his death to him when he was still alive. He said in the camera you tune in on my Youtube.

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Certainly you will die and certainly day to your opponents will die then you will dispute on the Day of Judgment. So my inner Camilla Malkia, Murthy and Darby conduct of Simone.

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So you're more forceful. The Day of Judgment is such a horrible day.

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Such a day of terror and fear. The length of this day is as the Almighty Allah stated in Surah Madej Tao will remain meta ICA tomorrow how will you feel me Ken?

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Ham see you. First Santa 50,000 Years of Our Time

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50,000 years of our time will be equal to the one single day which is the Day of Judgment.

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One single sunrise and one single, sunset 50,000 years. That's why he was given names reflecting the horror and the fear of the day. Why? Because there is a day on which every one will get paid and compensated with absolute justice.

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No one will be wrong and odd. A person may have done lots of good deeds, but meanwhile he has ruined all his good deeds and wasted them through hurting others, the human rights. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Do you guys know who is the real bankrupt when they say the one who doesn't have money? The one who filed for bankruptcy said no. The real bankrupt is the one who comes on the Day of Judgment with mountains of good deeds, weather of worship, prayers, fasting charity, but meanwhile yours, violated Laura have the rights of others, hurt and others hurting their feeding, insulting them, cursing them, killing causing bloodshed. So each one of them will come on the day of

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our first day of judgment, asking for the rights until his good deeds will vanish. Then the Almighty Allah the most just will order the angels to take out of their bad deeds, and to cash them on him in order to compensate them for that medallion. And eventually, the person will be ruined and will end up in hellfire. So this is a reminder from the Almighty Allah. After he listed before I saw what happened with previous nations and their prophets. And he said by the end, the lifespan of interviews is like a drop in an ocean compared to that one single day which is young woman Faust, where people will be judged recon, then we'll be sorted out either to Jana, or that will be to

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hellfire. May the Almighty Allah Gantos Alpha there was an agenda and make us all eligible to be saved on the Day ceremony.