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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he will come in to another episode of rockier Ramadan 2013 day 21

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must haven't become a hot fee how he sees lava Madani and mobile aka

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ality to Edina in agenda are ready to throw it agenda.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and the edge island that means an agenda

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that may not be fully had a savvy and mobile akin to Hana.

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Brothers and sisters.

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We're still talking about the pathways that will lead us to agenda. We're today's day 21 and I've mentioned yesterday a little bit about the as we are launching these new or in fact, these final 10 nights of Ramadan, the final 10 days of Ramadan. So inshallah I'll be talking more about those 10 nights or the virtues of These Nights.

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In a future episode, I'd like to talk today about a very important element or pathway to Zen which is a torquil Allah

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which is the putting your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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are you and what could not have been very high on the benefi bothered further in the hashtag

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Yom Yom wider actually mean Ramadan

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further in worship

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I was in Milan so far the tequila mahana tops in shallow to Ana de la haka. Well it can be mushy it less of a dilemma and palate directly the whole agenda was Sabine. Aha, Allahu Akbar could have Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala shampoo Muto ki

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ye that has mTOR for either has mTOR for dokan

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right there hasn't been a federal law in the law Have you hit boom Auto Key so well. And the lesson handouts in your head book he made that Yeah, and that what color alley Hakata aqui na caffeic Veneto what could what could another ethical limited to work with an advocate the man at work will Allah

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Anak Yanni de como esta la Suma will

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be YG with the call era

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where GPU hi them and I met a lobby for Intel walkie and that's what they did for that method and now you're either yeah I'll be I'll be on the

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other end but yeah Who were you studying some loss of Hannah Hannah be Mata NZ with masa

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either who aqui but they manage to hit by the mosquitoes to Morocco Dr. Abbey

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and I just wish they had you ever in the Allah and Jeffrey has led

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to a question

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is our monitor

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What are we gotta get the web.

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The web? Well, they can have the devil as a chef he who Allah enter and I will be initially at 100 there will be a token and a leak of Bobby, Bobby and Bobby and Tommy will pollute and otaku

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and after that the work will be issued as a sheaf at the door

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It's been a while with the working in the hospital as a celebrity.

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You have a sola and you're not only endo Chroma Camila Shima O'Shea yellow Salama Hell, I took her up in a

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woodlot atoka token Allah, Allah Allah, Allah What have we don't have any atoka token Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Allah Elisa to slim Yeah, but pin her with Allah.

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caffeine unless you're far from

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your home you have phenomenal Alma stackable what can the mostakbal be at him

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are like in collusion?

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collusion in de la Allahu Allah subhana wa tada

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with equal to shake Subhanallah

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omega tequila Hajj Maharaja. Welcome in Hazel. As it was.

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Mija what can Allah for wescoe

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Malik ainda Ibrahim Ali Salaam, Mo Mo Fifi knob.

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Ebrahim la hija hadden Malik is Alibaba him

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quite an intercooler we're lacking in Bella Hina and the list of he has a ilica you have Malik and then he has a Lola has to be Allah lucky. shift has to be Allah, Allah wa has to be

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one yeah and when working and that what could I really

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hope you feel that Caterpillar In the latter case you can enter the honey bee shake

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up shake lemonade the hula will let the other hola and let the Yoshi who Allah will let you meet who Allah has to be a lot when the I met

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my brothers and sisters this pathway that will lead us to

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the pathway of putting your trust in Allah subhana wa tada A

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lot of people have a problem in fact about this concept, fearing the future

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the future is not under your control.

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The future is in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada This does not mean that you should stay set and do nothing good is measured under spreads a lot give me alone not give you unless you pray and as you make an effort and as you work and then you ask Allah subhana wa tada for the help. That is the yeah the the most sort of meaning of, of the work of delegating your affairs to Allah.

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You can just stay home for instance, and you're not paying my bills, your bills won't get paid. You have to go and work

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and make an effort and ask Allah Subhana Allah data to help you

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guys I'm Isaiah when you you know you, you, you, you're about to make a decision, let's say about something

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but the what can Allah put your trust in Allah after you make all your efforts and your studies and making sure that you know after the nada sees that, okay, this is the right thing to do or this is not the right thing not to do. Then after that, what should you do? Put your trust in Allah. And Allah says in Malaya, hibben Motoki, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.

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Nothing can harm you. If Allah does not want to harm you.

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Nothing can benefit you If Allah does not want to benefit you.

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If everything is under the hands and the control of Allah,

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put your trust in him and let him take care of

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you worried about the future.

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You're worried about things that may not even happen.

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But if you were to put your trust in Allah,

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go into a doctor he gives you a medicine. The doctor does not give Shiva it is allow give Shiva it is allow gives the cure. But your responsibility is to walk and make an effort you go to a doctor he gives you a prescription you take that prescription

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but put your trust in the Lord of that prescription.

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Well, Allah You're the one who can make shifa in this prescription Bismillah edit.

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But putting your trust in like this is the real meaning of democracy. When that man came to the Prophet, the other sort of like, should I tie my camel or should I just leave it and put my trust in Allah, Allah will take care of it. Should they like my car, or should just leave it and put my trust in Allah? The Prophet says, No, luck, it Danny tight, tie that camel and put your trust in Allah.

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This is what it really means. For you know, that he gets in there. First of all, when the prophet SAW these men always in the measured brains. It's interesting, good man, but who was working for him was supporting him. That's a habit said his brother in law school of law. He works and he supports him.

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The Prophet says his brother is better than him.

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He works

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and he provides for his brother.

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When the NGO came to him and he said Mr. Ibrahim, Do you need any help from us? This is the brain with who was before he was thrown into the fire engine came to him. Can I help you imagine an angel coming to you can I help you? You brought him said

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from you. I don't need no help. But from Allah yes has to be alone. Amen. workI Allah is sufficient for me.

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The best of working the ultimate trustee. He is the

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Ultimate trustee Allah, I'm putting my trust in him.

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Why should I fear anything if Allah, everything is under his control.

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Nobody can benefit you as Allah does not want to benefit you and nobody can harm you if Allah does not want to harm you. Or Maya tequila de la Marzocco, Heckman heights today I want to talk Corolla.

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Whosoever puts his trust in Allah and less efficient for him

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is an easy way. As a lot of people claim that yes, I'm putting my trust in Allah. But are you really putting his trust

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easy way to Andrews online shop

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and easy way to earn the love of Allah, as the law says in the light heaven, the turkey and one of those delegate affairs on him.

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And to another episode of Aki Ramadan, 2013. I say I select money.