Ali Albarghouthi – Ramadan is Something Else

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The culture of culture at Iran is centered around fasting and gives a focus on eating and drinking. The restrictions and oriented allowed during the month ofusually fasting, including not going out or doing certain things while in a certain state. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being open-minded and forgiving, and offers guidance on how to plan for the month of Brah. The importance of being prepared for a busy month is also emphasized, and a donation opportunity is offered for those who accept the offer.
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One of the greatest preparations for the month of Ramadan

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is to be excited about it

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and receive it with a renewed intention and commitment, not a lukewarm reception. I fasted the last year and the year before and so this year is going to be another year and another month of fasting.

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But in fact,

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a regeneration

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of commitment and excitement in fact, for the reception of this month based on all that we know and all that we want from it.

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And Rasul Allah, Allah Alayhi Salatu was Salam in the Hadith. He said a talcum shahada Ramadan Asha Hora Mobarak

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is that the month of Ramadan has arrived, it's a blessed month.

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He was preparing, announcing the site to the Sahaba that this is something special that has just come your way.

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And so you should receive it differently.

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You should be motivated, you should be happy, you should ponder all of these things to be excited about it.

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Not with indifference.

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But with

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It's a month of Baraka. When you think about it,

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unlike any other month, in the year,

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offering what is not offered in any other month in the year.

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You will be surrounded with Baraka, everything that you will do

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your food,

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your effort, your work, your liquor, your do, all of it will be blessed.

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You will be swimming in Baraka.

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And so you say to yourself Subhanallah this is something unlike any other time.

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He said Alia Salatu was Salam fee healing electron how you Rahman Al Fisher in it, there is a night that is better than 1000 months.

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That's that's something extraordinary.

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And to reflect how extraordinary the month is, Allah azza wa jal puts you in a state of being that is unlike the rest of the year,

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where you can eat you can drink

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can be intimate during daytime.

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And you may look at these things as restrictions, limitations

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in convenient

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But in fact, if you really think all of them, you will understand that you are being honored through all of this.

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See, when you go to Hajj and you go to camera, you understand that once you take a step inside Mecca and Medina, your inner sacred special space, right.

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And so there are certain things that are allowed outside, but in there, they're not allowed. And if you were to do them, the sin will be doubled.

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And that is the sanctity of the place reflected in the commands and prohibitions. And if you enter into a state of Iran, a prohibitive state, you understand that there are certain things that you cannot do and there are certain things that you have to do.

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And you could look at all of this as restrictions but he also could look at them as I'm being honored because now I'm getting closer to Allah azza wa jal and when you get closer to Allah, certain things that you need to do a little bit different. You're being selected. If Lana alayka take off your shoes. Why, in Nikka Ville Where did mocha see to where you are in the Sacred Valley, Toba? He said that subhanho wa taala. to Musa now you're in the presence of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala certain things are not to be done a certain things have to be done. So when Allah raises you up to him SubhanaHu wa to add and offers you opportunities to be close, that needs to be reflected in how you will live, how you behave in a state of being that is different, unlike any other time of the year. And just consider anything important in this life. If you're to meet somebody who is really important, extra special. There are some procedures that you'd have to take before you arrive or when you arrive when you meet them when you leave. And these things are in a sense restrictions, but you don't mind them, you will happily do them because they will afford you

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the opportunity to talk to so and so to be in the presence of so and so. Those these are not restrictions, they are privileges.

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You are being privileged by entering into that state.

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And so in the month of Ramadan when Allah says you don't eat, you don't drink you don't do this, you don't do that. Urine say is going to be difficult. That's going to be a little bit hard that's going to take some time to get used to and when will I sleep and when will I wake up? You know that any discomfort yet you will find in the month of Ramadan is jihad.

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And because it's jihad, Allah rewards you for every minute and second of trouble that you will take on for his sake.

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If you think about it, then you will say I welcome any trouble for the sake of Allah Zoda let it come.

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Let it come.

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Because Allah azza wa jal will soon take it away. And you can experience sweetness in that trouble when you know Allah is pleased with you.

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Because you are experiencing that pain, that discomfort that agitation for his sake subhanho wa taala.

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But it's a different state.

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And that is reflected in how much Allah xojo rewards you.

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So he said la salatu salam, O even Oh no, before we even come to that, before we even come to that.

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The change is not a change with you only

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is a change in the entire universe that takes place in perceptive to all of us but Allah azza wa jal told us about it through his prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. If there can be a word who lay you let him in Ramadan when it's the first night of Ramadan. Put he had a word with Santa or wholecut Available now I also feel that most of the two Shayateen he says when it's the first night of Ramadan, all the gates of heaven will open and all the gates of hellfire will be closed and the devils or the rebellious devils will be chained.

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There's something happening in this universe that alters it in ways that you do not see but you could sense you could feel so Allah as the real is telling you this is a very special time that you're going to come into.

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Imagine a time when the gates of heaven are open, and gates of hellfire all closed, and your fiercest enemy the one who whispers constantly in your mind and heart is weakened. This is everything that you want from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it's right there in that month.

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And he said Allah He is Salatu was Salam.

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Well, you know the Mona Dion yerba Lehel Haley, aka Bella Bella, your Cherie oxidants and there's a caller the first night you will say, Oh seeker righteousness COMM And Oh seeker of evil stop.

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And he also said Annie is Salatu was Salam

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with the hidden Muslim me, fee could Leo mean Why don't you let him do our own law?

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He says every Muslim every day and every night has an accepted supplication in it. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah He continued in the Hadith, Allah subhanho wa Taala frees people from hellfire every single day in it.

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So everything that you and I want from this life is in the month of Ramadan waiting for you. Why would you not be excited about the possibility of all of your sins going away? All of them

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and the possibility that Allah will elevate you, and accept you so you will enter heaven and if you enter Heaven, you will be happy a happiness where there is no misery after.

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Why not be excited about the possibility of do being accepted twice?

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Every single day and night

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by the possibility that Allah who will look at you

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Struggling with fasting striving to pray striving to fast urging your family recommending good staying away from evil. And he sees that from you in the month of Ramadan and he says you are free from hellfire.

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There is no pain, there is no fear there is no agony for you've been accepted.

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You've been elevated you've been brought close to Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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So is this not something to be excited about?

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Not something to talk to yourself about and say is this going to be simply just like any other month or any other year or any other Ramadan? Or should I not

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grow in zeal and enthusiasm and commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala and say, this month is going to be by the will of Allah very special.

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It's reflected its uniqueness is reflected in what Allah azza wa jal acts asks of you.

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And how he rewards you and how he protects you subhanho wa Taala

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how he rewards you

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could look up Amelie beneath them Allah has to be actually unfairly her elicit AMI effing Illa song for in the Julio and Zb. He said earlier Salatu was Salam that Allah azza wa jal said, all the deeds or the actions or the good deeds of the child of Adam are his. They are to be multiplied 10 times into 700 times, except for fasting it is done for me and I will reward it

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to enter in really in a deed

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in a month in an activity unlike anything else, and he subhanho wa Taala reserved the reward for him he didn't announce how much

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it does not fit those calculations of 10 and 700. It goes beyond it.

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The profit that is Salatu was Salam said in in the other Hadith, there's nothing equal to fasting.

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So you could be when you enter that first day and that first night of Ramadan, you're doing something special special to Allah azza wa jal very dear to him subhanho wa Taala even the smell that comes out of your mouth, Allah azza wa jal loves it. So think about how much he would love you

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and how much he is bringing you close to him and how much he is giving you.

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If he just loves the smell that comes out of your mouth.

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It really affords you an opportunity to be so close to him subhanho wa Taala

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that cannot be missed.

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cannot be ignored.

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Min hurry Maha Raha could hurt him. He says if you are denied

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the virtue of later Takada, you've denied yourself.

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You've stepped back.

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You did not push. You weren't excited. You didn't put the effort. You didn't think about what Allah is giving to you. And so you wasted it. And Allah doesn't want you to wasted Allah. That's why Allah opens all of the gates of heaven for you.

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And that is an open invitation, seeker of righteousness, seeker of forgiveness, the one who's running away from the misery of this world,

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the one who has been battered with fear and anxiety and depression and sadness and worry about everything, a worry that never ends, the one who had been suffering,

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the one who had been victimized by sin and addiction, the one who needs something from Allah xuejun and every single person is in need of Allah azza wa jal, you are aware of some of these needs right now. If someone were to ask you, what do you want now? What are you suffering from now? You are aware of some of these needs and we're not aware of so many other needs that we have Yet Allah knows what they are. And here's the opportunity for you to ask and here is the opportunity for you to come close. And here is the opportunity for you to be forgiven.

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And Allah azza wa jal protects you and he wants you to be honorable during that month. And again, it's a different state of being I want you to imagine as you enter the month of Ramadan, you're entering Mecca.

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With Rama

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you're entering Medina

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and you're heading to the mystery of Rasul Allah Haley's Salatu was an I want you to imagine that because that's like what this month is.

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So he said Ali is Salatu was Salam as far as the protection is a CM will do

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No. So yeah Miss protection.

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When you enter this month, Allah azza wa jal surrounds you with an armor.

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You're under Allah's protection, how much of it depends on how much you're willing to take?

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The armor is there. Do you want some of it? Just take some then do you on all of it take all of it. He said, Well depends on what it says, the soundness of your fast, the sincerity of it.

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how close you are to Allah Zewde

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how many good things you do while you are fasting, that's armor. And when you put your armor on, no one can defeat you. Allah protects you and Allah defends you, and Allah guides you. And the closer you come to Allah, Allah brings you even closer. It doesn't matter the state of our heart at this moment, even if you feel that your heart is resistant and distant and not close to Allah and you don't want to hear any of that.

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And you already have planned to waste your Ramadan, it doesn't really matter. The only thing that Allah wants from you is a turn towards him. Just you say I want it to be better. I plan for it to be better. Let me try to do one thing that is good. Allah wants to turn towards him and if you take one step to Allah, Allah takes two steps towards you.

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And if you walk to him in run to Subhana wa ATOD

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though we are the ones who need him, so once you enter into the month of Ramadan, you are being protected.

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And Allah Allah zoodle said to his prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam tell us that Can you also tell me how do you configure your faith? Well, I just have when you're fasting, in that special state of being,

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you're not supposed to be obscene or loud and argumentative.

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have to watch what you're saying. Why because now you're in a different state.

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We're inside the hall I had an OSHA demo affiliate call in the moron saw him in the mirror and saw me as if someone wants to fight with you argue with you, you say I'm gonna fast and fasting and fasting

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is different, this is different.

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The day is different, the air is different, I am different.

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Your entire movement that day, if you rush to Iftar because that's how the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam ate

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that's a bad if you delay your Saharkhiz This is his sunnah Ali Salatu was Salam that is a bad after Isha, there is prayer, and that is a bad that there is Quran there is a bad it's a very different state.

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So Allah azza wa jal offers us in the month of Ramadan

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a unique opportunity to be so close to him.

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That is not available any other month to be forgiven in ways that are not available any other month

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for us to change in ways that are not available and yoga month. So if you want any of these things, get excited about the month of Ramadan. Here is my month. Here's what I can do. Here's what I'll ask Allah for. Here's how I'm going to change. Here's how I'm going to help. Here are my plans, Viva la zodion. For all the good that I can do, or if not a lot of it, a little bit of it, but at least you plan some things. This is what I'm going to do with Allah's gifts. So as with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. It's a month of baraka and you want to be blessed. So how do you want to be blessed in the month of Ramadan? ask Allah for it and move internally towards it and Allah azza wa

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jal will assist us all. According to Kabbalah. That was the federal law while you were looking for stuff you.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan Kathie rompa Ebola confy, who also live also Lima Adora Sunni he Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Amma morbid

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the way to be excited among the month of Ramadan is to ponder all that we've said and a lot more that is related to it to think about it to talk to yourself about it tried to convince it that yes, this is a special time and I need to be a special person in it. So talk to yourself and you convince yourself

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but you don't stop there.

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You go and you plan something. You take few steps before the month of Ramadan. This is going to be Nila Zota, the spot where I'm going to be praying and you clean it and you perfume it and you plan for it and this is the spot

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We're gonna be reading the Quran and this is the most half and this is this and this is that this is the place where we're going to be making the cut and making dua

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and you don't stop with yourself but you include your family in it you talk to your spouse about it and you talk to your children about it each at their level. But you talk What are your plans for the month of Ramadan? What will you do what will we do that is different that is extra, let us feed more people let us donate a little bit more. Let us remember Allah more let's go to the masjid let's attend this let's attend that. Let's in addition to the Quran, pick up a book Islamic book book of Hadith book of Sierra and read that as well and discuss it and teach it to the kids. You bring in your kids and you say what excites you about the month of Ramadan, let's get excited about it. Even

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if you have to take them shopping for them to buy certain things for that month for them to plan activities for that month, we're gonna go to the masjid be Nila you get in gear, get this and that if you are fasting, this and that if you are praying.

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So you get them excited so that this thing is implanted in them. And later on, decades on, maybe we're still alive and maybe not they'll remember all of that because you planted that in them. And Allah rewards you for that effort that lives with them. Even though we have left, you plan this in your children and in your neighbor's children and then the community's children, you get excited. And when you excite others like that you yourself will be rewarded with excitement. So you find ways but you don't receive it like any other month and like any other year unlike any other Ramadan, especially that taking everything that is happening around us and the suffering of Muslims, in

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Philistine and other areas as well.

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They are in need of every and each one of us.

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Maybe we can go and physically help.

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Maybe we can donate but all donations only will do so much. But if you inhabit the houses of Allah azza wa jal in Asia and in Fajr, if you stay for tarawih if you pray for them,

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then that things may hasten the relief that will come their way and the stop of that injustice and slaughter. So you consider yourself now enlisted. If you accept that enlistment, you're being enlisted as a contingent of dua.

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If you accept it, we said that there is an accepted offer every person right. So part of your DUA is for them.

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And you are responsible for it. If you say now I am in the contingent of in the month of Ramadan, and I will do it for them.

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And the more of us who will do this, the more pleased Allah zoton will be with us and the closer relief will come to everybody. So this month, is an important month. And we should change because of it.

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And we should be happy that Allah azza wa jal gives you as a Muslim and opportunity to be better because of it. So don't take it lightly. Don't waste it.

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And look forward, though the month of Ramadan is about to come. And maybe Allah will forgive me in that month and maybe Allah will take away all my pain and sadness in that month and maybe Allah will have been released to the Ummah of Muhammad in this month, the possibilities are all there. And we never lose hope and ALLAH SubhanA who were to add on no matter what we have done and no matter what they have done to us

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to ask Allah Allah, Allah Amin or hamara Hamid to get us excited about the month of Ramadan, to make it a month of forgiveness for all of us a month of mercy for all of us a month of baraka for all of us. Yet Allah Allah was to fast it the way that you would love us to fast and to pray in a way that you would love us to pray in it. And yet Allah accept all of our dua in it enable us here Allah to make a lot of dua in the month of Ramadan for ourselves and for the honor of Muhammad Ali he is Salatu was Salam and will be CGIAR Bill al Amin to accept our to make us of those who are freed from hellfire in the month of Ramadan, make us of those who are forgiven in the month of Ramadan make us

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of those who sadness and worry and all problems are taken away in the month of Ramadan. Bring us relief era BL al Amin and brief to the event relief to the Ummah of Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam make us of those who spread good wherever they are and stop evil wherever they are. Yara, Bella al Amin, Allahu wa jal, Sharona Madonna shahada mafia Latina where it can mean a new Iran era Bell al Amin Allahu wa jal Nephi him mon sama who Eman and what the Serb what karma who Iman and YT Saba well karma li letter positive fi Iman and YT Serb Allahu morphea Cano fi heated do I eat

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cathedra what Taco Bell whom inaudible al Amin Allahumma Jana fee him in a decade in Africa cathedra with that era, Allah Hama Jelena fee minute ab then Mr. Feeny inaudible al Amin, Otto then a fee la cara then Jamila Allah whom monsoon will muster the Athenian Muslim enough equally McCann inaudible al Amin Allahu wa salam ala moana Ida whom Allah mon Sol Rahim Allah and Ida whom Allah Han Solo whom Allah and whom Allah who minister Luca be and how to summit Ana de la Mia and it will imbue that with me a conda who had and todo de sel Cafe de neuropil al Amin Allahumma de Mille Muslim you know, ask him era Bell alanine, Allah how much I will most of the Athena was the Mirabell al Amin

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Allahu Muda. We might have bajo medalla we jata ha ha MotoCorp Balcatta home Shuhada our in depth work What are you telling Maha Mudra Mila hombre Bella Alameen Allahumma JAL Minami Manasa al Muslimeen our Muslim when sadhana a Arabela al Amin Alameen wa Salam is

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