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Wisam Sharieff
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah here on biller Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah him Nabil Karim wala Ali he was so we Hinata UB not la Hedy in a salaamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Friends, Welcome to our nightly or on Torah we are nightly Quran journey, a sense of Salam upon you and around you if you're catching this as a recording, let's go ahead and set up some parameters because you don't really want to watch this as a video as much as experience it by making some of some arrangements around you. Would you set yourself up by designating a prayer space give yourself the distance of a yoga mat. Not as small as a masala spot as your Johnny mas let's say Gianni MAs

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and a half while ecommerce Sarah Moore Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh everyone joining us very much a privilege friends very much a privilege to have you on our fourth night fourth, just a salaamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to set up the evening. I would like to begin and head into our fourth just today, but not without a recap of Surah Bacala. Would you share I am pray that audio is looking good on your side friends welcome to those who are joining us from the YouTube and Facebook world. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to our virtual Torah we are nightly evening prayers during Ramadan here hosted by barkcloth Unicom Islamic Relief i are USA of the

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Rahman Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah bad welcome. For us Jews. Let's get it on. Before we get into our fourth, just two things that I think would be appropriate, a Spink a sprinkling a spackling of the names of Allah subhanho wa taala. In addition, would you tell me what do you know or read what did you get or learn from Surah Baqarah? All of us can we do a quick summary Are you ready to go a Tikka Abdul Rahman and family let's get a quick summary of all of Surah Baqarah let's go with ion. If you're down without a frown, I'll take that too in the chatbox so that we can be strong and healthy as we begin today, a five minute or less summary Surah Bacala is revealed in Madina,

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Munawwara being made up of stories, laws, and some

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some beautiful explanations of laws that we needed in our society, divorce inheritance 286 verses the longest surah in the Quran spanning to two and a half just 49 pages Exactly. Speaking of pages, let's go with the first page aisle one through five, one through six. As a matter of fact, one through 20. Identify the three types of people who will be reading the Quran, the believer, the rejecter. And the hypocrite, would you agree that I a one through 20, essentially introduced who was going to be reading the Quran, I at 20. And 21 went on to call all of mankind to worship one God who created the people before you then talk about the photosynthesis water cycle to talk about the fact

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that the Quran could not be reproduced and give a challenge that anyone who wanted to go ahead and be Surah timidly and then you wouldn't be able to. But just as much as that might feel like Well, God's flexing his power over people. Do you notice right after that challenge, what comes immediately and give glad tidings to those who believe and give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds of Jannat integrity mentality and how and how willing is God to

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help you attain guidance? How willing is God to make give examples in order for you to be guided? Hooda Barak Lo Fi comm

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does anyone recall is 2627 ish in Hola Hola, estar e that God wasn't shy to even discuss a mosquito or something less if it would lead to guidance, but some people would question

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then God told us about the creation of the heavens and the earth not to break family ties and then we go through all the creation of man.

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Once we're done with that, you'll see the first juice is a combination of the introduction to the Bani Israel eel various

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scenarios from the exodus to the murder of someone that was going to be solved from the slaughtering of a cow and touching that cow's body piece to the deceased person.

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We then see various trials and tribulations that the Jewish tribes went through and how time after time, they didn't truly make the mark, they went the human route and fell into human errors and mistakes.

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Upon this, we then start to see a discussion in the second just about God take in the second quarter about how God took oath after oath after oath with them, do you agree? What is a Husna Meetha Kumar, a foreigner, folk okumoto. Then you heard about while a merger, a home Kitab one a merger of whom Rasul and God sent and they came with a book when it came with a messenger, we see that the bunny is straw eel, we're being appealed to first in the entirety of Bacala. Would you say the Jews were being appealed to and or the, or the Christians? I would say much more than Jews, because now we're talking to them in the tribes, and we're saying all of their backstory, and then connecting it back

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that you recognize him Urbana home as good better than you recognize your own sons. Do you recall that conversation? God saying to the Jews, and let's say of the present Medina to Lonavala, right, we're going back to the time of the Jews 1000s and 1000s of years ago, and then there's the time where the Quran is being revealed. So do you see how in real time Medina for us 1400 years ago, for them, he's telling them all of this backstory, and then speaking in the first person from God's revelation, you all recognize Muhammad, peace be upon him better than you recognize your own sons? I'll take the tutu on that friends. Do you recall that? Do you recall that component?

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Right, that you recognize him better than you recognize your own sons. So they were being appealed to that you were waiting a deca, they were waiting in Madina, Munawwara Why did the Jewish tribes settle outside of Madina? Munawwara because Scripture said, would come in the gardens of date, where where there were gardens of date palm trees would come the next Prophet Gina bark lofi. Come, man, they had settled. I don't want to get too deep into this. But they had settled built homes, and in their village was an empty home. And if you asked, historically, we can look this up I can try to share this document with you. If you ask that tribe, who is that house for? It was for the Prophet,

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the Prophet.

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So do you understand after Jesus Ali salat wa salam, and bear with me here? We all acknowledge that Jesus Ali salatu salam existed right? Jesus son of Mary virgin birth,

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cured so many off diseases

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fabulous, now move with me as the bunny is raw eel are being told you had promise after promise. Now there's a new prophet in town, except that Prophet accept his the completion of your law. Do you also recognize the Prophet peace be upon him?

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To the core is not bringing something brand new can we get an agreement on that friends with a four

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part inference

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can we acknowledge that he didn't bring something brand new that yes, Tanya. We're at a different level when we start to

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recognize his the seal of prophet hood he's the completion of Prophet so we're moving bunnies raw eel are called there are invited to the Prophet peace be upon him who is there right in front of him in Madina. Munawwara and now pause. What does that mean for us to be it? Should we be like all those naughty Jews? Or are we supposed to be like yeah, Bunny is, you know, yeah. Oh children of Islam. You know, oh, offspring of the Ummah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam don't forget your covenant on Allah. Don't forget

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When the gifts he bestowed upon you near Matea Lottie Anam to Aleikum so Oh Muslims, do you take responsibility over that? Because we start out the Quran or like all those Jews know, if we're pointing at any finger of Jewish tribe it would be 1400 years ago during the time of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So now with that being said, what was

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what was the at that time Judaism was heavy on what spirituality or? Exactly. They were heavy on, and I'm sure you know it in the chat box. They were heavy on laws, particularities, divorce numbers, inheritance specifications, they were very big, I'm sure you would agree on laws. So if you open Thank you, Gina, the second gers, what do we see first five pages deal with the other epitome of spirituality prayer. We were praying towards the Qibla of Jerusalem, the direction of our prayer for Muslims for the first 16 months was Jerusalem. And then from Jerusalem, the Prophet peace be upon him was it was revealed upon him and he made the direction of prayer towards the Kaaba, where we

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still pray till today. And there was pandemonium spiritual pandemonium, like, oh my god, this new young prophet just changed the Qibla because remember, the Jews are following the tradition of facing Jerusalem when they pray, strike one, looking at from their perspective. Now we go into the second quarter discussing religiosity i a 177, down the 200 start talking about the religiosity is not just praying, but spending, fasting, keeping your spending, keeping your oath being patient in situations where you're on top and situations where you're oppressed. upholding your Salah establishing the prayer giving Zeca spending on those who are in need, like that's religiousness.

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Then like rapid fire Hodge Zakah fasting, the ordinance of aroma ah, the

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sanctifying of Safa and Marwah as SHA et la, suffer miroir the mountains as

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monuments of God's existence the signs that God exists Safa and Marwah. So the second quarter to you and me is it's like, Oh, yay, well, it will hedge it just like Oh, yay. Now I know how to do hudge. But if you're in Madina, Munawwara 1400 4142 years ago, why God now has a say on our overall festival that's been going on before you Muslims, right. It's something that now Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is talking about, we're talking about religious rights, which are as are as big as sports and movies are now Hajin. The Kaaba would be the is the Time Square of the the Epi Center more than a Time Square. Third quarter second jurors are we moving you feel good? The signal clear to use

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Arakata thumbs up that signals okay for you guys, guys, guys and gals. Thank you, Sara. We're moving we're moving in rolling in the second

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The second jurors are also bIllahi min ash shaytani. R rajim. And the audio How would you say the audio is sisters are? The audio is good, but I seem to have a little

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Okay. Our older biller was a biller. We're moving we're working with it. Second Jaws third quarter after dealing with HUD.

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We're gonna look at the internet one time, right when we go for our break in 20 minutes.

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The third quarter, it started getting heavy and deep inheritance, marriage and divorce. It got heavy. There was a lot to unpack there. We didn't get into the particulars. But we saw that the laws that needed to come to govern a society. May I have a L in the chat box. If you see the necessity for God to go beyond spirituality. We're human beings leave it up to us and we're going to be chauvinist and and women could be oppressed or women could be asked a woman it's going to be about women's rights.

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It's always a bit late I think our signals back in and it should be fantastic I no longer have a warnings a slow speed sign on my side let's jump back in I pray it's been great for you guys are older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. There we go our Oza bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim SR sobre. Didn't we just make dua Roddy to Billahi Raba. So a deacon really friends, some of you from Quran revolution, it it's not a far jump to say, No, I see what the Quran is saying that not only was it appealing to a society that was specifically obsessed with laws, but Muslims needed a right and wrong What if I got divorced? What if? What if my father passed away or mother or I had to split

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the inheritance? I'm sure the chatbox would blow up. If we said Has anyone gone into a situation with family and inheritance like bubble? Right there would be because we can't figure these things out on our own. We're human beings.

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We need that.

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Creator Sustainer to be able to define them. Now we go into that third and fourth quarter now of the second jurors with only nine pages of Surah Baqarah. Left, and I'll begin my recitation.

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There's a beautiful story of David and Goliath that woulda wa loot in the last page of of the second just the last page right before the third begins.

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And yeah, there's some pretty heavy divorce law and Shetty and FIP to be filled to be derived.

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But there's a really beautiful spot where God goes in the middle of all of this. You're going through a divorce, he says hang on to your prayer. Point one and the story of the Buddha lays Salam there's this dua Rob by NA a free law lane, Slovak what though have fun ah Mussolini Allahumma genommen and now

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it's a beautiful dua I believe I may be slower on the internet but don't worry.

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Oh Allah, bathe us pour upon us the bucket of mindfulness.

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And let us pass in a state of submission Allahumma Amin Allahumma. Ami, well, Lake wa salaam to everyone joining us. Journey 2.0 Jews number four presently going through the second just finishing the summary of Surah Baqarah. If I could, the culture of finance is represented in the first nine pages of of the third Jers at three three in the chatbox Oh ye who believe there are different prophets who did different things. I thought corsi greatest is the Quran there is no God except Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah. There's no compulsion in Deen, one whole page, talking about the story of Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Abraham, defying the king out waiting the king and Ibrahim

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alayhi salatu salam, asking God, how do things come back to life, the story of the donkey and the food and the bird cut into four pieces you can get to it.

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Then there's a strong discussion on finance, how God multiplies, because apparently from what I can see, interest should multiply my money. Compound Interest should multiply that except God has allowed for one form of transaction and has not allowed for the sale of money, the bartering of money. And so if you would or usury let me be specific. It EBA finance talking about contracts and 282 and finally, the last two verses 285 and 286 Surah Baqarah were revealed during the night journey of Muhammad peace be upon him. If you're not aware, we firmly believe and understand that the Prophet peace be upon him traveled from Makkah to the Mocha Rama, the city of Mecca to Jerusalem

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in a night on a winged horse like creature, Pegasus unicorn, however, you will look without the horn, a flying horse like creature reaching Jerusalem and heading to the heavens Allahumma Amin

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while he visited God, by the throne of God, there was a treasure chest close to the footstool of the throne of God. Yes, a lot to unpack there.

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And from that

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Add single treasure chest of many came these two verses as a gift to mankind. I will take 286 in the chat box, if you recognize what I just said and the treasure of Surah Baqarah Surah Baqarah has final verse final two but final verse

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ultimate cheat code

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oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim.

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Taking a moment, and I'm going to begin my recitation to warm us up for the day. sister Sarah, if you'd like to warm up the Quran machine, London Hello, Bill, if I'm correct friend 286 finishes Bukhara we opened up Ali Imran and we were talking to the Christians are Christian, better brethren, and the feeling was much light. It's softer, lighter. We talked about

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it being about Abraham first there's a deep story backstory about Jesus it Salatu was Salam, grandma and grandma Jesus on a Salatu was Salam. Right? We learned about her we learn about mama Jesus Adi Salatu was Salam salam ala Mariam, Jesus's mom, I salatu salam, and then we learned the speckles sprinkled because we don't know a lot about him yet. We just hear him are you seven Umaria

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Are you ready friends? Are you in a place to recite the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala either you are in taraweeh you're listening. And I like how I described this on Instagram this morning. So my description tells me if it

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is works for you. Journey 2.0 is like praying that all we behind me if I was allowed to talk

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that's what it feels like. Like if I could talk about yo you got to check out desire yo is coming up page and a half ready when I say this word, how do you wile out? I like that description. It's like praying tarawih behind me where I could talk in the prayer.

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It will be la Hamina show you on your Raji Rajim

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establish a place in your mind that you are standing for worship.

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in your mind's eye your soul is beginning worship forth just Surah Ali Imran i a number 92

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God says you will not attain Taqwa Lenten aloe vera look at ir 177 Surah Baqarah Lacell beer rock you will not get you will not merely righteousness is not merely and then God explains what beer is here God says Learn never absolutely not less than odd will be wahat that don't feel to me ma to a boon well I'm doin feel pumila che in fact in law hubby he Isley is the Quran a promoting a culture of financial growth that you're not just making money to survive you are making a certain amount of money to give away to give in charity not just oh I give I'm creating wealth so I always have money to give. Good look. I make Ghana Hill only Bernie is la isla de la ilaha how Roma is law you law

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Allah Neff see him in lovely me. Allah enough See he mean probably and tuna zealot or who will refer to it or artifort lu ha in terms saw the pain in the claim to be Surah timidly in iron number 21 or 23 What did they say? What do we say there? Bring us through I like it in goon tomb saw up in Furman if Theurer Allah Allah He Luca de Burmese, or De Luca, hula hula Iike who move on you Moon who will slide up along for Biro me letter Ibrahim Hanifa Abraham who uncovered monotheism the one upright worship of Allah one god. Oh my god, I mean Mushrikeen in our lab at all the Eileen sealer lady be back

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Gotta move out or go who that little island mean? I in number 96 Go ahead and write it down. Bucha was an ancient word used to describe Makoto Mata Rama, the Quran mixing it up with the words so that it's not just using the words of this time, but be back gotta move out Rocco, who then leads

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me in? MK has original name buckets because the story is talking about Abraham. So we're going to use the oldest form of the name of the city. All this name of the city fee I am Duma ye na to Mocambo Ibrahim. Woman, The holla who can

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hear or learn as you drill. Beatty man Estelle bar man Estelle pa il a he servie Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, Oka Viera, when you do Hajj, you're not doing an Islamic, something from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is time you are fulfilling the actions and rituals of Ibrahim Ahmad is Salatu was Salam. O Aman Kapha warmen GAFA Rafa in Allah HealthONE your nan Illa Allah mean? Yeah, Al Kitab there's a calling out to them. Say Mohammed say to them, who do ya kita Bielema tech funa, bi Atilla walawe Who shall he do not alarm?

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A lot of people have the Scripture why the Why do you believe in the Why do you believe in the verses of Allah Ya Allah is Witness over what you do.

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Why do you disbelieve? Why do you disbelieve? Julio al Kitab ylim attack Furuno Lima attack Furuno bei Atilla wala who Shahidan while God is witness R la matar Milan. Julio Lal kita Bielema, it'll be sooner will help. Limited will be soon.

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Gulia Lal kita Bielema tells food dooner surbey like him and mana double Ilona ha Iwasawa Shuhada warmer Allahu be law feeling no matter MaryLu

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taking a pause brother sod bark lofi comin welcome to you sod Inshallah, I'll pick up in in five minutes, I'd like to hand it over to you. And I'd like to know if you could recite from the five to the maybe 17 or 20 or you're good, if you're good. Jazak Allahu Fado. Jessa and you if you feel comfortable you can pick up from my spot, will ya? Nikita Bielema those who do not be la HeMan Aman min Manitoba Hoonah ha

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Shuhada warmer log will be law feeding

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Dharma loon ya. Are you her Levine? Mama? No. Dude doodly Oh, Fadi Meenal the inner guru kita Meenal Latina who Toolkit by our road do co Varda Imani calf Ed

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what a Furtick Furuno

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to Lolly comm I am to log you off equal more Zulu on my er tilsley be lucky he fell on who the last three are all clean. Most ducky him. Please make your notes I even write down just an eye on number the number so when we go back over the revision as we did for all of Surah Baqarah today, we'll keep revisiting them. You can say he was some Did you really? Did you feel it as much on io 102 to 106 Yep gonna book it's about to blow your mind. Yeah. You Hello the

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law how to call Ducati. Wala Anta mood.

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00:29:39 --> 00:29:45

muesli moon or tell sleep movie Hubballi

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huger me

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or tell delsey movie Hubballi lucky Jeremy

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

fell Roku was Guru nearmap The law here Lee

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Come in to our

00:30:04 --> 00:30:19

lever Bay now Gulu become the house to be nearmap De Lima Warkworth Tamala shafa who Florentine men and

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other men have Gallica you by law hula

00:30:27 --> 00:31:06

de la laguna doon Walter co mean boom. We are the Runa Isla lucroy Fried oil more una Bielema. roofie wion how nine in moon cow whoa Allah ego who muesli who own let's get that one one in the chatbox if you're like this is in the Quran like i Wherever these I have been my whole life or Allah Kuno can levy Natta for Roku tele foo bar Dima

00:31:08 --> 00:31:46

Wolber unit what hula EAGALA who muda boo now the yo metabo yell whoo hoo What does what do would you? The M my laziness what that will do who whom Cafaro Varda Imani boom bada Imani Khun fez o Lada Bobby Monken Tune Tech full roll. Well I'm Melody Nambia what would you call them? furphy Matty love

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fi have Ollie dune ticker is to law Hina Lu Holika Bill help book on the law who you need to

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learn me in

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a lot of money I said we're going to put our to PA will alpha for Luna probably to be la Hiraga will be Islami Dina will be Mohammed Nabi. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. A few housekeeping moments here friends, my my friend and students studying with me presently, brother Assad. Two things to announce about him. He'll be our resigner for tonight and because it hasn't happened yet, because it hasn't happened had to happen. Not only may you hear sister Sarah, but you will also hear Brother Saad from time to time saying we'll start Would you please read that if again? Or if it's a pretty massive thing? You'll hear Saad correct me sometimes people get a little rattled like who is this guy? I

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did. I did. And Sister Zara is always there to catch me on a miss read because friends. It's not about the person. It is about the upkeep and honor of oran I'm sure Saad would agree. Absolutely friend Saad you come in anytime when you need to whenever you're free. And if there is a small imperfection please perfect it My dear friend, I I put the

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mic over to you sorry if you would pick up from

00:33:25 --> 00:34:12

sad Where did you prepare from? I'm ready wherever you would like me to start from Okay, I like it. I'm only two pages in if you feel comfortable start from the beginning of the fourth Joyce lantana will build raw friends double back if you're staying around why read ahead. When we can double back on these pages and you'll be like, Hey, I know these pages. I look forward bark Lo Fi comm yesterday they were some reading mistakes during our when I was not here. I recognize that. But one of our mottos for this Ramadan is to be forgiving in our reading practice. May Allah forgive shortcomings. If anyone makes them sad will be aware and he will look for any shortcomings and go back and fix

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them. Bark Luffy conference. I will see you at the 20th minute of the hour for the prayer was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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smoko I think we're waiting for the screen to pop up.

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He made a shape on your Waje

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low Dyna below 102 V.

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Two Hi, goon. One. feeble

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che in fact, in no law heavy he I

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Any game go look to me Kenneth. Lee Burnie

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is strong enough in

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Homer is on E

00:35:18 --> 00:35:24

FC Eilon See he knew BoBunny

00:35:26 --> 00:35:35

tuners zealot or all fat to be raw the fat Lou has

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to for the pain famine if there are no more Kariba mean the there leak for all

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your home lot

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more for the bone more fat Debbie Rumi letter EBO he Maharani

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one makan Emina wash Viki

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bait you will be owning Ceylon levy be back gamble

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me in the area to

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or more evil wrong

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woman therefore Ghana Nina What do

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see? Julie Beatty Manny's? Step II Leahy sebelah woman gaff out author in no more have ani unite

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LendKey De Lima

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gonna be

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one more Hoosier he do know hola

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beanie better food to now surbey

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HeMan Amman Amen men and women out there Bill

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Chu had

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one oh who will be war feeling norm

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down and

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00:38:12 --> 00:38:18

tooth fairy meaning lady know who to get?

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Vina levena tool kita barrier would do

00:38:30 --> 00:38:32


00:38:34 --> 00:38:37

work Eva tech Full Moon our

00:38:38 --> 00:38:41

doom to rla come

00:38:42 --> 00:38:48

to UEFI come rasuluh why may

00:38:49 --> 00:39:01

Teslin be here all day who the ILAs we have all most Therby yeah

00:39:03 --> 00:39:05

you have living

00:39:06 --> 00:39:06


00:39:09 --> 00:39:11

to 41

00:39:15 --> 00:39:15


00:39:17 --> 00:39:23

to wash the moon? Why definitely movie Hobbit

00:39:26 --> 00:39:27


00:39:28 --> 00:39:31

waffle. What Goonies?

00:39:36 --> 00:39:37


00:39:43 --> 00:39:45

Pulu be calm

00:39:46 --> 00:39:46


00:39:48 --> 00:39:58

Pulu be calm for Elsebeth to be near Murthy he wanna work

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

To Nyla Scheffer

00:40:03 --> 00:40:04


00:40:07 --> 00:40:08


00:40:11 --> 00:40:15

gather Lika you better you more Julio Kume

00:40:16 --> 00:40:17

t he

00:40:19 --> 00:40:20

the do

00:40:23 --> 00:40:23


00:40:26 --> 00:40:37

come on Matt we do our own at Eli Hoyer rewire more nebulous now roofie one how now I need

00:40:39 --> 00:40:40

Joe what

00:40:46 --> 00:40:51

one tekun Who can lead the test failed work?

00:40:53 --> 00:41:01

Well attic who can levy net FL waffle Stein F mu mu

00:41:02 --> 00:41:03

d majra

00:41:09 --> 00:41:10

What will

00:41:12 --> 00:41:16

neither boy now the

00:41:18 --> 00:41:25

young man Buju what us What do you

00:41:27 --> 00:41:32

Mulleavy nurse what that would you move whom?

00:41:35 --> 00:41:41

Mele Venus would that would you whom I KFL Ruth

00:41:42 --> 00:41:46

Bader Imani comfort to hold either

00:41:48 --> 00:41:49

revenue or

00:41:51 --> 00:41:54

come to tech food

00:41:56 --> 00:41:56


00:41:59 --> 00:42:04

what would you fafi Or Marathi

00:42:06 --> 00:42:09

home fee has all the

00:42:11 --> 00:42:11


00:42:12 --> 00:42:22

to hinnat Lou Hi Leigh Kirby How will know wall who UD do Holman

00:42:24 --> 00:42:25

lemme mean

00:42:29 --> 00:42:30


00:42:33 --> 00:42:45

word you want Matthew l 111. law he to Joan Oh moo goo to hire our

00:42:47 --> 00:43:00

Dean of rejet clean secret Moon ebill now rule that Morrow Nabeel now Ruthie what then how now?

00:43:02 --> 00:43:03

Carry what to me

00:43:07 --> 00:43:18

while I am Anna Lulu kita be like Anna jolla home mean hormone Meenu there were federal

00:43:21 --> 00:43:22


00:43:23 --> 00:43:23


00:43:25 --> 00:43:26

come in

00:43:29 --> 00:43:35

what you bought in communal Kumul?

00:43:40 --> 00:43:50

Sorry I'm blurry but I lay him on the lead to a NMF up to

00:43:51 --> 00:43:56

be hobbling me now or lot

00:43:58 --> 00:44:06

be Hubballi meno you are having Amina nurse you are

00:44:08 --> 00:44:15

will be all lobbying me no more. Well, Barney, but

00:44:16 --> 00:44:23

he molded my scanner. Then he Gabby and Ken who

00:44:25 --> 00:44:25


00:44:27 --> 00:44:32

haywire go to Lone Wolf warrior go to

00:44:35 --> 00:44:36


00:44:38 --> 00:44:45

lb lady hospital. Then Kirby mass work and who

00:44:48 --> 00:44:50

lays who's

00:44:54 --> 00:44:56

been Nikita ready

00:44:58 --> 00:45:00

to order

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

All email to

00:45:02 --> 00:45:03


00:45:07 --> 00:45:09

Laizhou so

00:45:13 --> 00:45:14

Nikita be

00:45:17 --> 00:45:24

or email three blue moon yet lunar

00:45:31 --> 00:45:32

years do

00:45:34 --> 00:45:35

you mean

00:45:36 --> 00:45:44

he was you me? See rewire Muna bill now roofie why and how now I need a

00:45:45 --> 00:45:57

girl Willian home now I need more. Gary why you said Phil hi you're not what will

00:45:59 --> 00:46:10

emails for me one yes hi Lou mean hiding fairly you film

00:46:11 --> 00:46:14

one more Friday

00:46:15 --> 00:46:18

more than me been

00:46:23 --> 00:46:26

flooded up along with all we

00:46:31 --> 00:46:48

thank you very much sad very much appreciate it may Allah subhanaw taala accept your recitation, taking the both of us out so that we can start our program is a word from our sponsor, so that we can be a relief to those around us. If you would stay with us and hear a word from Islamic Relief, then we'll begin again.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are only two biller he Raba while Bill Islami Dena will be Mohammed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our prayers. Those of you who are coming back from the prayer May Allah accept it. May Allah accept brother sods recitation bark lofi comin much soon salaams upon you all friends The main event we're talking in we had some time I pray that you got an opportunity to make your prayers if anyone was breaking their fast did anyone just break their fast can they get a BB if you are just breaking your fast Allahumma Amin getting that little sip of water in there friends

00:48:10 --> 00:48:30

if you have broken your fast I pray that it whenever the days that you come to break fast with us here on journey that you're doing it and making to offer us I would love that barkcloth vehicle. Are we ready to go friends? Gina May God accept your fast for the day you will need to be lucky Raba

00:48:33 --> 00:49:21

I want to get a feel I want to get into yesterday's groove and finish a little bit of ground because one might say but we're not reading any translation. These stories will occur again. And these rules will be unpacked. So if we can get our ways through to the fifth and six jurors, then once we're past her MA EDA there's so much to get into the specifics of Imani I like to read through the law and then when you get to out off a nom 789 soldiers, you start talking about belief in Allah but leaving them messengers about leaving the hereafter and these Trifecta right here. That's what you call

00:49:22 --> 00:50:00

we're gonna when it wakes me up for Fudger you finished your fajr prayer May Allah accept your fajr prayer from everyone joining us around the world. Thank you IR USA for putting this together keeping the lights on so that we could take our journey friends, are you prepared to read five to seven pages I want to read but that is 101 to 110 Good contemplado Mateen rejet Linas It was phenomenal. It was beautiful. It made me want to want me to stop and say why guys we have this book. We

00:50:00 --> 00:50:18

have to utilize this book we have to think Allah subhanaw taala for the gift that is the Quran correct? So let's do it together. Do you recall if I'm if I'm correct I left off on page on the top of page 64 What do you say friends?

00:50:20 --> 00:50:29

Such a beautiful I'm on 109109 and my side Yes, I was Villa 764

00:50:31 --> 00:50:39

Basically for you got it. Ooh, he Mina che la nuit Wajima I seek refuge with

00:50:41 --> 00:51:07

in my lord with Allah subhanaw taala from Shaytaan the dam the accursed is page 64 starts at the top just to get my friends who are here with me. Can I get that six four in the chatbox friends if you're well there we go little Gina, I see your friends of the other friends who are joining us on YouTube, Facebook and around the world. Would you would you give me that one in the chat box Allahumma Amin

00:51:09 --> 00:51:10

I would say

00:51:11 --> 00:51:25

sister Sarah from tomorrow, why not bring the Insta fellas in as well? Let's bring our Insta world friends into this discussion. They used to be here last year and Subhanallah I have forgotten them.

00:51:29 --> 00:52:19

barkcloth eco naserian friends. Yes thank you so much. Having recorded a demo click button sometime we'll work on that. Yeah, let's bring our Insta friends made up so much more last year so it's just been a new feeling. Ooh we love him you know shame on you Raji will do bill he Nina shame on you. Raji let me get an IG in the chat box if you say we call him in right now. What do you say guys and gals as we start little Hema fees some hour Do you from page 64 Are you ready? Let's do it will be la he Mina shame on you Raji How did we forget our ID friends? Allah forgive us and have mercy on us let's do what we do.

00:52:21 --> 00:52:25

There we go our will bIllahi min ash shaytani regime

00:52:27 --> 00:52:31

wallula Hema Rafi sama? How are you

00:52:33 --> 00:53:31

feeling? What ILA law he tour Jaya rule UMO whole. A Salam aleikum everyone joining us Surah three i 109 Just dropped that in your in the Insta box. Goon tomb higher Almighty rejet Lin Sita Munna Bill Maher roof. What then hello Nani moocow count. What to me no Nabila well hello I'm Anna lol kita be like Anna hi you love whom mean whom will move me noon? What access through whom rules see food Allah joining us today catching up with us friends just number four. We are on surah number three ir 109 110 The

00:53:32 --> 00:54:26

the idea of this years journey is culture of the Quran. Can I have a C Q in the chat box all around? If you see a blaring culture not an im not a passive subliminal, but a blaring culture of you are the best OMA, you are the best people. Absolutely. YouTube Facebook we welcome Instagram bark Luffy come ready to be law here Rob. Pin comments What does a pin comments? There we go our older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Got it. Thank you so much. Surah number three, verse number 109. We're going forward you see it you are the best you can create you can be dynamic. I want us to see for a moment because you don't measure greatness right now in spirituality. I understand that we don't

00:54:26 --> 00:54:56

live in that culture. Where is it to us that we will create excellence, we will create the Rolls Royce of products that we are striving and working within a in all that we do having excellence. I'm not going to unpack it much more than that, but I want you to get io 110 We're going 111 learning Uluru comm in law as

00:54:58 --> 00:55:00

what you can't do you

00:55:00 --> 00:56:09

Oh Kumi wallow como abou Otto Mala us all rune booty batalla e Mozilla to a nama to ke fu iLab you haven't him in a long Illa be hobbling me in Allah he will have any minute nurse, one ba will be a logo being mean a law he will booty but early he will miss scanner that he can be an whom can work for Runa b i Atilla can work for una Biya URL go to Luna Be ye nebula et how that he can be Ma So what can we do on YouTubers Facebookers and those around the world. I know it's a normal practice for you Instagrammers it may not be as normal for you to have a Koran, but you can't see the translation nor so don't just make this a viewing process for the last three days. We've been

00:56:09 --> 00:56:22

killing it a just a night and we're reading so I want you Barack la vie come Jamil upon you friend. I want you with the most half with the Quran with an app with an eye something lady Sue's

00:56:27 --> 00:56:34

mean Nikita be Mattoon on all email to me at LUNA I am

00:56:36 --> 00:56:39

I am Attila he Anna

00:56:41 --> 00:56:43

you are with me as you do soon.

00:56:45 --> 00:56:55

You may know Nabila he will Yomi ltym Morona Bill ma roofie Wan Hello now I need

00:56:56 --> 00:57:00

go are you sad here Unum feel

00:57:01 --> 00:57:30

a lot. Well Hola, e Camino Swati in lomaia Follow me in New York Federal walawe guanine Moon Bill Moodle key in if you're turning the page that's got a six five in the chat box for page 65 barkcloth Akemon everyone joining us page 65. recycler on okay.

00:57:31 --> 00:58:11

For those of you you can usually you can just follow along on the screen at home. Quick technical question friends. How did you get here? How did you get? Not instead of not you guys? How did you get here? Someone is asking you how to log on did you guys find it via ir usa.com? Or did you come in via YouTube? Is their sister sorry if you happen to have like a copy paste a link that you can pop on the WhatsApp that would be fantastic. There are some folks who'd like to come join us friends Let's rock and ride 65 There we go. Do we love him you know shame on you Raji

00:58:13 --> 00:58:47

we are the best of nations thank you so much appreciate you friends are who beat him you know shaytani R Rajim afaan Zara. I was looking for the the link to to our our, to this to the stream. How do you get into the stream some folks are coming in through via YouTube, YouTube YouTube. Okay fans, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. Appreciate you all. I think SR Psara and I will find it somewhere here on the back end on how to get in. Yes for for you here friends may be hard for you. Just up here

00:58:48 --> 00:58:55

barkcloth V come friends. To everyone out there. Let's get it on page number 65

00:58:57 --> 00:59:01

That will be low Hamina shade law new law G

00:59:03 --> 00:59:25

in the Latina kifaru In Alladhina GAFA Rula to neon whom ye Alohomora Allah chi do Gu y Lai hola Dooku Mina law he che what

00:59:27 --> 00:59:50

else Harbin now whom fee have already do don't mess Aluma your FICO Nafi Harvey Hill hayati. duniya, gamemastery Hanafi has sued us law but how was that Tomio wala mu full circle for like,

00:59:51 --> 00:59:58

one mile Voila, my womb Ooh, love while again, while liking and

00:59:59 --> 00:59:59


01:00:00 --> 01:00:03

Oh boom yell the moon.

01:00:04 --> 01:00:21

There we go if you would like to see translation those of you joining us here, please join us on IRUS a.org forward slash live there we go. We love him you know Shane on your Waje

01:00:23 --> 01:00:48

Hamina shame on you Raji has if you can't make Yeah, follow along on your own but I mean, am I wrong that if you can't do it on your own, all you have to do is click a button. Right? But no, I want it done for me. That's totally cool but I'm not doing it. Yeah. Are you Latina Amendola that definitely do be on it.

01:00:49 --> 01:01:46

Do Nico Leia Luna comb, Leia Luna como Bala? Balamb what Duma I need to order by dantian bow more women fit him? Well, my two fears will do home AK valgum but baby and I add for the yen Allah como iOttie in tomb taki loan. I think I'm wrong. Let's go one more time. Yeah. Au Lavina. Amanullah that does he do be on them you do Nicola Luna Comhar Bala what Duma I need to bother by that till about all mean FYI he him warmer to feel sudo room

01:01:47 --> 01:01:55

by the bay. lagoon como de in Toronto alone

01:02:01 --> 01:02:21

ah Doom Hola, Ito Hey Boehner who Humala you're a bona Kumar to me no Nabil keytab what to me no Nabi Keita be coolly we're either Allah who can call you

01:02:23 --> 01:02:35

or either call out duallie Kumul Anna Amina Amina ye who moved to be used by Likud

01:02:38 --> 01:02:44

in law that honeymoon um be that is so do more.

01:02:47 --> 01:03:05

In dams, Escom has an end to that homework into slavery comes a year two three or four who will be happy we're in Dallas meeru what that who lie a dorm room guy you do whom che

01:03:06 --> 01:03:24

in law heavy my armor Luna more heel ball Allah in the lobby my Yama Luna Mohit, Mohit, what is Lada Waterman Lika to Bowie meanie nama Ari deli located

01:03:25 --> 01:03:47

wala who sent me on Ali six six in the chatbox for page 66 i a number 1221 22 Finishing up that first quarter are you feeling it friends? You're good with me here first quarter I think we're solid let's move in hemella or if at naming

01:03:49 --> 01:04:57

Shala or Allahu Ali you Houma while Allah He fell in yet our Kelly let me know why allow God now slot on Kumu law Gu be bedded you to the law. That telco law hello I like them Tesco rune, feta goo law, firm, law firm tangkula Hello, I lacuna Techguru, can we translate this single phrase, so become aware, conscious and hopeful in the Mercy of Allah so that you could be grateful? Do you see how this is a habit loop? What if I were to connect God consciousness with gratefulness? Is there a seek CQ of culture in the Quran of joy, happiness purposefulness, being connected to God consciousness? If I think about God, I think about how a wonderful source has created me how

01:04:57 --> 01:04:59

wonderful I am and how I fulfill a purpose.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:42

mistake everyone around me. Be conscious of Allah so that you can be grateful for telco Allah Allah Allah Quran dash Quran, CQ absolutely friends, we have a culture here of joy that we overlook and for our you know it we overlook this joyous culture of God consciousness, awareness of source, fairness in the consequence, not of not obeying source, what's the consequence of not obeying source social injustice? Right? It doesn't come up to all go to *, before they're before you go to *. The world will become become to *, if you're not conscious of God. Yes, yes.

01:05:43 --> 01:06:31

Once we lose consciousness, now think about this, like what does relate what does spirituality once I lose sight of a god? Manners, ethics, morals become variable, you just have to be a good person, which is relative. First up Allah Allah Allah contest Quran what if I lived in the grace? Let me get that G in the chatbox. Living in the grace of God is that a culture of of the Quran? Is the cooloola meaning ALLAH II Korea come to meet Duncan a human don't come or our book on Bouken visa Lathi Allah Meenal mela eager Team Z li mus Zelie.

01:06:33 --> 01:07:36

Bala Bala in Del Spirou what that coup is to Camille fo Rahim Harada Yun de Dieu comb has iutam de kumara buco becomes Sati are laughing mineral Mala Iike Meenal Mala Iike T Musa we mean so we're talking about a battle here if anyone wants to look up we'll go into it when we get to Surah Toba and the likes. Does anyone recall what battle was the prophet peace be upon him? It reinforced with 3000 No 5000 Angels if you'd like to go ahead and share that bit we'll we'll unpack that once we cross once we get to that battle. Warmer jar Allahu Allahu elaborate sha Allah Comunale Tao coma in Gulu boo can be woman nurse rue

01:07:37 --> 01:08:07

de la he lost his zeal Hakeem if I am correct as Nic many folks have gotten it, you all have to bother. It is the battle of butter and we can discuss that more. So you will hear discussion of butter and Ohio through these next coming series but we will once we get to the spoils of war we'll be discussing the angels came down wearing turbans Thank you very much. Leah Paul Clark off

01:08:08 --> 01:08:38

the CAFO Oh yuck betta whom Fang Bali boo ha You been? Laser laka Amina Emery che on oh yeah to Bali him Oh, you are the one that you know when Lottie moon or any laggy Murphy's Mauer Do you wanna feel? Oh, yeah. Oh, fear only my Shah where you are The Boomer.

01:08:41 --> 01:08:48

walawe who love food, Rocky? Yeah.

01:08:49 --> 01:09:03

Are you her levena Amendola that cooler ribeye why? My God what the law Hello? I like him to flee Hoon?

01:09:05 --> 01:09:59

What the guna quality? Oh, a deadly caffeine. We're up to your own law how well Rasul Allah Allah come to her moon. The next verse if I'm correct 67 I love this. And race to forgiveness and race Allahu mofetil Lana Allahumma fifth Lana. Why was sad Eero and start your engines and race Hastin move get quick footed towards forgiveness was sad Earu Isla amo Fiera Team mirabito mewatch. Net in our do have our do has some our to all do read that little mood Turkey and seven seven in the chat box if you are racing different

01:10:00 --> 01:10:09

giveness a stockfeed Allah cellfood Allah cellfood Allah Stouffville Allah stuff it Allah Stouffville Allah Stouffville Allah Yato

01:10:12 --> 01:10:34

we're a deadly mood Turkey in a Lavina Yun Futuna fish sell raw you will walk or you will casually mean lay low alive in an in one log will you hate booboo, more seeming.

01:10:35 --> 01:11:21

And Allah loves the good doers. That's us. Well Lavina either Farah LUFA Heisha then l l Lila. Oh, four seven that Carol I have a stove rule you don't know be him. Or I'm Al Fierro don't obey in Long Island muesli roar llama follow me on the moon. Hola. Iike Jessa mo fuel to meal Rob Biggie Majan Well, Jen JD d mu d Hi Lana Rohan Edie. Nafi have one here my agile Runa Amelie

01:11:24 --> 01:11:32

by the harlot mean cobbly come sooner. Vasu fill out the funnel guru.

01:11:33 --> 01:11:35

Guru okay if I can

01:11:36 --> 01:11:43

remove the bean has by hand on Linus Wahoo though oh I

01:11:44 --> 01:11:45

want to

01:11:46 --> 01:12:29

move Turkey in Wallah he knew Allah Zanu to model our loan in goal to meaning M says school M says school or who felt by them as Sal OMA our home Miss Liu or tickle a Yamanaka we do have Anan se wali Allah Mala will lead the NA Manu Walia Lamelo who lead the man who is Delphi the mean Come Shuhada one walawe Gula yo, hey, ballade he mean

01:12:34 --> 01:12:34


01:12:36 --> 01:13:11

walling uma his Allahu leadin I am and who I am how Palaka fugene houses Huseby tomb and the whole Gen 142 Do you think y'all are just gonna roll up and stroll up into paradise? Or do you think you will enter paradise while Allah has not yet made evident those who fight in the Cause of Allah and made evident those who are steadfast you just gonna stroll into paradise? There are tests to be had friends, there are humiliations to be

01:13:12 --> 01:13:52

faced it's not going to be a walk in the park. Are you willing to hang on to your Islam? Are you willing to hang on to your deen there is a culture to be had I'm sorry CQ in the chat box if you know what's good guys. There is a culture for I am proud of of the way I look and the way I hold myself the way I carry myself probably to be law here not by you guys know us up right now. There is a culture of the Quran and that culture allows gives me the allowance to fathom Paradise, and I don't think I'm just gonna walk in while out by the Quran Dum Dum and no Nelly mount them in Abu

01:13:54 --> 01:14:01

Mazen cobbly and telco who forgot the law as to who to turn to.

01:14:02 --> 01:14:59

And we are aware that there's a discussion of a war going on here. So there's depth and discussion going on. There's because we're talking about a battle, but here for the first time in the Quran 144 in the chat box. If one of four times in the entire Quran that his name is mentioned, I give you the first one my more hum Madhu or more hum more hum Mohammed Mohammed Mandan. Wama, Mohammed Hoon il Allah rasool Allah the harlot, or the harlot Mu cubberly He Rasool e Mata Oh, booty Lang followable to my lie outlaw become one Maggie and Ollie Bala out the eBay

01:15:00 --> 01:15:02

Given a roadblock

01:15:04 --> 01:16:01

was a doozy. Shaq ed in Seoul Allahu alayhi wa sallam SallAllahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Toba Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabi Raha Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Wahhabi been, Shafi are in our Assouline Mohammed in Magetta Mohammadi needle motiva Mohammed de nil Majid taba, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or my carnal enough's in the mood that ELAB is Neela or Makana enough sin and muda Ellerbee is he Kitab more Gela one man AUD this dunya he mean

01:16:02 --> 01:16:03

what are you?

01:16:04 --> 01:16:14

What do you know t he mean he was Santa Jersey shack et en waka AMI Nebby going

01:16:16 --> 01:16:32

to be we're not guaranteed from our hand Oh Lima outside the womb fiercer be like you oh my god, rueful on my stack and who will love who you hate boosts RBD BD in

01:16:36 --> 01:17:06

Walmart ganache all of whom Illa Galuh all our mana on ban or ban our learners who know by now is Slava Nam fie. Marina was a bit uncle mana what's the big de la dama now on Swarna wounds on now

01:17:07 --> 01:17:13

owe me VD

01:17:16 --> 01:17:21

for our data homologue with our bed duniya Wahoo SNA Tharwa Bill

01:17:22 --> 01:17:27

one law who you hate bull Morosini

01:17:30 --> 01:17:58

along with the cobalamin nathula Till Quran friends, you can find it on my personal YouTube channel advocating Quranic literacy. You can find it on my Facebook and you also i are usa.org forward slash live you'll find it there you'll be able to scroll with the translation and see it all Thank you friends do what it is that you do. Absolutely. Let's turn it on over to page number 69

01:18:01 --> 01:18:06

What an i 149 Because it's on like Donkey Kong. Yeah.

01:18:09 --> 01:18:11

You can let the

01:18:12 --> 01:18:24

man know. To clear Oh lady in a CAFO into play the NACA Falluja or do Kumala

01:18:25 --> 01:18:39

tabi comfort and Polly boo cos ed in Berlin, Houma Hola, como waka urine, LCD and Ser no Latifi Kulu. We let the NACA roll roll or Bobby

01:18:40 --> 01:19:06

ash Roku Billa imala. Muna z will be mallam Eunice z will be his Hulu pod. Wha wha Humann now will be some as well Lawley me in while others slow down Punku will log who are the WHO IS THE who sooner wubi Igni had

01:19:08 --> 01:19:15

either for she'll do more than as our dumb fill everywhere I'll slow you too to where our slave to

01:19:17 --> 01:19:19

bar the MA

01:19:21 --> 01:19:24

MA to a boon meaning

01:19:25 --> 01:19:59

you read duniya Huaming come May you read era main main AUD do do now I mean oh my god dude. You're so masala Falco, man whom Lea Bedelia comb. What are the IFA and como la who felt Li narla meaning in those are you do know Allah guna Allah

01:20:00 --> 01:20:02

had the water rasuluh Yeah,

01:20:03 --> 01:20:54

yeah, they're all comfy. Oh hello welcome fatha Baku Malama de la mia Lika Illa have your translation in front of you lamella bilum Me li ke lat Zanna Zanele Zanu PF article voila ma slaw bekam walawe Who hobby room be my thumb alone? Take the pause sister Sarah, did you catch any? Is there any possible Is there a mystery on? I went back on it may you read the Dounia woman coma URI do? Did you Would you give me a one if it sounded okay to you? We have our Hafizullah on board friends and co pilot knows. I'm going to take her coordinations

01:20:55 --> 01:21:12

my fellow co pilot here she's happy la so I'm gonna take hers yes min coma you read the dunya woman coma you read the lastra What a beautiful translation is to redo novela tell guna was finished out the page is to say do now Allah tell guna Allah

01:21:13 --> 01:21:17

ah ha Do you want Rasulullah ruku

01:21:19 --> 01:21:24

comfy all come back we'll move on.

01:21:25 --> 01:21:34

For Atharva go move among. Amelie Kayla doesn't know nossa como la

01:21:36 --> 01:21:49

slaw Baku all lawful hobby room? The matter are maroon 70 Let's do it together. Mark lofi come it's happening friends. Very much happening I will do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim.

01:22:03 --> 01:22:05

Sama as Allah Allah e

01:22:06 --> 01:22:40

bar de la one mi Amanat and Sal shell or if I mean come on event to call the hammer at home and Fuzu who Mailgun Nona Billa he was ye will help. While you're all healthy one Helia yaku Luna Helena Amina al AMRI Ming che pull in Morocco lagoon

01:22:41 --> 01:23:14

your fauna fee fusi him Allah you will do now like you have Kowloon Allah who can Allah Anna Amina, Rishi Butina guna Hello Can dumphy boo you decom LA was a Lavina Kutub ILA Himmel lo Isla Ma Ba G ri him. Alia Batali Allahu mafioso. Do the Kamal Umar his la mafia sudo Rico? Nope.

01:23:16 --> 01:24:03

Can you while here Bertelli Allahu Murphy's slow duty coup Mwalimu mahesana. Mafia Kulu become? Wala huali Mum, Bill Me that is so do pause please. Friends, there's someone looking for, for wants you to check out their GoFundMe page to help them out. I do not know them personally. Friends don't make requests in the middle of the recitation. I do my best to try to keep two chatbox going. But I'm sure if I didn't answer you in a little bit, I'd get yelled at. So I'm stopping the entire recitation to acknowledge you check out the GoFundMe link if and investigate it on your own. I gotta get I gotta get to the recitation friends. I pray that you get what you're looking for. But

01:24:03 --> 01:24:13

definitely stand here and just pray to Allah subhanaw taala I really think you're gonna get a lot. A lot of what you're looking for. I'm doubling back on

01:24:14 --> 01:24:54

155 Now friends, we're on 155 Are we good to go? All right, fair. I hope you find what you're looking for friends. Hence, we had the discussion on whether we should bring it in or not sorry to be, you know, sound demoting here but there is a certain seriousness to the person who takes a little effort to login as opposed to it's like I'm right. So please do join us. And fasting doesn't make me crabby. In melody Neto alo Ming Gumiho multiple jam in Ms. Desde la who Masha you can we'll be wildly my guest who will allow a loved one

01:24:56 --> 01:24:59

in law have a full run Haleem Yeah.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:50

Are you Halina Amanullah Kuno gala de Naka through a call Julio? Who I need him either Babu Phil all the Elcano those okay? No gazelka Nohrian Danna mama. Booty Lu Li, Allah Allahu Delica has rotten fugu be him whoa Allahu you're here are you me to Allah will be Mata MeLuna bossley. Allah in Gu wala into till tomb whether in OTL Tom FISA be the law he Omote dome llama ofera to Mina wa he want to know how you owe me Maya Gemma oh

01:25:53 --> 01:25:55

I will be lurking in a shape on urging

01:25:58 --> 01:25:59

take the pause

01:26:02 --> 01:26:23

I'm gonna go back to my listeners here friends barkcloth eco Maalik, Muslim to around the world. Quran revolution students. Are we at a normal peak? Is it starting to crack at all? Remember grand revolution students, I'd like you to be on the forefront of filtering the Quran. I don't want it ever to crack or be a cucumber.

01:26:24 --> 01:27:01

The recitation could be amazing, but sometimes it's overpowering on your ears. And I need you all to be in charge of that bark lofi come Gina Farah and friends if you want to take care of that, sorry at any time if you want to. I know you're looking after quite a few things but let's just keep a level off. I'm starting page number 71 Let's do what we do if I'm correct 10 pages to go friends. We have approximately half the jurors are you here with me with a 10 in the chat box. If you're ready to recite and ride let's do what we do. Let's do what we do. Thank you so much our bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim

01:27:03 --> 01:27:12

Allahumma Amin friends let's keep praying for our sister and pray that all situations get alleviated. barkcloth ECAM I'm glad

01:27:14 --> 01:27:56

absolutely never never let go and let's pray that through this recitation today. Your GoFundMe reaches its goals. There you are Gina it's good for you Okay friends, I got a 10 Let's do what we do and may your funds beef I pray for Baraka I pray for finance to reach you and for it to come in the best way Allahumma Amin I don't want to be oh well my life's perfect and everything's abundant. Because what if I was in your situation and I was asking this way so friend My eyes are with you into the Insta world I mean, Amin Amin on you and Amin to you guys out there so please everyone do check out what you're doing and what you're clicking on but give openly in the month of Ramadan with

01:27:56 --> 01:28:13

some investigation it will be lucky Amina shame on you Raji templates gonna change here now, not just in the way I read you'll see it in the meaning, while emote tomb otaku till Doom la de la la he took a shell rune

01:28:14 --> 01:29:21

and I have is the character of the Quran could be found in the character of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam So what was his character with this the Sahaba Furby mount automatically mean a law healing della whom while O'Connor that felt one Lolly will call will be felt boomin Holic far foreign whom was the ofin logo more shall we or whom feel for Isla de facto color long in Allah you hate Boone moto Akili indeed Allah loves the one who puts his trust in Him. Apples Oroku Mala who fell out Lalibela como el Zulu come famine the lady animals who come in Burundi why Allah Allah He fell yet our Kelly let me know what why Mark and Elina B union A Javon well I'm Amy Lulea DB mal

01:29:21 --> 01:29:22

wala Yahoomail

01:29:23 --> 01:29:31

zoom to Cologne FC Marchesa but welcome Lulu you will learn more on Alpha Man he does

01:29:33 --> 01:29:39

virmani Dubba ideal Why no loggie Garmin

01:29:41 --> 01:29:59

B cell phone in me know long. Wanna love who John hadden will be selling mostly home down Raja to nine the Walla Walla who will soon be my Yama Lord louka them and

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