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The speakers discuss the importance of harvesting the tunks in relation to the social media platform Facebook and the need for more publicity to avoid harming one's reputation. They also touch on popular titles like a woman who enters a hip fire, a woman who backed a cow, a woman who is backbiting her brother, a woman who is supposed to be a successful driver, and a woman who wants to be a successful driver. The segment also touches on various media coverage, including a woman who is supposed to be a successful driver, a woman who is supposed to be a successful driver, and a woman who wants to be a successful driver.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, WA salatu wa barakato the others as he will come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 day eight

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the Xena Johan Johan hotma possible allottee to tuna eaten Jenna was Allah subhanho wa tada and yeah cobalamin allow you to get an agenda before they had the southern Mubarak and carrying and utopian agenda. I mean, burger boy Yan had a bad lady that hula hula saw a moon. This Allah subhanho wa Taala Ania Jana Minh home

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cinema he Silsila Well, I mean Bane is someone allottee to Scrivener, Illa Jana will her that Barak, Yanni they said this and what I can say her name and say hello hello Ronnie.

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Who has idealease Sina Hassan

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Ali salatu salam manda Minelli Bangladeshi we're being

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we're being led heat them into the operation of Manila hujan we have it lady Rosa who soon

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my brothers and sisters were still talking about this series, you know, pathways to gender. And they asked Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst those that would enter gender from Baba Yeah, and the gate of Allah Yang. We still talking about the pathways that will lead us to gender and today's pathway is a very actually

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important important pathway that leads to gender. It is actually easy on those whom Allah social, you know, makes it easy on and very hard on others. The harvest of the tunks the harvest of the galaxy is one of the ways that will lead us to shun the Prophet Muhammad Allah Sato. Sam says whosoever guarantees me between Vayner II meaning between his his mouth his dunk and between and he's in his private parts. Yeah, I need between the private person between the time whosoever guarantees that to the private as a citizen, the profit will guarantee agenda for him. The profit will get additional for him. Yeah, and he guarantee the tank, meaning the only talk about good don't

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talk about evil and the private parts meaning you know, not to commit Zina not to commit haram with the so whosoever guarantees that the Prophet guarantees for him shall not not Allah subhana wa Tada. Yeah, Johan Latina, de la la la pulu. Allah said he that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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tells us feel Allah subhana wa Taala O you who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and say speak good code or code and said either code or code and said either Yeah, and he quoted hoc query sources of

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men can you give me the belay while you're with us and finally upon hire an odious smart heavy machine and Kathy with an S qualifier I was not mandated with quality and scope to the man I'd love to get this could

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either Matt in the clear in the head good shake. Well How does she lay the sofa Taku

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masala Yama, Yama and cerca de Cali Sonic kumbhakarna resorts assembly I had the Sahaba Allah We also uncertainly

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MC Kalika

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yoga, Hatha

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Yoga Lisa to see them second, let's go, look, let me know.

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He does

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not see them as she led to the Hill in this octoman he led to him that's not home has either seen an outcome aka is awesome. And if you read that Hadith,

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the prophet Mohammed Al is to sit him says, whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day in the Day of Judgment, let him say good, or Be quiet. Be quiet. And sometimes it's really good to remain silent. If you have nothing good to say, then remain silent. It's better for you to them inside of that to say something bad, which would in fact, you know,

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you'll regret in the day with judgment. A man came to the Prophet Mohammed is jasola given advice, the Prophet told him I'm sick Malaika Hold your tongue meaning Be careful of what you say.

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Then the mental him Are we held accountable about what we say yes with Allah. The Prophet says Of course you're thinking let's go and look

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in the mean any any and, of course, of course, anything that you know, the more the major things are the most of the things that need to hit fire of the harvest of the thumps. The things that

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Come out from your mouth on a daily basis, especially now that you're fasting.

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You know, especially now that you're fasting, speak good or Be quiet, who's also an advocate of Shannon mobarak when deciding what to decide Emma Pooley, higher and higher Allison's oath court of law scotoma

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Yeah, Wi Fi Johanna Maria. Sabina halifa of the n double high on autosol kumbhakarna and E are salatu salam ala mo na Abby then an IV The order can not give the mother

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the son will have

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to GG know a woman. A woman enter the Hellfire as the Prophet Mohammed is also told us in the head of the board of the Bible karate for metal Islam in a woman she entered the hip fire. She was the warship but she entered the head of fire. Why because she is to backbite to these Ilana. She backed bites.

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her neighbors, she backstabs her neighbors she harms her neighbors. That's what made her enter hit forward a little bit la de la la Ba and Ma ma

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ma ma

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ma ma ma e Mita.

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The hook has to Colombo Ma Ma who hate me it's me You took

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Lee, a hook meet with the akula

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Hello Huma Huma Mr. Mays myself he then a lady of the anus

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under the term wisdom and finance, how that got in the way.

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If you are backbiting or backstabbing, it is as if you are eating the flesh of your own brother, your own sister. And not only alive get

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your head but I had to come of losses in the car and would any one of you love or like to eat the flesh of your brother?

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How can you do that? What if you are backbiting you as if you are eating the flesh of your own brother

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backstabbing call higher hours not say good or be quiet

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while mine

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busy yourself with the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala evidently Sonic even insane.

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Fermin zazzy hanging out with Jenna socket fez will have the whole Folsom Happy Feet.

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It wasn't happy if the agenda is supposed to be Jenna. Now we're gonna love bee bee bee. bee bee malfunction to be monitored. What the agenda heard the rumors.

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Were intrinsically Sonic. So going out Sabine toto allottee to clean agenda insha Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't promise as much or didn't promises anything other than gender is the real promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The real promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala is Jenna. Allah didn't promise us of you know, wealth and he promised mission

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and the promise of Zhanna whosoever Allah subhanho wa Taala says whosoever You know, he sways way from Ghana, and he Zhanna he is indeed a successful one funfairs he indeed is has succeeded.

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So my brothers and sisters, please be careful. Be careful about the harvest of the tongues, about the things that will in fact, either make you add to agenda or lead you to hellfire. And how many wars have been created just by one words

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just by one word. And how many piece has come on not only you know countries but homes with one word.

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Come in shuttled.

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We set up Kelly ma

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at that ilustrado kalama salad Xhosa to coholic will be Karima Joseph, Harlan Eric.

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With one word you'll watch becomes Helen. And with one word you the wife can become hard on just one word. What we say? That's what we have to watch what we say Ramadan, madrasa to alumina alkazi

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delivered by

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That cannot either either either, either either Nicola and I have the Lisa

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it's a school Ramadan ik school it's called the Rama bunny school we learn things we learn to remember a lot we know that they said or and we learn to fast. We learn to control our anger. We learn to be patient and we learn to hold our tank.

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Learn I see Bhakti

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Bina lahave car *a, deca yamano la casa de la E.

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Guaranteed what's between your tongue and between your private part? The Prophet Mohammed Allah supposin guarantees you, Jana

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and another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013 I say a sidama alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh