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Nouman Ali Khan delivers a beautiful lecture on the essential topic of Istighfar.

The lecture begins with a comparison between Adam AS and Iblees. Adam AS and Iblees violated the commandments of Allah. But what differentiates them is what transpires after the sin has been committed? What were the key points of differentiation between the two?

How do we attain forgiveness of our sins? Nobody is perfect and everyone commits sins. So, we should take respite in the fact that Allah says that the best of the sinners are those who repent and seek the Mercy of Allah SWT. Allah loves the repentance of the sinner. If were to compile a list of the Names of Allah, the majority of the Attributes of Allah demonstrates the Mercy of Allah. Allah tells us to never be disheartened by our sins, as Allah says that He forgives all sins regardless of their nature. Assuming that Allah cannot forgive you is possibly the biggest sin that one can commit. We are in fact challenging Allah that He might not encompass you in His Infinite Mercy, Astaghfirullah. How can we then give up hope of forgiveness of Allah?

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Once again salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say they'll be even more serene. While early he was happy woman is standard de la jolla Dean. Aloha maganda Minh home Amina Latina, Amanullah, middle, sorry, hot water, wasabi, hot, happy, whatever. So be sobre la manera by the mean.

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Today I want to share with you some things about a common Vicar that we do a way of remembering Allah that He taught us and a history and the significance of this remembrance of Allah. Something that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said he himself commits to at least 100 times a day. And the phrase that all of you are familiar with is istockphoto law

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allows origin when he created human beings, the first human being Adam, alayhis. Salaam, the story everybody knows, but it's, bear with me, as I remind you of some elements of that story. You see, there are two there are there are three elements, three characters in the story. Other than Eliza, there's the group of the angels. There's other the Salaam and our mother. And then there's the police. And I'm going to compare other men at least for a little bit,

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at least before the creation of Adam alayhis salaam, he was given a great honor allows the wizard has elevated him to the point where some narrations tell us that he was even in charge of the angels. This is why eventually when Allah commanded the angels to do such the will the angels he was a jinn he was not an angel. But since Allah commanded the angels, their commander, meaning Iblees, was the first one to obey. And then everybody else had to obey along with him. But he refused. So this was kind of the honor given to employees. And you notice that Adam alayhis salam, when he was created, he was also given an honor. He was also given a special status, that the angels even

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ranking above the angels actually, which is why Lars always has commanded them for that such though you find with the police, he violated a commandment of Allah.

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Allah commanded him something and he refused, he failed. And you also find with Adam alayhis, salaam, Allah gave him one single commandment, don't go near the tree, he told him in our Mother, don't go near the tree, and you also find a violation, you find that they also ended up going near the tree. Both of them were honored, both of them made a mistake. They have something in common.

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But what they have not in common is what happens after the mistake. What happens after the mistake, after the mistake Iblees gives justification. He explains that it's actually not a mistake at all. I am completely logical in what I'm saying. I made a fire. And you can imagine also in part of his argument, I've been alone, around a lot longer. I'm Senior to him. I have way more experience. You just created him and he's made of dirt. What is he? What is he he hasn't even proven himself? And I am supposed to submit myself before him. How is he getting a higher rank? I don't I can't accept this. So he's giving a logical explanation for his disobedience to alarm.

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Other other his alarm This is not commonly understood, but other malayalam could also give a logical explanation. You see, when Allah created Adam alayhis salam, he made an announcement to all of the angels. He told all the angels in the jar, don't fill out the halifa. So tillbaka tells us he told all the angels I am putting a Khalifa on the earth. Allah announced the angels from the very beginning that Adam was created for the earth. Eventually, when Adam alayhis salaam ate from the tree, Allah says, Now you must go down to the earth, or the malayalam could turn around and say, Wait a second. Even before I ate from the tree, you made the announcement that I'm going to the

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ghosts of the earth anyway.

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You already told everyone you told the angels and this is actually what he believes came and told him at least said by the way, you live in general you like it right? Hmm. But you know what? That's not the plan for you. The announcement that was sent out the announcement that was made is not you're not made for general right now. You're made for what? The earth you like staying here you like genda? Well, there's only two kinds of people that can stay here, either angels or permanent residents. And you're not an angel, and you can't be a permanent resident. Guess why he doesn't want you to eat from that tree. Because anybody who eats from that tree in takuna Molokini, what a man

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Taku nominal Holly Dean, if you eat from that tree, one of two things will happen either you will turn into angels, or you will turn into permanent residence. That's why Allah doesn't want you eating from that tree. Because he wants you to go to the earth. That's why you should stay within that tree. So if you want to stay here

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and so this was the offer, at least made to our father and our mother into law. And so they go and they eat from the tree. And a lot as origin says, What can what prevented you? Why Why didn't you stay away from this tree? And the same way Allah asked it, please Why did you

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refuse to make such that. Allah asked at least Why Why did you disobey? Allah asked either on Islam in Hawaii and even Salam Why did you disobey? Same exact thing? Why and why? it please give a logical answer either moralism could also give a logical answer. Yeah, law, you already knew that I was gonna go to the earth, this is a setup.

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And to this day to this day, there are people that will come up to you and me and say, If Allah already knows what's going to happen, why is it my fault?

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Why is it my fault? Adam alayhis salam could have been the first human being who asked that question. Lord, he knew I was gonna go to the earth. It's not my fault. But instead Adam alayhis salam. And by the way, that would have been a very logical question, no doubt would have been a logical question. But other than that, I made a very important decision for all of us. He made a decision and our mother made a decision that instead of thinking that Allah tricked them, by the way, that's literally what it believes says, You made me slip. You tricked me that it would be my awakening. Because you made me slip, they blamed Allah.

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Adam alayhis salam, instead of blaming Allah blames who,

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himself would have been awful, I'm not gonna be wronged ourselves, we did wrong to ourselves. Now I was going to tell you about this stuff is still far. The first step of SFR. The reality is all human beings are going to make mistakes, all of us, every single one of us, and it's going to happen all the time. There are going to be all kinds of mistakes in our life, things that we do that we should not have done, things that we say that we should not have said, things that we earned, that we should not have earned, wrong that we did to ourselves wrong, we did somebody else wrong, we did before allows diligence. There are things we should have done and we refuse to do them or we fail to

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do them. There are things we should not have done and we did them anyway. That's an you know, best your own story. That's not for anyone else to know, Allah azza wa jal knows, and the angels that are recording node. But you know what, every time you and I make a mistake, we have an option. Iblees comes to you and me and says, Listen, I know you made a mistake, but come on, you were under a lot of pressure. It's understandable. It's logical. I mean, what choice did you have? It's only it's only reasonable that you made such a mistake. It's okay. Allah understands. Don't worry about it. Don't feel so bad about it. It's not it's everybody makes it. It's okay. Everybody makes mistakes.

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So at least first job is to come and tell you, you don't need to feel so sorry. Because your mistake was logical. And you got really angry and you hit someone. And then the police comes and tells you what they made me really angry. Did you hear what they said? You see what I was it was justified. I mean, what did you want me to just listen? That's why I hit them.

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Or you decide to insult somebody, or you decide to somebody decides to steal, and somebody says, What did you want me to do? Everybody's doing it? I can't even pay the bills. What did you want me to do? Somebody accepts a bribe a bribe. And they tell themselves, look, I mean, you I have to survive. I have small kids shaitaan comes and tells you just like himself, when the mistake is caught? He tells you to say no, no, no, it was okay. You don't have to feel so bad. You don't have to feel so bad. That mistake isn't yours. Why did Allah put me in such a difficult position? anyway? It's a loss fault. My other law, Allah put me in a difficult position. What did you expect, of

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course, I was going to mess up. You see, this is at least line of thinking, Adams line of thinking, Robin avola. And for we wronged ourselves, we did wrong to ourselves, I can't hide behind any excuses my job, I'm not going to hide behind my anger, or my temptation, or my you know, my weakness, or my forgetfulness, or somebody else made me do it, or somebody else made me really upset or somebody else tempted me, or there's going to be all these reasons, there's going to be a million justifications, just like when somebody goes to court. And they say, why did you do it? Well, you know, I had a rough childhood, and I come from about I have bad influence in my life. And this is

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why I became this way, because I've just been around gangs my whole life. That's why I commit these crimes. Really, if your environment, you can blame your environment, then how come Yusuf Alayhi Salam spends a debt decades in jail. And he doesn't think like a criminal. He doesn't act like a criminal. Ibrahim alayhis salam is raised in a in a town where everybody worships idols. He doesn't blame the environment and justify his behavior. He stands up for the truth. What does Allah teaching us every human being, you know, Al insana, Neff. Sahiba, zero, comma zero. The human being is very clear view of his own self, even though he comes up with lots of excuses. Human beings are very good

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at making excuses and where do the excuses come from? Please, because there's one thing at least does not want. He does not want you to say with your heart as though

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he does not want that. Because once Adam alayhis salam was sent to the earth, this is why I

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Started with other money Sonam when other alayhis salam was sent to the earth, Allah told him for him my tn knuckle mini houden from Entebbe, budaya, Fela whorfin Allah him wilhelmsen. Now that I'm sending you to the earth, you will need guidance. You will need guidance and whoever follows my guidance. They won't have to worry they won't have fear they won't have sadness. So basically Allah told them on Instagram, that when he comes to the earth, Allah will give him what guidance now please listen to this carefully. This is what it has to do with the stuff it'll law. The first guidance Allah sent to this earth. Allah says Fatah naka de Moura de Cali Martin Fatah Baba Allah

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He, Allah gave Adam alayhis salam words, by means of which he turned back to Allah asking for his forgiveness. Asking for Allah's forgiveness was the first guidance given to humanity. That was guidance number one, before any other teaching, before anything Allah taught us about halal and haram. Before anything Allah told us about remembering the lie in different ways. Before anything, Allah told us about the gratitude of a line the perfection of Allah, the first thing a lot taught humanity was seek Allah's forgiveness.

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And you know what, that's how the story of humanity started by seeking a less forgiveness. Where does the story of humanity end on Judgment, isn't it and on judgment day believers are trying to make their way towards gender. And they haven't made it to gender yet. They haven't made it yet. Some people had a lot of faith. So they have a lot of light coming out of their chest, and their right hand. And some people have a little bit of faith. So they have a little bit of light coming out of their chest, and their right hand. And if you have a lot of light, you know where to go. If you have a little bit of light, you can only take one step at a time. And people are inching towards

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gender trying to make it to gender. And what are they say, this is the last da human beings will ever make is the last there are human beings will ever made it. So Terry robina at milaana neurona was fildena.

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Master, please complete our light, let this light this battery not run out until we make it to the gates of Jana, and forgive us. Forgive us. The first guidance, the first door was wide forgiveness and the last door for all humanity is what? Forgive us the guidance of Allah begins and ends with seeking forgiveness.

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And seeking this has done for the law is not something small. There's not it's not a small reason that will sue the loss of a loved one. And he was telling us that his assets declared over law 100 times. Well, we'll solve that problem in a second. Why is it a civil law? civil law? What are you said, I'm asking for less forgiveness, we know that profits are free of sin. And on top of that Allah describes him as I told you before as a brilliant son flawless. So how is he? Why is he asking for forgiveness if he hasn't even made any sense? You see, Allah azzawajal will give us the reasons for which is the father isn't just about doing a sin

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is too far is about not doing enough.

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is too far is also about not doing enough. No human being should ever feel about themselves that they have done enough for Allah. They have always fallen short for what Allah gave them they can never give back. And so they asked last forgiveness for their own shortcomings. You know, Ibrahim alayhis salam built the Kaaba. And when he built the Kaaba after all those tests. I told you about that before, after all those tests, and when he was building the cabin, he said, Elena, please accept our Toba Please forgive us. Why is he asking for forgiveness? Because as I'm putting one brick of the curb on top of the other, I pray that this is good enough. I pray my Salah is good

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enough. I pray My daughter is good enough because my daughter may not be perfect. My Salaam may not be perfect. My Quran may not be perfect. Even when we do good deeds, those good deeds are they perfect? No. And so when because they're not perfect, what will complete there's a gap and that gap can only be filled by what words and stuff Rola

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bada will always be incomplete without it's there far too large.

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We finish the Salah, what's the most known Vicar to do? We finished the Salah. The first thing we do is why

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you would think normally if you do something bad yourself. I shouldn't have you just you just did something good. You prayed and we're taught right after you pray you say Why?

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Why? Because that prayer was not perfect. And Allah will cover is the thought comes from Milford Milford actually means to cover. I asked a lot to cover the shortcomings of my prayer. I asked a lot of cover what wasn't good enough. I asked a lot of cover all the times in my head when I was still on Facebook when I was reciting Fatiha

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when I was in rakura, staring at the carpet and it looked like a faces looking back at me. I'm making this stuff up for all the things that I didn't do well, when I'm rushed through the window

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Like, you know, and I didn't really pay attention. When I was in the middle of a conversation and somebody asked me Hey, where do you put the keys? A lojack button? They're in the they're on the dresser.

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And my head I'm still answering their question, but I'm reciting some Chanukah, lahoma stuff in a law. What's the federal law? My good deed wasn't good enough. So that's the federal law. So this is the story of a State Farm, we have to admit that we don't do well enough and that our even our good deeds need covering we cannot become confident or some people, you know, the prophets lie. Selim said that for one letter of reciting Quran, you get 10 good deeds, you're going to 10 good deeds. And there's sometimes there are different different gods that are mentioned, or different deeds that are mentioned, like salon jamatkhana, 27 times more, right. So they're multiplications I met some

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people that like to do these calculations today. 50,000 times this, and I prayed and I prayed, you know, I caught I think I caught a little cuddle. So that's like, 83, you know, years of fish I have, that's 83 years and I've got this cow, I'm doing pretty good.

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Doesn't matter how many calculations you do, it's still going to have been not good enough. And the only thing that will cover it is a Stefan.

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That's the one part What's one part of his difference? What's the other part of it, Stefan, that's the scarier part. You know, when some people become impressed, I remind myself of this, I remind you of all of all of you of this, when some people become impressed with their own good deeds.

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When then they are following the footsteps of Shetland. And it doesn't matter if those are prayers. And it doesn't matter if that's hij. And it doesn't matter if it's anything. If you yourself are impressed with the good that you have done. You're impressed with how patient you are, you're impressed with how kind you are, you're impressed with how much you pray, you were impressed with how much you recite, when you become impressed with yourself, the door of SFR is closed. Even if you say a start for the law, you don't mean it. Because you think it's perfect, you're perfect already. So those are just words, they don't mean anything. These the far means nothing if it's not coming

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from the heart. If you don't acknowledge and I don't acknowledge that we are flawed, that what we do is not good enough. You know, one time on Isla de la Horne, who was passing by someone who was saying stop loss after loss after loss after loss after loss. And he said you're still far needs us too far.

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So the last thing I share with you about is Stefan, not only does it cover our flaws, not only does it teach us humility, and it teaches us you know profoundly It teaches us that we aren't perfect, and we will always be making mistakes and we have to admit our mistakes to Allah. By the way. On that note, it's not easy to admit your mistake to another person. Somebody says to you, Hey, I didn't like what you said, What? What did I say? Huh? I was perfectly right. What I said, What are you talking about? You didn't understand what I said. There's a problem with you not with me. When somebody points out your mistake, you get defensive. I didn't make a mistake. Guess who got

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defensive when his mistake was pointed out? it believes. And when you become defensive, there's no way you ask us forgiveness. Yes, it's hard to admit our mistakes in front of people. But if you become if you get in the habit of defending yourself every time, it will be hard for you and hard for me to admit ourselves before a lot. It'll be hard for us to say your line messed up. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have done this. I shouldn't I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't do this. And I'm seeking genuinely your forgiveness. So being able to admit your mistake is actually a step towards this therefore shaytan doesn't even want us to admit it. So finally the benefits. What do

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you get when you make a step far? Not only do your sins get covered, not only is it the last steps before we walk into general welfare learner, welfare learn are the last words before people enter into Jannah. But in addition, no honey Salaam told us something. He told us something about what will happen if people make us to fall for call to steal food or back home in Canada fara UC Santa Clara. William did can be unguided where Bernina was Jonathan Jan dokumen ha Malecon Latina de la hora. Allah azza wa jal told told knew how they said I'm to teach the people and he told a lot Yala. I gave them the best offer. I gave my people the best offer. I told them to make a stick out of your

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master. I told them to seek forgiveness of your master and if you do what will happen? The sky will open up pouring down. You will see this summer liquidmetal Allah and it doesn't just mean rain. It means it is from the sky will come pouring down protection will come pouring down guidance will come pouring down blessings will come pouring down everything you need in this life comes from the sky and the sky will open up for you only because you're making lot is that far you see the Santa Clara. Well you did calm and he will extend for you be unwinding Robin in he will give you more and more money he will give you more and more children and you did come doesn't mean yes he has it go meaning

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he'll give you more children.

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More money. But even if you have a little money, a little bit of money it will go very far. And if you have a just a child or you know your child is not you don't have many kids. They will they're good they do will go very far. Young did go meaning your good deeds will continue through your money. Allah will make your money work for your dunya and Allah will make your children work for your dunya and he will make your money and your children work for your Oh hello only because you made a Stefan young did can be unguided weapon. And then he says Jonathan will Jackman Hara and he will put gardens out for you and He will put rivers out for you and orlimar got confused. We a lot

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of people make us too far, but they never get gardens. They never get rivers. But Quran says if you make a mistake far you will get gardens and you will get rivers it's completely logical. If you're even if you have 100 grand and you're a person of his thought that 100 will do more good for you than a million would have done for you. If you have a sick child, a sick child and you make a stefarr the good that will come from that sick child will be better than 10 sons that were strong and started businesses and became millionaires and became your backbone that will be better for you because you're a person that is that far and when will you see those gardens and when will you see

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those rivers when you come back to Allah you will see the gates open and gardens and rivers waiting for you to unlock them Jana tinware Jackman hora ma calm What is wrong with you know how they said until this people? What is wrong with you La Jolla la vichara you're not hoping for a lot of dignify you? Why don't you want a lot of honor you? Why don't you want a lot of Bless you, Allah azza wa jal will honor you when you become people of a stepfather. And this is my last comment to you.

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When somebody asked for forgiveness, if I came to somebody and said, I'm sorry, I said that I made a mistake and I you know, somebody admits their crime before a judge. Somebody admits there, you know, some politicians make a mistake, and they have to do a press release. I'm really sorry. I said that I didn't mean to say it and please still will vote for me. And you know, is that is that dignifying? Or is that embarrassing when they have to admit their mistake? It's embarrassing. If somebody has to admit their mistake, it's very embarrassing, is one of the most difficult uncomfortable situations a person can be in when they have to admit your mistake. And Allah azza wa jal on the tongue of New

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Holland Salaam told us when you seek forgiveness of Allah, you are hoping for Allah not to humiliate you but to what to honor you. That actually our honor, lies in admitting our faults before Allah and asking begging a lot of cover them. That's actually our honor. When we admit ourselves to any other human being it will be humiliation, when we humiliate ourselves before a lot. That is the only honor a human being will ever have in this life. My Local Natalia una de la cara, this is the power of just the words istockphoto la. When we say these words, we are transforming our lives. We're opening the doors to this, we're dignifying ourselves, we are reminding ourselves of the journey of Adam

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alayhis salaam and the journey we will all be taking as we walk into the gates of Jenna, may Allah azza wa jal make all of us people have real estate far from our hearts barakallahu li walakum fucoxanthin Hakeem whenever any way he can be, it was lucky