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The speaker discusses the leeway for people to make up for their health during a busy month, and how it is important for everyone to be happy and not fast. They also mention the importance of not fasting during pregnancy and the potential for double struggles if traveling with someone. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fasting for everyone and offers discounts for those who do not fast.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters in the month of Ramadan, we are given a leeway if a person is on a journey or they're unwell. Allah Almighty says, from an Karna meridian, oh Allah suffering for a day to mean a Yemen. If a person is sick or on a journey, they can make it up on other days, days outside the month of Ramadan. That's one, another one, if a woman is on her menstrual cycle, she is not allowed to fast. The idea is for Allah Almighty His blessings, Allah wants you to obey His instruction. As is. Remember, the whole reason why we are fasting is obedience to the instruction of Allah subhanho wa taala. The same would apply if he says don't fast,

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don't fast. Now, the main issue is people need to be happy that they are adopting either a leeway that Allah has provided for them, I call it a discount, or that they are following the instruction of Allah and not fasting because it is Allah's instruction. So if you're unwell for some reason, you have some sickness, even if it is temporary or long term. Remember, you have the permission of Allah subhanho wa taala. Not too fast. In fact, if your health is going to be deteriorating by fasting, the scholars say it is better not to fast and concentrate on improving your health.

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In the meantime, and even if you're on a journey, no matter what if you're on a journey, be it a difficult journey or an easy journey, you do have the leeway, you do have permission, not too fast. And sometimes some of the scholars actually recommend that if you're on a journey, do not fast because of a certain narration. Don't feel bad that you have adopted the easier way. Don't feel bad that you have not fasted because you're sick, or because you're on a journey. Remember, the Hadith says in Allah, you Hebrew and Rojas are who Allah Almighty loves it, when you are making use of the permissions that he has granted you, he loves it, I've created ease for you, and you're making use

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of the ease. Well, Allah loves it in the same way that he loves it when you do things that he has ordered, commanded or recommended. So in this particular case, they are people who are unwell. And they continue to push themselves too fast and the health is deteriorating, and they think they're doing a good deed. In actual fact, if you're unwell, don't feel bad that look, I've had to have my medication I've had to eat. And once you've, once you know that you're not fasting, you're allowed to have proper meals, you won't be rewarded to have stayed away from eating and drinking through the day when you're not fasting at all, but don't eat and drink in front of others as a courtesy. And in

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order to hold the respect of the month, the whole world does not need to know that you're on a period or you're not fasting or you're sick or unwell or that you're on a journey, therefore I'm going to eat openly, don't eat openly, you can eat but try and do so in a way that is not absolute public. And like I said, the reasoning for that is just so that you the sanctity of that month is maintained that people know, this is the month of fasting.

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The point is, when you're unwell, don't feel that, okay, I'm just going to have minimum water, I'm just going to eat a little bit as much as I need. You don't get rewarded for that. You don't get rewarded for keeping away from part food and part drink. You're either fasting or you're not fasting. If you're fasting, you stay away from food and drink if you're not fasting, eat properly. It's okay. That's something that people need to know. Because I've come across a lot of people who say, Look, I'm unwell or I'm breastfeeding. That's why I can't when you're breastfeeding. If you can fast you can if you cannot fast, you don't have to you can fast later on, you can make it up another

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time. When you're pregnant and expecting if it's easy for you to fast you can fast many sisters say I find it so simple. When I'm pregnant, I can fast the whole month because I don't even have my period. So it's up to you. You do have a discount, you do have a leeway. But if you are not fasting, please make sure that you eat. Make sure that you're taking care of your health and you don't feel bad to consume something through the day, especially when you're not doing it in public. Because you're not fasting. May Allah Almighty make it easy for all of us and grant us goodness. I thought it would be a very interesting topic just to address because many people struggle and when they

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struggle, they actually make it a double struggle. Sometimes you

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We're on a journey and you say no I can make it I can manage Why should I know it? Should I not fast? I agree with that. That for me to make it up later is very difficult. I'd rather do it now in Ramadan. But I promise you if someone traveling with you chooses not to fast, it is okay. It is as okay as choosing to fast even if the journey was quite a simple one. It's a discount Allah has given you the Quran says that. The same applies if you're unwell. You have a flu, a fever, whatever else. If you can't fast Please don't. And sometimes if you're unwell, you're diagnosed and you know this person is not well, you know what to be honest with you don't feel guilty. Don't think you need to

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stretch yourself right to the end know you're unwell. You are known as mareel Allah says it's okay. You fast another time. He actually says you read Allah who be como usara Oh Allah you read the Bigcommerce Allah once is for you and he doesn't want any form of hardship or difficulty. May Allah subhanahu wata Allah bless us all. Akula Kohli have Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh