You Did It! So Blame Yourself

Mufti Menk


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They want to play with a creation of Allah, they want to contaminate people they want to consider what's not natural as natural. They want to play with the ecosystem they want to contaminate for example, the whatever else it may be around us and they, they the warfare happens that the fighting and killing happens and people say, Why did Allah allow this? Why bring Allah into that equation? When you know that Allah tells you it's your fault You did it, you played with it. Now you will have to live with the consequences of what you caused. This is something very, very strong that we need to think about. Why our PSA back on me mostly, but in February Makassar, bad ad come, calamity that

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has struck you is because of what you did with your own hands, you cause problems, you know, people testing nuclear weapons in the oceans and then expect no tsunami to happen. And then just say it was a natural thing, and then blame a lot to say, Why did nature do this to us? or Why did you allow this to happen? You did it man.