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The concept of sincerity is discussed, with a focus on the importance of treating others for one's wellbeing and removing diseases through proper heart surgery and transplant. The speaker emphasizes the need for proper heart surgery and transplant, rather than seeking praise for others or reward for their actions.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam. So let's say that I'm a Muslim to run into either one of our cattle.

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The other words as they were coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2012, day 12.

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Yesterday we spoke a little bit about a class about

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And I'd like to explore a little more on this very, very, very important topic topic of sincerity.

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And effortless

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sincerity is the soul of the actions or the soul of the deed.

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I'm an ally philosophy can just said level has.

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I'm unlike a deed that has no, sincerity is not a class in it. An action, it's got no interest in it. It's just like a buddy

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that has no toy muscles. So that's why they say that the last the sincerity is the really

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the soul of the actions. He says that sincerity is the must have of the of the deeds himself, the musk of the actions. Here we say that they are in fact sincerity is this is the is the lawyer, the soul of the image.

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So I have about a few things that will help us pave the way to acquire this last sincerity. But first, before I give you those things, before I share with you, the things that will help us, you know, acquire this beautiful quality of sincerity, I need or we need to, in fact talk about things that would

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that would be some of that will come between us and sincerity. between us and a class, I'm going to give you five things. First, we need to clean this, this heart from certain diseases in order to cultivate sincerity. You know,

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you see when you have a cold, let's say you have a flu, you go to a doctor, and the doctor, you know, gives you a quick prescription. And then you take that, how's that medicine and then you're set to go. But if you need

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a heart transplant, Allah forbid, or you have or you need like a kidney transplant, you're going to go to some sort of surgery, you don't go to a doctor is okay, let's do the surgery. There are certain things that have to be done before the surgery.

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You know, weeks before the surgery, they tell you not to eat certain things not to do certain things to stay away from certain things to take certain medicine to prepare your body, after so many tests to prepare your body for that transplant. If it is that say a heart transplant, they need to make sure that your body can accept that other heart or make sure that your body can accept that other kidney or whatnot. So they need certain tests. Likewise, if you need to have an EClass transplant, if last sensivity transplant, you need to do certain things you need to make, you know to go to certain certain tests to remove certain things from the body and make your body to evade your body

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and make your body ready for this new transplant called sincerity class. Five things ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters,

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that would help us or in fact five things that we need to work on to remove and get rid of because these five things they come between us and a class. What are these five things number one abundance

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greed. Number two earlier showing off or show off is a disease that can between you and a class number three, an urgent one hurdle egotism and self conceit

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number four,

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a basement of others belittling others, you're thinking that you know or others are low and you are higher than everybody else. And number five, the fifth disease that in fact, comes between you and your class is how much he was

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liking to be praised in front of others, or just liking to be praised in general. So these are the five things that in fact come between you and effortless when we're talking about dreams. ultimate

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dream people who are greedy, not only greedy in terms of I

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Don't want to spend I want more, but greedy as as, as in like liking what others have

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did treat others not with this loss, just because they are greedy, you know, in liking what they have, for instance, I'll give an example.

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You have maybe a friend who's a doctor, and, and he works in this hospital. So you sort of, you know, you treat him very nicely, you know that friends, because he's a doctor, you may even give him some sort of a gift. And the way you shake his hand and you smile at him all the time, you treat him nicely, turkeys family and ice. Why?

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Because you need his help. If you were to go to the hospital, or you need some help in that hospital, or maybe you need him to give you a discount if you were to go there. Or maybe if you want to go and visit someone, you know, in times where there are no visits, see, we let you go in because he is you know, he's that doctor. So you treat him you know, especially

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you hear the stomach breed really liking what he has or what he can do for you. You're not treating him with with, for instance security as a human being, you know, but because of harmala you may need his help at some point. So you're not seeing see is that in that deal with him? There's just like an example.

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For instance, here's another Hadith, this hadith or I'm going to show you how this

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about a person who came to the sumo bar right? A person who came to them and he says you have also a lot

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my family if what the Hawaii I met your mommy, you know my uncle's my Auntie's, my cousins, brothers, my sisters are playing at home for me, not only I give them, but they don't give me back. I visit them azolla home

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when what is all when I visit them, but they don't visit me a civil homeboy.

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I know what he is. And I'm kind towards them, and I have mercy towards them, but they have no mercy towards me.

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Or you have asked for what what should I do? Should I stop? You know, untie that link of kinship between me and them.

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Just because I give them and they don't give me just like because I visit them. They don't visit me just like I'm coming towards them and they're not coming towards me. So what should I do? Should I just stop having connections with them? And sometimes what we find ourselves in these situations.

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So what did the Prophet our system say? The Prophet Mohammed is AutoSum said harder now that he has ended up coming of Lahore he I named him madam tada Derek. Like I said, we'll come in on Madiba here, man don't Allah Derek, he says that you are better than them.

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You're better than them. As long as you keep doing what you're doing why because Allah is with you.

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Your neighbor here. So he what the problem was means is, as long as you're doing what you're doing, you are way better than them because Allah subhana wa tada

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is sufficient for you, allies with you. So keep doing what you're doing. You're not doing it because you're not you don't give them an idea because you want to hear back. You see, but you know, read, like, you know, agree in liking what they have or doing something for them so that you can get something back.

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Here there's no sincerity

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and visit the new because I want you to visit me or I'm giving you stuff you can give me back I'm coming towards you so that yeah, these are your family if you're treating them for the sake of a long

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shot, but this last a Latin villages that we had in

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one of the conditions of last is that you do not await a reward from anyone other than a massive hangover. When you treat others treat them again, not seeking reward from them, but seeking reward from Allah Subhana Allah

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that would help remove this disease of ultimate lead and pave the road for this beautiful quality of a glass of sincerity

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and then showing off kills the heart

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in fact, is considered to be

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like a ship uncovering the hidden ship

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showing up doing things not for the sake of Allah but for the sake of book

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Dean and physical other people name and fame.

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You're holding a position, you know, and you'll come in and then you just want it you feel like you're I'm demand.

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I'm not doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you're doing it for the sake of people so that people say, I'm so and so. So when so.

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He is brave, he is courageous, he is much, much stronger. He's, he's very generous.

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Yeah. And then you have a little when he got ism, and stuff completes, you're not you're liking yourself, Mashallah.

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Like in oneself is another thing that would, in fact, is a disease that needs to be sort of removed and help. And once you remove that disease, it will help pave the road towards its loss. And you have to cop accordingly. Arkadin belittling others or a basement of others. treating others like they're solo and you're better than everybody else.

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And the last disease is her

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liking to be praised.

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Like, you know, oh, oh, he's a share. He's my shot law. I did. This is a common law head, you know, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, when I asked you to, to, like, you know, to press that like button, you know, really humans and a lot of humans understood me, not because I you know, I'm, I'm just a human being. I'm sure maybe you don't like what I say some of you may not like what I say. But for me when I when I see that likes, is just how many people my messages are reaching out to.

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That's all I'm not like, oh, like what I say just want to see that my message is reaching into maybe 100 people or maybe 200 people or maybe two. So if I can maybe try to come up with some other methods or ways for my message to reach out to more people. So that's when I say, you know, press the like button.

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So he is I'm not like seeking praise letter, please, please don't help shape ban on me.

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You know, somebody like he says, of course you don't forget the HIPAA law. And then in his hand has a ba ba like comes from, it's that that fertilizer from the from the you know, from the camel or going on, it's got you know, I'm not gonna say the word but you know what I'm talking about that fertilizer biggie. So he's holding in his hand, and people say tamela people say to date, he knows what he's holding,

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is holding that piece of fertilizer. And people say, oh, almost I sold in a date. He's holding the date. That's the date. That's the date for sub, the kindness for Allah. So he, as more people are saying, oh, date date, Mashallah. To date, it's a date, it's great. And then he believed them and he ate it.

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He ate that piece of fertilizer. People are praising them all day to date, and then he believed now would that benefit you? It wouldn't benefit your bits of Anima

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people they say a Shan Shan Shan disguises it I don't know why he starts believing that his religion but he's really nothing like nothing nobody. And people say Mashallah, Mashallah if you are if you are rich, let's say and everybody says these guys poor these guys pour him you know, why would they make you poor?

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You know yourself, you know, Mashallah, you're you know, you're wealthy enough. So if they keep saying that you're poor all day one does not gonna have to do anything or decrease from you the web. Like, what if you're poor, and people say, Masha, what these guys saw rich, he's rich is rich or she is rich. You know yourself. You're poor. But if they keep on saying you're rich, are they gonna make you a millionaire? you're poor, as it was said, you're rich. You're rich. Yours is rich. Is that going to make us all learn Millionaire? No. So, you know, be careful of these five diseases.

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Now we're ready to talk about the things that will help us cultivate

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sincerity. Once we do this bloodless heart surgery again to remove these five diseases that come between us and sincerity. Now we are ready for the transplant. So what are the things that would help us in sha Allah culture? So Seriously? Here they are. Number one. Oh,

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sorry. We're gonna wait until tomorrow shala to add another episode of rakia Ramadan 2012 that we can talk a lot more about you not against sincerity. Until then until tomorrow. I say. I said Am I right? That