Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 165D Tafsir Al-Anbiya 78-82

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What are we there was Philemon and also remember that wood and Sulaiman both were prophets of Allah. If you're Khomeini feel healthy, in when Yeah, Khomeini they were both judging. They were both making a judgment. Concerning what feel healthy concerning the field. Which field Allah describes here and remember that the house it refers to the crop also, which is in the field, the field or the crop. It never shut up when it's scattered in it. What's scattered in that field? Alana will comb the sheep of a people

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never heard from the root letters known for sheen, Nash. Nash is too scattered.

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The word nefesh does that remind you of any word nefesh Natasha manoosh. Huh? Gallery new man foolish on the Day of Judgment mountains will be like wool. What kind of wool?

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That is fluffed up? That has been scattered? Powdered, right? crumbled when? Concrete when rock or something hard like that when it's crumbled. And what do you see in the air? Clouds of dust, it looks like cotton almost that has been fluffed up. So nefesh is to pull apart wool. Okay to pull it apart and scatter it. It's also used for ruffled feathers. Didn't generally a bird, when it's nice and dry, then how is it?

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Slim? Right? But when the bird is taking a bath, then the feathers are ruffled up, right? So the bird looks bigger, ruffled feathers? Let me give you an example. Perhaps you understand something that you can relate with yourself? Hope you don't mind. But when you take a shower, how was your hair?

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How is it nice and straight and together? No. I was it like a big mess. Right? It's all fluffy. So what do you have to do? You have to comb it, dry it, straighten it, or put it all together in some way. Right? So this isn't enough when something is pulled apart. And it's spread, it's scattered. So from this nonchalant, I'm not sure 1am is when sheep, sheep. They stray at night without the shepherd. So imagine a barn and the gate is open, what will happen? Will the sheep stay there? No, they're going to run away. And if right next to the barn is a field, what are they going to do? Destroy it? Imagine if it's a vineyard with grape vines, what's going to happen to all the grapes

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finished destroyed? Because sometimes sheep mean these animals when they're grazing. They don't say okay, let's eat from the top. No, no, no, I like that green part, which is right at the bottom. And the next thing you know the stem right from the bottom has been snapped off. So the whole plant above it is gone, it's going to dry up. So the whole field is destroyed. This is an actual animal, when sheep stray at night without the shepherd. And they ended up running over or grazing the fields. They eat what they're not supposed to eat. They walk over what they're not supposed to walk over. So the whole farm or the whole crop is destroyed. So there was a crop like that and some sheep

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ran over it in the night. So this case was brought to the wood Ernie Sinha and the other listener, he was a prophet as well as a king.

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And he was from which people the bunny sloth in a prophet and a king.

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Remember intro to Bukhara we learned that the Bani Israel, they requested a prophet of theirs to ask Allah to make dua that someone is appointed as a king among them, so that they fight under him with him and they get back their homes, right. So what happened followed was appointed as a king palos Angelou remember the battle took place, while Katella dawu dilute the wilderness and I'm killed Giroud so what happened followed was very happy with the wood. And he got the wood married to his daughter, when Duluth died, who became the king that would earn his sinner and Allah also gave him prophethood. So he was king and profit. All right. So as a king as a leader of the people, such

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cases were also brought to him for judgment. So the other innocent I want this case is brought to him. The two neighbors basically, they had this issue when they came to him so a man

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already Cena was also nearby so they might early cinema was he the son of that would early cinema at this time, so they might not listen, I was still very young. He said that he was maybe 16 years old. He was young.

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He was not a prophet at this time or a king Allahu Allah. But of course if the older listen um, is the father, the King, the Prophet, then definitely so a minor isn't being the son He's younger. Right? So Allah says, wahconah and we are worldly hooked me him for their judgment Shahidi witnesses meaning we witnessed, Allah knew exactly what happened over there, how the case was presented? And what judgment that will there listen, I'm gay, and how so they minor in Islam suggested something else. Now, the two people that brought their case to that will listen.

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Now, if you look at the problem over here, okay, the owner of the sheep, the shepherd, mean of his sheep went at night and destroyed the crop of the neighbor. Now, the neighbor, he suffered a huge loss. But at the same time, the shepherd? I mean, what can he do? It was an accident. You understand? At night it happened? And when sheep are going over somebody else's field, how can you stop them? Right? Especially if you're sleeping in the night? What do you meant to do? But at the same time, the farmer he's incurred a huge loss. So the other SM, he ruled? What's the ruling that he gave that the owner of the field to the farmer, he should be given the sheep? Now he should

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become the owner of the sheep? What about the shepherd? Nothing. Your loss? Why? Because that wilderness in him, he saw that the sheep were equivalent in their value to the crop. So he said that you caused him this much damage. So you have to pay the price. How do you pay the price just give the sheep because the crop, meaning the farmland, and the sheep are of equivalent value?

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So you understand, if I caused you a damage of $1,000, what am I supposed to do? Give you $1,000? But if I don't have those $1,000 What can I do give you something off? equal value, right? So in this case, the elders said the sheep are the exact same value as the field. So give him the sheep.

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Allah says for fam now hassle a man. But we gave the farm of this issue to saliva and RNA center, what is for him? Understanding.

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So a man or an s&m, even though he was the son, even though he was younger, Allah gave him the correct understanding of this issue. So So a man or Islam, he said, No, he said, Father, what you should do is that tell the shepherd to give his sheep to the farmer, the farmer gets to keep the sheep, enjoy them benefit from their prophet, while the shepherd is working on his field, fixing it. Once he fixes the field, the field is back to how it was before the field goes back to the farmer, and the sheep go back to the

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shepherd. This way, there is no loser.

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You understand? There is no loser. Because if you take the sheep and permanently give them to the other guy, what does the shepherd have? Nothing. But if you give it temporarily to the landowner, while his land is being fixed, then okay, it's a temporary loss for the shepherd. But then eventually, at the end, both when both have something

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for for him now her Sulaiman. So So you might notice, and I'm viewed the exact issue in a different way. He saw that the cost of the damage that was caused by the sheep, the cost of the damage that was caused by the sheep, was also the same as the profit that could be made from the sheep.

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So so they matter. And it's then looked at the profit. Where's the wilderness, and I'm looked at the assets, the property, you understand? The other reason I'm set property equal value, you call them the specialist given this property. So they monitor this and I've said, No, this, we don't just look at it as property we look at the profit that you can make from it.

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All right. So the profit that you made from the sheep is the same as the loss that was caused to the land. So you just give the sheep to him so that he can get the same profit, while his land has been fixed. Once it's fixed, then every but he gets their stuff back. For for him now has Sulaiman. Allah gave the understanding to Sulaiman what colon and each all meaning that would answer a man both of them attain a hookman or Ilma. We gave them both. How come judgment, sound judgment, wisdom and knowledge.

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Meaning just because they matter

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Listen, I made the right. verdict at the situation don't think that they will listen. He had no knowledge and he had no wisdom. No.

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Don't think like that. What do we see here? Something very beautiful, that it's quite possible that someone is greater in their knowledge and their experience and their age, right and their status.

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But Allah subhanaw taala gives someone else the ability to suggest the right, you know, decision to come to the right conclusion.

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Just because someone is younger, doesn't mean they have to be wrong all the time. Just because someone has less knowledge, less experienced less status doesn't mean they will always be wrong. No, it's quite possible that sometimes they also make the right decision.

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So for instance, sometimes we look at younger people as crazy. Just followers of their desires, right? So teenager, anything that the teenager says has to be wrong? No, it's not necessary. Sometimes what happens women to view their husbands as he's always wrong, or it's the other way, if my husband is saying it's wrong, it's my wife is saying it's wrong. No, don't look at who is saying, See what he is saying.

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See what he is saying.

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What are they saying? Trust the other person, give them a chance. Let them make a mistake even. But give them a chance. How will they learn?

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You see, the way people learn is when they are trusted. When they are trusted.

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Sometimes it happens that we become too protective. And we don't want somebody to make a mistake. And so we don't even give them a chance. We don't even give them that liberty. But let them make mistakes. They will learn eventually. It's like when it comes to doing laundry. All right, putting dirty clothes in the machine. Yeah, there are times when you mix everything together, right? And so your white hijab comes out purple. All right, or it comes out in a shade of pink. Why? Because you put your pink sweater with it. Or sometimes, you know, you put everything in the dryer together and you see that everything has shrunk, even your brand new sweater, it's gone. Or you put so much

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detergent that even when the clothes are done, they still feel soapy. Right? But then what happens through trial and error.

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You learn when you start cooking, when you start baking, initially, you make a lot of mistakes. I remember one of the first times I made cookies, all right. I was like okay, I read the recipe. And the Yeah, I think it asked for maybe one teaspoon of baking soda. And I'm like, Well, I don't have a teaspoon. So you know what I just put it. And I put a whole lot, a whole lot such that there were baking soda cookies. They weren't chocolate chip cookies, and were baking soda cookies. You couldn't eat them. But I mean, you made that mistake. And then eventually you learn. So we see that the water isn't as a king as a prophet, who does he have next to him near him, so a man. And so the mannerism

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gives us aggression and the wilderness and he accepts it. He gives him that trust that he asks even you can come up with a good decision.

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And then at the same time, we see that this should not be generalized just because someone impresses you once doesn't mean that there will always be perfect. No, they got it right once and they can also make a mistake next time. And then they can get it right the next time and then they can make a mistake the next time because what happens is that if somebody makes one mistake, they fall in our eyes and we completely cross them out. I'm never going to work with them. I'm never going to give them this option.

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Allah says what Colin Taina Hockman were Ilma was the homeowner and We subjected muda muda with the wood eligible mountains. The Buddha Islam Allah mentioned the fuddle a special follow that was given to him and what was that the mountains were subjected with him? For what purpose? You Sabina they will do this be who would do this via the mountains who do this be with who with the wilderness because the wilderness and was given the boat? And what is the boat?

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It's a collection of dust be hot, you can say

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okay words that glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala so that water is Salam when he would do this be who would join him in that this beer. The mountains also what they eat and even birds. Now person might say okay, he's doing this behind the mountains. I mean, you can hear the echo or the birds they're chirping. Allah says you Sabina

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any person if they say anything in a place like a valley they

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You'll hear that echo back. Right? This is not echo. What is it? This be the mountains would literally do this be how Allah says what could never I mean? We were the ones making this happen. We were doing this we were making it happen because remember that Allah can accomplish his goal bill is back we'll be doing less Bob will be with Dallas Bob. And besides this should not be something difficult to understand because we're inventory and Illa USA behind behind that there's nothing except that it praises and glorifies Allah. Well, I love now who and we taught him who then would only send him we taught him Sonata la Goossen Sana crafting manufacturing sonar from sogno nine to

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manufacture to produce something. So we taught him the art, the skill of manufacturing of making a fashioning Lebu sin Lobos Lambert seen does that remind you of a word Libous what is Libous? Close? labouisse is that which is worn and worn really well. Why to protect yourself? So what do you think it is? Armor, whether it's a helmet or a glove, or a shield or armor that is worn on the, you know, for instance, the chest or anything? Anything that is worn as protection? All right, like for example, winter gear, what is it?

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What is your winter gear? When you're going for skiing, for example?

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Exactly, it includes everything right? It's not just your jacket, even the snow pants and your gloves and your hat and what else scarf and something on the face also and ears also right. So this is a kind of labouisse but Lobos in particular over here, what is it referring to armor what is worn in battle? The Wilderness Anam is the one who made armor. And who taught him that skill. Allah La La Nelson Artola boosted lecan for you for your benefit. And to this day, people benefit from this. Why literary Selena comb, so that it would protect you how solid the noon Harrison it will protect human but sequel from your might meaning battle? It protects you in battle.

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And imagine if there was no concept of armor, if iron was such that you couldn't mold and you couldn't give it any form and nothing such as that could be worn on the body to protect it. Then what would happen? For * unto shaggy rune, Allah says then would you be grateful? Would you be grateful? Allah taught His Prophet this skill and because of that, you are protected in your battles today for one anthem Shakira and and would you be grateful? It is Sandy Qatada. He said that before they will they're Listen, people, you know, they made armor. They were armor, but it was plated. Does that remind you of something?

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plated armor?

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Okay. Remember Alice in Wonderland?

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No, you guys are not familiar.

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I guess it's not known in Canada. Anyway, when I grew up, I read and saw the watched Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, in that story, I'm gonna have to give you something that you can picture in your head. So you know those steel men or people with plated armor. So it's like, just a sheet covering the chest and a sheet, you know, covering the arms and the hands. So it's so difficult to move. Imagine if you're wearing clothes made of cardboard, cardboard, would you be able to walk easily?

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No, right. So this is the kind of armor that people would wear before they will listen. If you're wearing armor than you just standing like a mannequin, you can't move. It's so difficult to move and it's so heavy, right? And it restricts your movement. So it was more like a burden. But the wilderness Sudan into Saba, I attend 11 We learned what I learned nella hula Hadid. We made iron soft for the wilderness in

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the wilderness. Sam is the one who was taught how to make things from iron. And it was made soft for him. Soft in the sense that it was pliable for him. So he could you know, give it different forms, different shapes, different sizes. So he was the first one to make a chain of iron. So links.

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All right. If you look at your gold necklace even what is it? It's basically links. Now when you're aware that and you look at yourself in the mirror and you say I look so beautiful. Remember that this concept of chains links, who began this? It started with the old Ernie Salam. Allah says verhalen Tomczak Ki Moon

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Then would you be grateful? You see, we benefit from so many technologies and inventions and things that people have made or discovered or learned to do over time. And we take all of these things for granted. We take it for granted. But to remember that it started from some men, some men, some person, I know we turn the lights on and off so easily. We leave them on and we just, we don't even think about it. But imagine the first time a man, he lit the light bulb, he made the light bulb,

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electricity and light. I mean, it's a huge blessing. So the other lesson was the first one to make links. Allah says, For * unto Shakira, and then would you be grateful don't take it for granted.

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While you Sulaiman arry and to slay man earlier salaam, We subjected the wind, when you think of the father was given this much, and then his son who also became a king and a prophet and Allah gave him special understanding also, then, what favors was he given? There listed while he Sulaymaniyah Lee Allah subjected the wind forcing a man are listening and what does that mean that to a Monterey Santa could use the wind? He could control the wind you know this is just like, Allah has subject to different things for us. So for instance, animals, alright, you can tame an animal you can train it you can use it for agriculture, you can use it for hunting different things. Allah has subjected

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these animals for us so we can use them however we wish. So a man or SLM could use the wind however he wished. Now person might wonder, okay, so what's the big deal? If he could use the wind however he wished, what's the big deal?

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You know what that meant? If he wanted that wind should blow to the right. It would blow to the right if he wanted that the wind should blow to the left it will blow to the left. If you wanted the wind to be fast, it will blow fast if you want it. The wind should blow you know softly not that fast. It will blow like that. It was under his control. So he controlled not just the speed, but even the direction of the wind. And why.

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Why? For travel

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for travel purposes into it saba 12 We learned while he Sulaymaniyah rehab will do her Sharon wha wha hoo ha. And to say, Man, We subjected the wind it's morning journey was that of a month. So in one morning, through a wind, so the manner this gentleman his armies would cover the distance that is usually covered in a month. And then one evening, the same distance, so they had some form of air travel,

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some form of air travel, and not just that, controlling the speed as well as the direction of the wind. Allah says, I'll see for over here, what does ossify mean violent and fast. If he wanted the wind to blow really fast, violently, it would happen. But what's amazing is that that God be angry, it would flow meaning the wind would blow at his command whose command Sulayman early salaams command il all to the land, which land ality Baraka mafia, which we had blessed, which land is this, a sham Philistine, and that is where so the manner in Islam used to live. That was his home. We'll call now because cliche in aalameen and we were of everything knowing, meaning, whatever that silly

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man or listening was doing, Allah was fully aware of that Wamena Shalini and of the shayateen mean the shayateen were also subjected to so they man or listen and what are shouting, the jinn.

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And why are they called sheltering over here are all Jinn bad? No, but the reason why they're called sheltering is Jin, when you think about a gin, rebellious nature, alright, because whenever you think about gin, who comes to your mind it bliss, rebellion, right? And the thing is that gin is someone that a human being cannot control physically in the sense that, you know, if there's a person or an animal, you can tie them up.

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Right? So Wamena shout Leaney but child teen they were subjected under hula

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Sulaiman or SLM. And what did he do with those shouting? If you hear that this person has 5g, when he talks to the gin,

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what do you think the kinds of things are doing? Would they be generally positive? No. So they might or they Cinna he had these gin and what would the gin do man who you'll also know who you also know from Lois Lane Well, Saad laws to plunge to submerge to dive deep to the bottom of, you know, a riverbed or ocean or sea.

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Why to collect pearls or something like that. So the jinn would dive in the water would go deep

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deep into the water where the human beings could not go

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level for him meeting facility miners and him at his command and this could be for different reasons could be maybe for research or find something there or bring something from there alo Arland

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may also know Allah who they would dive deep in the water for him

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and not just that way arm Aluna and they would do emmalin actions Dona Dalek besides that and I'm not over here does not just action it's labor work because I'm on as if some work that you do deliberately right and some work that you do deliberately Farrell armor The primary difference between these two words because fearless action Armand is action primary differences that Armand is that which is done deliberately. So they will do work for so they might notice that I'm doing a Dalek other than that also, such as construction of buildings, et cetera. What Canalla home haffi lien and we were all of them have the lien guardian, meaning Allah who was guarding Allah who was

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guarding Allah was protecting Allah was making sure that none of the jinn would deviate, none of the gin would just run away.

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Because think about it a gin, you can't see them, you can't control them. And if you tell them to do something, how are you to guarantee that they will do it? How are you to make sure they will do the work you can't which is why people who claim that they have gin under their control. Remember, there's something fishy there, there is a problem there. So never trust such individuals. Because it's not possible for a human being to have gin in his control. Remember that it's not possible for a human being to have gin under his control, because gin is someone whom you cannot capture. You can chase him away, but you cannot capture him.

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You understand that? And slay mannerism was the only one who was given this authority over the jinn. And Allah says what Canelo whom halfling we were guarding? And remember that today manna in Islam he made a DUA and what was that that Oh Allah, the kingdom that you've given me? The powers that you've given me Don't give them to anyone else after me. And Allah accepted his dua which is why we learned that at one occasion the prophets of Allah sent him he was praying Salah and a jinn. It came in to try to harm the prophets of Allah Islam. So the prophets of Allah sent me he said that I remembered the dua of my brother Sulaiman. So I let that gene go, otherwise I would have died him up. And the

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children of Medina would play with him.

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So what does it mean then? Can any person do that? So they might notice and I was given that ability, all right, and the prophets have a lot of animals so he had that ability, but the door also the man or the salon, what did that mean? That no person should have control over the jinn in this way. So how is it that people get the jinn to work for them then you hear all these stories? Remember that the gym can only work for someone either on voluntary basis. They volunteer their services, all right, or because they get something in return? They get something in turn they get some benefit in return. What's the biggest thing that Jin like? What is it

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what do you think the Jin love

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Okay, but what is it that they love to receive from human beings?

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Do you think it's food?

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Money? Space? No. What do they like?

00:28:48 --> 00:28:52

Not information. Worship. Okay, servitude.

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This is in the nature of shape on right remember IBLEES he said an Ohio minute.

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An Ohio man I am better than Adam.

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So what shaitan loves is that the human being should make himself small before him before the gin

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and this has mentioned sort of gin also right that the gentleman Lynsey you're all doing a very dry liminal gin fuzzy I don't recall that there were people from onced human beings who would seek refuge and protection in who in the gin and this increase the gin in arrogance, because when the Arabs would travel and they would have to camp somewhere, they would say, we seek the protection of the gin of this area. And they would offer something you know, to please that gin so that the gin would not harm them or protect them. But what the Djinn protect them. No, as long as you keep feeding it as long as you keep giving it something as long as you keep humiliating yourself before

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the gin. He's happy. You understand? So

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If someone is saying, Yeah, I've got gin, I can get this work done for you. There's Shrek over here, which is why magic is goofy. Because what is magic, you're using the gin. You cannot use the gin unless you please them and when you please them, you are devoting something to them, which is what an act of worship dedicated to other than Allah, which is what schicke so you understand? You know, sometimes people say that, Oh, if you're sick, just go to this person and they have jinn and the jinn will do something. Keep away from such people. Because this is only no problems. It's only going to increase you in problems.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. What was

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gonna help the Natasha three one or multiple? Natasha ptfi? Alana?

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Shahidi Bertha.

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What's up, Paul?

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Beef now for your

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family. Why

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not Allah who's in Lagu Milito cleaner

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don't shock you. Oh, Wally Sula. We have

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gdb I'm really only letting you bow

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militia in me Wamena che out please.

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no, such a man or his son, I'm at his time, it has said that there were huge buildings, also an amazing construction. And that was done by who? By the gym. Because whatever was beyond human ability, so the man or his son will use the gym to do that. So for instance, diving and even constructing, he would make the gym do that. And I mean, it shows that if someone has the ability to do something, that ability should be

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used, it should be properly channelized. Because imagine if the jinn under his control, then they have to do something. If they're not told to do something, what will they do then? For sad? Right? So for instance, you know, it is said that this man, some gin came to him. And those gyms said, we want to do something for you. So he would tell them, Okay, go do this. They will come back within a few minutes. Okay, we're done. Okay, we're done. Okay, we're done. So then he said, Okay, give me a sack of rice. And then another sack of lentils, and another sack of some different lentils. And they were all mixed up. And then he said, Okay, separate them.

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Separate them, meaning separate the rice from the dried lentils, because he had to put them to some work, so he didn't know what to do. So anyway, the point that I'm making over here is that when someone has the ability to do something, and when they have a lot of energy channelize their energy in the right direction, because if you don't, what's going to happen?

00:33:44 --> 00:34:32

What's going to happen? problems for you. So for instance, sometimes you see children going crazy, opening one cupboard and taking the cereal box out and dumping it on the floor and then running around with their dishes and opening every cupboard and every drawer. And you wonder, why are these kids behaving in that way? Because they don't know what to do. That's the problem. In the Quran, slopeside Ayah 37 We learn wash out Lena coolabah net in water wells. We subjected to such a man or listen, I'm sheltering every builder and diver. So this Shailene would build. And they would also dive, he put them to work. And all of this was happening not because of Sulaiman or his salaams on

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

strength and ability, but why how under Allah's control, because if you look at all of these verses, these last two verses especially we're gonna be cliche in early mean and welcome Nola home. Heavy lead. All of this was happening with Allah's knowledge under his protection. Allah was protecting so the man or the center, Allah was keeping watch over the gym so that none of them would cheat. So they might or they sit down

00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

or do any form of facade or deviate from his orders? Now so they might already said I'm one thing that we learned in the previous ayat was that for for him now ha. Suleiman Allah gave the understanding of that matter to suit a man or listen. And if you think about it the judgment that will there is an admit, it was fair,

00:35:20 --> 00:35:46

wasn't it? It was fair, because he looked at it from the asset or property value point of view. It was a fair judgment. And even better judgment, was that given by Sulaiman or in his center, what does this show to us that it's quite possible that there are multiple, right answers to something, all right. However, that doesn't mean that all of them are of equal value.

00:35:47 --> 00:36:06

That will their lesson and the decision was right. But today Mallesons decision was even better. It was even more fair, the wilderness and EMS decision, it brought justice just immediately. But if you think about today, man, our listeners decision how was that?

00:36:07 --> 00:36:11

It established justice in the long run, right? It was more fair.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:48

It was better. So always go for the better option. And how to today manner it is and I'm come to that conclusion, because Allah gave him that understanding. So if ever you're dealing with a problem, and you cannot figure out a solution, or even if you have a solution, you don't feel like it's the best solution than ask Allah for understanding. This is why the Scholars would say Yeah, more i lemma, Ibrahim. I Lim knee or one who taught Ibrahim teach me also way Mo Farah Hema Sulaiman for him knee

00:36:49 --> 00:37:00

and all one who gave understanding to Suleiman grant me understanding also, because Allah is the One who gives oil rush, as well as fun.

00:37:01 --> 00:37:03

All right, your turn,

00:37:04 --> 00:37:13

your turn to speak. My time to rest. Where's the mic? Go ahead. This is so beautiful. My soccer namah either

00:37:14 --> 00:37:58

you Sabina played that mountains are making an echo. And the birds are also chilling the loud voice was so beautiful Allah subhanaw taala like it liked it so much that he ordered mountain go and join. And then imagine the Dow is reciting. And mountains are making an echo and the voices heavy. And the birds are also chipping. While we were teaching children and we make one group of the children the recitation of Quran one group of children making the mountain making the heavy boys and one group of children with the birds with a thin voice. And when they decided don't believe it, it's what was 100 times better than the rap music and what not and it was beautiful.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:45

Now remember, just to further clarify, I made this clarification earlier also, remember that the mountains did not echo back because they will echo back the sound of anybody. Even you and I even music. Right? But what we learned over here is the mountains you said Berna they did this be with what mouth? What kunafa alien Allah was making them do it. But the point over here is that when the older listen would do the spear he wouldn't be alone. The mountains were ordered to join him in that the spear and not just the mountains but even birds will play in my sure matura gathered up in the Quran, we learned that the birds would also gather around him from everywhere and they would join in

00:38:45 --> 00:39:31

that the spear you know, when you look at Snow White or something and she's singing and you have all these birds chirping around her. Okay, beautiful. But even more beautiful, is when they will listen under the spear and the mountains joined him and the birds join him at the spear how Allah who are alone. But what we learned here is that definitely when one person is reading, okay, it's beautiful. The when a lot of people are reading together, and then how is it even more beautiful? Or is it not? It is slowly there are some amazing YouTube videos by Chef Tim humble and Chef Koosman. I think that's the name. I forget the title, but it's about the diary of an extra sister. Yeah, it's really

00:39:31 --> 00:39:39

amazing. I would urge all of you to watch although after the fourth episode, I couldn't go ahead. The scary too, but it's knowledge basically.

00:39:40 --> 00:39:58

clarification on gene issues, right which is something that we should be aware of because every other thing is Jin Jin magic Jin evil i. So we should know what is how can what is not. And if there is a problem, how should that be cured also

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

It is in a language that we can also understand.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:05

I'm not going to let you go.

00:40:07 --> 00:40:30

So like I was just thinking, like, you know how he said that I was like, whenever I think of the girl like I think of the other, he's actually testing us and stuff. I was just thinking about the current is so beautiful like basic, we can tell it to other people that we they know about Osama well, so I think the ground is way too beautiful, as well as that gives us knowledge that can give other people

00:40:31 --> 00:40:41

I mean, look at how beautifully prophet after prophet has mentioned and more is to be mentioned in the following verses about the prophets of Allah. And what we see is that Allah tested them

00:40:42 --> 00:41:09

with what with clay, and shot with good and with bad in the sense that there were times of ease and there were also times off difficulty. Ibrahima listen Salam where he has the highest status of being, you know, father of two nations and Allah subhanaw taala praises him so much in the Quran. At the same time, look at the difficulties that he endured in the way of Allah.

00:41:10 --> 00:41:21

And then the wilderness and he didn't get to his position that easily. So the manner listen, I'm also an all the prophets that are mentioned in these verses, they went through a lot, difficulty and ease.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:51

So Nico, there's this new thing trending around, I don't know, all of you've seen it, this, you have a dress, that's either black, and blue, or golden white. And my sister and I was discussing this yesterday. And I told her, I can't see the black and blue. All I see is the golden white. And she looked at it. And this kind of just reminded me of the different perspectives that people have. Sometimes we see something, and the other person can see it. And you know, it just go yes.

00:41:52 --> 00:42:10

I was reading up an article about that, that why is it that some people because I saw one person in front of me, and she's Are you that no, it's blue? I don't know. It's not blue. It's white, either. You know, there was a problem with me or there is a problem with you. But you know what, there's a problem with neither of us.

00:42:11 --> 00:42:46

Why is it that some people view it as white and golden, others view it as blue? And then I showed it to my son, and he said, it's blue. And I was like, What's going on here? Anyway, the reason is that some people, they're just looking at the pattern. And because of the pattern of the dress, they see certain colors. Some people when they're looking at the dress, they're not just looking at the dress, they're also keeping in mind the color that is around the dress. And some people, they're not just looking at those colors, but also the phone and their surroundings, or the screen on which they're looking at the phone. So depending on your perspective, how you view things. Are you looking

00:42:46 --> 00:42:57

at just the design? Are you looking at just the dress? Are you looking at just the screen or everything that will determine what colors you see.

00:42:59 --> 00:43:12

So you understand it's not that the color is different, it's the same, but each person views it differently, depending on their point of view, or depending on their perspective. And that doesn't mean that I am wrong. And you are right.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:14


00:43:16 --> 00:43:16

So what

00:43:17 --> 00:43:58

I was thinking, you know, children nowadays, they love Spider Man and Batman and Monster cartoons or whatnot, and all those things that are fake. So I was thinking if we can share these stories, I'm already thinking about how I'm gonna get through my class lesson. And the lesson and my minor lesson, I'm something which is so you know, real. And they will be so amazed by the fact that really can happen. And those were the prophets and it's such a amazing way to share this information with children. Yes. Very good point. I remember when I watched Superman, for the first time, I was fascinated, and you know, when you see something, you want to do it as well. But then that

00:43:58 --> 00:44:48

realization that it's not true, that made me sad, and you know, okay, one is that you can't do it. But that realization that it's a lie. It's not true. It never happened. It doesn't happen. We that's very disappointing. So when we tell children true stories of true superheroes, then that is something that will benefit them, their Eman, they're up in the power of Allah subhanaw taala. These are heroes. Family go, as you were telling about the story of the dress that how we perceive it. I was this thinking Subhanallah as Allah says that he's made everyone different. So it's basically the coordination between the different cells of your eye and the different cells of your mind, which are

00:44:48 --> 00:45:00

perceiving that same thing. So Subhanallah I mean, how different one person is using some cells of their eyes and their mind to visualize a picture and another person

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

differently. So how different we are, I mean, the number of the cells we have in our eyes, countless, the number of the type of cells, we are using the brain, countless, I mean, subhanAllah that makes you feel overwhelmed and the brightness of Allah, the greatness of Allah. So how he has made everybody so different?

00:45:21 --> 00:45:25

How great is alive, this is his creation that each is unique. Over here

00:45:29 --> 00:45:38

going back to the comment before about telling this story to children, I remember the first lesson I ever did.

00:45:39 --> 00:46:16

I think it was during your full time program was the story of Queen Shiva and same Annalisa. And then I was in grade 12. But I found it so fascinating, oh, my god and talks about this stuff. Because before it was just the Quran was something that you read during slavery, didn't understand any of it. And I was so fascinated. And I remember I was on the car, right? The next day to school I was telling my dad about I'm like, do you know that this happened inside look like and a lot of talks about all these, like amazing miracles and how she's walking over water, but it was glass. So it's not only like, it's fascinating to children to but even when, like other people realize, like,

00:46:16 --> 00:46:27

the diversity of the Quran is not just like a book of rules, but there's stories like this and all that it's going to draw different people to it. Because I can look over there.

00:46:29 --> 00:46:37

I was just thinking of the parent child relationship that's there. And it's not that that was really they didn't have that argument that No, I'm the parent. So I'm right * for you. Right?

00:46:38 --> 00:47:25

Yes. And it's amazing because we learned that the older ism, he also accepted the ruling of the suggestion of a man or a sinner. That's really big. A father accepting his son's suggestion. And I'm thinking about on the same lines, that mean, mashallah, he has given this kind of privilege to him, that he has this kind of confidence that he had opportunity to be included, and have the courage to come in and bring his own perspective. Yes. So a lot of upbringing shows that many times. We don't give children that opportunity that they express their opinion. And what this reminds me of is the incident about Zayed bin Khalifa. Remember the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he owned Zaid radula, worn

00:47:25 --> 00:48:04

one as a slave, and this is before prophethood. And they live on who was not a slave, in the sense that he was kidnapped and sold as a slave. So when his family found out that he was in Makkah, his father and his uncle traveled to Makkah, and they spoke to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said that took our son is not a slave and it hurts us to see our son as a slave. So whatever you ask us, we will give you but please let him go with us. So the prophets of Allah Islam said, I will leave this decision to Zaid. It's his call, whatever he decides for himself. I was thinking about it that a young boy is given the decision, you decide you want to stay with me, you're more than

00:48:04 --> 00:48:46

welcome. You'd like to go you're more than welcome. It's up to you. And this is why Zanesville dillow aren't who loved the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because the prophets of Abolishment did not suffocate him, did not control him. He gave him the choice you decide, and what did they choose slavery over freedom. And then the Prophet saw a lot of them and honoring the wish of Zeds father, as well as in his love for is a little too low on who he declared. He went to the Kaaba would say then he said, well, people here this is Zaid Bin Mohammed, now, he's my son, my adopted son, and obviously that was later on abrogated. But you see how even the Prophet sallallaahu Selim gave that

00:48:46 --> 00:49:26

freedom to ze throttle on the I see the lesson, when there's a dispute also, then someone comes from complaints and we're not just taking that ruling. And then there's also another way of looking at it when you go in here the other person's situation or you go and see it. So like we're not just jumping to the first conclusion that there's so many ways you can come into decisions once you see the other side. What happens yes, very true. And this is why we're on Rohan. Shoe Rabina. Home, that the affair of the believers is through Shura consultation, right you consult one another doesn't mean that you consult the whole world should you buy that dress or not? But you consult the relevant

00:49:26 --> 00:49:59

people, right, because you will look at things in one way. And it's possible that another person looks at the same thing in a different way, and their approach is better than yours. Yes, everything discuss every all the I suppose but the only thing which is like the DUA husband Allah who will Nimal but keen believe me as the students were there, whenever I have like, calamity or any distress or any stress or any tension, believe me whenever I read this dua, Allah subhanaw taala listens even when

00:50:00 --> 00:50:30

I go to the market or anywhere and I have to park my car oh my god I have to park Can you believe I just start reciting when I started going home husband allow my name will will kill and I got it. So it's really really but you have to say in the deep from your heart of course this is the main thing and before that you should exhaust all your effort in doing what you have to do also because our problem is we do nothing. We sit back and we say Allah is enough for me. Yes Allah is enough for you but you also have to do something.

00:50:31 --> 00:50:38

So panic alone won't be 100 Masha Allah Illa illa Anta Mr. Falcone to Blue Lake Santa Muerte come to LA here

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