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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and his family and his companions.

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So we conclude tonight baggu economic life write the chapter on honoring your guests.

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And is honoring your guests mandatory or not, we discussed the ayat and the Hadith of whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should honor their guests.

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So to be very honest, the majority opinion is that it is not obligatory to honor your guests meaning to host them and

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spend on them and feed them and give them a mattress and stuff for the night and for evidence is that they have

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the official position in the Hanbali madhhab. The authorized position in the humbly method is that it is mandatory to honor your guests and then they differ a little bit of details like who is the guest so let us say at least that the guest is the non local

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and it is mandatory on a non local or mandatory on you if someone is a traveling. Guest a guest that stops at you. The following Hadith This is one of the major Hadith that they lean on for their opinion that it is mandatory.

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I wish or I hated it nominal who they are the Allahu Anhu said I heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Man Can you let me know Billa he will yo me hurry shall you Creme de for who Jaya is utter who?

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Whomever believes in Allah and the Last Day they must honor their guests J is a turtle with their do award they must award them spend on them. They do award called the warmer Jaya is a to Who ya rasool Allah they said what is his award or messenger of Allah? Allah Yo Ma who will ala to his night, his day and night? Meaning that day and night of his is his do award

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color what do you refer to fella to a yam firmer Kanagawa Valley Kapha who asada and to

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the ephah to host him

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for three days.

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And whatever is beyond that sort of data and array, he then that would be a charity upon him. So basically, to clarify the position that they understood from this hadith is that on the first day, especially, you have to really honor your guests like you go out of your way to honor your guests. You must do that. Then they two and three, three days is what the Alpha you're hosting him with what's available. That's, you know, that is the Sunnah, if you will right here the whole time. That's the ideal of the Sunnah ideal is that you don't go less than this, you cannot go less than a day, right? This is the humbly position and then you should not go less than three days wamalwa

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Valley can whatever is after that Saba and Allah He is a charity that you extend to that person. So that's the idea.

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And to be honest, some of the habila did in fact side with the majority in saying he can't be a local.

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Why can't he be a local?

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The hadith says honor your guests that if the local because the locals will always be knocking on your door if they think you believe you always have to feed them and honor them and given them a place to sleep, right? But that's not the only reason. The reason is that Allah azza wa jal told us

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Oh, your appeal Hola, como Jiro for JIRA who SK Telecom when it is told to you meaning when you visit someone and you're told to go back, now's not a good time, then go back.

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That is pure for you. It is pure for you to adhere to that humility, where you don't feel entitled to be honored when you show up. That's the norm.

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And that means what that you're not entitled to be honored when you show up. But if you are from out of town, that's where this hadith would apply. That's how they reconciled between the non obligation to honor your guests because the ISS you can send them back. And this idea that says there must be awarded a certain something this hadith must be awarded a certain something I would like to add there's another narration here and so I have Muslim that are close with for this hadith.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lay your head Loli Muslim in and up Marine, he had a female and it is not halal lawful for a Muslim to stay at his brother's house, to the point that he dropped

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I've seen into committing a sin

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you're probably wondering how can he do that? That's what they wondered as well call ya rasool Allah or messenger of Allah. Okay for you female who How can he drive him into committing a sin? Karla up more in the hoop wala che Allahu Ukri hibi by staying at his house, and there is nothing left for him to grant him until he you just you drive him into bankruptcy, you drive him into a tight corner. And so he will back bite you he will go into debt because of you, which could be a sin that by itself wouldn't be a sin. He would assume that of you right? So one bad suspicions of a Muslim all of these are sins right?

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And this is beautiful because it gives us a structure on how to honor the guest. Okay, a structure it is definitive. And at the same time, it is a two way street there is a mutual understanding that you should be doing this. And you should not be expecting more than this. If you're gonna then make sure after a day, and especially at three days, that they really really really want you

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to be there.

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That's essentially it. So honoring your guests with fall into that.

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Break down in sha Allah Allah

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after COVID Of course the final disclaimer

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Subhanak alone we have to make sure that Allah Allah Allah has the courage to like Zack

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Thank you, Sister.