Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 032A Translation Al-Baqarah 234-242

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who

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know how do I know Salah a lot of sodium Karim and my word for Aruba? bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Furbish Riley Saudi were silly. Emery was an owner of data melissani of kahiko li openers in

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lesson number 32 surah baqarah ayah number 234 to 242 the translation well Lavina and those who use our phono

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they are taken completely they die they are given that

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men come from you well, and yeah the Runa they leave as Weijun wives yet or Bosna they shall wait the unforeseen with themselves of Bharata for a shooting months where I Shaw and 10 for either so when Bellona they have reached a jello Hoonah their appointed term fella they're not gonna have anything or lay come upon you femur in what foreigner they do. Fee concerning unforeseen themselves build my roof in the manner approved well Allah Who and Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do hobby run always all aware

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wala and not Juna have any sin? rla come upon you. FEMA in what are what don't you all hinted? You all eluded. Be with it. Men from hip Oba proposal of marriage and Nyssa the women Oh or a conundrum, you all concealed fi in and forsaken yourselves Alima he knew Allahu Allah and ACOEM that indeed you all certain Karuna Hoonah soon you will mention them.

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Well, I can but let's do not to worry, do Hoonah you all promised them Ceylon secretly INLA except on that the Kulu you all say oh learn a word. Ma roofer one recognized wala and do not Thursday mu you all determine Rocco de na not die and Nikka of the marriage had the until yeah Bulova it reaches al Kitab. The prescribed term Agila its appointed time

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where Allah mu and you all know another that indeed, Allah Allah, Ya Allah mu he knows ma what fee is in and forsaken your souls. For those who who severe Him, be cautious of him. Were Lemuel and you all know and know that indeed, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah for on all forgiving halimun always all forbearing love not Gina have any sin or LA come upon you in if for LA coutume you all divorced and Nyssa the women

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Mariela as long as did not Tama su Hoonah you all touch them. Oh, or definitely Lu you all settle la Hoonah for them for de la

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a bridal gift and appointed bridal gift. Wha and Madeira Hoonah you all benefit them are Allah upon Earl mooser The one with capacity, meaning the rich are the row who his means what and Allah upon a locked in the destitute the one without capacity for the Rahu his means Mata on a benefiting Bill Maher roof in the manner approved. How fun a duty and obligation Allah upon L mercy Nene those who do utmost good. We're in and if for Lakota Munna you all divorced them. Men from Cubberley before on that the Mizzou Hoonah you all touch them, while God while in fact, for up to you all appointed la Hoonah for them for the law

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and appointed

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bridle gift,

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fondness for more than half man of what Faruk Doom you all appointed. You all settled Illa except, and that era funa there pardon? Oh or Yarra for He pardons a lady who via D in his hand raka not a Nika of the marriage, one and that therefore you will pardon a caribou it is nearer litho Aqua to the taqwa

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Wallah and do not done so will you all forget Alpha juggler the grace the bounty by intercom between you all enough indeed Allah Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do buslee rune always all seen Hatfield Lu you all guard Allah upon a Salah Swati, the prayers was Salviati and the prayer and Wooster the middle were como and you will stand Lilla he for Allah carnitine as ones who are obedient for in then if Cliff Don't you all feared for then regionen on foot

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o or rook Bannon, as one's writing the Magellan once on foot, it's floral and Rock Band and as one's writing for either so when I mean Tom, you all were in safety. First guru then you all remember Hola Hola. Hola. CAMA just as our llama calm he taught you man what Leung did not the Kuno you are aware Darla moon you all know well Lavina and those who use our fauna they are taken fully they are given death men come from you well and yeah the owner they leave as virgin wives we'll see Yeah 10 A will a bequest Lee as well gee him for their wives. Mata on a benefit. Isla until I'll how the year or euro without a KROGEN expelling turning out, for in than if Corrigenda they go out further than not

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Judah any sin or lay come upon you fee in MA what falna they did fee concerning and fusina themselves, men from my roof in a manner that is recognized? Well Allahu Allah, Allah RZ Zun always Almighty harkaman always always well and Lin mocha Laqad for the divorced women, or for all divorced women. Metatron a benefit will marvel in the manner approved. How can a duty Allah upon almost ducking those who have Taqwa?

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Canonica likewise, you may you know, he explains clearly. Allahu Allah Lacan for you it is VS La La calm so that you all dark alone, you all understand

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let's listen to the recitation what

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the owner Jamie Nelson

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a shooting watch for either

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one law who will be my

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hobby well

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being even people that

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don't see footsie?

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long I don't

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Kenny, lad Jonah how

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Are they

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necessary in long walnut

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Bing now all the help on CD were ill or to move

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others out of

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your school math 201

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in Milan

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we have

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the interest systems

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for either

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tunes as

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to Moya

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as Lodgy

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Elan HOWLEY is on the inquirer Jana Salah Juna

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Nephi De

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Laurentiis in Kochi what

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we have on

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