Ali Hammuda – Ramadan 2024 – Palestine Reimagined #02 Arriving in Palestine

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The region where Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite the Book of beforehand is described as the heart of houses and a city of rehab, where the sun was set and the region was hit by a battle between armies of dilute and the armies of Sol. The region is noted as unique and describes the battle as a casual battle. The speaker describes the history of the conflict, including the harvest of fruit, the recitation of Islam scriptures, and the historical significance of the land and its spiritual world to people.
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At the beginning of time, and Aqsa mosque was built as a foundational structure during the era of Adam, then passing through the miracle of Israel Mirage night journey in the midst of time, to then resolve the conflict at the end of time between truth and falsehood in Palestine. What remains after all of this is one thing

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as you stroll through Jerusalem, especially within the blessitt grounds of Al Masjid alongside

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and as you're taken aback by feelings that you may have never experienced before, what should be on your mind during those moments?

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Listen to this talk. This is a suggestion as you wander through the streets of Palestine. And think about how Allah subhanho wa Taala has honored this place with such a tremendous heritage of prophetic presence, leaving a mark in every inch of the land, through nearly every era, and how he has honored you to be here, had the land beneath you, the walls around you the air that you inhale, be able to talk they will tell you a story of a prophet or a messenger who acted something of immense piety at that very spot that you are now visiting.

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this very place was the direction of prayer, the Qibla for Muslims during the entire 13 year period in Mecca. And for an additional 16 or so months in Medina. It was there in Mecca that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite to his companions of the I was there under B'nai Maruyama our own now who What are you now whom? Isla? Robert you the karate one i.

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Allah said We made the son of Mary and his mother Mary a sign and we gave them shelter in a secure place on a hilltop with a flowing spring. What is this hilltop that Maryam and Prophet ASA found shelter in? It was according to many scholars, Jerusalem, the place that you have now arrived at

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this is the place that heard the voice of Allah subhanho wa Taala the exalted as Musa was given prophethood next to mount fourth of Sinai, which used to be part of Palestine. This land heard the voice of Allah in any and Allahu La ilaha illa Anna far Bodine, what it means solitary decree, it is truly I Allah, there is no God worthy of worship except me. So worship Me alone and established prayer for my remembrance that was there in that blessed land. You've reached the very place that Prophet Musa alayhis salam Moses long to set foot in the place he ardently urged his followers to fight for in the path of Allah to lay claim to it. But they lacked the resolve for battle. So he

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never set foot within its boundaries. And as his time here on Earth, was nearing its end, he besieged Allah He made a dua yearning to pass away within a mere stone's throw from Jerusalem because he couldn't get inside with his companions. And reflecting on this, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, No come to Santa, la right to come out with the recovery, Elijah and the big story tattle cathedral, if I was there, meaning if I was in Palestine, I would have shown you the location of his grave, next to the mount, under the red sand hill.

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This is the land of Palestine, where Allah Almighty halted the setting of the sun to aid the believers in their conquest of it. This occurred during the time of Prophet you shall be known, who succeeded Prophet Musa and accomplished what Musa had long to achieve the conquering of Palestine. The battle began on a Friday. And as the sun was now nearing its setting a dilemma arose, combat was forbidden on Saturday, yet victory was not yet secured. And in that critical moment, for fiducia gazed upon the sun and he said unto Mora, what more Allah Muhammad, Allah Yasha you have an instruction he said to the sun, meaning to set, but I also have an instruction, meaning to fight.

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Then he said, Oh Allah withhold it from me for just a short while, and it was withheld from setting until Allah Almighty granted him and the Muslims victory. Such an occurrence is unique to this place alone. In the city of rehab, Jericho, nestled within the heart of Palestine, never replicated elsewhere. It's panela

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This is the place that you've arrived at that saw the decisive battle between the armies of dilute or Sol as is known in the Bible, and dilute or Goliath as it's known in the Bible, with profit dilute as a young man being part of that believing army of dilute and against all of the odds.

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It would be that young man that would David, who would kill jello to gulyas and Allah Almighty said for his MO hum Bismillah so they defeated them by Allah's Will wa Katella their will to dilute and David killed Goliath. Well hula hula Malika will Hekmati Allah Allah Muhammad Maya sha Allah bless David with kingship and wisdom and taught him what he willed. All of this happened, where it happened on the land, the blessed land that you just arrived at, think about that, absorb that take it in.

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This is the land that sowed the wound, the Prophet of Allah David, to grow and become a prophet of Allah, where as he glorified Allah, the mountains would do so as well.

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Allah said, Inessa, Colonel Jeeva, Allah Ma, who used to be Hannibal, actually, you will be shocked. We made the mountains join him in glorifying us at sunrise and sunset, what Parameshwara kulula, who aware of another urge to in flocks all echoed his praise?

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On this land, that would had a son called Sulaiman who also became a prophet, and was granted an immense Kingdom. It was there in Palestine were Sulaiman communicated with birds, and he heard the pleas of ants and understood the language of all creatures. This gift was a result of a bold dua, that the Prophet of Allah Sulaiman he made on this blessing that land, a place where it's so many do ants were answered. He said, there'll be Finley will have been a Moroccan lion, but really hadn't been baddie in Tel Wahab. He said, My Lord, forgive me, and grant me a kingdom, such as will not belong to anyone after me Indeed you are the bestow. So what was the outcome of this dua this

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prayer, Allah said for Sahara Allah Who rehydrate Jerry Emery, Raha and how you fill us up?

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So we subjected to him the wind, blowing by His Command gently wherever he directed, was Shayateen Aquila. And it was a was and we subjected the Devils of gin every builder and diver imagine what are how do you know more Karani, Neville Assad and others who are bound together in shackles. Look at that kingdom. He had her the outlaw owner Thongloun I'm sick. He said Allah said to him, this is our gift, so grant or withhold without account.

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This is the land that you've arrived at where Yaqoob Jacob regained his sight through a miracle. It's where the wife of Enron dedicated her unborn child to Allah, leading to the birth of Maryam Mary, who was served who was attended by angels. Maryam who would become the mother of Prophet Isa Jesus in this land Prophet ASA and Yahia. John the Baptist who were cousins by the way, they spread their messages of Islam and Tohei to their communities. It was here the land that you've arrived at that ASA performed miracles, where he healed the leper restored sight to the blind, he brought the dead back to life by Allah's permission, and according to prophecy, when ASA returns at the end of

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time, he will first appear in Damascus. And then he will proceed to where back to the land that you've arrived at. in Palestine. This is the place where he asked Allah Almighty for a table laden with food from heaven, which was miraculously granted as a sign from Allah. This is the place where Zakariya prayed for a child in his old age and his prayers were answered. This land that you've arrived at, has echoed with endless recitation of Allah scriptures all throughout time. Here The Scrolls of Abraham Ibrahim were recited and the Torah of Musa was recited the Injeel of Asa was recited. There's a word of the Psalms of David were recited on the Quran of Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing until the end of time. You stand at the very place where the JAL the Antichrist will be barred from entering towards the end of time. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yeah, blue suit ah, whoo hoo condominial la Yachty Arbeiter messaggi

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his dominion he said, We'll reach every place, but he will not come to four mosques. Al Masjid Al haram in Makkah, Al Masjid Al Aqsa in Palestine, and Mount Sinai, and he said, the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the judge will not enter these areas.

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Philistine Palestine therefore, has always been and will remain central to the Muslims until the end of time.

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At the beginning of time, and Aqsa mosque was built as a foundational structure during the era of Adam. Then passing through the miracle of Israel Mirage night journey in the mid

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have time to then resolve the conflict at the end of time between truth and falsehood in Palestine. What remains after all of this is one thing, the gathering of all of humanity before the Day of Resurrection, and then their collective dying, and then their eventual resurrection from their graves for the day of reckoning. And again, it is a sham, that is the land of Alaska, well muncher, the land of the assembling and the resurrection. So as you step onto the sacred land, let the weight of Palestine is past and present, and future truly sink in realize the depth and the gravity of standing here. The heart of it

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