Valley of the Seekers – Living with the Names of Allah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is Riyadh, Rosie and I'm sending another message to my abila. It's on in Singapore.

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The weekend of August,

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August, Saturday and Sunday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, August 29, and 30th. And also the weekend of September 6, and seven. It's a two weekend seminar. What kind of seminar Ah, a spiritual seminar. It's very spiritual and very emotional. It's something that will make you love Allah. Do you love?

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I'm serious. Do you love?

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I'm sure you would all say Yes, I do. But if you do, you know, how can you worship Allah if you don't know what it is? First of all, you need to know who Allah is for you to be able to worship Him. And for you to know Him is to study His names and attributes. And that's what I'm coming to teach you in sha Allah, Allah Tada, I'm coming to teach the names and attributes, the value of the seekers how to live with a vast panel, how to live with names, how to live with the names of lots of

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what what do they mean, you know, Names of Allah Subhana Allah Tada, each name has a meaning to it, and how can you relate to that name? How can you live with that name? So it's like I said, it's a very, very spiritual, not only spiritual, but spiritual and academical seminar, somehow very powerful. It's, it has changed one line that ILA I swear by Allah, it has changed so many people's lives of families with the children and I received so many letters. People say, you know, how these seminars have, has changed their lives not only because the handler many of them are going to seminars do change lives and and maybe the way the personnel have lost our data, but

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the thing is here is you know, living with the mentor must live in, you know, you will, you might find you know, we'll find yourself in some in the situation, and that situation will make you think of one of the names of

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you can always relate to the names of Alaska, that's all we learned in the course. There's certain times of course you want to make it and you don't know what kind of a lot to use in that, in that in that class. That will we'll also learn in the valley of the seekers and how to live with the names of Allah. So again, you know, obviously it's in Singapore luck, your calendars not the last weekend of August, and the first weekend of September 6 and seventh, seventh inshallah tada are the others as he come in all the way from Toronto, Lion walking, swimming, whatever it is you coming all the way to Singapore, to change the Valley of the seekers is like mahalo. salaam aleikum. Wa cat