Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #19 – Reflect on the Shortness of Life

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker describes his actions as lazy and lazy, and how he is feeling himself lazy and disconnected. He describes how he is making himself lazy by taking a certain approach, and how this is a way to remind himself of his actions. He also describes the meaning of d earn and the importance of remembering oneself in life.
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Anytime you feel the emotion is no faith is no, I am bored. I am not connected. I am disconnected. I'm lazy, going up. Getting up for Salah is not as as energetic as I was in Ramadan fasting little boy, any of the acts of worship. I'm feeling myself lazy, I'm feeling myself going back to my usual actions think of this life. Take a moment. This is tough, but it's so helpful. Think one minute,

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that's your cell phone I in the grave.

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This this thought by itself literally paralyze us that we will be in there. What that will give me it's just like your child. When you want your child to do something he doesn't like we discipline them right in different ways. Same thing here I am my nips is becoming lazy. It's going back to square one I need to bring her back. So I discipline her in which way in a way of reminding her that one day you will be in this one by one, two by two six by six meters. You're there under the ground. Make it a point in your day to take a minute or two or three whatever Allah opens up and think of this life just around you.

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And hopefully couple of the verses of the Quran or the meaning of it can come to you. How did Allah describe dunya and this in the end the Quran? Yeah animal No, that's what Allah says a llama animal higher to dunya no worldly. This lower life dunya lower Bay's life

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What is it your life I don't know how to do label

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enjoyment while at home.

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Having fun wasting time now Who is it usually is the things you do that you waste you're bored you just want to kill the time level and now is something you'll enjoy but it's also waste your time. Yeah, I don't know. The creator of the dunya Sterling you and me. Wake up and know about the reality of the sly animal No. animal hair to dounia Larry bone wallow, enjoyment, amusement, wasting time and was enough to glory beauty. Whatever home usefulness or soccer throne, holding I mean collecting more and more. On one you will all add more children more wealth. And then Allah gives the parable of it. This is how Allah Most of the time describe life. But rain comes in. Vegetation comes out,

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flowers comes out, it's beautiful, and then they become dry and die. That's life. I need to remind myself, why do I need to remind myself of this? Because the more I think of the hereafter of the Acura that I am meeting Allah pantalla there will be a day I am going to be asked, there will be a day I have to respond. There will be a day I have to whatever it will be no excuses, but I am going to have no excuses. The more I will be more focused and less distracted.

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