The World of Jinn #21

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any animal that's poisonous anything I made that may sort of hit your bite you and from the interviews I buy, and this is in shambles. attala my brothers and sisters will and these this series of the world of the jinn. A quick quick tip, the capitulation, we talked about this world we talked about the jinn, we talked about their creation, we talked about

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the things that attract them, we talked about their dwellings, we talked about things that attract them. We talked also about the types of witchcraft in kinds of witchcraft in the signs of witchcraft in black magic, the signs of a witch crafter, are the one who practices black magic, and we talked about some of the cool the cure of, of black magic,

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the garden

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garden what two things regarding fertility and fertility and regarding separation, and we talked about the also the cure from generic, the generic black magic, and we also talked about the safe garden, and we talked about safe garden, and at the end, we talked about the evil eye, and that is how it is true, something called evil eye is really true, and how to protect oneself from it. My brothers and sisters, the aim again, is not to alarm you or to alarm you, of course, but not to frighten you with something called jinn people, they tend to be scared from something called gene. But as promised, promised you in the beginning, I said, By the end of the series, you should be

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really comfortable with something called gene. In fact, you should be pleased and happy that if a Muslim gene will come to enter the home, you will welcome somebody called the Muslim gene to come and enter your home. So this was actually the the aim the aim is that you get to know this world and know what things that attract them and how you protect yourself from them.

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Not to be scared.

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No, I think from now on colossae scared No. Would you

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sleep by yourself? Of course. Right? You don't have to sleep with the lights on with you. Lights on what would you do before going to sleep?

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If you could see Makoto and then chances to see her challenges in I have Makoto and I made

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a cameo from using no don't do that.

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Because that would bring some pride.

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Put your trust and

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resort to Allah.

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Take the means, this is the means

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nothing can harm you.

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Nothing can harm you.

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Because it is only Allah Xhosa who can protect us and it is only Allah who can harm

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Yes, the prophet Isaiah Saddam was hit by some set by black magic.

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And he became sick. And he saw dream

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jubilees came to him

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and he told him this witchcraft was performed by such and such men a cell

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and the cell is in this well.

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And the professor he said early and couple other Sahaba Zubaydah and another Sahabi he sent them to this well, and they did and they, they they they they drew or we draw the, the we drew the the the the this black magic thing. And then they brought it to profit off of

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the product the professor said and the Prophet opened it and decided some is some verses like the verses of the Nakia and then he burned them and Subhana Allah has had it says the prophets do that like you know, you know sound like a horse when it's when the horse he change cannot move right a horse a train, but as soon as you train the horse what happens? The who's just jumps and goes and stop galloping. Right? That's how the profit so some some have come out.

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Likewise, the Sahaba who recited the Fatiha on that man who was hit by a snake right bitten by snake he just went on he said it's fat. Yeah, that's why the fancy High School D,

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the Nakia

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or shafia rocky the Fed has called one of the names of fat hallux metheny.

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In fact, he's one of the names is one of its names is opia he only decided alpha and so behind the law the man again just stood up and lucky the height says like he was unchained like a horse and chained Yes, black magic can happen.

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But you know how to protect yourself.

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And even if you protect yourself with things and then maybe it's you know to happen to you my love for bids. It's nothing but a test from Eliza. Somebody better than you get hit with it. Who's better than you?

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So put your trust in Allah has lotion, and use the means. These are the means that I've shared with you today, I asked him as a chef to help us all to practice and to convey. I'm sorry if I have made this journey, quite lengthy, but there's a lot of material that we needed to cover. And I wanted to read it to cover as much as I could, if you have any questions Bismillah Let's start the questions.

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Okay, as I mentioned, how do I know that the person is giving me the evil eye like the the hadith of salvinorin, as I mentioned earlier, and excuse me, anomala Bonilla, BIA,

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this Javi was taking a bath, and the other guy in front of the Sahaba was saying, beautiful skin, and the man feels sick right away on the spot, he felt sick, and he fell down. He couldn't, you know, they had to lift them up, to sort of lift him up. So that we know it's the evil eye, for sure.

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Somebody is walking and everybody's saying, Oh, look at that person, some allies walking nice or whatever. And then that person feels, you know, he felt he just felt, you know, he felt that's that's that's could be also from the evil. I mean, it happened to me. So Pamela I was just add nothing. I was going to work out and then there was guys were singing, I was just sitting, I was just going to in my workout, hit the bag, and all of a sudden my neck just I could not move my neck.

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I had nothing. So I don't know it could happen that maybe they've said something and whatnot. I had to go back I couldn't not work out that day. I have a friend of mine as well, you know, a very close relative of mine coming out from his from his car. And in order from the edge of his eye from the corner of his eye. He could see because he was driving in a very fancy car as he stepped out from the car. And he wanted to make the note one step he made the first step and as he wanted to make the second step from the corner of his eye, he could see some people looking at him and talking. He says well how could make the second step he couldn't fail. What is it could be that these people said

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something, right?

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These are some of the signs signs of somebody who's been hit maybe by the evil eye and you're yawning

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I didn't mention this but you may take notes. If you yawn as you decide, and a lot somebody who just is okay, well as soon as you

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as soon as you decide the plan, you start yawning you start yawning yawning you know what yawning is right. And you cannot stop you cannot stop some Hanalei just want to you know stop it but he can you just can't

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most likely that's the you hit by hazard by evil I there's you you

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try to follow the directions given

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in this presentation or there's so many books I mentioned last week you know a couple of books and you may also

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contact people who you know experts in this field to try to try to help you

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Yes, one from the sisters okay. The practical example here there's just a

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magic done on her to stop her from getting married she went to the various

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seven weeks and now has given her this we're

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not we're not gonna Oh yeah, we can but somehow look you see shift gave her this to wear Subhan Allah

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actually, when you open it, you'll see some stuff and this actually there's some AI that we need to decide you know, inside the same is mentioned here and and then you burn it or you put it in this water, you know a vessel of water and then you just recite this if and then you see the ink coming out. But uh

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somehow the lights on here you see they put it in this and then they put and they put some plastics and then they covered in plastic and they cover it and keep covering it and then at the end you just see a small piece of paper with some gibberish that you cannot read.

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Why they came from the sisters.

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Oh, it came from the sisters.

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Just like I mentioned, you know, the water and or the oil or the honey and then