Aarij Anwer – Ramadan 2021 – A Juz A Day #08 The 10 commandments, Good v. Evil

Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The eighth century discusses signs and symbols of a belief in impossible things, the use of words to support their claims, and the importance of following God's teachings and avoiding harm to children. The homophobia rule and accountability are emphasized, along with the need for everyone to follow parents' instructions to avoid future embarrassment and double punishment for those who refuse to pursue their beliefs. The potential profit of the story of the Holy Spirit is also discussed, with symbolism used in religion.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was having a bishop recently with Cindy Emery 100 Dr. Tom melissani of the Holy robina attina Antonio Hassan our Phil filati Hassan of de nada sobre Madre Kumara llahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the eighth juice of the Quran. The eighth juice of the Quran begins with surah number six I 111 Surinam I 100 111 and ends with Surah Al out of Iowa 87 pseudo rF 87. So it's six 111 to 787. So that is the Ges. And it as you can see, has the concluding part of surah Anam in it, which comprises roughly about half of this Jews, and the beginning part of

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sort of RF, which is the other half of the Jews in sha Allah, so Allah is actually long surah so it will continue on in the night Jews for most most of the night just as well. Okay, with that introduction, let us get into the this very beautiful judges, let us pick up from

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this part i a number 109 the last two out of the previous judges, because they connected the beginning of the next years. And it you know, in the spirit of keeping things a cohesive, we need to end in context, we need to take this into consideration. So let's start from there. I have 109 Well, some will be Lucha Imani him like ninja to Maya to Luna beha. Will enamel is twine the law he Rama you sure it'll come and na either, you know, this swear a solemn oath by God that if there should come to them a sign, they will believe in it. Say signs are granted only by God. How can you tell that if a sign be given to them? They will indeed believe in it. This is such a, you know, this is a

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very beautiful idea that speaks about the claim of Quraysh which is really an excuse. It's a ruse that they're using to say this is why we don't believe because we haven't seen some supernatural miracle. And if we were to see one, then we believe and unless as well. The response to the luggages to them is yes, the signs are sent by Allah He it's his choice. It's not the Prophet he cannot summon Mira a miracle. It is Allah who gives a miracle to the Prophet the Prophet himself cannot summon it, enamel Allah and then flipping it onto them. What is like what, what?

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How can you be surgeon? Or how can we be certain in this situation, and the one who's demanding for the sign is going to believe in it. Once he gets it. Once he sees it. Maybe he's gonna explain it away. And then you know, it goes out the window. Just like all the other amazing signs of Allah. This. These people have thrown out the window. When you call them either Takuma Sato, we will turn away their hearts and their eyes from the truth. Kamala Mulino. Viki a while Amara, since they refuse to believe in it in the first instance, and we will let them wander blindly in their incidents. This is the truth, they turned away from it. They did not want to believe the pagans of

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Makkah. And this applies to anybody else, by the way, who has a interaction with the truth, who comes to that moment where they are grappling with the purpose of their life, and then they choose just the pleasures of this world, or they choose the status quo. And that is their choice. And that choice.

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Often, you know, if they have made up their mind on that choice, Allah Spano Dada, will then make up his decision accordingly as well. Another room veto on him. Yama Hoon, well, ananas Anna Eli, he will melodica even if we send down angels to them, and cause the debt to speak to them, or kalama Mota or hashtag gnarly him kulesza in kouvola, and we gathered together everything in front of them. My ganool you know, do you think they'll believe at that point, and all these things have happened? angels are coming dead people are coming out of their graves. Everything they wanted is now coming in for them. Do you think these people will believe in at this point Mark?

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You know, this still will not believe this is the thing that is the true answer. The one who was asking for miraculous, you know, signs summoning them and and once you know these supernatural tricks to can be convinced that there's a God is blinded first and foremost by their own prejudices, their own biases their own lack of, you know desire for the truth, their own desire for materialism or any any other you know, any any

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any reason thereafter, but the point is they're blinded by it

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mechanically you know they still will not believe unless God so had weld, but most of them behave ignorantly well like in a thorough measure Hello. This is what Allah responds to the people of Quraysh the aura and also speaks about why does Allah pantalla let people oppose the profits, the profits of the best people, the best of the of humanity, the profit margins of the most the best of all humanity? Yes, How come these people are opposing him? How come for many years they persecuted the fault the prophets followers, how come? How come How come we can advocate Yana nikolina vegan I do one shell Tina NC virgin like manner we have assigned for every prophet and opponent. Satan's

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from among men and jinn who make evil suggestions to each other by means of specialist words in order to deceive. So cruel, holier gururaj words that are very enticing and very beautiful, huh? They use these enticing beautiful words to support each other to oppose the messengers. Okay, look at what this says shout in an inci. Well, Jin, wow. Satan's from among men and jinn. Because sometimes human beings also act like the devil.

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Sometimes that is the case. And Allah says he allows these people to exist, he allows them to say what they have to say. He allows them to, you know, flourish even and dominate even at times. He says the it is he has done the Jana liko leanbean. We have assigned that we let it happen. We made it so he says what OSHA or buka, hypothetically, low is for a hypothetical, okay, low means a hypothetical situation, had it been your Lord's will he they would not have done so. Right? hypothetically, God could have just put an end to all these people that the Prophet flourish, you know, I'm unharmed, further, Homer my afternoon, so leave them alone to the fabrication, the idea of

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evil, why does it exist in the world, a lot. spotlight tells us if he wanted to, he could have put an end to it. But he lets it take place. He lets it take place. And he lets the battle between good and evil take place. And he supports the good by sending prophets and messengers, and by sending revelation. Okay, but

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just like anything, it's cyclical, good will prevail, and then bad will prevail at times. And that does not show the weakness of good, or the strength of evil or vice versa. That just shows this is the nature of life. This is how Allah has meant it to be had he wanted to he could have suppressed it, he could have put evil away for good and let let the good flourish. But he chose that was his choice. That's how he set it up. And we'll talk about this, this connects to our next surah very beautifully.

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The story of Adam and the devil he believes the problem of evil started for humanity from that moment. So this is the thing Allah said he let it happen. And then there's also another reason why he let it happen. What he does for the lamb is the reason why this is happening in order the hearts of those who do not believe in the life to come might incline towards those suggestions are what he does not lie either to levina Union,

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while he although and they will be pleased, while the aka the former home of the telephone, and they will persist in their sinful ways.

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Though people are inclined towards evil, when they see evil,

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you know that their hearts will now start to incline towards it and they will be happy with it. Good there this is the thing that they are come this is what they like and they will then persist in those evil ways. This evil is set up as a test for humanity there is the you know the heads of evil right I do one shout out the NL NC will gin the Satan's from among men engine Allah has set them as allowed them to live and at the top of them all is Emily's as we're going to talk about his his story today. Yes.

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But this

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These these leaders of evil are easy they are there. And one of the reasons Allah allows the evil to be to exist is so that the people whose hearts are inclined towards it will become clear and they will become distinct from those whose hearts are inclined towards good. thus bringing the reality of the test of life, you know, into to the to the, to the forefront, to the forefront here, the reality that this life is a test. And these forces of evil are a test. That is the quote, Ahrens explanation for this and Allah says if he wanted to, he could have put an end to it all. But that was his choice, because that's how he made and that's how he set up the test of life. For the for everybody,

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for those who are inclined towards the truth for those who are inclined towards evil and everybody in between. That's how he set up the test of life. Allah subhanaw taala did okay. So then he says with the Met Kalima Torah, because the word of your Lord is perfected in truth and justice, okay? This is how it is. No one can change his words, lamb over the reliquary Mati, you can't go and ask him to redesign the world, you cannot go and ask me to re redesign the universe, or how he said this whole thing up that's his choice. There is no one who is going to change that he is telling us how it is so we can be prepared to deal with it. Well, who was Samuel island? He is the all knowing and

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all hearing and, and the idea of evil if you were to obey or in doTERRA, calm and fill out your day, look, answer be the law. If you were to obey the majority of those on Earth, they will lead you astray from God's way. And it's not always you know, that the majority isn't always right. In fact, sometimes the majority could be a mob. As we'll see, in the next surah instances where the minority was right, the Prophet and his followers and the majority was a mob coming after them. You know, without any almost losing they're losing their rationality. They follow nothing but conjecture, they're only guessing Okay. Then the last one dimensions, eating from halaal for kulu Mima Rosa for

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Kuru Rima, Luke, he was from LA he Allah He incoterm be iottie he moved me known in contribuire to him with me and excuse me, eat then only that overage God's name has been pronounced. If you truly believe in his revelations here, the concept of submitting to Allah, again, there is the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. The theme of this surah has been recognized Allah and worship him exclusively, recognizing Allah, these are the things that we do to understand the reality of life, the reality of good and evil. This is a conceptual thing. The practical aspect, the practical aspect of the demon is quite simple, right? You do what's halal, you stay away from what's Haram. And that's how we

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express our submission to Allah. The simplest way of doing this is eating from what Allah has made halaal for the father there is to connect the concepts, right, that fat is to connect the two concepts, your submission is not predicated on some great you know, theological or philosophical understanding. Your submission is predicated on how you act on a day to day basis and that's a simplified thing eat what's Hello stay away from Hara stay away from major sins do the Pillars of Islam that said you've attained paradise if you live like that hamdulillah so this as as Allah is trying to unwrap the rules of this belief he also simplifies for the believers how to proceed and

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live their lives gave

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last month or gives an example here of or talks about his the idea of food in fact, let's go to

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is number 100.

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Sorry, I let me find so I have here

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the energy to female oh here I am number 145. Just Just to tie the two concepts together. What do you do female oh here Ella Yamaha Roman, say oh Prophet, and then all that has been revealed to me I do not find a ban on anything to eat. Nothing is haraam except the following you see this is how long spatola is explaining the deen everything is permissible, lawful good to consume from the creation of a creature of Allah except these things that are haram a carrion which is roadkill, flowing blood and pork and all in the Hudson right why is pork you know haram for in the hood it soon it is unclean, or it is you know

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impure. That's the reason the Quran gives for pork being impure. And also in fact for all of these things before as well, demand must for hand flowing blood it has carries carries bacteria and is impure Mater is where the animal has died of some reason and it was not sacrifice and again any diseases that it may be carrying, or any infections that might be there are contained within and that is again something that makes it unclean and impure that's physically but also spiritually for in the whole range so that's the reason our fiscal originally right he was haram also is focused on something that is profane something that is you know, outrageous that was sacrificed in the name of

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other than last month or this may be halal animal halal chicken, a chicken is halal, but the sacrifice of the name of other than Allah, it becomes profanity, it becomes, you know, an abomination because you've taken the lice of the chicken, you've taken the life of this chicken,

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in the name of someone who didn't give it the life that it had. That's why we say this we love and we sacrifice our food, because we're taking this life in the name of the one who made this chicken. And by the permission of the one who made this chicken that's why I'm saying that I received this well I want to eat to remind ourselves of the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala. And now if we were to do this in the name of something else, or someone else that becomes an abomination. Of course the religion carries no one's familiar to Roy Robertson Well, I didn't find not a bug for him. If anyone is forced by necessity or being being neither distributed nor exceedingly exceeding the limit, then

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surely your Lord is most forgiving and most merciful, Allah understands extenuating circumstances and he has listed them here. Okay. Also I want to highlight a couple of things here is number 125. Again, flip back to it. It is a very beautiful example of those who have lost partner chooses to guide right those who have tasted the sweetness of a man's family the love of a Yahoo. Yes, Shara sadara, who lil Islam.

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When God desires to guide someone, he opens his * to Islam, his chest expands, okay.

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With the idea of the chest expanding is your worries are like melting away. You are finding peace and tranquility. Things are making sense to you. Hmm, that's the idea of this, the chest expanding? Yes. Because when something expands, it becomes spacious, it becomes comfortable. That's what is the experience when someone becomes when they are guided to stop when you read the manual, the level and the contrary. Whoever he wills to let go astray. Yeah, I saw that. Oh, hold on. Yep. And halogen he causes his chest to be constricted. As if Ghana Maya saw it as if he had to climb up in the skies. Of course, when you go up, ascend the skies, or go to a higher altitude, your there's less oxygen.

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So you're, you know, your chest naturally constraints, your lungs, you know, shrink a little bit because the capacity of youth to hold oxygen shrinks or is reduced. That's what the is saying. So panela This is a very beautiful example. That's what happens things become tight, even if a person is enjoying themselves. Right? The the the pleasure that comes from understanding the ease that comes from understanding the purpose of life and being committed to that outweighs and Trumps all of the other materialistic pleasures. And the one who is caught up in that is essentially doing this to make themselves forget about the constriction that they're feeling Assad of is somehow like the one

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who is ascending to the skies, kinetic energy autoloaded Santa Lena umino and this is how that is how God heaps ignominious upon those who refuse to believe their last rantala. Let's go back to that passage where we were speaking about it number 145. The things that are halal, right. In this passage, Allah mentions also that some of the some things were made haram for the Jews, or other Latina who have Nakula de la for and this is actually mentioned was a reason the reason for this loss of blessings was their entitled attitude and their ungratefulness Now what's interesting is this this this idea was revealed in Makkah, and Makkah, there weren't very many Jews, the Jews

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actually lived in Medina, the Mk the Jews that came to Makkah came on like a business trip or some small trade here or there and then they would basically leave or if they were living there were very, very small, you know, like, almost like insignificant number of people there was not a community of the Jews. That was in Medina. What's interesting is the Quran in Makkah is commenting on the specific aspects of Jewish law, the specific aspects of Jewish law, and that again tells you the prophets also

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them is not did not have these like access to these resources available to him, right? You could say Oh, if it's in Medina, maybe he got it from the Jews in Medina. And then he imported it into the Quran clearly not because in Makkah, he didn't have access to this, this kind of information, okay. And he wasn't like he was leaving Mecca going somewhere and studying and coming back home cinemas station and Mugu the whole time. People are coming to him on pilgrimages and whatnot. So this is the interesting thing. I wanted to point out here as well. And the Quran says this was a penalty that we imposed upon them for their disobedience. And we are surely true to our word. Again, the penalty of

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this belief was a loss of blessing. So this is something you have to think about the sin brings with it loss of blessings, that is a important Quranic idea and construct if they accuse you of lying. Again, this is coming right after the IRS speaks about Jewish law, if they accuse you of lying for Cora buku rock Matthew wants to say the mercy of your Lord is all encompassing. And his punishment though Well, I do but Sue Coleman, Missouri mean his punishment cannot be averted from some sinful people. Okay. Some excuses some more excuses of polish. What are they say? Apolo Latina Ashoka. These are like the reasons the Polish gave and to be very honest, this is the same reasons that the

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atheists today would give for their disbelief. Oh, why is there evil in the world? We spoke about that right in the beginning of this Jews say Hola, Latina Shaku Lucia Allahu Masha Lochner had are those who associate partners with God will surely say, had god please, neither we nor our fathers would have served other gods besides him. Hey, what about this freewill? Aren't we? Are we like predisposed to evil or repeat? Are we do we have choice? Do we have freewill? Are we, you know, is as our future and our choices determined by our nature and our nurture same type of things that the atheists say but but more fancy jargon? Yes, but you cut down all the jargon and this is what it is,

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It's not really our fault. We're just a product of our society. Our nurture right the society around us is what made us worship idols. What's our fault? Hmm, same exact thing that the atheist would say today. Well, I had an amateur ignore what we have made anything unlawful cavallier can level living amicably him at the center, the current answer is very, like cut like cut to the chase. Likewise, those who lived before them argued falsely until they came to taste our punishment. This is an age old argument. And this is a false argument the one who's making it deep down if they're you know, sincere and truthful knows that this is a cop out more than anything else. Okay? Hola. Hola. In the

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common ailment for two to three Juliana say, Have you any knowledge, if so produce it before us. You follow nothing but conjecture. And you are merely guessing this is such a tired, tired, excuse, a last one that does not even dignify with a response. He just says this is the same nonsense that people before would say. And there is actually like, you know, is there any factual basis to this? And if you don't have any factual basis for this, you're following conjecture, but something to think about, right?

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Look at this I am. God alone has the conclusive proof. But Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, this is where, you know, this is very beautiful, you know, and how jatoba d? conclusive, you know, QED proof. Right? If you know, from logic, that's what is progetto bilevel. Right. That's the name of shovelnose book as well. And this is a very beautiful expression, because it's like, absolutely irrefutable proof follow sha Allah had come to mind. If he had wilt, he could have guided you. Every one of you and again, allow here here is hypothetical. You're saying you're blaming your choices on your society or we were nurtured to worship God worship other idols, right? That's how you know a

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mere product of our society. Yes, that's what the excuses Allah says, Well, if he wanted to, hypothetically, he could have gotten to do well. But that's not what he did. And the reason why he did not do that is because there is accountability on the individual. There's accountability on the individual. An individual is held accountable while at 10 00 to Missoula, okra, nobody carries another person's burdens. That means you cannot blame another person for your mistakes and your sins. You can't do that. A, this is what we will see as we come to the story of

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Adam and Elise, this is one of the tricks of the devil. We would, you know, try to just say collectively where you're all, you know, this is not our fault. This is someone else's fault. This, at the core was what it believes that, yes, a lost mother responds to a with a very beautiful response if he wanted to, he could have just guided you. All right, what's then what's left of the test. But the test is, you are your fitrah Allah has given you each and every one of us each and every one of each and every single human being a moral compass, just like the compass turns towards the north always like snaps towards the north, every human means moral compass is looking for Allah,

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the creator, whichever language they speak, whatever part of the world they may be in. This is how we are created. And we're going to learn about that tomorrow. inshallah, what's interesting here, brothers and sisters, is this idea of a moral compass, that we're all programmed to look for Allah subhanaw taala, is the idea that he is telling us here that your society may be corrupt, you might be surrounded by either worshipers, but your moral compass was intact inside of you. And you it's the onus is upon you to go and pursue it. And the example was given of Abraham just yesterday, we learned that example of Ibrahim, when he went through the process of elimination about why this can

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be God This can be God, this can be God, you see, that was is given to us all. And Allah is part of that Allah is the most the he is the best judge of how each utilizes that moral compass that was given to them. But to make that as an excuse, and say, Hey, we were just born born as much as six so we're gonna die as mushriks as well. That is an excuse that's not going to fly, because that is a false argument that is almost reducing a person into a cattle you're just born as a cattle you die as a cattle. Now you just follow the the herd so the same, that is what allows proper response to you see how courageous had courage had all sorts of arguments and excuses all of these as like ruses

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to stay away from the practice of faith. But Allah pronto responds to them in a very beautiful, very conclusive way. I am number 151 is what you can say the 10 commandments of the Quran.

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What is the ISF

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the ISS

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folta Allah at Luma ha Rama boo kumala. Come, come I will tell you what your Lord has really forbidden to you. This is an idea you want to mark down this idea and the one after and the one after 151 5253 these two if you want to like highlight because these are such beautiful, such powerful ayat that speak about the rules and the the halal and haram and the morality of Islam. Okay, what is that? Let's start with the most important thing I learned to Sheikh will be heisha do not associate anything with

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worship Allah alone, the one who made you and the only one who made you is the only one you should worship? Well, I mean, what do they need Asana and be good to your parents, in fact, be excellent to your parents? The only ones who birth Could you be very good to them as well, right and the link between the two you can see and also you can see a last part Allah is the one who chose the parents for us. He is the one who chose our DNA, we didn't have a choice in it. Even if the parents were you know, like an absent father or something an abusive mother or something, there is a level of goodness we are just a level of accordionist that we have towards them without incurring abuse on

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That is to be given because they were chosen by Allah as our parents just for that reason and no other reason. Now of course, the parents were good and they did everything for their children. Then how does our Sunday Look son? What is the reward of good if not more goodness, that will be valid any aksana be good to your parents while at the DARPA to Allah document in luck. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. Hmm. Don't kill your children. This is actually not a precise transition. What I tell people to do our radical men imlach don't kill your children due to poverty. Let's see if the other translation is better here.

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Do not kill your children out of poverty better this is all better. What are tougher to do oh document in law Do not kill your children out of poverty or due to poverty.

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Why not? No, no Zuko come home, we will provide for you in them. This is such an important thing. Don't ever think that you are going to run out of money.

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Don't like I'm not going to be able to sustain my child so let me get an abortion. Sorry to say nothing no no Zuko.

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Zuko come home we will provide for you and for them while at Aqaba heisha Malhotra mean why my bottom because by the way, this is not just that this idea of killing the children, you know, out of poverty is a it's immoral on many levels. It's selfish. Number one, it's cowardly number two and it shows a complete lack of trust in Allah spawn tada and a complete hopelessness about your situation like I'm a loser so I'm just going to, you know,

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write off the problems of life by killing my children like what a abominable attitude that is. Okay. Well I talked to him last night.

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While are Takahashi, Mahara. minha Martin, do not approach him moralities things that are immoral, what is apparent of them and what is concealed immoral things profanity, shamelessness The, the, the industry that objectifies women? Hmm, * and everything related to that is for white, Asian, right? It's the singular for this for Asia. Poor is for our hash, from the word flesh, something that you know is flowing and is something that is like bursting through right? That's the essence of of immorality, it just it bursts through in its audacity

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it's shocking to the to the system when you see it. All types of it is prohibited mavado minha mabbott and this is a hard thing. This is an ongoing battle for us. But it is something that we have to battle well our Dakota nasality hora mala who 11 do not kill a soul which Allah has forbidden to be killed except by legal right this is important Illa bill Hulk bill Huck here is there is a right the right here is a legal right. Okay. There is a legal right if the person has done something and now legally it is right for them to lose your life. That's what this is referring to is not referring ever to vigilante justice. Okay. Valley co Masako mihaela Alcantara de Lune. This is how

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this has instructed you that you may use

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Okay, look at the you have to use your reasoning you're awkward. If keep the this in mind here this ending while our tabular model at Level A t x and do not approach the orphans property except in a way that is best until he reaches maturity. The orphan is easily exploitable, don't exploit. Don't take advantage of this child. Okay? Don't take advantage and exploit others taking advantage of your power and position.

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Well, overall, Kayla will Miss Anna will give full measure and weight injustice, learn who can live when of sun Illa wasabi Do not be this this idea Do not be cheats when you are doing business. You know you all pious and righteous the home and the mosque. But you're a cheater outside the message. This doesn't add up this isn't square, okay. lannoo callicoon Epson Illa was Aha, this life is not going to get too hard. These commands are not going to be to a point where you cannot bear them. without going too far. Ideally, you're capable of doing it. That's why that's what Allah is reminding you. You're you can do it. Okay, you're built this way. Why the cooltone for the lulo,

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Canada por vida, and when you testify be just even if it concerns, concerns or near relatives, even if it's against your interests, your relative, someone who's close to you do not falsely testify, don't use a don't abuse the system and rigged it okay, because then it's downhill. That's when you know, Justice collapses. That's when morality collapses. That's when society starts to collapse. There will be the law he Ofu and has an the covenant of Allah fulfill this covenant that we made La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah so Allah fulfill that covenant, this valley como sercombe this is what he has instructed you, La La Quinta karoun. Next, the first I ended by saying that I locum tequila

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Rouge, so that you may use your reason. The next idea concludes by saying la lagoon macaroon, so that you may remember, right? Because when you have processed something deeply, you're often

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then you're able to remember it. You're able to understand it and say yes, this makes sense. Victor is something

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That you know it's when you remember Allah Sunday you don't know about who Allah is you're reminding yourself so that karoon is it now you're able to remain mindful about this. Okay? Next I don't know how does it all themistocles amen for who who this is my path which is straight to follow it will be Rasulullah Fatah Raka cumin severely do not follow other ways for you will be separated from his way whether religion is described as a road a road to Jenna as a road to a loss pantalla Who is the one who is guiding us on this road, anything else that any other religion is like a deviation is not going to take you to your destination.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:49

Then eco Masako mihaela Allah cantata Kuhn, this has he instructed you, so that you may become righteous when you have understood?

00:35:50 --> 00:36:41

Dr loon, that's the first thing, then you will be able to remember and not forget. And then you will be able to put it into action, that code and acquire the fruit of your action which is what you see how the three are laid out so beautifully. This is how we are supposed to approach our religion, we have to understand the logic behind it first, the reasons behind it, first and foremost, then we're able to retain and understand when the Why is clear, then the how we will figure out and then we will attend the fruit. When we do it of taqwa and goodness and righteousness, a very beautiful passage. I encourage you to mark this and study it again. The surah concludes with a last part by

00:36:41 --> 00:36:52

saying a very powerful passage is number 158. Highly on Verona Illa A and D are hemangioma equal to zero Booker T. IRT Robic

00:36:54 --> 00:37:40

are they waiting for the angels or your Lord to come down to them? Or for some of your Lord signs to come? Like what is it that they're waiting for before they believe? What exactly are you waiting for? Are you waiting for some, like from God to descend from you know the heavens to show Himself to you and now you'll be like, yeah, there he is. Okay, I believe in him now. Right? What are you waiting for? Exactly. Yo, Maya de Babu. iottie Robic the day when some of the signs of your Lord shall come. Lion Pharaoh nevsun. Eamon. It should not profit any human being lambda Khun Ahmed bin cabello. cassava thi manhyia. It should not profit any human being who did not believe before or who

00:37:40 --> 00:37:42

did not do any good by his faith.

00:37:44 --> 00:37:49

We'll interview in Montecito and save to them wait, then we two are waiting.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:12

This last one says the signs of your Lord are not going to come but there's going to come on one day. And that day is a day of judgment. And if what you see on that day of judgment, the signs of your Lord come. You see, at that point, saying I believe in it now is going to be fruitless unless you believed in them before

00:38:13 --> 00:38:15

unless you believe in before,

00:38:16 --> 00:38:57

not profit, anyone who did not believe in it before number one. And number two, look at the equivalency that was making here. This is the key part. O Kesava. fee Imani Hira, or who did not do any good buys faith, someone who said yeah, I believed in it. But the belief was just mere words. It didn't translate into any action. Both of those The one who didn't believe, and the one who said yeah, I believe but didn't do anything with that are equated here as if they had no belief. That's what the Quran is saying. Right? And the one thing if you wait so long as to either your life is about to end, and you see the angel of death. It's not going to matter at that point, or you wait so

00:38:57 --> 00:39:13

long or you live at a point at a point in time where you actually see the Day of Judgment occur. It's not going to at that point, it won't, it won't count. You've missed the window. The time to do it is now if while you're still alive and healthy and have agency

00:39:14 --> 00:39:43

in the levina for Rocco Dena home, okay, let's, let's dive in home fish. I have nothing to do with those who have split up their religion into *. Their case rests with God. He will tell them about what they used to do people like I told you people are people. God's word is God's word. his religion and His revelation to His Messenger is pure. And it's it's, you know, it's it's in its in its purest form.

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

But people will be full of mistakes people will do wrong things. Don't let the people turn you away from the truth of the message of God and His Messenger. Mangia Abolhassan, the fella who I shoot unfairly, because understand unless proper is the most kind

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

First of all, whether it does a good deed will be repaid tenfold

00:40:05 --> 00:40:55

or Monja A B, C or D. Fallujah, Islamic law home law over the moon. But those who do a bad deed will only be repaid with its equivalent, and they should not be wronged on the spot. If you do something evil, Allah will only give you a an equivalent punishment. But if you do something good, he will tenfold the reward. That's out of His grace and His mercy. Well, in any hi Danny Robbie illustrata. Mr. Clean, say my Lord has guided me to a straight path. dnn tml. A, to an upright religion, pm and this is the idea of this religion supposed to uplift us. We're supposed to become upright moral people. After following it. militar Ibrahima hanifa. The religion of Abraham, the upright, or the

00:40:55 --> 00:40:59

legacy of Ibrahim, the upright legacy of a variety

00:41:00 --> 00:41:43

that's what this says religion. That's what this Deen is about. It is a revival of the legacy of Ibrahim, it is an upright religion, that gives you the most upright morality. It's the straight path. Well, Matt can eminence shrieking Abraham was not one of those two associated partners with God because the the people of mugga associated partners of God and they're, you know, they associate themselves to Abraham, as one who says no, you can't associate yourselves to him because he wasn't the way you are, who will in US alati one also qi mahiya Amati de la bella let me say my prayer, and my sacrifice, my life, my death are all for God, the Lord of the worlds

00:41:44 --> 00:42:26

so such a beautiful dog. This is a beautiful to our highlight this and memorize and say this in your prayers and say this during the day and as a reminder to yourself in nasaga to know Suki Rama, Mati de la mean, la sharika who he has no partner. So I am commanded ob Valley komeito and I am the first of those who submit and will enter our Muslim in a very beautiful ending of the Surah bulevar Allah He I believe Robin wahoo or bucola Shea Shall I seek a lord other than God? while he is the Lord of all things? Everyone must bear the consequence of what he does one attack coo coo coo lunasin illa Allah

00:42:28 --> 00:42:31

can you say I was born into a polytheistic society,

00:42:32 --> 00:43:15

everyone must bear the consequences of what they do. While at 10 00 to 100 crore and no bearer of a burden can bear the burden of another. No one's going to carry my sins, no one's going to carry your sins, my sins will not be forgiven because of someone else's sacrifice and your sins will be forgiven by my sacrifices or anybody else's sacrifices. Well, that does it was it was Rollo tomassi Larrabee Kumar Giroux come then to your Lord, you will return. Okay. Just like we were born as individuals, we'll go back to our Lord as individuals for you're not going to feel heat after the phone. And he will inform you or what you used to dispute about the things about in the world that

00:43:15 --> 00:43:21

we disagreed with religion, theology, etc, etc. He on that day, we'll set the record straight.

00:43:22 --> 00:43:24

Who will love the jhala come holla if

00:43:26 --> 00:44:12

it is he was major successes on the earth, and like this and has exalted some of you over others in degrees of rank. This is a last choice the way he set up the world. Some people have more others have less, some have more privilege other others have less privilege. This is his choice. This is his choice. That's how he set the system up. That's how he set up that test. You don't go to the exam and question the examiner. Why are you asking these questions? Okay, you're going to fail if you do that, okay. This is how Allah has set up the test of life. He has made you some of you exalted over others in degrees in rank. Why? LEAH Balu welcome FEMA attack consider he may test you

00:44:12 --> 00:44:52

buy that which he has given you. This is supposed to be a testable in Naropa study earlier pub. We're in the hula hoop Rahim. Your Lord is swift in punishment, yet surely he is Forgiving and Merciful. And his forgiveness and mercy is more because there's a lamb here, that lamb is actually signifying more, right emphasis. There's no lamb here in Saudi on iPod but there is a lamb here in the photo Rahim that tells you he is more forgiving and more merciful than he is swift in punishment. And that means that he is going to give us chances after chances in this life to get this test right.

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

You will have your whole life to get this test right? You see, because he is Forgiving and Merciful but

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

Test is still there. And he is still the one who's going to hold us accountable. Don't forget about those things. What a beautiful ending to the surah. Then the surah Allah number seven begins with one of the Hello from Katara Alif Lam Meem sod. Okay?

00:45:16 --> 00:45:29

It has a nice, you know, you know, the story ended by saying Allah has made you successors, right successors of each other on the earth. And here we are a last one that talks about

00:45:30 --> 00:46:03

Adam, because Adam was, you know, in Nigeria, I don't agree halifa was a successor on the earth and the progeny of Adam, our successors on the earth. So the, the this beautiful, you know, segue into the story of Adam is here. There's also very beautiful segue when it comes to you look at the previous surah, the previous Surah Surah. an arm ended by saying, My Lord has guided me to the straight path and then this surah begins by saying, This is a book that's been sent to you.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:16

Let there be no heaviness in your heart about it. It is so that you may warn and it's a reminder for the believers follow what has been sent down to you by your Lord.

00:46:17 --> 00:47:03

This is what that straight path is following the Quran and following the Sunnah and do not follow any protector other than him. Well, that that who I mean, don't he, Leah? There's nobody else who's your protector? Only Allah is your protector. So this is that sort of out off. So number seven, this is a in a makansutra a sewer revealed in Makkah as well. Okay, and this surah has that its theme is truth versus falsehood. good versus evil from the beginning of time, from the beginning of time. This battle has been raging or from the beginning of our time as humans essentially okay. I was one of the first says something very interesting. He says fallenness alanda Medina, all sila la him,

00:47:03 --> 00:47:27

wilderness, l&l more setting, we shall question those whom our message was sent to and those through whom he sent it, the messengers will be questioned them those who got the message will also be questioned on the Day of Judgment. Okay, this is thing, a lost battle. We saw how he questioned he said, Listen, I'm at the end of sodoma

00:47:28 --> 00:48:01

this is the thing he's saying that questioning is upon everybody. furlanetto Sonali Hindi island with full knowledge and Michelle tell them what they did. For we have never been away from them. The idea again of accountability is very clear, very, very clearly laid out in the Quran. The truth alone will be the weight will be weighed that day. A while was the Yama is a little hack. This is one interpretation. Or you can say the other interpretation, which is I think closer to the Arabic is the

00:48:03 --> 00:48:46

those weighing on that day will be truthful, okay, there's gonna be no one will be shortchange for when stuff wouldn't know as in who the one who scales or heavy, that person will be successful, okay? Their scales are heavy means that there's more goodness in their actions. Not that there's more actions, the actions are heavier. That's the key part. It's not about the quantity, it's actually about the quality, the quality isn't the weight of the deed. And the quality of the deed depends on the sincerity of the person, how sincerely devoted they were, when they were doing it, how heartfelt was that do that prayer when it came to the the heaviness of the deed, or the value

00:48:46 --> 00:49:25

that of the deed, the quality of the deed is determined by how difficult it was, if you lived in the time of the Sahaba and you were praying five times a day, Mashallah. Pretty easy, in a way, right? Because everybody's praying, and you would have to go against the grain. But if you live in a time, like maybe right now, it's hard to pray on time. It's hard to pray five times a day, you know, being very diligent. But if you do it right, at this point harder, if you have to do if you do something harder, there is more quality there. The deed is heavier. So whose deeds are heavier on the day, we'll be successful, we ask Allah to make because of these people, when Hufford Nawaz, you know who,

00:49:26 --> 00:49:59

and those whose deeds, good deeds or light in the balance will be the ones who have lost themselves have seen one person who would who would who lost, they lost a lost mother didn't lose anything they lost themselves by can be either denial of the moon, because they wrongfully rejected our science, almost mother talks about that he has made Adam right. And when he made Adam kolak nakoma zanaco. Right. This is cool. He created you and shaped you, but he's not talking about us. He's talking about our father at Adam.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

They sit down, and he is representing us as humanity was Julie Adam. Okay, the angels frustrated to Adam Illa Iblees accept a bliss. That's the name of the devil. Okay. linea co minister Jean. It's not that he was not a, he was not he was an angel. He was such a great worshipper of Allah, that he would hang out with the angels. Okay. And then he was asked, why did you not prostrate when I commanded you to do so? Right? This was also not like a Southern Command. This was a command that Allah had given before in Surah. Baqarah was one that describes in the jargon of the califa I'm going to make a successor on the earth. Everybody knew Adam was going to come. Okay, so it's not

00:50:44 --> 00:51:22

like Iblees on the spot was like, I'm not sure if I should do it or not. He had made up his mind before this command came and when this command came, Adam finally came to the scene, and the commander will lock him in release was like No, I'm not doing it. So Allah asked him what prevented you from doing so? His response and our Halo Minh who I am better than he is, You created me from fire while you created him from clay, even though that logically makes no sense. Right? Fire is not better than clay. I mean, there's, it's an apples to oranges comparison in a way click and be better than firecrest click and put out the fire. We think about it. Okay, so I know hydro Minho? Right? I

00:51:22 --> 00:52:05

am better, you made a mistake? Well, look, that's what he's saying. You saying Allah, you made a mistake, I should have been the one chosen for the angels to such do such that to me, not Adam. Okay. And this is again, that concept of that arrogance. This is what the person warned us against a battle healthy wantonness, to reject the truth and to look down on people. That is where that's the source of that evil that we see from, from a police also, like I mentioned in the story of the people of Quraysh. The people of Polish were like, Hey, you know, like, this is, you know, we're just, this is how we are right? We're, we're just worshipping idols was, you know, that's how we

00:52:05 --> 00:52:53

were born. Right? Again, to say, this is how I am and I'm not going to be held accountable in any way. That was, in a way what it means to say, like, no, this is how I am I'm not going to be doing any such that to him. I'm not going to change, even if I'm hearing it from Allah subhanaw taala. I'm not going to change that right there was the, the the downfall, the character flaw that caused the downfall of a police. And that's the core of evil. That's really at the core of what evil is. A lost mother tells him to leave and get out from here. It's not your place to be arrogant. He asks, give me respect until the day of judgment, let me live until the end of time.

00:52:55 --> 00:53:02

And Allah said in a criminal moon Varin you are granted despite, and thus evil will exist until the end of time.

00:53:03 --> 00:53:35

This is the way evil will exist till the end of time because of a release. And Allah giving him the spite to exist until the end of time. This is how he set up the test of life. This is how he set it up. And he's telling us about it. So we are prepared to pass this test. He says I'm going to guide them, and I'm going to line an ambush for them on your straight path. And I'm going to come from every place and every angle to misguide them, well that exam shaqiri and you will find most of them to be ungrateful.

00:53:36 --> 00:54:03

beliefs actually, is right most of the people are not grateful. Alas, padala says that I shall fill * with those who follow you. You know you, you get out of here basically, this is what it is. But then he says to Adam, Adam, you and your wife dwell in the garden and eat and drink from there as you wish but do not approach this tree, lest you become wrongdoers. The devil tempted them.

00:54:04 --> 00:54:45

And this is an interesting expression, tempted them so that he might reveal to them their nakedness which had been hidden from them. They were given the heavenly clothes that covered them. It's not like they were oblivious to like their private parts. That's not what it is. They were given heavenly clothes. Okay. And then the devil knew a police knew that when they would eat from this food, that those heavenly clothes will be removed from them, and now they will be exposed the naked, okay. And that is a humiliation for them. And that's what he wanted. He wanted to humiliate Adam, remember, Adam was the reason why he was humiliated. Now he wants to humiliate Adam, and this is his

00:54:45 --> 00:54:59

way of doing so. And as he is now you would say how is he able to be successful in this? He's saying I am your well wisher right? I'm not here. Like I'm not I'm I really mean well for you. But then

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

The homophobia rule is like a bucket that you draw out of a well, right? Slowly but surely you pull the rope, you pull the rope, eventually the bucket comes up. That's how he seduced them. But again, the accountability is on their shoulders because they're the ones who actually committed the action in their minds that justified it as Yeah, this is actually not so bad. Or maybe this is something that you know, it's something there's good in it. Okay, when they tasted it for the mother Pasha but lahoma. So to Houma, their nakedness became exposed to them, and they started covering themselves with the leaves of the garden. This is the humiliation that Adam wanted, sorry, at least wanted for

00:55:40 --> 00:56:24

Adam, and he got it. And last month, of course, was upset and asked, Why did you do that? The response was all our benevolent non husana. Notice, by the way, the difference between the Quranic narrative and the biblical narrative. The Quran says for llamada Khashoggi they both ate and then they both repented, Adam and Eve. It was not Eve. Only one up by now, but I'm not and fusina were lumped up fellow now. I'm not an akuna Minal has a very beautiful door, underline this one, memorize this one and make this one such a powerful, our Lord, we have wronged our souls. If you do not forgive us, and have mercy on us, we shall be among the ones who are lost, we will be the losers. A

00:56:24 --> 00:57:10

lot smarter than sent Adam down to the earth. But keep in mind the earth or smarter says is a place of abode for you. And as we talked about in Surah, Baqarah it was made for us, okay, and his life was at is made. The Earth was made as a place of, you know, living and a place of test for us. We had to heal now if you had to move to now I mean, there and you will live and you will die. It will be raised up again. Now there's four times the last one that says yeah, bunny Adam here. Okay. Yeah, bunny, Adam, four times. This comes at number 26. All children of Adam, what do you learn from this story? Number one, we have sent down close to you to cover your nakedness. Closer actually unique to

00:57:10 --> 00:57:13

humans. You know, like animals don't wear clothes.

00:57:14 --> 00:57:21

They have fur and whatnot. But this is a uniquely human thing. This is something that is very unique to human beings. Okay?

00:57:23 --> 00:57:43

to be pleasing to the I write it's to cover your nakedness to cover up your that it's to be naked in public is humiliation to cover yourself up and protect yourself from that. And then also the quotes are to make you look beautiful and pleasing. Okay.

00:57:44 --> 00:58:34

That's number one. Okay. Number two old children Adam lifeteen and nakayoshi upon Do not let Satan seduce you. Don't let him test you or tempt you just as he tempted your parents out of the garden, karma Raja Ababa communal Jana. Just like what did it tell your parents? Don't let him do that to you learn a lesson. Okay? He deprived them of their garment in order to make them aware of their nakedness he humiliated them. And if you follow his path, he will humiliate you as well. Again, notice the the imagery of the humiliation by nakedness compared to dignity by clothing. This is by design, right? Because we're supposed to be dignified in through our clothes. And unfortunately, if

00:58:34 --> 00:58:45

you look at our society at large, it considers itself to be dignified by losing its clothes, which is again, you could say the police has done his job really well.

00:58:48 --> 00:59:28

I number 31 speaks about as a third instance of that. Yeah, Benny Adam, hoodoo Xena komenda Colima suit or children Adam dressed yourself properly whenever you add worship kulula tshabalala 234 in the hula, you have been stuffing, eat and drink but do not be wasteful for Allah does not love the way so people. The problem wasn't that Adam ate something. It wasn't the problem that Adam ate something. It was that he ate for something that is forbidden. So eat what's what's allowed and be thankful and don't waste and enjoy on manhire Rama Zenit Allah who has forbidden the adornment of God, which he has brought out for his servants and the good clean and pure things. Who can forbid

00:59:28 --> 01:00:00

that no one or this Allah has made good things for us. No one can say this is haram that's crossing the line. We spoke one day yesterday, right? So don't think that the last one was trying to be restrictive. He wants us to be to enjoy all his goodness, but to be thankful and not be wasteful. And number 35 is the fourth instance you have any atom in my DNA commercial domain comm Yokozuna comm iottie or channel Adam, but if messengers come from among yourselves reciting my revelations to

01:00:00 --> 01:00:45

You, then those that take warning and mend their ways, on such show come no fear, nor will they grieve. And those who deny and scorn our revelation shall be the inmates of * were in they shall remain forever. And this is the last lesson, Adam Melissa lamb being sent to the earth, He is the one who is starting the process of now revelation, even though he, you know, he, you know, he was in heaven, and he had, you know, learn from what Allah taught him, right? He is the one who starting that chain of revelations, and from him will come all the profits and when they come, you are going to have to follow them. So a very beautiful lessons, four lessons from that story. None, there's a

01:00:45 --> 01:00:52

bunch of really, really Stark scenes from the Day of Judgment here. I have to take a few minutes just to point them out. Okay.

01:00:54 --> 01:01:00

Look at this, I have number 37 A must pick up on the very end here, okay.

01:01:02 --> 01:01:19

The people who are now entering Hellfire, I remember 38 excuse me, follow the whole movie called caladan public immunogen you will enter the fire and join the bands of gin and men that have gone before you this is a scene of a person who again had rejected the messengers rejected the truth. Okay.

01:01:20 --> 01:02:00

And this is, as we will see, they're not just like born in the wrong religion, they chose to reject. They chose to not pursue their moral compass. Now, every time a host enters the fire, it will curse its fellow host. And then when they're all gathered there, the last of them will say the first our Lord it was they who led us astray. Give them double punishment in the fire, they will blame their forefathers it's like Wallah, they were polytheists and that's why we're policies as if they had no agency themselves, right? And that's what I was gonna say in the newspaper and the fire of *. Now you say, quarterly cooling bucks. Every one of you will have double punishment, though you do not

01:02:00 --> 01:02:06

know it. You see how that is not an excuse. It's gonna fly. Right? That is not an excuse, it's gonna fly.

01:02:07 --> 01:02:09

Another very important

01:02:11 --> 01:02:13

scene from the Day of Judgment, I number 42.

01:02:15 --> 01:02:57

The people who's done well, I'm going to I'm going to solve the heart, believe in done good deeds. They are the heirs of the garden and they will remain there forever. And law reminds us he will not burden any soul more than it can bear this life is not going to be so hard you can you can't cope cope at all, you're able to do it. That's what a law tells us. You are built for it. Okay. And when you're in general, look at this beautiful, beautiful image. We shall remove whatever rancor they may have in their hearts when as an AMA official duty. There is no evil intent. There's no rancor, there's no beef, nothing between people. It's that is a piece of Jenna. That is a piece of gender,

01:02:57 --> 01:03:11

they would say Alhamdulillah Hillary had another option. Praise is the God who guided us to this. And had God not guided us we will not have found our way when McNally Natalie and Allah and

01:03:13 --> 01:03:53

the messengers of our Lord brought us the truth. And our voice will call out to them. This is the garden that you have inherited by your labors. Okay, I'm going to skip to the people of the people of Iraq. That's what the surah is named after Ayah number 46. This is on the Day of Judgment. People who have not don't have enough good deeds to enter Paradise, but are not sinful enough to enter hellfire. It's like the breakeven. So they are now sitting at this place called the art of the heights. And they know Yahoo Nakula Mishima whom they recognize each group at their marks, they know the good people and they know the bad people because they've been hanging out with the good people

01:03:53 --> 01:04:33

and they've been hanging out with the back people just equally right just as equally to the know all of the both sides and now they are making law or law police let us let us go into paradise the youth who have a home yet tomorrow when they're hoping Okay, and what will be the end result of these people, right, the end result of these people would be is that they will be told Oh the whole Janna enter Paradise. No fear shall come upon you, nor shall you give out of Allah's mercy. Okay? This is not condoning that behavior where you spend a little bit of your time doing good, and a little bit of time of your time doing evil. But this is a scene to show that you don't want to be in the

01:04:33 --> 01:04:42

stressful situation on the Day of Judgment. You don't want to be here, even though less popular rescues people, but why you're taking the chance of your eternity on something like this. Okay.

01:04:44 --> 01:04:59

So this is that now we have a number 58 I'm gonna just quickly conclude with this inshallah. And then we will end with the IBC eight sets up the surah that's going to come afterwards what Bella zebu yahuda Nevada who will be in the lobby

01:05:00 --> 01:05:30

You will love the hub with Elia hoodoo Illa. Nikita, vegetation comes out of good land and abundance by the will of its Lord. But out of bad land only scantily, huh? Look at the image here. Good land produces lots of good in abundance and bad land produces almost nothing. This is the image for the hearts of the believers, the good heart of a person will produce goodness

01:05:31 --> 01:06:31

and in abundance, and a person with an evil heart. Right. When deprived of fate, the foundation of of a man will produce good scantily cavallino subdue it they call me a guru and thus we explain our signs in diverse ways for those who give thanks. And now Allah Allah mentions the stories of prophets first time is going to mention the stories of prophets no Ellison and from if 59 to 64 Okay, then who that is that is number 65. to iron number 72 then the mood right to the to some move their brothers solid solid Islam is number 73 to aisle number 79. Okay, then look at Islam is 82 is 84. And then sure is 85. To the next Jews is 93. We're gonna talk about tribalism tomorrow. But

01:06:31 --> 01:06:35

quickly, I want to just turn to touch on one thing, I keep seeing that.

01:06:37 --> 01:07:10

So look at this. It's a lot smarter, setting up the stage for the battle between good and evil. And now he's gonna give examples of good versus evil, good versus evil is is personified by prophets. That's that's, that's the good and the evil is personified by the ones who oppose the prophets. Okay? And look at this, the prophet of Allah No, he says, Oh, my people worship God, you have no God, but he, him, the prophet of Allah, who would says I number 65

01:07:11 --> 01:07:23

He says, All my people worship God you have no god but He or Buddha law or the law Hamada common law when the Prophet of Allah solid says what

01:07:24 --> 01:08:10

call I call me I'm with the La harmala Camila enviro. Oh, my people worship God, you have no other God but him. And you see the theme here. The theme here is all the prophets came the same message. They all came preaching worship Allah alone, it doesn't matter what language is spoken, doesn't matter what part of the world they were in, they all said the same thing. Only Allah should be worshipped. Then also notice the mela. The leading men of his people mela is people who have concentrated power and influence, they will be the ones who are opposed, because they lose power and influence when the Prophet comes on the scene. It's not the king. It's not the Malik. It's not the

01:08:10 --> 01:08:21

king who's saying this. It's the influential powerful people, they have the problem. It's the think tanks. It's the people who see this as a problem to their own games. Okay.

01:08:23 --> 01:08:46

So they are mentioned here as well. And inshallah we are going to talk we're gonna cover the story of, of schreiben SLM tomorrow. schryver salaam is the profit that's mentioned at the very end here in number 85. And the other prophets, their story will come back around again and again, in the Quran, not for the sake of just like, mere repetition, but it is coming.

01:08:47 --> 01:09:15

For the sake like each time it comes in brings about a new flavor. So we'll cover those add out those other points. today. I really wanted to cover the story of Adam and Iblees and tied together with the story of or the surah and I'm the one before it, and I hope that is beneficial. Zach Okay, everybody for coming out. I'll see you again. Tomorrow, same time, same place, as product alone, what we are going to the La Ilaha Illa and Estelle Furukawa to where they sit on why they call merata lucky, we're about to get

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